So, you want to know about type H personality motivators after your friend took a personality test? But the important part is that you know there are two H-types… and aren’t sure where to get your answers?

It’s awesome that you have reached this think-piece in your research… because here both types will be discussed. Of course, that sounded like a melody to your ears and you’re excited to finally fire up your favorite H-type person.

C’mon, let’s remind them of their worth here…

Type H Personality Motivators – healing

Your friend is a healing H-type if they have strict boundaries, feel comfortable about forgiving and showing compassion, and never give up in life. They can teach you lessons worth a diamond. So, let’s know what pulls up their spirits here…

1. Miracles

People with type H personality traits often believe in rare possibilities. Even when a situation seems out of hand and everyone says there’s no hope, a type H person will still hold on to their hopes. They are often called delusional for this, but, at least they don’t burn out because of it.

Because they stay hopeful of the rare miracles, they actually have the zeal to keep searching for more.

Sometimes, this also helps them to truly find a solution while they research. They know the reality and the graveness of the situation… but the rare possibilities keep them striving harder.

2. Multiple alternate choices

Individuals with H personality types, during crises, always research the causes and effects of their problems.

They always look to dig deeper into their issues instead of crying over spilled milk. This is all because they want to find out all the possible solutions to reach their goal.

They become extremely happy when they have more than one way to solve their issues. To them, this means a lot as it increases the chances of securing their goal safely and sooner. Even if one option doesn’t work out, they know they have spare plans to follow.

3. Being responsible or in charge of a situation

When a person with type H personality traits faces any health or life concern, they research the root causes, effects, and ways to tackle the problem. While studying those, they also check if they are the reason behind any of those problems.

Whether their life choices and habits led to the current situation or not grabs a large portion of their interest.

Most might think this is just so they can shrug off the responsibility of the out-of-hand situation. But it’s the complete opposite. Rather, they wish to see if the problem is still under their control.

If the situation is partly their fault, they feel excited to change that habit or choice. It’s a new ray of hope for them as they know that things will eventually improve with the change in them.

4. Good Boundaries

H-type folks are also strict about their boundaries. To them, boundaries are important so they don’t hurt others or get hurt by them. They know everyone has unique choices, perceptions, and beliefs… so, even the closest matches made in heaven will struggle to have an aligned mindset.

They believe that no two people can always feel the same about different things. So, they accept people as they are, but also stick to their own choices.

They like to have good boundaries so they don’t expect others to accept their ideas or feel hurt or agitated because others don’t accept theirs. It also helps them maintain their calm demeanor and not hurt others.

5. Being self-reliant

H-types also feel more confident and comfortable when they can depend on themselves. Instead of bawling their eyes, grabbing attention, and being spoon fed during crises, they feel motivated and fired up when they work on their situation by themselves.

They dislike the idea of getting help and doing nothing for themselves. If someone treats them like a fragile glass doll, they hate that. But if people encourage them to be self-dependent, they love to show their capabilities and prove their worth to themselves and others.

That wasn’t what you sought? Then here’s the right one for you…

Type H Personality Motivators – honesty-humility

Personality psychology students Lee and Ashton, while studying the big five personality factors, found 6 major groups that define personality types in their HEXACO model.

Here, the H-types are people with great morals like honesty, humility, loyalty, and so on. So, if this is your H-type, dive into it…

1. People with good morals

Folks with H personality profiles love to find and get acquainted with others that hold similar morals.

They themselves have high morals and believe that everyone else must too. They want their loved ones to hold similar ethics and be an honest and humble person.

When they meet someone else with ideal morals, they feel motivated that the world is headed in the right direction. They also like to be around such people as they respect them and want to learn better morals. They also feel reassured that they won’t get cheated or taken advantage of by a moral person.

2. Being trusted

Type H people are extremely honest and humble. Though they don’t boast about that fact, who doesn’t like to be acknowledged for their qualities?

They might not be proud of being a person of high morals and they always stay humble even if they are quite the example to follow. They don’t need others to say that they are a good person.

But, their greatest gift from anyone is being trusted. Trust isn’t built in a day… but when someone trusts them without any second thought, they feel extremely satisfied with themselves. This gives them more reason to stay faithful to others and build a better world with lesser trust issues.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Despite which H-type your friend is, your thoughts to cheer them up matter a lot to them. However, if this is an elder, a professor, or a boss, it’s not an option to follow these anymore.

Take care of their motivators, and you’ll be their favorite family member, student, or employee. At least they won’t push you away unnecessarily.

So, try your best, and you’ll succeed in your goal!

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