So, you wanna know about type F personality traits? Are you here right after you or a loved one took a personality test? Wondering what it’s like to be a type F person? Anxious about hurting them?

Then you’re at the right place… because this think-piece has all the traits you need to know about a type F person. Whether you want to know yourself better or learn about a loved one, you’ll have all your questions answered here.

So, let’s get right into it…

Type F Personality Traits

Before discussing the F-type people, know that people can be divided into two types: thinkers and feelers. Thinkers think more and believe in rational decisions… while feelers make decisions based on their emotions.

Type Fs are better known as the feelers. However, that’s not their only introduction. So, let’s know more about them here…

1. They depend more on their feelings than their thoughts

When people with type F personality traits face a critical situation, they depend on their feelings more than their thoughts. But wait… don’t assume that they don’t use their mind at all when it comes to decision-making. That’s too mean of an assumption.

Rather, they use their brain only to a certain extent. They prioritize their feelings to judge a situation better. They believe that if they had to depend on logic alone, then what’s the meaning of having a soul, or what’s the difference between them and robots? They want to prioritize their feelings over mechanical thoughts.

So, if they get a good hunch from something, they know that something good will definitely turn up from it. However, if they get ominous feelings from something, they don’t give it a shot. They don’t try to find reasons behind the negativity and just believe in their feelings.

2. They follow their heart more than rational ideas

When type F folks are in a dilemma, must make a fair decision between two options, or judge something, they don’t sit down with pen and paper to jot down the pros and cons of each situation. They don’t try to find the supporting facts for each possibility. They don’t want to compare the two on strict parameters.

In these situations, they depend a lot on their heart rather than rational thoughts.  Even if others ask them to be logical in these moments, they just can’t ignore their heart’s desires. Their hearts are full of loving and positive feelings. So, they can’t avoid letting their soft side interfere in sensitive situations.

They’re extremely pure from within and judge every situation and person as purely. They don’t find meaning in judging people just by logic because people do many things out of emotions and emotions aren’t always rational.

3. Emotions are of utmost importance to them

So far you probably guessed that emotions matter the most to an individual with an F-type personality. If they’re emotionally invested in a situation, person, or project, they won’t be able to ignore that or them. They prioritize anything they link their emotions with.

This can be interpreted in another way. F-types take care of their emotions, harmony, peace, positivity, emotional satisfaction, emotional health, and mental clarity. They won’t walk on a path where they might lose or harm the balance of these in their life.

You can also say that they can go to great extents just to protect their and others’ emotions and the mentioned aspects. To keep peace in their life, they’re ready to do everything necessary.

4. They’re extremely sensitive

Some people might call people with Type F personalities crybabies. Even the smallest hurtful tones can get them sulking for days. Their tear ducts might overflow the moment you raise your voice. Slight jokes about their flaws might deeply scar them and make them feel insecure.

If you have a type F person around you, make sure no slip of the tongue occurs… otherwise, they’ll be deeply hurt. Especially if the type F personality is someone new, you have a habit of cracking jokes, and they hardly know about you, mind your language around them.

They won’t understand whether you jokingly say something or truly mean it. Instead, they’ll be so deeply hurt and won’t even say anything back… after all, they don’t want to hurt others or spoil their peace. So, try to be as kind as possible until they understand that you don’t mean harm to them.

5. They offer help selflessly

If you seek a type F person’s help, they’ll run to your side without a second thought. They’re always supportive of their dear ones and are ready to even get the moon for them.

They hate it when their close ones get in trouble and are ready to sacrifice everything for others. For others’ benefit, if they need to overlook their own happiness, they’re ready for it.

In today’s era, most people believe that only fools sacrifice their happiness. However, F types get immense mental peace and emotional satisfaction when they help their loved ones.  They just can’t watch them in trouble and selfishly watch from the sidelines.

They don’t even expect anything in return from the other person. They just want to return peace to the person in trouble… no more and no less. They don’t expect the other person to pay back their kindness or treat them similarly during their troubles. They believe in spreading happiness selflessly.

6. They wish the best for everyone

If you have a type F person around you, by the way, they act and speak, you’ll know that they always wish the best for everyone. In every situation in the world, their heart cries for other souls.

Whether the affected sad people are someone they know or if someone from the opposite part of the world is in trouble, they’ll wish the best for them.

If they’re theists, they’ll not just pray for themselves… but also include the wishes of those poor souls. These people’s hearts bleed from the global sad news. They only hope that the world can become a better place and that the miseries would soon end.

If it’s someone around them, they try their best to make them feel better. They don’t want to see anyone around them in a miserable situation.

7. They’re trustworthy

F-type people are also infamous for their honesty, morals, and ethics. They’re extremely pure down to the very core and don’t have any bad intentions for anyone. Even if they envied someone for having something better in life, they won’t try to covet it because that’s how their ethics rule them.

Most F types are not cheaters or swindlers and are quite transparent. Of course, it’s not easy to say that people of these types of personalities are always reliable, but they mostly are this way. It also depends on their upbringing and life circumstances.

Moreover, nobody expects you to trust someone just because of a think-piece or personality assessment. Take your time knowing the true intentions of type F around you. Eventually, you’ll know that a type F person can’t even imagine betraying anyone. They’re always true about their feelings and can’t imagine doing anything that might hurt others.

8. They make sure nobody gets hurt

A type F person is emotional and gets hurt easily. And you know the saying you are just what you think of others… Now reverse the saying… you believe others are just as you are!

Type Fs believe that everyone else is as emotional and sensitive as them. So, when they communicate with others, they always watch their mouth. They don’t want their carelessness to hurt or trigger others’ insecurities. They’re quite soft with others so that they can make them feel comfortable.

A type F teacher always treats their students kindly so they don’t emotionally or mentally scar them even by mistake. The same goes for type F parent’s treatment towards their child. A type F lover won’t ever say or do anything that might hurt others. They’re even the sweetest to service industry workers.

They make sure that they’re nobody’s reason for misery and are watchful of their actions.

9. They put their heart into their interests

When a type F person gets hooked on something or someone, they devote their entire being to achieving the goals. If a type F person falls in love with someone, they leave no stone unturned to have the other person fall in love… of course, they only follow honest and ethical methods.

If they promise to marry someone, they make sure they can keep their word to marry them and stay married until their last breath.

If they get interested in a project, they ensure that they successfully reach their goals within time and make everyone proud. If they promise their parents to score the highest in class, they make sure that everything follows the plan.

If someone else assigns a task to them, they make sure they get it done perfectly and do not let others down. They dedicate themselves to keeping these promises from the bottom of their heart and don’t do it just to keep the word.

10. They’re easy to manipulate

Due to their weakness towards others’ pain, F types often try their best to help others. However, they never try to understand the other person’s intentions. So, there’s a high chance that someone might take advantage of them. Type Fs usually believe that the other person needs their support and work wholeheartedly for them.

Later on, they get to know that they got fooled and used for someone else’s benefit who faked their troubles and used their goodwill against them. They might also get fooled often which hurts their pride. They’re prone to get manipulated by the same person repeatedly… or become the victim of similar troubles over and over. \

They’re the first target of opportunists. Though it’s hard to notice initially, they eventually notice the pattern and feel ashamed of themselves and their weaknesses.

11. They often feel depressed because nobody can reciprocate their feelings

When a type F does someone a favor or helps them out, they don’t expect anything in return… ever. However, they are human beings and they can expect those they support to stay beside them during their tough times. However, nobody is as selfless in this era.

Selfless people are hard to see in this age and time. Everyone is just obsessed with their own welfare. So, when nobody understands a type F person‘s concerns… or nobody gives them moral support in their worst time, they obviously feel their lowest.

They feel unworthy of others’ affection and care because they don’t show the same energy or level of dedication toward them. You can’t blame them for feeling this way because they give away so much of their energy… At some point, they become empty and need similar affection from others.

12. Their emotional health is often hurt

Obviously, a type F person gives away a lot more than they get. They’re always available for others, can’t help but wish the best for everyone else… and also prioritize their emotional peace a lot. However, all of that is too out in the open. They’re so predictable that they keep their weaknesses out in the open.

They become the target of illwishers and opportunists. They often don’t get the same kind of affection they give away to others.

This instills bitter feelings of shame and being used by someone else. They might even feel that they’re wrong to be so openly available to everyone. They might question their ethics and morals… this inflicts great emotional pain on them.

13. Their decisions might not be the best during tough situations

F-type people often make decisions based on their feelings and follow their hearts. They believe in being human and considering others’ emotions too while judging and decision-making.

Though this is a sweet way to judge friends and families, it’s not a good choice when important life decisions come into play. So, when serious situations pop up, they might actually be on the losing side because they don’t know how to approach the situation. Taking the emotional route isn’t the best choice in these moments.

14. They never curse their evildoers

You already know that they have a soft corner for everyone… but what about the people that hurt them physically or emotionally? Do they want to get revenge on their enemies?

Well, if you have a type F around you, you probably know… they just can’t bear to wish bad things for anyone.  Whether it’s someone that bullied them or victimized them in evil crimes… They don’t wish bad things for bad people.

But, don’t assume that they forgive or forget about the wrongdoings. After all, the pain still lingers deep within.  Rather, they’d have karma and fate take care of them.

But they won’t wish anything bad upon anyone as they don’t believe in it. They might even feel that there’s no point in stooping to the same level as their evildoers. They don’t see the point in spoiling their mood with bitter feelings for such people that have no value in their life.

15. They carry their hearts on their sleeves

Type F individuals don’t expect a lot from others. To please an F-type, you only need to be a little kind to them. A type F lover won’t expect you to give them the most expensive gifts. A little bit of quality time can make their hearts swoon. On Valentine’s Day, they’d be happy with a single rose rather than expensive chocolates and wine.

On the other hand, a type F child will cherish a day out at the closest park with their parents more than any power ranger set. A type F employee feels extremely valued from acknowledgments. They get extremely happy from the little actions and thoughts.

A type F person will believe you’re their friend if you stay beside their worst time… rather than inviting them to parties. You don’t need to do a lot to impress a type F person. They are satisfied with the least bit of emotions and thoughtfulness.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Type F folks are sensitive and compassionate. They give away more than they ever give away to the world. For this reason, they often feel disappointed in their personal, social, and professional relationships. They feel an urge to be always available to others… but people hardly care as much.

So, if you have an F-type person around you, try to cherish them. And if you’re the type F person yourself, stop feeling bad about yourself and shower yourself with the love you deserve.

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