Do you want to know about the differences between type F vs type H personality? Wondering if the two personality types are more alike or more different?

Before you head in, know that there are two types of H personalities. So, first, figure out which type H you want to know about. Yes, even though both are “H” personalities, there are quite a few differences between them. That’s why, in this think-piece, you’ll find two different sets of comparison.

So, if you got which one you want to know about, just head in!

Type F vs type H (healing) Personality

While type F folks are emotional, type H or the healing types don’t get hurt as easily. On the other hand, both people are equally compassionate. So, you might wonder whether they are more different or more similar.

Don’t worry, because this is the end of your worries. Check this chart to know about it all.

 Type F personalityType H personality
SimilaritiesNeither expects anything from others.Both are compassionate towards others.Both are easy to deceive.
DifferencesThey make emotional decisions.They make mindful decisions.
They are people pleasers.They have strict boundaries.

Though the chart says a lot, it’s still not enough. So, find all the major differences explained here…

1. Neither of them hopes for anything from the others

People with type F personality characteristics help everyone with all their heart. They pour out all their emotions and feelings into supporting others… and these pure people never want anything in exchange for it. They are just happy to help and make others smile throughout their lives.

When others try to pay them back, they tell them to lead a good life and be happy instead of worrying about these small things. They genuinely don’t expect anything from others. They only want this world to be a happier space for everyone.

They are also known to be quite the sensitive types… so, if anyone shows a little gratitude, they start bawling their eyes out of happiness… because they never expect anything from anyone.

On the other hand, type H people also don’t expect much from others. But it’s not related to their contentment with others’ happiness. Rather, they like to be self-dependent. If they need something, they do that for themselves. They don’t hope others understand their feelings or support them.

2. They are both compassionate and forgiving

Type F people are known to be feelers… which means they lead a life based on their emotions and heart more than their practical thoughts or mind. They incessantly worry about others’ feelings and emotions whenever they do something.

They treat everyone kindly and whenever someone is in trouble, they run to their side… they can’t help supporting others with all they can and have because their heart bleeds for others’ pain.

Whether the other person is a loved one or a stranger, they see a person in need and they’ll help them. Their warm soul is something everyone needs in their worst moment. Even if it’s an old foe, they’ll forgive and forget the past and help them.

Type H individuals, however, are all about being compassionate without judgment. They also help others without a single thought. They believe that sharing is caring so they share the least bit of happiness they can with others.

Unlike a type F person, they might not sacrifice their own happiness for this, but they try their best. Even if the other person is their offender, they don’t mind. They don’t live in the past and don’t hold grudges. They forgive, move on, focus on the good part of life, and just share kind gestures.

3. Both can be easily deceived

Both type F and type H people are extremely kind and warm to others despite the other person’s intentions. They never think about what the other person might feel. They forgive others without judging them at all. For them, not holding on to the past is the highlight.

They don’t think about whether the other person will hurt them or not. They just want to move on… and assume that the other person will be glad to have the bond intact. Well, neither of them can be blamed for thinking this way… after all, a guilty person must genuinely feel grateful that the other person is ready to look past their mistakes.

However, the world is far weirder and some people just don’t learn their lessons. They take a type F and type H person’s kindness for granted and try to hurt them whenever they get an opportunity. They might even act like they didn’t mean it… and F-types and H-types might buy that lie.

So, both of these personality types need people to remind them that not everyone hopes for the best for them. They must learn to judge before sharing the warmth.

4. F-types might regret their emotional decisions, but H-types leave no space for regrets with their mindfulness

A type F person runs their entire life mostly based on emotions. No, they aren’t illogical or impractical beings but they try to work more with emotions. They believe that human beings are gifted with emotional intelligence, so they must make the best use of it.

They believe that decision-making based on just practicality and logical reasoning makes them no different than a robot… but they have souls, so why must they be like that?

However, due to their habit of making emotional decisions, they are also prone to troubles and regrets often.

However, type H folks are quite aware of this area. When they must decide something important or take some action, they take a lot of time researching the issue itself. They study the core issues and the problems individually and also find ways to deal with each of them.

This increases their chance of beating their problems, choosing the right things, and grabbing opportunities. They are quite focused and are ready to do everything possible, so a type H person has a higher possibility to make fine decisions than a type F person.

5. F-types are extreme people pleasers but H-types have their boundaries

A type F person always works on their emotions. They always worry about others’ feelings and emotions. So, for them, others’ opinions are too valuable to them.

They are so emotional that a small compliment can send them over the moon while a small complaint shatters their heart into a million pieces.

When someone else has a poor perception of them, they blame themselves for disappointing them. Even if the other person holds ill intentions and spreads rumors about them, the F-type will still hold themselves responsible.

They feel that every backstabber was first hurt by the victim. So, they make sure that they won’t disappoint anyone. They even hide their own troubles so that others don’t feel that they’re too complaining.

On the other hand, type H people are pretty strict about what they want in life. They never compromise their own boundaries just because someone feels hurt or disappointed.

Even if someone pleads to negotiate their limits and boundaries, they stand their ground and prioritize their feelings over theirs. However, they are too gentle when they maintain their boundaries… which makes others feel that they can still change their mind.

But if you’re looking for a comparison with the other one, here you go…

Type F vs type H (honesty-humility) personality

The other type H personality is based on Lee and Ashton’s HEXACO model (honesty-humility, emotionality extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience) which originally started off as the big five personality traits. So, if you want to quickly compare the emotional type Fs with them, refer to this chart…

 Type F personalityType H personality
SimilaritiesBoth have pure intentions toward others.Both are trustworthy.Neither tries to deceive anyone.
DifferenceThey might go easy on their offender.They can’t stand immoral people.
They always feel undervalued for their actions.They are too humble to even think about being valued.

But again, the chart will never do justice to the actual differences. So, let’s dig in!

1. They both always have pure intentions

A type F person can’t even think about hurting others. They hope for the best for everyone around them. Even if anyone hurts them, they don’t have bad intentions or emotions towards others.

They might not treat them the same way, but they won’t give up on their ideologies just because someone else chose the wrong path. They never let the bubbling negativity inside them come out.

So, despite what happens, they are clean and pure from deep within. You won’t ever find them even complaining about anything even if they’re drunk. This purity comes from deep within.

Similarly, type H people also lead extremely honest lives. They can’t ever imagine hurting anyone. They are equally compassionate and understanding towards others. They always follow their morals and don’t let anyone or anything distract them from that.

They are so pure that even money can’t buy their loyalty. Though the world is full of negative people, they don’t let the negativity taint them at all. This inborn quality in a type H makes them desirable in almost all areas of their lives.

2. Both are the most trustworthy of the bunch

A type F person is always aware of their actions. They worry that they don’t hurt or disappoint anybody with their unmindful action. They are always stressed about hurting others. Since they prioritize others over themselves, they make sure that everything goes according to others’ favor.

When they give a word, keeping their side of the deal is up to them. You don’t need to worry whether they can complete a task within a set time or not. They take full responsibility to protect your faith in them. They know that trust is fragile and that a small crack can shatter it for a lifetime.

On the other hand, a type H individual is extremely particular about their honesty. You can trust them with your eyes closed as they leave no stone unturned to keep their promises.

Moreover, they will openly confess if they can’t do something and not take responsibility out of greed for money or fame.  In fact, they are not greedy at all. They won’t suppress their shortcomings just to get more benefits.

They are also faithful and won’t let others buy their loyalty. They don’t feel motivated by money at all which results in this. They also keep others’ secrets safe.

3. They never try to deceive others

A type F person won’t deceive others for any kind of benefit. They believe in karma and won’t take the risk of getting bitten. However, it’s not just out of fear of karma. Rather, they are too pure to even think of hurting others.

At some point in their life, they got hurt too… and they don’t want anyone else to suffer that pain. If there’s something that might hurt you, they’ll never hide that. They won’t ever consciously hurt or cheat another soul… unless they have no other option than to hurt one out of two people.

They never knowingly wish to disappoint others… but life might put them in a situation where they can only save one of the two. So, make sure you don’t judge their intentions during a dilemma.

On the other hand, a type H person will neither deceive you nor let anyone do it on their watch. They are especially particular about their ethics. So, they don’t just NOT deceive you in any way… they do everything else that is important to satisfy their values and morals.

For instance, if someone plots to hurt you and the type H person knows. They won’t keep quiet about it just because it’s not about them.

4. F-types can’t bear to hurt their offenders but H-types can’t stand them

Type F individuals are too emotional about everything in their life. Even if someone hurts them intentionally, they can only ever hope for the best for everyone. They may not forget others’ sins, but they can’t help but forgive them.

They again accept them in their life and never judge them. They believe that it was a moment’s mistake… even if their offender meant it, they’ll learn to let go of the bitterness and start over if they accept them. However, they often put themselves in harm’s way because of their excessively open and caring nature.

On the other hand, folks with higher levels of the H factor in their personality can’t stand the thought of any dishonest or immoral person. They are extremely judgmental of people with poor morals or those who have low H factors in their personality.

Though all criminals have a low H factor in their personality, it doesn’t imply that the H factor alone makes someone a criminal. Yet people with high H factors can’t help but be so judgmental towards them. They can’t help but feel an unreasonable hostility towards them.

5. F-types feel undervalued but H-types don’t even wish to be valued

F-type folks sacrifice a lot for others but they never want anything in return from them. Even if someone wants to reward them for their actions, they refuse it.

They are also known to be extremely sensitive to the slightest of emotions. So, when people treat them with small gestures, they become extremely happy. As a result, everyone assumes that it’s okay to pay them the least or no attention at all.

So, even if a type F desires something more, they can’t ever express it and only get the shorter side of the stick forever.

On the other hand, a type H person is too humble to understand their own worth. They believe everyone must be faithful, kind, understanding, and truthful.

They don’t feel that they do anything huge by having good morals… Instead, as already mentioned, they look down on people that don’t have the basic decency to have good morals.

They don’t even expect any reward for their good morals in the form of money or recognition. They are also known to not be competitive because materialistic gains don’t attract them at all. However, people around them wish they felt attracted to materials at least a little because they deserve it.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you wish to know the differences between the two personality types to choose the best person for a particular responsibility, then remember that it might be a bit unfair to judge them this way.

It’s always advised to give both of them equal chances or take time to know them and find the most suitable one. This is because everyone is unique… and nobody is 100% a single personality type. Not saying that personality tests lie, but human beings change and human psychology evolves every day.

So, allow them to give their best shot and prove themselves!

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