All set to compare type F vs type G personality folks? Wondering how alike or different they are after they took a personality test? Want to prepare about what to expect from them?

Well, for starters, you can say that type F and G people are extremely different from each other. They aren’t perfect polar opposites… don’t worry, you will find everything about it.

Whether you have type F and G students, employees, or loved ones, you will know exactly how differently they respond to different situations in this think-piece.

So, hop on to this ride!

Type F vs Type G Personality

You are most probably sweating bullets about type F and G people being so different. After all, you’ll need different approaches to deal with them. But don’t jump to conclusions so fast. It might not be that bad. And even if one person has unfavorable traits… the other will have the opposite, i.e., good traits.

So, before you get nervous skim through the chart quickly to calm yourself…

 Type FType G
DifferencesThey base their life on emotions.They depend on intuition and analysis.
They often get emotionally hurt.They do everything to protect their emotional health.
Opinions hurt them.They don’t care about opinions.
They aren’t good with dilemmas.They make good and informed decisions.
They prioritize others.They prioritize themselves.
People often take advantage of them.This varies a lot.
They accept everyone.They dislike wasteful people.
They are selfless helpers.They might not always notice others.
They have lots of friends.They struggle to make friends.
SimilaritiesThey might get in trouble.

Once you have calmed yourself, it’s time to know them even better to prepare for the possible situations… otherwise, you might miss crucial info. So, follow the explanations here…

1. F-types depend on their feelings while G-types depend on their intuition

People with type F personality traits usually depend on their emotions and feelings more than their rational and practical thoughts. They don’t completely throw logic out of the window, but of course, they are much more dependent on emotions.

When they judge situations or people, they use their emotions more because they feel human beings are gifted with emotional intelligence for that. So, if they don’t use their emotions, that’s a total waste. They insist that since human beings have a soul and heart, they must also put them to good use. Otherwise, what’s the difference between a metal robot and a human being?

So, when they feel that something good can happen if they depend on their emotions… as someone might change for the better, they follow their heart without wasting a moment.

On the other hand, the general attitude of a type G personality towards any situation depends on their intuition. They consciously or subconsciously notice all the occurrences in the outer world while their inner world is calm. They understand the demands of a situation and act accordingly.

They can perceive their surroundings quickly because of it. Moreover, their desire to do everything perfectly helps them focus on the necessary parts precisely. They depend on their intelligence and sensibility when making choices.

2. F-types preach prioritizing emotions but end up forgetting themselves but G-types are extremely particular about mental and emotional peace

Type F personality people preach to others to prioritize their emotions and emotional health. They feel that for any human being, nurturing anything they’re emotionally attached to is important… whether it’s a person or object.

They also believe in taking care of their emotions, peace, harmony, positivity, mental clarity, emotional and mental health, and so on. They preach that if anyone disrupts any of these aspects of their life, they won’t be happy.

However, there’s an irony here. F-types also can’t ignore others’ miseries and continue to be happy alone. If someone else needs help, they will do anything in their power… even to the point of ruining their own happiness.

On the other hand, an individual with a type G personality prefers to focus on their own emotional and mental health above all and they keep the promise.

The greatest strength of a type G person is their sensing and intuition… which works best when they have a calm inner mind. If their mind is distracted, they can’t make the best intuitive decisions.

So, to focus on the external world properly, they always put their emotional and mental health in top-notch condition. They actively push away anything that hampers their peaceful mind… whether it’s a person whining about their complicated life or a complex problem.

3. F-types are sensitive to people’s opinions, G-types  are not

Type F folks are feelers… they feel all emotions excessively. If someone shows them the least bit of love, they can’t help but feel extremely happy.

On the other hand, if someone says something mean, they might literally cry on the spot. A harmless joke about them might trigger insecurities. If you talk in a louder and more intimidating voice, they might cower in fear. 

If someone says anything mean about them, they judge themselves and wonder what they did wrong to trigger the other person. They try to find a way to make up to them… instead of judging their actions.

If they find the reason, they might even try to change themselves to make the other person happy. They might often turn out to be people pleasers due to such habits.  

On the flip side, type G people trust themselves and their judgment wholeheartedly. Even if someone told anything against them or their choices, they don’t waver. They don’t feel hurt by the smallest judgmental words.

They don’t let others upset them or second-guess themselves because they are aware that they need a calm inner mind to assess their surroundings better. So, if they become disturbed by these remarks, they won’t be able to focus well on the important areas of their life and disappoint themselves.

4. F-types don’t make the best choices in dilemma, G-types are known to make good decisions

When in a chaotic situation, type F people mostly still follow their heart. This one isn’t the same for everyone… but, out of habit, they take emotional decisions in serious situations. Of course, that doesn’t imply the emotional decision will always be wrong… but there’s a high chance.

Suppose a type F person only has enough money to buy bread for their family. A beggar begs them for money, they feel bad, and they give it away. For their one emotional action, their entire family is deprived of bread. As heartless as it sounds, the beggar can find another person to have alms… but they still chose to help them.

G-types, on the other hand, make informed decisions. They don’t let their emotions take control at least. They note all the information in the environment, think about the results of the possible decisions, and make an aware choice. They won’t choose anything that they might regret later on.

Of course, that doesn’t imply they consistently make great decisions throughout their life… but has a higher chance of that because they can read the situation and people well. They understand the consequences of their choices. Their perfectionism and intuition help them choose the best for themselves.

5. F-types put others first while G-types put themselves first

If an F-type sees someone in trouble, they don’t wait a second. They rush to help them out whether they know the other person and their situation, or not. Their heart cries at the sight of someone in agony and they do anything to help others out.

They believe that this world is too cruel, but they wish to be the change the world needs. If they support someone today, that person would return the favor to someone else. People will believe in selfless helping and good luck will be shared. You might say, they wish to make a perfect world with a small compassionate action.

On the other hand, a type G person puts their emotions and comfort first. They don’t believe in doing anything that might make them feel uncomfortable. By now you already know they won’t allow anyone or anything to disturb the peace of their inner mind.

Other than that, they are also introverts, so if they feel uncomfortable about socializing, they won’t be there. They won’t push themselves out of their comfort zone whatsoever… and this might even cause misunderstandings between them and others.

6. F-types are easy to take advantage of, it’s complicated for G-types

Suppose a coworker asks a type F person to take over their shift because of an urgent situation at home. The type F person, as emotional and compassionate as they are, won’t even think twice before helping that person. They’ll agree to help them out whether it needs them to overwork themselves or lag in their own tasks.

Another scenario: A type F person finds out their BFF talks trash about them behind their back. They won’t accept that their friend is a backstabber… instead, they’ll fumble around for something they did wrong to them which led to the situation.

They always believe that human beings have negative feelings only because of misunderstandings… and nobody is evil. They try to make up to everyone that spreads mean words behind their back. So, they are pretty easy to take advantage of.

But for G-types, this plays out in two ways. They are aware of others’ intentions and are intuitive… so, they can sense if anyone means them harm. However, they are also introverted and struggle to express their emotions. So, being an introvert, they may not be able to fight back if they are mistreated.

If they have the power to get out of the situation, they will. But will they speak out? Hard to tell!

7. Type Fs accept everyone, type Gs are intolerant towards untidy and wasteful people

F-types are open-minded and accepting of everyone. They believe nobody is a bad person even after being hurt. They share love and compassion and trust that can change the world into a desired Utopia for everyone.

Unless someone commits vile crimes like murder, rape, or manslaughter, they believe everyone deserves a second chance. They even practice the same in their own life. However, they put themselves in danger this way. It’s always advised to give your offender no more than one opportunity to prove they can change.

On the other hand, it’s still unknown how a type G person reacts to their offender… because the personality type is relatively new and needs more research.

However, they don’t like a wasteful life. They themselves follow a minimalistic life and if they share space with someone, whether at home, school, or office, they must also do the same.

Otherwise, cluttered space with a lot of things distracts their inner mind and obstructs their mindful thinking. They can’t handle a cluttered and disorganized space either. So, if their roommate or deskmate happens to be like that, hell might break loose.

8. Type Fs selflessly help others, type Gs are introverts and hardly notice others

A type F person is quite mindful of the people in their surroundings and their emotions. If someone is sad and helpless, they can’t ignore them. Their heart cries at the thought of someone else’s pain.

If it’s a loved one, they’ll always be supportive of them. If needed, they are ready to sacrifice their own happiness for others.  They even support strangers whether they can do it in person, send them some money, or even just pray for them.

Their sacrificing tendencies might even make them seem like a fool… after all, who does that in this day and age?

But they do… and they don’t even expect anything in return. They just want others to be happy. Even in their wildest dreams, they never think about taking favors in exchange.

However, when it comes to type Gs, they notice others’ feeling only if it’s related to the situation at hand. For instance, if they step into a room and sense the energy of one of the people is off and they need help, they won’t ignore them. If they sense that they wish to be alone, they let them be.

But if this is some random person in a public place, they might not notice them or try to assist them. Moreover, they are introverts… they can’t imagine talking to a stranger at all.

9. F-types have a lot of friends but G-types aren’t good at befriending others

Type F people are outgoing and compassionate. They go around making friends in every stage and area of their life. They are not extroverted, but a friend in need is a friend in deed, right?

Their kind and compassionate nature attract many friends. But at the same time, they also attract opportunists, so it’s hard to say whether the other person keeps a healthy bond because they cherish them or want to get more advantage from them.

On the other hand, a type G person struggles to make friends because of their introversion. They can’t express their feelings even if they want to be close to others.

Moreover, even if they want to make friends and the other person invites them to a party, they won’t join because of their discomfort in loud spaces.  Rather, people might misunderstand them often.

10. They both might get involved in trouble

Type F people think that everyone in the world is as good as them. In their wildest dreams, they can never imagine hurting others… and they trust others easily. They create new opportunists to put hurt them.

They also take emotional decisions which don’t always end on a good note. They also never try to understand others’ intentions and easily get manipulated. They put others’ emotions before their own and always get the shorter end of the stick.

On the other hand, type Gs put themselves in trouble with their excess faith in their intuition. Though their intuition helps them in most situations, they might not always be right. If people warn them, they won’t even pay attention to their opinions. They are stubborn when it comes to studying something in depth. All of that can also put these fellows in deep trouble.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Since type F and type G people are so different, it might be hard to adjust to both of them simultaneously.

However, it only feels so overwhelming from a distance. If you know each of them closely, you’ll not only get the hang of it but also understand that the issues aren’t as huge as it seems.

So, keep an open mind and calm yourself. Mostly, you must remind an F-type to feel less and a G-type to be less stubborn… and you’re all set to slowly and steadily deal with them.

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