So, the comparison of type G vs type H personality traits is on your mind… and you just can’t understand which one is better?

Well, the answer depends on what you expect from them… whether you want to compare two students, employees, loved ones, or something else. Both personalities come with different benefits and drawbacks. So, you can’t say one is better than the other.

C’mon, let’s get a better idea here…

Type G vs Type H (healing) Personality

Before you begin the comparison, first be aware that there are two kinds of type H personalities. If you’re uncertain which type H you want to know about.  If your acquaintance is the healing type and you wish to compare with the geeky ones, here’s a quick comparison…

 Type G personalityType H personality
SimilaritiesThey both don’t let others hurt them.Both are more knowledgeable than others.Both prioritize mental and emotional stability.
DifferencesThey often ditch anything complicated.They find solutions to any situation patiently.
They hardly have friends. They might not be extroverted, but they try to reach out to whoever needs them.
Their intuition is the source of trouble.Their compassion and forgiving nature hurt them eventually.

But an even better and well-defined comparison awaits here, so don’t miss this!

1. Both have their own ways to protect themselves from others’ opinions

Individuals with type G personality traits are blessed with their intuitive intelligence and perfectionism. For that, they focus a lot on the most minute details and try their best to only pick the right signals, so they can be precise in their tasks.

Moreover, throughout their life, they won whenever they depended on their intuitive senses. So, they are confident in their actions and don’t doubt themselves even if others oppose them.

They only focus on their intuition and deductions based on it during all crucial life choices and phases. Since they are usually on the right path, they don’t even try to know about others’ thoughts.

On the other hand, people with type H personalities have a good sense of boundaries which protects them from any sort of external influence. If anyone holds a different opinion, they accept the differences as the most normal and expected thing in the world.

However, not everyone mentions clashing opinions just to share perceptions and broaden their horizons. Some people frame their opinion as something superior and look down on others’ beliefs.

A type H person’s strong boundaries also help them in these situations. They don’t let provocative words get to them. They neither feel hurt by these nor fight back in similar hurtful ways.

2. Both are understanding and knowledgeable in their own way

Type G people have great intuition and intellect. They can pick up on others’ feelings, thoughts, anxieties, and needs. They can precisely and perfectly pinpoint any problem and the most fitting solution for it. They are extremely knowledgeable of their surroundings, unlike most people.

They are also known to be geeks, so whenever something catches their interest, they study that in detail. For this, they are the most knowledgeable about everything in any room they enter.

They don’t just have an undying thirst to know more but also have a great capacity to absorb and retain information. So, they don’t just read things mindlessly and forget about it.

They are extremely curious beings which makes them so understanding of people and surroundings.

When it comes to people with type H personalities, their knowledge is pretty much based on real life. They learned real-life lessons through every moment of their life. They learned to be detached from the world and the people that try to hurt them.

They adapted the virtue of forgiveness instead of holding grudges, regretting, or saying anything crude in exchange for mean remarks. They are aware that playing helpless in the world or blaming others won’t win them any help. They are aware that only they can support themselves in the worst times.

They also believe that believing and charging forth is the only way to success… even if they are at rock bottom. They never deny any necessary change in life and are kind to themselves and everyone else. These lessons help them lead a more satisfying life.

3. Mental and emotional stability is precious to both

Type G people are extremely intuitive about the external world only because they have a calm and stable internal mind. Even they are aware of it and don’t leave any page unturned to protect their mental and emotional stability.

They don’t let chaotic emotions distract them from the important areas. For that, they even avoid as many complications in their life as possible. They don’t allow their mind to be clogged with unnecessary details, so they actively avoid complicated people and situations.

They know that once they start dealing with something complex, it’ll invite an endless loop of complex emotions.  Instead, they are also ready to find simpler alternatives just so they can keep their mind free.

Type H people, on the other hand, cherish their mental and emotional peace and stability by letting go of the negatives. They forgive themselves for letting down and giving up on their dreams.

They get rid of past regrets and disappointments. They promise to clear their mind and focus on the future so they don’t create new regrets.

On the other hand, they also forgive others because lingering on the past takes too much emotional investment. They move on from the past, might give others a new chance, and lead an emotionally and mentally peaceful life.

4. G-types avoid complicated things while H-types deal with them calmly

As mentioned before, a type G person dislikes complications to no end. Whether in their personal, professional, or social life, if they meet a complicated situation and they can avoid it, they’ll avoid it like a plague.

Suppose, if there’s some issue in a project and there’s an entire team to work on it, they’ll avoid it by any means. If they are forced to take care of the matter, they instead try to avoid the complicated matter and go with something way simpler with their creativity. However, most people dislike their out-of-the-box creativity, so they avoid it.

On the other hand, if a friend seeks them to vent out their complicated life, they always bail out at the last minute.

On the other hand, type H people don’t run away from their troubles based on their size or degree of complication. They treat all of their troubles the same way. They stay hopeful and even notice if they are responsible for the situation somehow. That way, they’ll gladly adjust to get rid of the trouble.

They also study the issue in detail right from the root causes to the effects. They try to find ways to deal with the issue at every level… whether they can nip the matter right in the bud or use some preventive measure to take care of the effects.

Type G individuals are infamous for their introverted nature and the endless troubles they have along with it. They can’t make friends because of the different effects of introversion on their social life. For example, they can’t reach out to others or express their feelings even if they wanted to.

On the other hand, if others ask them to join in a social event, their social anxiety gets triggered and they turn them down. They spend most of their time behind closed doors and hardly get time to interact or bond with others.

Even if they help others with their intuitive knowledge, they don’t make close bonds regularly. A type G person is vulnerable to feeling lonely and isolated even though it’s their own choice.

A type H person, however, believes in leading the best life ever. They want to be happy with everyone else. For that, they are compassionate towards all the people in their life. They treat others nicely because that makes others want to improve themselves instead of being mean and arrogant.

They also forgive others so they can reflect on the actual matter and not brood on their fault. People like and befriend them more easily because of their kind gestures.

6. G-types might face troubles with intuition… compassion might be the death of an H-type

Type G people are extremely dependent on their intuition. Though their intuitive knowledge helps them most of the time, it’s not possible to always be right.

Sometimes, people even become overconfident in their intuition… and instead of noticing the right facts around them, they become obsessed with winning and guessing the right thing.

Moreover, type G people don’t take others’ opinions seriously which increases their chances of making wrong decisions. So, a type G person can hurt themselves the most with their faith in intuition.

On the flip side, it’s the compassion of a type H person. They offer kindness and forgive everyone around them. However, is everyone worth being forgiven? Some people just don’t learn and seek more chances to hurt others.

It’s also unknown how many times a type H person forgives their offender. Do they give them only one chance? If yes, that’s a great rule to show they won’t be fooled twice.

But if they keep forgiving others repeatedly, they’ll only give their ill-wishers more chances to hurt themselves.

Moreover, when they show kindness, who knows if the other person truly needs that gesture or if they’re pretending to do that? The receiver of their kindness might even become greedy and expect more such actions from their side. Or, the other person might even perceive their kindness in the wrong way (like romantically) and create trouble later.

If the H-type is the different one, here’s the right one for you!

Type G vs type H (honesty-humility) personality

If your acquaintance’s personality tests showed they’re the H-type of the HEXACO model, that’s fine too! Here you will also find an equally detailed comparison of the precious gifted ones with the honest and humble ones. You might be a little anxious about how these two differ or if they have any differences at all… because both have amazing strengths.

But don’t you worry, because it’s all compiled in this short chart!

 Type G personalityType H (honesty-humility) Personality
DifferencesPeople trust their intuitionsThey are generally trustworthy.
 People love them for being mindful and intuitive.People love their high morals.
 They offend others with their introversion.They offend others with their judgmental nature.

Again, it’s recommended to know the differences in detail here…

1. G-types are trusted for their intuitions but H-types are trusted for the overall nature

Type G people are extremely intuitive and make the right decisions based on it. They depend a lot on their intuitions and keen eye in life.  Due to that, they have a better intellect than the rest. They are also farsighted because of it which again supports them to succeed in life.

Everyone is aware that a type G person mostly wins in all areas of their life. So, others also depend on their intuitions. When people face a tight situation, they seek a type G person because they’re extremely aware of the present circumstances and the possible problems in the future.

Moreover, when no solution works on a problem, people depend on a type G person’s extraordinary creativity to nip the complicated situation in the bud.

On the other hand, folks with type H personality traits always keep their word. Once they commit to something, they make sure they complete it with all honesty. They aren’t even materialistic, so nobody can buy their loyalty.

They are also extremely truthful and straightforward. Suppose they are allotted a task that pays well, but it’s out of their expertise. They’ll straight off refuse it and give them the proper reasons. They won’t let the greed of money overpower them or accept the task mindlessly.

If you share a secret with them, they never spread it to another soul. Even though they are full of good morals, they don’t boast about that. Instead, they are extremely humble and believe that having good morals is their responsibility.

2. People love G-types for their mindfulness and H-types for their high morals

Type G folks are extremely mindful of their surroundings. When they enter a room, they don’t need anyone to brief them if something is off or if someone is upset. Their inner mind is extremely calm, so they can absorb all the information from their surroundings.

So, if the other person feels low, they don’t ignore them. Despite their introversion, they share a few encouraging words if that’s what they need or give them space if they don’t want others around them. If others need a solution, they also try to help them out.

They can avoid hurting others or making the situation awkward. They make the right decision in sensitive moments which everyone appreciates.

On the other hand, an H-type individual is honest, humble, kind, loyal, truthful, and so on. They keep others’ secrets, support others when they need them, and they also never break their word. All of that makes everyone adore them more and more.

3. Others get offended by G-types’ introversion and by H-types’ judgmental nature

People with type G personality traits are infamous for their introverted character. Owing to their introversion, they avoid any sort of human contact.

They can’t express their feelings, so people around them can’t understand them well. Others feel confused and frustrated while understanding them. They don’t even try to step out of their comfort zone and express themselves.

When others seek them to social events, they often turn down the invitations. Instead, they isolate themselves for a long time.  Since they don’t know how to manage these situations, they often come off as arrogant or that they look down on others. Others misunderstand them and keep their distance from them.

On the other hand, if the personality tests answered high levels of H for someone… you know you hate their high and mighty nature. It’s not just you… everyone shares this feeling!

People with soaring high levels of the H factor in their personality are pretty particular about their morals. But problems arise when they judge others for it.

Criminals have lower levels of the H factor in their personality, but that doesn’t imply everyone is the same. People can still change before they follow the wrong path in their life.

However, for high type H people, they are all the same. Until and unless someone’s H-meter rises, they can’t accept them. For this, they are disliked by most and even their loved ones can’t stay with them for long because of their judgmental nature.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Both Type G and type H (either of the two types) have their own perfections and flaws. If you wanted to choose one of them, there’s no perfect answer… All of them have impressive skills.

So, instead of choosing one, be more open to know them one on one. If you didn’t find your necessary answers here and have some other basis for comparisons in mind, knowing them is your best option. Give it some time and you will eventually get your answers for sure!

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