So, if type G personality relationships and comparing with other types is on your mind, it’s wonderful that you have reached out.

In this think-piece, everything about all relationships compared to G-types are compiled systematically. So, whether you want to find a good friend or a compatible lover, you’ll know it all here.

C’mon, let’s get down to the interesting parts here…

Type G Personality Relationships and Comparing with Other Types

The precious G-types are gifted with a brain that absorbs all the information with every inch of their body… and no, that’s NOT a joke!

Being a G-type, you can be that sensitive to info. But your first concern is probably that your senses help you in your relationships. So, before comparing with others, let’s start off with that point and know yourself better…

1. People love them for their mindful and aware attitude

People with type G personality traits have a strong power of sensing or intuition about the external world. They can perceive whenever something is wrong with others.

If they enter a room and the people need some space, they can sense it even before it is explained. They can even understand if they need the help of any sort and start working on it even before they’re told. For this, they’re deeply loved by others.

2. They often disregard others’ opinions

Type G people depended their entire life on their perception and intuitive knowledge. They feel more confident and comfortable about following their own decisions than someone else’s, so they often ignore others’ words.

However, intuitions can be wrong… especially if someone is too boastful of their traits, they’ll eventually miss facts and work more on their whims.

Either way, they offend others with their disregard for others’ thoughts.

3. They dislike people with a wasteful attitude

Their relationships might seriously get strained if the other person is wasteful or leads a maximalist lifestyle.

Type Gs need a calm internal world to sense the important and precise facts around them. A messy and disorganized place with too many things distracts their mind from meaningful deductions.

So, they can’t have an amicable relationship with someone that’s too messy or buys a lot more things than they need. Obviously, it’s not easy to find such people, so they often push others away with this.

4. People learn to be mentally stable from them

Type G folks are extremely particular about their emotional and mental stability due to their need for peace to make beneficial decisions in life. Due to their exemplary performance, they often hear the question “How can you be so intelligent?”

That’s when they teach others the necessity of a peaceful mind. So, they often share their secret of inner peace and almost everyone becomes their disciple… and that’s how they make friends or acquaintances.

5. Their introversion hurts their relationships

Until someone shows serious interest in them, type G folks can’t make friends because of their introversion. They also can’t express their feelings openly.

So, even if they feel grateful towards someone, they can’t express it.  They often get misunderstood for not reciprocating others’ feelings.

When people seek spending time together, they decline them and shut themselves in. But they later also feel hurt for not having enough friends in their life.

On the other hand, they also can’t raise their voice when others hurt or take advantage of them.

Alright… now that you know everything, let’s hit it off with the comparisons!

Comparison with type E personality relationships

E-types make others anxious because of their sudden passions and whims of taking challenges. They might be the most annoying of the lot… so, are their relationships worse or better than yours? Let’s find out here…

1. Contrary to G-types, E-types are disliked for their lack of awareness

While G-types are loved for reading others’ moods well and acting accordingly, the story for E-types is pretty opposite.

Due to E-types’ random whims to begin projects without any cause, randomly abandoning their projects, and even their unnecessary risks, they are disliked.

Be it loved ones or people in their professional field, everyone feels insecure because of them and doesn’t want to be too close to them.

2. Compare to G-types, E-types need to depend on others

G-types can depend on themselves to make the right decisions. Even if they are not always right, it’s mostly the case until they become overconfident in their strength.

But as mentioned above, the risk-taking nature of E-types puts their own security in danger. Due to their fickle-minded nature, they might delay their much-awaited progress and success.

So, it’s better if they have a mentor in each area of their life to ensure they’re on the right path and avoid impulsive choices.

3. Similar to G-types, E-types also offend others but with their risks

G-types are infamous for offending others with their introverted and shut-in nature. Others feel that they aren’t good enough to socialize with them.

Similarly, E-types also offend others due to their decisions based on crazy whims instead of proper thinking. Their desire to take absolutely meaningless risks just to feel challenged puts others on the edge. They also don’t listen to wise advice which angers others. People are just tired of their antiques.

4. Unlike G-types, E-types can’t be relied on

G-types are trusted because of their intuitive and precise actions. But people often can’t depend on E-types in any way due to their impulsive actions.

These people start a project without knowing what setbacks they might face eventually.

Their thoughtless actions put others in trouble, so nobody can completely trust them with anything. So, they’re always appointed a mentor that’ll track their actions. Trust issues decline the quality of their relationships

5. Unlike G-types, E-types can’t stay silent to opposition

G-types don’t care about people that oppose their actions. They don’t even give them a second look because they’re confident, so it’s only normal that they stay unaffected by others’ rude comments.

But E-types just can’t ignore and carry on with their tasks. They rebel against any opposing ideas and convince others of their ideas. In their relationships, they don’t silently listen to things and clear any doubts ASAP.

Of course, it’s not easy to conclude that quickly. So, while you think who’s better, let’s get down to the next one…

Comparison with type F personality relationships

F-types are known to be the feelers. They understand emotions of all kinds and are so compassionate… you might even envy them for having better relationships. But whether your jealousy is justified or not, let’s know it here…

1. Unlike G-types, they’re hurt by harsh opinions

G-types stay unfazed by opinions but the story of F-types is pretty different. They feel extremely hurt by others’ opinions. These people are so sensitive that they can’t stand any kind of mean words. They might even cry if you raise your voice or act stricter than usual.

People might get tired of treating them softly… because the world just doesn’t work that way. Yes, kindness still exists in this world, but everyone communicates differently and they’re too sensitive to handle the world.

2. Compared to G-types, they’re careless about their emotions

G-types protect their emotions and emotional stability in their life because their intuition majorly depends on that. On the contrary, F-types often hurt their emotions due to their own fault.

They show immense compassion to others, but when people try to pay them back, they refuse it. They never receive the same kind of love and compassion from others. This makes them feel left out, used, and taken advantage of. 

3. Unlike G-types, they always get taken advantage of

G-types usually don’t get taken advantage of because they can avoid trouble with their strong intuition. However, if they can’t avoid their ill-wisher, they can’t even stand up and protect themselves. The situation varies for G-types.

But, F-types mostly get taken advantage of. They show kindness, forgiveness, and compassion to people without judging them. They help others without knowing whether the person is bluffing or not. So, the moment they come near an opportunist, they get used.

4. In contrast to G-types, they’re never their own priority

G-types always prioritize their emotional and mental peace, but it’s the opposite for F-types. They are so worried about others’ emotions, helping others, making them feel better, validating them, and making others’ lives better… they just let their emotions get crushed.

They allow others to take advantage of their goodwill… and even if they believe in prioritizing emotions, they hardly do that for themselves which often impacts their relationships.

5. Unlike G-types, they always notice others’ troubles

G-types being introverted, don’t usually notice everyone’s troubles around them. They’re pretty perceptive of the people they deal with directly and can be considerate of them.

On the other hand, F-types are always aware of others’ emotions… even if that person is a stranger they come across in a foreign land. They are loved by more people because of their caring and compassionate nature towards people irrespective of their interaction or bond.

6. Compared to G-types, they’re surrounded by people of all kinds

G-types hardly have many friends due to their introversion. They like to stay in instead of going out to socialize. But F-types are surrounded by many kinds of people due to their helpful nature.

They seek out others during their tough times and support others with whatever they have. So, they get acquainted with many people… whether good or bad. Some of them might be true friends, while others are opportunists.

And let’s head to the last comparison here…

Comparison with type H personality relationships

So, you know both a type H person of the healing type and a type H person based on the HEXACO model?  You probably thought that you’ll only find one kind here and wondered where you’ll find the other one. Welp, surprise! This article has both… so, stop worrying and get down to it!

1. Like G-types, type H (healing) never let others’ opinions impact them

G-types don’t let others’ opinions impact them or their emotions. Similarly, type H (healing) folks are pretty detached from others.

Even if someone says something mean, they don’t let these remarks affect their mood. They have genuinely strong boundaries that protect them from unwanted drama.

This helps them avoid hurting others, being agitated themselves, and creating a scene by exchanging hurtful remarks here and there.

2. Similar to G-types, type H (healing) protect their emotions from others

G-types don’t let others’ opinions affect their emotions. Similarly, Type H (healing) people again with their strong boundaries protect their emotions from any sort of difference in opinions. They understand that people are unique and accept their differences gladly.

They also understand that some people just like to hurt others with their “quirkiness”… they say more hurtful things and poke them just for fun… and they just don’t let them have that fun.

3. Unlike G-types, type H (healing) people are outgoing

G-types are introverted and you know that comes with some troubles. On the flip side, Type H (healing) people can’t be labeled extroverted, but they’re pretty outgoing.

They help others even before they ask them. They forgive others and hope they’ll change. They are wise friends and loved ones everyone wants in their life as they’re always ready to give them a chance instead of judging them.

4. Like G-types, type H (honesty-humility) people are adored

G-types are adored for their strong intuition, but for H-types (honesty-humility), it’s pretty much EVERYTHING!

These people have great morals which make others believe in them more. They are trustworthy, faithful, kind, compassionate, helpful, and have most of the virtues they can have. They are also not greedy… so, they won’t ever cheat you whatsoever.

People can trust them with everything in their life… starting from sharing their darkest secrets to even their bank account details.

5. Similar to G-types, type H (honesty-humility) folks might also offend others

G-types offend others with their introverted nature. They always refuse socializing and stay in their safe haven.

People feel that a G-type doesn’t pay them attention because they aren’t as brainy as them. Some also get offended because they continuously tried to befriend them but felt hurt because they never cared.

On the other hand, type H (honesty-humility) folks offend others on some serious issues. Criminals have low levels of the H factor in their personality. So, people with higher levels of the H factor reverse this concept as “all those who have lower H levels are potential criminals.

Even though this isn’t true at all, and those people can improve their morals or “H-levels” with time, they don’t care. This harms a lot of their relationships, and even their blood relatives might abandon them.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Being a G-type person, everyone might assume that you have a better relationship than others… After all, your intuitive thoughts must lead you to the right way to balance relationships. But as you know, that’s not the case, and you still have more to learn!

So, even if others have better relationships than you or act more maturely than you, don’t feel low and try to learn from them. And if you see others doing worse than you, guide them through the way. After all, life is all about learning more together!

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