So, you and your friends took personality tests, and you can’t wait to know type F personality relationships and comparing with other types?

Wondering if you guys are good in long-term relationships? Or who is better at maintaining healthy relationships?

Well, you reached the perfect place! This think-piece will share it all with you, so just get down to it!

Type F personality Relationships and Comparing with Other Types

So, you have a type F personality and your friends have all the remaining types? That’s a diverse group… but instead of comparing your relationships with others, it’s important to focus on yourself first. So, understand the good and bad parts of your relationships!

1. Everyone gets help from them because they’re caring and compassionate

These people have a heart of gold and are extremely kind and nurturing. Whenever they see others in trouble, they rush to support them. Even if they put themselves in a tight situation, they’ll not stop helping others.

Whether the other person needs the emotional support or any other form of material help, they are ready to go to any extent for others. they help others, whether it’s a stranger or someone familiar.

2. They never expect anything in exchange for their help

Often people help others only when they can receive something in exchange for it… or when the other person can help them out with something. However, this kind of thought never crosses a type F’s mind.

Instead, they show kindness selflessly and expect that person to do the same for someone else. They want the world to be a beautiful place full of compassion… where everyone is a good person.

3. Even the slightest form of love makes them happy

Since people with type F personality traits don’t expect anything in return for their kindness, they never expect to receive any thoughtful gift. Moreover, they are extremely sensitive, so whenever they receive any sort of gift, they feel extremely glad.

However, since the smallest of gifts send them over the moon, people around them might think that they don’t need to do anything more. They might not be treated well because of their habit of not asking for anything and being happy in the slightest.

4. People can trust them a lot

People with this personality type can’t even imagine hurting others in their wildest dreams. They only wish to cherish and help others in their own way. To them, feelings matter the most, and they’re ready to do everything to sustain others’ faith in them.

Due to their effort, their family members, friends, and even coworkers can trust them wholeheartedly. Everyone knows that they won’t ever hurt anyone.

5. They might be treated like pushovers

When Type F people are talked badly behind them, they blame themselves for not treating their offender “well enough” which led to the situation. So, they often try to treat everyone well and avoid conflict… even if they must go out of their way.

Some mean people take a type F person’s desire to make others happy for granted. They force F-types to make them happy and treat them like pushovers. People often walk all over them yet type F people have no idea.

6. They can get deceived often

Type F people try to help others without giving a second thought. They try to help others without checking the other person’s intentions. So, whether the other person is genuinely troubled or not, they always help others.

Opportunists often take advantage of these shortcomings and take advantage of them. Some opportunists might even pose romantic relationships to gain favors. So, the family members of a type F person are always worried sick that they’ll be cheated.

7. Their sensitivity hurt them

Type F folks owing to their extreme sensitivity can easily get hurt. Some people might use this to their advantage and use their emotions against them. They might hurt their emotions and force them to behave a certain way to get treated well.

On the other hand, their well-wishers might feel annoyed because they easily burst into tears whenever others raise their voices or act strictly. They might feel like a bad person and give up on showing them the right path.

So, you know all about yourself and can’t wait to start comparing? Let’s begin!

Comparison with type E Personality Relationships

Type E folks are popular for their crazy whims to do something and don’t easily back off. While that gets people crazy mad, and insecure, they are also helpful to the world. They do their fair share of good deeds. So, instead of assuming, know the truth here…

1. They both like to help others

Type F people support others with emotional or any sort of help. On the other hand, type E people always try to help others succeed and become self-dependent in life.

They know that to sustain healthy relationships or a healthy life, people must first become self-reliant and confident. So, they either support small businesses to help their community grow, create new jobs themselves, or inform others about all the little job opportunities.

2. Guidance is important to both

Type F people often help others without judging the other person. They get taken advantage of and even if someone gets angry on their behalf and aggressively tells them about their fault, they might feel hurt. They invest their emotions in the wrong place and need guidance to improve themselves.

On the other hand, type E people are known for taking unnecessary risks, getting passionate about things without any plan in mind, and abandoning their passions. They often go astray in life, so they need guidance from surrounding people… and it’s quite tiring for others.

3. Unlike an F-type, E-type makes others feel insecure

F-types make people feel secure and supported with their caring, nurturing, and compassionate side. But E-types take too many risks for their own good. The risks might threaten their studies, job, financial stability, or even their life.

So, their loved ones, employees (if they have a business), or even coworkers feel insecure about stability. People often feel scared of meeting crises due to this.

4. Unlike an F-type, E-type doesn’t mind others’ opinions

F-types care a lot about others’ opinions. But an E-type won’t let these opinions change their mind. They prioritize their choices over others’ thoughts and ideas. 

Instead, they even feel provoked when others oppose them. If they aren’t allowed to follow their choices, they might protest and even try to convince them of their plans. But in the end, they hardly ever listen to others… even if the opposing opinions are meant for their own good.

Now that you’re done with this one get down with the next set…

Comparison with type G Personality Relationships

Of course, type Gs are geniuses… So, are they truly geniuses in all areas of their lives? It’s hard to make everyone in your life happy, so can a G-type do that? Let’s know everything here…

1. Unlike F-types, they don’t care about opinions

Type G people led their entire life based on their intuition, drive to be perfect, and precise actions.

Almost always, they made the right decisions throughout their life. So, they hardly ever depended on others to succeed in life. They never pay attention to people’s differing opinions due to their confidence.

However, others might see them as overconfident or prideful and distance them for this.

2. Compared to F-types, they’re mindful of their emotions

Type F people, due to their sensitivity and compassion for others, often get their feelings hurt. But G-types don’t allow their emotions or inner mind to get troubled.

They are extremely aware and intuitive about their surroundings… but this is possible only so long as their inner mind is calm. So, they don’t allow anything that might hurt their mind and emotions… and this might hurt their relationships.

3. In contrast to F-types, they prioritize themselves

F-types can’t ignore others’ pain even if they themselves are in trouble. They go out of their way to help others. But when it comes to G-types, prioritize themselves, their comfort, and emotions first. If something hurts their inner mind, they resist it.

Since they are introverted, they also don’t push themselves out of their comfort zone and prioritize only what keeps their mind calm.

4. It’s complicated when it’s about others taking advantage of them

F-types often get taken advantage of if they are around opportunists. But when it’s a G-type, they’re intuitive and aware of others’ feelings and thoughts. This can help them avoid opportunists well. They won’t fall prey to others’ schemes easily.

However, they are also bad at expressing themselves. So, if they can’t avoid their offender, they silently suffer. For instance, if a G-type cohabits with their offender or their offender is their direct supervisor, they have no power over the situation.

5. Unlike F-types, they don’t always notice others

F-types are perceptive of others’ pain and always try to help others. But G-types are far from aware of others’ emotions… unless that’s the highlight of the moment.

Simply speaking, if a G-type communicates with a friend or client, they can sense their emotions.

If they walk in on a room with a handful of people, they can still read the room. But unless they are directly involved or concerned about something regarding others, they don’t notice others’ feelings that often.

6. Compared to F-types, they don’t have many people around them

F-types are always surrounded by people including loved ones, opportunists, people they want to help, and so on.

However, G-types are introverts and can’t hold conversations freely. They can’t even express themselves even if they feel grateful towards someone.

Rather, they often shut themselves in and don’t even stay connected to their loved ones. So, you won’t see a lot of people around them.

You are certainly excited since you are so close to the end, so let’s get down to it!

Comparison with type H Personality Relationships

Before you begin the comparison, are you certain which H-type your friend is? If you’re not, it’s time to know whether they are the healing type or if theirs is based on the HEXACO model.

And no matter which it is, you’ll find the comparison about both here. So, if you know the answer, let’s explore the depths!

1. Type H (healing) is compassionate towards others like F-types

Type H (healing) folks just like F-types are caring toward others. They help others as much as they can and they don’t even check whether others deserve that kindness. They treat everyone with equal care and concern.

They also forgive others willingly as they believe that people can change for the better if given the chance… if not, they’ll only grow worse with time.

2. Type H (healing) like F-types expects nothing from others

Type H (healing) individuals, like F-type people, never seek anything from others. They believe in depending on themselves as much as they can. They don’t whine when things don’t follow the plan or blame others for their troubles.

They believe in taking care of things head-on and doing everything that needs to be done with their full effort. For that, they follow a disciplined life.

3. Type H (healing) similar to F-types is easily deceived

Type H (healing) folks are pretty easily deceived just like F-types… and even for the same reasons. They both are into caring and forgiving others without judging the other person’s intentions.

So, if they’re surrounded by the wrong bunch of people, they’ll definitely get deceived by them. They might be too soft on their ill-wishers and allow them multiple chances to stab their backs… yet never learn their lessons.

4. Type H (healing), unlike F-types, aren’t pushovers

F-types are treated like pushovers because they’re too worried about others’ thoughts and feelings. They want to make others comfortable even at the expense of their own comfort.

However, folks with Type H (healing) personalities have strict boundaries. They won’t let others’ opinions or thoughts change their mind and stick to their own decision confidently. They don’t let others walk over them.

5. Type H (honesty-humility) similar to F-types are pure and never hurt others

People with either of these personality types can’t even think about hurting others. Both of them can never think about hurting others in their worst dreams. They both believe that it’s their responsibility to treat others right.

They only want to support others with all they have. So, people around these people want to stay close to them as long as possible as they feel appreciated.

6. Unlike F-types, Type H (honesty-humility) don’t care even if they are undervalued

F-types often feel undervalued because they promise others they don’t need anything and people take them for granted. However, people with Type H (honesty-humility) are too humble.

They never feel undervalued and believe that they do the things which they must as a functional part of society. So, being complimented, appreciated, or rewarded for that is unnecessary.

7. Unlike F-types, Type H (honesty-humility) don’t go easy on their offender

F-types forgive others despite the other person deserves it or not, But Type H (honesty-humility) people are pretty particular about morals and values. If someone does something immoral, they won’t forgive them even if it’s a mother-daughter relationship.

They’re not just strict but judge people with poor morals as being vile. So, if the other person didn’t hurt them, but just had some immoral thought, they’ll still push them away.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Remember, comparing relationships is only for fun… so, don’t feel low if you lack in your relationships with respect to your buddies.

Rather, focus on learning their good skills and sharing your secrets with them. Help each other know about all the necessary facts to have harmonious bonds together!

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