Okay, you want to know about type G behavior pattern… and understand how a type G person behaves in different situations? Worried about whether they feel left out or uncomfortable… or if you misjudged their reactions?

Well, this think-piece brings all the facts you need to find your answers. You’ll know exactly what kind of reactions and actions to expect from them.

So, let’s get down to the details…

Type G Behavior Pattern

G-types are popular for reading the mood and taking action accordingly. They are widely loved by people for that… however, they might also come off as unsocial due to their introversion.

So, if you want to know more about their behaviors in everyday life, here’s an all-inclusive list for you…

1. Their awareness of their surroundings is far greater than others

People with type G behavior patterns are extremely aware of their immediate surroundings. When they enter a room, they can catch on to others’ feelings and thoughts pretty fast.

They are also gifted with farsightedness. So, when they face a bad situation whether, in their personal or professional life, they can choose the right path carefully.

They are also popular for their precise understanding of any person or situation. With their good intellect, they often get compliments like they are a lifesaver or a mind reader.

All the credit goes to their perfectionist tendencies which makes them strive for better and bigger every day. Because of their desire to be better and make the best of everything, they can detect all sorts of energy around them. They can guess what a person desires or wants to say even if they don’t express it.

This helps them understand others better than they themselves. So, they are loved for being this understanding. Since they can understand people so well even before they convey it, everyone cherishes their thoughtfulness and sensibility.

For instance, if they sense that someone needs help, they do as much as possible. If they feel someone needs space, they allow it even before they utter a word.

However, this also makes G-types a bit anxious. They wonder, What if I wasn’t as perceptive? Would people still like me? …and that makes them try harder so they don’t lose love and appreciation.

2. They like to keep their mind stable… at any cost

Type G individuals are so perceptive about everything around them… but others aren’t. By now you probably thought Why can’t I be like a type G? Well, it’s all because of their mental and emotional situation. They can sense even the most silent actions in the external world because their internal world is extremely calm and stable.

They have their emotions under control by default. They don’t care about what others gossip about and don’t ponder on things that eventually won’t matter to them. They feel there’s no need in wasting time and clogging space in their mind with random things.

Once a G-type person knows that this is the major reason behind their high performance, intellect, sensibility, and precision, they will do anything to protect their mind from retaining unnecessary information or from being affected by people who don’t even care.

3. Their creativity can be a lifesaver, but everyone doesn’t approve

Type Gs are extremely creative and have damn good artistic skills. Their ideas help them stand out of the crowd and their mind lets them be original. Since Type G individuals are intuitive and aware of their surroundings, their creativity can be exactly what the situation or the other person demands.

Of course, there are other people with as much or comparable creativity, but their perfectionism helps them shine brighter than others. Since they can predict future situations and sense the current ones, they can obviously find suitable plans for any situation.

However, their ideas can be pretty different and out of the box. So, even if it’s an absolutely perfect plan, people might not always follow them.

They come up with some of the wackiest ideas for the most stubborn situation… as they must tackle them. But since people never heard of something similar ever before, they step back and don’t even give themselves a chance to prove themselves.

Often, G-types struggle the most to find the best solution for tragic situations, only to be ignored. Of course, they are left to find better ideas and second-guess their intuitions.

4. Their introversion comes with some troubles

Type G folks are also introverted and don’t interact a lot with others. This, obviously, helps them to keep a quiet and stable mind while they assess their surroundings to find a suitable plan or take the needed actions.

Though people don’t need to be introverted to focus on important yet subtle facts, it helps in their situation. For them, their introversion is also a reason for their calm internal world. They don’t keep up with unnecessary affairs in the surroundings and can keep their mind clutter-free.

However, their introversion often puts them in a tight spot. They generally isolate themselves from others. Due to their introversion and need for a calm and distraction-free space to solve stubborn problems, they shut themselves in and think hard… for days.

And sadly, they feel it’s okay to do that because they come up with good plans later. However, that only harms their socializing skills. They also deprive themselves of social needs. They can’t befriend others and feel lonely. They struggle to make meaningful bonds throughout their lives.

They also can’t express themselves freely. Whether they feel offended by someone or feel thankful to others, they can’t express themselves clearly. They might be treated like a pushover or taken advantage of for this.

On the other hand, they might also offend others. They might often ignore others’ socializing invitations or even avoid friendly conversations. Others assume that they are arrogant and look down on them. They might make enemies unknowingly.

5. Their curiosity can show them hell or heaven

There’s no end to a G-type person‘s curiosity. Their high intellect isn’t for nada… they build that slowly and passionately. Once they get interested in something, they can’t help learning more and more about it. So, some also say that “G” stands for a geek.

But if you think they just watch informational videos and read research papers all day long and forget about them eventually, you are so wrong! They grasp every detail they study and retain the information pretty well… after all, they don’t allow space for stupid things in their mind.

They can learn new skills and subjects faster than their peers. They love to absorb new information and expand their horizons.  Once they start knowing more, they don’t stop until they find the end of things.

However, there’s also a negative side to this… they might invest too much time in something that isn’t worth knowing or that won’t help in their growth.

Moreover, if they get too absorbed in something, they might give up on a balanced and healthy life. They might be stuck to their laptop 24/7, and ditch proper sleep, exercise, hygiene, and healthy food.

They might stay up late, lead a sedentary lifestyle, skip showers, order fast food or have ready-to-eat items. This only hurts their health eventually.

They might also get interested in something but find no information on it. They get stressed and frustrated and they can’t even focus on anything else. Lastly, if their curiosity gets the better of them, they might try something which might harm them.

6. They oppose anything complex

Type G folks always assess their surroundings subconsciously. Their mind is always busy doing something or the other… Even if they don’t mindfully think about the external world, their subconscious is always active.

Every minute of their life, their brain cells are consumed to figure out solutions, make intuitive and effective decisions, and act with others’ welfare in mind. With all that, they are not ready to burden themselves with anything more complicated. They do everything to prevent anything from overwhelming them.

If they face a difficult situation in life, they observe it from a simpler point of view. Suppose in their workplace, if a task can only be done with complex steps, they seek simpler alternatives to it.

Often, they can successfully find the perfect ideas with their creative and artistic mind… only because they strongly wish to avoid the difficult way.

However, they might avoid people that try to vent out complications about their life. They ditch any sort of difficult conversation or discussion. Even if it’s a meeting, they might be absent from it. They avoid complex situations, people, and things like the plague… to the point they might offend and push away others.

7. People’s opinions aren’t any of their business

G-types are the ones who hold their head high in any situation in life. They don’t care much about opinionated people. They lived their entire life depending on their intuitive knowledge, precision, and awareness. Their traits mostly lead them to a perfect life. So, they have more reasons to ignore people that don’t trust them.

Even if anyone tries to demoralize them, they stand tall and proud. They know that jealous people will always try to distract or misguide them… so, they know it’s not worth giving a chance to anyone that says otherwise.

On the other hand, they are always busy learning something new and understanding their environment. They need a calm internal world for that, so they hardly have the time or space in their mind to spare a thought for opposing comments.

Sometimes they also knowingly ignore these remarks because they can’t let them taint the purity and tranquility of their inner mind. Otherwise, they won’t make the correct choices further.

They cherish peace of mind much more than small insignificant opposition. They are focused on their priorities and don’t let others interfere in their matters.

8. Great intuition might not always bring good news

People with type G behavior patterns (TGBP) are intuitive and their intuitions are mostly correct. But is there any human being that is always right? Meeting such a person is just not possible… so, G-types are no exceptions.

Their intuitive deductions might also go wrong. They might read a person or situation incorrectly and make the wrong decision. However, it’s hard to understand when might be the wrong time… especially, if their conclusions are mostly right.

Eventually, they grow overconfident in their capabilities… and eventually, these intuitive thoughts don’t work on logic anymore. Their deductions might not be based on reality. This increases their chance to perceive their surroundings wrongly… and puts them in grave danger.

Due to an impeccable streak of wins in their life along with self-confidence and self-reliance, they might also grow to be stubborn. They prioritize their own opinions at every moment and overlook others. But, if they act similarly in their personal life, they might push away their loved ones and stand alone.

If they always believe they know better and ignore others, they’ll hurt many of their near and dear ones. They might end up regretting their obstinacy later on.

9. They feel yuck about abundance

Type G folks are not interested in leading a lavish life with excess possessions. Whoa there… don’t assume they like to live in poverty… that’s a wild guess. Rather, it’s all because they believe abundance brings confusion and downfall.

Think that’s absurd? Perhaps for you… but that’s not how a type G person thinks.

For type G people, minimalism is precious… whereas abundance is distracting. Suppose a type G person has multiple luxurious outfits, they’ll be confused about what to wear every morning and lose precious time. If they have many options for breakfast cereal, they’ll only waste even more time thinking about their mood and desire.

On the other hand, if they don’t have many choices, they lead a preplanned life. Their outfits and meals are all sorted and it won’t distract them from more important things.

Moreover, when you have more, you need more storage space, you must remember where you stored each thing, and also keep everything presentable. These need more energy, effort, and resources. This goes on like an endless loop of life upgrading which distracts them from more important matters.

This also produces more waste which mentally disturbs a type G person. Minimalism, however, helps them keep a tidy and organized space which allows them mental stability.

10. Intelligence might bring them sicknesses

This might be the most unexpected and shocking thing related to TGBP. Type G people are extremely intelligent… but often extreme intelligence comes with some physical and mental troubles.

According to 2015 research, when the brain is hypersensitive, the body is too. Just as an intelligent person’s brain can sense all the occurrences around them and start deducing the situation, their immunity is as sensitive.

The research mainly studies the subjects of mood and anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, sensory processing sensitivity, allergies, asthma, and autoimmune diseases.

Their results found that people with high IQs have extremely poor immunity and sensitive bodies. However, this study is not directly linked to type G behavior patterns. These are only speculations and need more studies to find a definite answer to this situation.

But, it’s always better to get your fellow type G to get medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment before it’s too late.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

People with type G behavior patterns are pretty great about decision-making but don’t always count on their intuitions. They also love to learn new things but make sure that passion doesn’t go out of hand or isn’t used in the wrong places.

On the other hand, they are also quite introverted and aren’t open to expressing themselves. So, try to understand their unexpressed emotions and avoid judging them. Befriend them because they actually need someone beside them!

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