Do you wanna know about type H behavior pattern (THBP)? Wish to know how H-type individuals behave in different situations? Want to make sure you don’t agitate them? Or do you just want to avoid hurting them? But then which H-type do you wanna know about?

If it’s both, then you’re super lucky… because this think-piece has everything you want to know about both of them.

So, let’s not delay and get down to work here…

Type H Behavior Pattern – healing

This Type H behavior pattern (THBP) is based on the research of serious hospital patients. If your acquaintance’s personality is this type, then you’re pretty concerned about when they feel hurt because they never show any vulnerability.

But not anymore, because you’ll know exactly how they feel and react to different situations…

1. They don’t join assertiveness with aggression… and this can attract some trouble

In this world, you might often face peculiar people. They just want to have fun by poking your sensitive bits and watching you overreact. To them, the entire world is a circus and the people are the source of amusement.

However, Type H individuals accept that everyone is unique and has different priorities in their lives. So, to deal with all kinds of people in their lives, they build strong boundaries, so nobody can play with their emotions and feelings.

Suppose a person has different opinions, a type H just accepts it and is happy for each of them to have an opinion. The other party might not be as happy and might even force a reaction out of them with provocative language. In this situation, the strong boundaries pay off.

They don’t let the other person feel satisfied… they stick to their choice and never waver. This is also because they are detached from the outer world which helps them maintain their peaceful life.

Since they don’t act aggressively, some might act persistent for longer. They don’t get the cue instantly and try longer to make them react.

2. They never act like a damsel in distress… but they never learn to take help in need

H-type folks never act out when they are in trouble. For instance, they don’t shift the blame on others, they don’t expect others to help them… they don’t throw a fit just because nobody noticed.

Instead, they like to be self-dependent. They take care of their issues by themselves and hate to act vulnerable and gain sympathy. They never act like a victim of a person or situation.

They don’t wait around for others to hop in and support them either. These people are all about taking charge on their own. However, this habit needs to stay under control. Otherwise, they might not be able to seek help even when they actually need it.

They also dislike complaining… Though that’s great, they might suppress negative emotions for too long.

3. Hope is a part of their personality… but it’s important to know the limits

These people are crazy hopeful… so much so that some call them delusional. If a doctor says that there’s no other way out and this is the end, the type H person doesn’t give up. They hope for some miracle to happen and save them.

Similarly, in non-medical life situations, they are as hopeful as ever. But it’s not because they don’t know the truth. Rather, they are aware that if they give up, they’ll be too depressed.

This way, even if some golden opportunity comes, they’d be too focused on their dark thoughts to grab them. They don’t want even the slightest chance to go, so they stay alert for as long as they can.

However, if they are fixated on only one view, they might miss the other ones. If there are alternate options, they mustn’t stay hopeful for only one way and also focus on the other.

4. They are keen on knowing more about their troubles

When a type H person faces troubles, they don’t sit still and wait for things to get solved. They have a systematic approach to these problems. They know that reaching out in thin air won’t bring them the necessary solutions.

So, they focus on two major points of the matter: the root cause and the effect. Then they work their way out of it by seeking individual solutions for each cause and effect. This expands the different routes to deal with the issue.

5. If they need, they can compromise a lot

While they research different ways to solve their problems, they also check if they are responsible for their situation.

Though most people make sure that they are not responsible for anything and try to deny responsibility, type H people feel pretty good when they find they’re responsible for something.

Most people find that absurd because who wants to be blamed, right?

Well, it’s because type H people feel glad that if they change their habits and choices, they can still make a major comeback from their troubles. They feel amazing that things are still under control whether completely or partially.

6. They are cheerful despite knowing the truth

Most people don’t react well to bad news. They brood over the problems and become too distressed to look at the bright side of the situation. In fact, when people are displeased, they hate it when others try to show the positives.

But type H is exactly the opposite… They focus on the bright side and even show off their great sense of humor. However, instead of being appreciated for it, people reprimand them or say they are in denial. Unfortunately, they fail to recognize the immense mental strength these guys own.

They believe that there’s no point in brooding over the inevitable… so, why not enjoy the time as much as they can?

7. They forgive others and themselves and let the pain go

Type H people easily forgive others because they don’t want to dwell on the bitter past. They want to move on along with others. They have faith in everyone and believe that if they forgive them, people won’t take their forgiveness for granted.

They also believe in forgiving themselves and letting go of all their grudges and regrets. More than once they disappointed themselves and felt ashamed of their inabilities.

Often the flashbacks of these painful moments reappear and they feel the embarrassment faintly. So, they let go of this pain once and for all by forgiving themselves.

8. They are stronger than their fears

When in a sticky situation, do you know what’s the worst thing you can do to yourself?

It’s giving in to your worst fears. When you accept defeat, you overthink… the worst possible situations enter your mind and you slowly become putty to the crippling fear of the outcomes of your situation.

The craziest thoughts invade your mind and you’re already half-spent too early. Even if they have some faint solution to work on, once the fear wins, they can’t stay motivated to do better. They won’t be able to give their best or prevent a bad outcome.

So, to prevent such situations, a type H person never lets fear win.

9. They never ignore the inner wounds

Type H people are aware that they are mostly responsible for getting their feelings hurt. They know that they showed their vulnerabilities in the wrong place or to the wrong person. They are aware that all that could have been avoided if they acted more maturely.

But since they weren’t, they failed to protect their inner child. So, they focus on healing their inner child and being more alert about their surroundings. They want to lead a balanced life where they can act maturely and show their vulnerabilities to the right people.

10. They practice compassion because that will stay back

Type H people also show kindness to others without judging them. They feel that life is too short to be envious and greedy. They believe in sharing all the happiness in their life. They wish others the best and hope everyone can have a happy life.

They refuse to be harsh on others because that only brings out the negative effects. So, they act kindly to make a better impact on others. They also treat others respectfully despite their age, race, gender, or anything else and preach to others to do the same.

However, if you hardly saw your H-type acquaintance behave this way, or you know this isn’t the H-type you want, your answers lie here…

Type H Behavior Pattern – honesty-humility

This type H behavior pattern (THBP) is based on the research of Lee and Ashton’s HEXACO model.

If this is your acquaintance’s personality type, it’s obvious you’re either intimidated by their strictness about morals or fascinated by their morals. If you want to know about their behaviors, here’s a short trip!

1. Their actions help them earn the trust

Type H people are extremely honest in all areas of their life. If someone entrusts them with any responsibility, they ensure that they don’t need to worry about it. They see the task to the end successfully.

But if they can’t successfully do something, they are also extremely honest about that. Even if the task offers them a lot of money, fame, or some other benefit, they still stay honest and don’t give in to any sort of greed. For this, everyone can trust them with their eyes closed.

2. They take every step of life with great morals

H-types are also known for their good morals. They have all the good qualities in them. For instance, they are honest, humble, trustworthy, loyal, kind, and all the big and small you expect in a model good person.

And they follow these morals strictly in all areas of their life. Wondering how that’s possible for someone?

Well, it’s because these are innate qualities… They were hardly taught any of them. Rather, these values, beliefs, ethics, and morals are inborn. It’s their personal decision to not hurt anyone in any way possible.

3. They don’t let materials distract them

These people aren’t fascinated by materialistic or superficial happiness. If they are loyal to you, nobody else can buy their loyalty. If you trust them, they won’t let the trust fade away for materialistic gains.

On the other hand, they value the inside of human beings rather than the outside. They’ll date a person that understands them rather than someone pleasing to the eye and with lots of money.

However, there’s also a troublesome factor about this. Due to their non-materialism, they also don’t feel motivated to improve their performance in their professional life. For instance, if they win a deal, they’ll be promoted to a better position, and get a bonus, or a pay raise.

Though their boss believes that they have all the necessary qualities to have these and their family will be extremely happy to upgrade their life, the H-type person won’t feel one bit motivated to work on it.

4. They easily feel offended

People with high levels of H-type factors in their personality can’t stand the presence of people with lower morals. They believe that to be eligible to live in a society, people must at least prove themselves with acceptable H levels.

Since all criminals have low H levels, they judge everyone with a lower H level. They expect everyone to be as honest, humble, loyal, etc. as they are.

If their loved ones don’t hold the same values, they might even estrange them for good. They actively avoid people with low H levels… but this only makes them more and more lonely.

5. Even if the H factor is low, they can change

Though most criminals are low type H, that doesn’t imply that the opposite is true. Not all people with low H-type become criminals. Many of them have low levels of H-type because of their circumstances.

Probably, the people around them and the environment make them think negatively and harbor immoral ideas. They soon improve their H levels when they meet better people.

So, it’s important to show the brighter side to a low H-type instead of judging them on a scale. If they are called a criminal even before they are one, they might actually turn that allegation true.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Irrespective of which H-type person you’re around, don’t just assume that these are the only ways they behave and react to varying triggers.

Remember that each research was conducted on only a limited number of people. You can’t guess all the ways a unique person can react from their personality alone.

So, keep an eye out for them and you’ll know a lot more about their behavior patterns. The more you notice, the better you’ll be able to deal with them!

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