You want to know about type H personality fears & dislikes… and want to avoid triggering the type H person around you? But are you sure which H-type they are?

Well, there are 2 different kinds of H-types. If you know which one your acquaintance is, then pick yours. And if you’re not, you can try to identify them and then work on them.

So, c’mon let’s find the sensitive things…

Type H Personality Fears & Dislikes – Healing

The healing kind of type H was initially based on patients. So, if your acquaintance has strong boundaries and is kind and forgiving, self-dependent, and hopeful, here are some things you must steer clear of around them…

1. Losing calm to external provocations

Individuals with Type H personality traits are assertive and stubborn about their choices. They know that they’ll always face someone or the other that won’t agree with them… after all, everyone is unique and sees the world from a different point of view.

So, they also openly accept that even their loved ones might not hold the same beliefs. However, they won’t ever change their views just because of their differences, even with a family member. They stick to their choices but try not to act aggressively in the process.

This is because they dislike it when they lose their calm and act violently. They don’t wish to hurt others by acting that way.

2. Playing victim to troubles

People with H personality types like to be responsible for their day-to-day life and all of their crises. They dislike playing a victim, blaming others, and waiting for someone to rescue them.  They’d rather take things into their own hands and take care of the situation.

They like to depend on their own capabilities instead of acting like a damsel in distress waiting for a knight in shining armor. Even if the situation is tough, they won’t seek others to help them sort it out. They neither act weak nor beg for others’ help.

3. Being unable to find any solution at all

When a type H person is in any sort of trouble in life or about their health, they don’t give up. They believe that they can support themselves in some way or the other.

As mentioned before, they don’t sit idly waiting for help and seek ways to solve their own problems. They seek alternate solutions or treatments if it’s a health concern. They check every possible way out that’s relevant to their situation.

They stay optimistic even after the situation seems to be in shambles. It’s not that they are delusional about the grave situation. However, when they can’t find even a small, indirect, or tedious solution, they feel extremely demoralized.

4. Holding grudges and regrets

Type H folks also dislike grudges against others and regret past actions. They know that holding on to the bitter past only hurts their mental and emotional health and it’s best to forgive others and find peace. They don’t like to stay stuck to old and unfavorable memories.

They forgive themselves and everyone else around them. They feel more at ease this way and can focus on the happier moments of life.

They dislike grudges and regrets because they steal the limelight from everything good in life. They preach the same life lesson to others so they never miss the sweet moments.

5. Being overwhelmed by fears

Type H individuals try their very best so that their crises, setbacks, or the threat of any lurking danger doesn’t overwhelm them. They understand that once the fear of something gains the upper hand, they’ll have no way to protect themselves.

By any means, they’ll not ruminate over their troubles unless they seek solutions to them. They don’t like indulging in pessimistic thoughts.

If someone else forcibly reminds them of their troubles and the possible consequences, they strictly turn down the conversation or change the topic. They don’t think too deeply about negative results and won’t let others trigger it either.

6. Not having any power over a solution

When a type H person faces troubles of any sort, they initially check if any of it is a result of their own actions. No, it’s not so that they can say “this wasn’t in my control, don’t blame me”. Rather, they check if something is still in their control or if their actions and choices are directly related.

If it is, they can at least do something to change the situation for the better. So, they dislike it when nothing is due to their own choices. That means they have no shortcut to change the situation. They must resort to more research to find ways to deal with their troubles. Of course, that’s a lot of work!

But if you seek the other kind of type H, let’s talk here…

Type H Personality Fears & Dislikes – honesty-humility

The other form of type H personality is based on the HEXACO model of Lee and Ashton. The H here stands for honesty and humility. A proper H-type implies that they have a high H factor in them, i.e., the ones with greater morals. So, let’s find out how to keep them happy here…

1. Materialistic joy

Type H people have no interest in anything superficial. They don’t feel motivated to do anything in exchange for money, fortune, or inheritance. They won’t fight with or hurt others because of it.

That doesn’t mean they dislike money… rather, they are happy with a balanced amount of money. Once they reach that balanced stage, they don’t wish to try harder to gain more luxury at all. They even judge people that work harder for more money.

On the other hand, they don’t have a special preference for superficial things for their friends or lovers. They don’t have more inclination towards richer or more attractive people.

2. People with poor morals

Type H people are at a higher risk of pushing away trustworthy loved ones due to their habit of judging others’ morals. They dislike people that don’t have similar morals or no morals at all.

They judge people with low H type for being more prone to be criminals. Well, that’s only a possibility and not a given that someone can’t change over time. They often lose others because of unfair judgment.

They feel offended by people that don’t hold the same views as others and feel disappointed if a close one doesn’t share their morals.

3. Breaking trust

H-type personality people have high morals. They dislike the idea of breaking anyone’s trust for anything. Even if they hold grudges against anyone, they’ll honestly say that on their face instead of instigating any vile plan against them.

They hate acting like a coward that can’t attack from the front. They hold a lot of pride in being trustworthy. They take care of all the responsibilities with the utmost care and diligence.

If something is beyond their scope, they’d rather confess it than boastfully accept a task and then get it done by someone else.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re acquainted with the healing H-type, even if you offend them with their fears or dislikes, they’ll silently push you away after giving you some opportunities. But if you’re around a HEXACO H-type person, they won’t stand it silently, and you might never see them ever again.

So, whatever happens, try to stay within your limits and avoid triggering them. This will help you stay in their good books and learn a lot from them in the long run.

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