Before you know about type G personality fears & dislikes, let’s ask you a question… so, make sure you answer truthfully.

Do you want to use these fears against them??

…okay, enough of that. You won’t be bothered with any more lame jokes.

Perhaps, you only want to diminish their miseries or avoid any concealed landmines. Probably you also want to befriend them by avoiding these aspects.

And guess what? This think-piece is absolutely the best place to know about those.

So, let’s not delay anymore and dive deeper…

Type G Personality Fears & Dislikes

Most people assume that type G people don’t have any kind of fears or dislikes at all… but that’s far from reality. However, you can’t blame them for such assumptions… because G-types never share their worries with anyone.

But it’s high time you know their fears. Perhaps, you can grow closer if you avoid these issues.

So, keep all of these in mind…

1. Emotional and mental instability

Individuals with type G personality traits are famous for their intuitive knowledge and decision. However, there’s a trick behind having their intuitions so spot-on correct. It’s because they are emotionally and mentally balanced. Their inner world is always at peace.

Only until their emotions are under control can they be as intuitive as ever. The moment their emotions and mental situations become unstable, they might lose their sharp intuitive power.

So, they dislike any situation or person that might negatively impact their emotional or mental state.

They are known and loved for their intelligence. So, they definitely fear losing this inner calm as the fear of rejection gets triggered along with it.

2. Bad results of curiosity

Folks with the G personality type are also known for their geeky side. Once they get interested in something, they can’t stop learning more and more about it. In their interpersonal relationships, they often get complimented about how much they know about vast things.

Now, imagine they felt curious about something and researched it.  But they can’t find anything about the subject at all. They’ll be extremely frustrated and might have sleepless nights researching and chasing it more.

But that’s not all as there’s another possibility. Suppose they feel super intrigued about something and start researching it day in and day out.

They spend a lot of time on it only to find out the chosen subject was shallow or useless. That’s a complete waste of their precious time and also they stored unnecessary information in their brain which is another turn-off.

Of course, you’ve also heard that curiosity killed the cat. So, if a type G fellow becomes excited about the wrong sorts of things, they might meet bad consequences.

That’ll not only lead to bad repercussions or a waste of time and resources, but also people might change their opinions about them being knowledgeable.

3. Complications

G-type people are already busy figuring out what happens in the external world. They subconsciously figure out the situation in their mind while they note all the important facts around them. They also consume lots of useful info to increase their intellect. Most of the time, their mind is pretty busy.

So, they don’t want to burden their minds even more with unnecessary complications. They don’t wish to create congestion with those and run out of space for useful things.

So, be it their life or just a situation, they don’t want any impracticality at all. If there’s a meeting planned to sort out something complex, they’ll ditch it.

They’d even seek simpler alternatives to work on the situation, but they won’t burden their mind with replaceable complexities.

4. Untidiness or excess waste

Type G folks are practical and simplicity is their to-go answer for that. They dislike untidy spaces or excess materials in their life. Their intuitive thoughts need a peaceful mind, so an untidy space distracts them and obstructs their thoughts.

On the other hand, when they have too much, they create more waste, the wastes are another form of distraction.

More belongings also increase the time to tidy up. Once you have more possessions also increases choices and confusion. All these work as a distraction from the main agendas of life.

So, type G people can’t handle having more than they need. They feel that lesser options create less waste and untidiness… which in turn saves them from distraction and time waste. Of course, they can devote their remaining time to more important areas of their life.

5. People’s opinions

Type G people don’t pay attention to others’ opinions. They dislike it when others say something against their choices or share unwanted suggestions. G-types are extremely confident about their intuitive deductions and believe that they don’t need more advice over that.

Moreover, if someone passes negative remarks about them or their choices, they have more reasons to ignore those.

Their confidence never shrinks from others’ comments. They need a calm inner ambiance to choose the correct things and if they let the negatives hamper their mind, it’ll backfire.

So, they dislike it when people share their opinions even when they don’t ask for them.

6. Their discomfort in sharing their thoughts

G-types being introverted don’t like to share their thoughts. They can’t express their feelings and emotions even if they want to. Most people assume that they don’t like to express themselves to others either because they don’t trust others or look down on them.

Honestly, G-types want to share their thoughts… but they can’t. This creates a lot of misunderstanding in their surroundings and they dislike it because it hampers their calm mind. They want to get over it at times, but their introversion wins over.

7. Socializing

Being a type G, a person’s introversion will make them avoid social situations. Since they also can’t share their feelings and thoughts, they feel uncomfortable and can hardly make friends.

Suppose, they’re in a team in their workplace and an idea sprung into their mind. They avoid expressing their ideas even though they must.

They might not even report their ideas to their supervisors or explain their thoughts to their clients. They don’t feel great about socializing and go to great lengths to avoid this discomfort.

8. Dismissal

A type G person possesses extraordinary creativity. Whether the situation is stubborn or has too many complicated processes, they take the initiative to work on it with their creativity.

They brainstorm into finding a simple solution. Whether they must research a lot and unleash their geeky side or pick their brains until they’re exhausted, they gladly invest the resources.

However, after all that effort, their only fear is not getting their ideas accepted. And this isn’t even an irrational fear… they feel so anxious because people often disregard their creativity. After all, those are too unique or are never heard of. People reject their ideas because they feel skeptical about their validity.

9. Loneliness

Type G individuals feel comfortable on their own due to their introversion. However, this doesn’t always mean that they like to be socially isolated. Introverted people like to stay away from loud groups because it drains their energy. However, that never means isolation feels good to them.

Rather, they just want one or two people in their inner circle to feel accepted. Though they push others away, they expect someone to befriend them eventually. They wish to spend time doing nothing with them… or just discussing simple things in life.

10. Failure

“G-types are geeky, genius, and gifted”… this phrase puts a lot of pressure on them. They must stand up to everyone’s expectations… After all, they are loved only for their intelligence.

Even when others don’t know that a person has a G-type personality or when nobody knows about the mentioned phrase… People still expect a lot from them.

The reason?

They always or mostly produce fabulous results in different areas of their life. They’re creative, artistic, intuitive, intelligent, and perfectionists. They showed these traits their entire life. So, people in their personal, academic, or professional life have high expectations from them.

So, they definitely fear losing everything within a fraction of a second if they fail.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Keep the mentioned fears and dislikes in mind and try your best to avoid triggering them. But remember, if you don’t hurt them, you won’t naturally grow closer to them.

G-types are introverts, so this will only help them put down their guard. You won’t miraculously become best friends out of nowhere. So, if you want to grow closer to them, be prepared to give an effort and stay consistent. Eventually, you’ll create the bond you always desired!

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