So, do you wish to know about type F personality strengths and weaknesses? Wondering how to put them to good use and how to help them out? Are you their loved one, teacher, or mentor in any other field of life?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that you’re one caring person… and the type F person in the vicinity just needed someone like you to support them. That person is pretty lucky to have you. And guess what? This think-piece is full of all the answers you need.

So, buckle up and let’s begin here…

Type F Personality Strengths

As you guessed, Type F people aren’t as weak as most people paint them. Instead, mostly those who have zero emotions and those who take advantage of them call them losers.

But F-types have a saga to share about their strengths. They might be different but the world needs more of them… and here’s why…

1. They always have pure intentions

People with this personality type always wish the best for everyone else. They never have ill intentions toward others. Even if you bullied them, they won’t want to hurt you. Of course, that doesn’t give anyone the free pass to hurt them and then expect the best treatment from them.

However, they don’t let others’ negative emotions taint theirs. They believe in not wanting or wishing anything bad for others… and live by these morals until the end of times. They never want to hurt anyone from the beginning and this cruel world can’t ever make them feel that way either.

2. They never expect anything from others

Often, people have some expectations from others… and you might hardly see people who have zero expectations from others. A lover expects their beau to surprise them with fancy gifts and dates.

Parents expect their children to perform well in exchange for quality living standards. Children expect their parents to give them their favorite toys or fulfill their demands in exchange for behaving themselves.

The world’s a stage of giving and taking… but F personality types strangely don’t expect anything from anyone. They’re happy so long as people around them are happy. They don’t have major demands or expectations from others. They only want support from their loved ones through thick and thin and to help them lead a happy and healthy life.

3. They’re caring and compassionate

A type F person always looks out for the people around them. They always worry about others’ feelings and want to cherish everyone around them. When they see someone in a pinch, their heart cries for them.

Whether it’s for their loved ones or a stranger, they pray for everyone around them. If possible, they’d reach out with a helping hand to all the troubled people they meet.

Whenever they see someone in a crisis, they can’t help but think about ways to help others out. They just can’t stay put when people around them are sad.

Their souls are brimming with kindness and warmth… and during the worst days, you’d love to have them beside you.

4. They follow their heart

In any situation of life, a type F person never overlooks their heart’s feelings. Whether it’s the logical thing to do or not, whether there’s any proof of anything or not, if their heart says that someone or something is good, they know that there’s a cause behind it.

They don’t overlook their logical thoughts… but they listen to their heart and gut instincts more. They believe in emotions and emotional actions.

So, if a loved one hurts them, they don’t flat-out judge them as good or bad. They try to understand what led them to do it. Whether they instigated them to do something and hurt them in return. They listen to their heart a lot in life.

5. You can trust them with your eyes closed

Who you’ll trust and won’t is your individual choice… however, type F people are the most trustworthy of the lot. They’re always on the lookout so that they don’t hurt anybody else.

If they promise you something, they’ll try their utmost to keep their word. Just as they’d feel hurt if someone else hurts them, they don’t want others to feel that pain ever. So, they protect others’ faith in them.

They understand that trust is fragile and any slight casual action can break it into a million pieces. So, they always try to protect everyone who trusts them.

6. They take care of their duties wholeheartedly

When a type F individual is entrusted with a task, they take care of it from the bottom of their heart. They don’t carry out their duties just because it’s their job or they might face negative consequences. Out of everyone else, only they put their heart into their tasks and don’t just treat them like obligations.

Instead, they take care of all kinds of duties and responsibilities happily and enthusiastically. Whether they’re given a big or small job at their workplace… whether they work at the office or do chores… they do it with equal mirth and passion.

7. They’ll never try to deceive you

A type F person won’t ever try to hide anything from you that might hurt you. They don’t believe in betraying others. So long it’s in their power and they’re not in a tight situation, they avoid hurting others. At least, they never try to hurt others knowingly. They won’t even think of hurting you in their dreams.

Of course, life doesn’t always follow the plan. People meet situations where they’re compelled to hurt someone or the other because they don’t have a choice. Don’t judge an F-type’s intentions based on these moments. Rather, if they had the choice, they’d hurt themselves more than anyone else.

8. They’ll care for your emotions

Folks with type F personality traits are emotional beings. They prioritize emotional health, satisfaction, and peace a lot more than any other individuals from different personality types.

Similarly, they pay attention to others’ emotions too because they deem it as an important part of overall health. To make others happy and peaceful, they do everything possible and don’t compromise at all.

If it’s something to keep a loved one happy and satisfied, they will do it at the drop of a hat. Of course, that doesn’t include granting any wish that might be out of their scope. They can’t get you tickets for a world tour, but they’ll ensure you’re happy in a true sense.

9. Even the slightest actions touch their heart

F-type individuals aren’t materialistic at all. They don’t lay their happiness in objects or experiences that can be bought with money. An F-type lover doesn’t need a candlelight dinner at a fine-dining restaurant. Or, an F-type child doesn’t want to have the coolest gadget in the market.

Rather, they feel happy with the smallest of kind gestures. For instance, food made by their lover or a fun day at the street food stalls can make them happy. A type F kid might feel delighted only with their parents playing with them. Only a little bit of love and affection can make F-types happy.

10. They help selflessly

When people around type Fs need help, they drop everything at hand and run for others’ rescue. They don’t care whether it’ll hurt them in any way or bring them bad consequences. They help them out then and there.

When their close people become affected by any bad situation, they forget about their needs and sacrifice their own happiness for others. By any possible means, they wish to return peace to others’ lives.

For instance, if you seek their help and they’re busy, they won’t let you return empty-handed. If they can’t help you themselves, they’ll solve your worries some other way.

Wondering why people still talk so poorly about them even after so many strengths? Here’s the complete truth rolled out for you…

Type F Personality Weaknesses

Just as there are two sides to a coin… there’s also an opposite side to every strength of an F-type person. Their strengths are always paired with complementary weaknesses.

So, know the areas you MUST be aware of the type F person around you. Prepare to help them better once you get to know these…

1. The most minute matters can hurt them

F-types are emotional beings, so the smallest of situations can shake them to the core. If you talk to them in a loud voice, they might assume you hate them, become too ashamed to see you eye to eye, never show you their face, or cry that very instant.

People might often insult them as immature or crybabies… male F-types are at an extreme disadvantage here because people act extra mean to them by asking them to man up or that boys don’t cry. The world thinks they’re too weak and believe they’re a pushover.

2. They’re left feeling used

Type F people are universal givers when it comes to tender emotions like love, care, affection, and so on. On the other hand, they don’t have any expectations from others. They just keep giving away selflessly. So, they’re often on the losing side.

Imagine a type F person as a glass full of water and water is their emotions and love. They give away their love to everyone around them and become empty containers. Since they don’t ask for anything in return, nobody refills them.

After a long time of such treatment, they’re left feeling used, exhausted, and hollow because nobody returns the same quality of love to them.

3. They’re prone to deception

A type F person can’t stand it when others are in trouble. They leave their own work to help and support others. They sacrifice themselves for others’ welfare. Such people are hard to come by and are literal gems. However, everyone isn’t worthy of such people. 

Often, they get deceived by people. For instance, in their workplace, they might work overtime for others because they have an emergency at home… but that was just an excuse to make them work on their behalf.

Or in their personal life, if a loved one pretends to be sick, they might take care of their chores without a question.

4. Their emotional decisions don’t always help them

F-type people put their hearts into all areas of their life. Even during crucial decisions, they depend more on their feelings and think less. They focus more on the emotional state of the situation.

However, this approach isn’t the best one in most situations in life. For instance, if a person knowingly hurt them, they’ll still judge them with their feelings and not their rational thoughts. They’ll end up being too lenient to them and won’t do justice to themselves.  

Similarly, such a way of judgment won’t work in their professional life either as they might incur an unimaginable loss that way.

5. They might get too emotionally attached to others

Type F people connect their emotions to everyone around them. They get emotionally attached to others quicker than usual. Some people might even say they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

However, there are all sorts of people in this world… but are all of them worthy of this attachment? Can they all respect a type F person’s feelings? Probably not because that’s the truth of the world… there’s a balance between kind and mean people.

As a result, they get so invested in some people that they’re on the losing end of the deal. They often get hurt in their romantic, platonic, professional, and even family relationships.

6. They’re people pleasers

People’s opinions matter a lot to type F individuals. According to their opinions, people talk badly about others only when their emotions are hurt by others. So, F-types feel responsible when others think poorly of them. They believe that others talk behind their back only if they treat them unjustly.

So, they act like people pleasers to prevent others from talking behind their backs. They often get disturbed by others’ thoughts regarding them. They try to act their best and even suppress their own troubles because they don’t want others to be forced into consoling them.

And, they don’t want others to call them a spoil-sport or get negatively affected by their mood.

7. They often hurt their emotional health

F-types prioritize emotions and anything about it. But the irony is that they often get emotionally hurt. This is because they often prioritize others’ emotional and mental health more than their own.

They worry about what others feel, they judge situations with feelings, and they continuously give away but never ask anything in return… All of that is bound to hurt their emotional health.

They’re also prone to feeling hollow and getting manipulated all because they’re too trustful of others and are too caring for their own good. They end up getting the shorter side of the stick all the time which leads to their worsened emotional health.

8. They go too easy on their evildoers

A type F person can’t ever wish for anything bad even if the other person hurts them. They always wish the best for their loved ones. When they get hurt by an acquaintance, they might not forget their actions, but they definitely forgive them and try to move on.

But if one of their loved ones hurt them, they probably can’t help but forgive and forget the past. They accept them with open arms… which allows the evildoer another chance to hurt them.

They’re too open to people that mean harm. You might call them weak for not being able to walk out of their life.

9. While they protect others, they hurt themselves

F-types often make sure that others are happy and help others out with everything possible by them. They try to help others out in their worst situation… but often forget about themselves and their priorities.

Of course, their will to keep others safe and their emotions hurt them eventually. They always put themselves on the losing side this way.

10. They lower their value

F-types become happy from the least. However, they just sell themselves short this way. Their traits show that it’s okay if they aren’t treated the right way and they’ll be happy even if it’s less than what others get. People might get the idea that they’ll be happy even with little to no help.

They can’t express what they need because they don’t wish to hurt others and keep getting the shorter side of the stick. They just get lesser and lesser than what they deserve and deprive themselves of respect and love further.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Every personality type has both strengths and weaknesses. However, human beings are unique individuals due to their different upbringings and life experiences. So, the strength of the type F person you know might not be as great… or they already worked on some weaknesses.

So, please don’t assume something about an F-type before knowing them closely. Give them a chance to show their true self… and then figure out solutions and conclude something out of it.

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