If knowing about type H personality relationships and comparing with other types is on your mind, then you’re at the best place. Here you will find everything you need to know compiled based on up-to-date info on each of the personality types. You will also find the comparisons of their relationships with the other personality types.

So, c’mon, let’s get down to business!

Type H Personality Relationships and Comparing with Other Types

Before you compare your relationships with others, it’s important to know about your relationships a bit better.

But there are two kinds of type H personalities – one based on research on hospital patients aka the healing type, and the other based on Lee and Ashton’s HEXACO model which started off as the big five personality factors.

So, if you’re wondering which type will be discussed, don’t worry… you’ll find both here, so dig in!

1. Type H (healing) people never say anything hurtful

Despite how tough the situation is or how they feel emotionally… these people never say anything hurtful to others. They won’t hurt another person for whatever reason. They are aware of how the other person feels after negativity is thrown at them.

If someone talks about things they feel are inappropriate or wrong, they only state their different facts. They don’t force them to change their mind or disrespect their opinion. They just let others say what they want and state their own mind… which is a secret to healthy interpersonal relationships.

2. Type H (healing) individuals are pretty protective about their emotions

These folks also never let others hurt their emotions. Though they’re mature and refrain from hurting others emotionally, they know that crazy people with the twisted desire to hurt others exist. But they’re pretty detached from others.

For instance, if someone says something against their favorite band, they just peacefully listen to them. If they have different opinions, they just state facts and move on. They don’t get hurt others even if the other person provokes them by badmouthing their choices or by personal attacks… which keeps their relationships healthy.

3. Type H (healing) folks never burden others with their responsibilities

They also never blame others when they are in trouble. They don’t feel frustrated if people don’t offer help. Instead, they believe in themselves and take charge of the situation. They deal with any problem by themselves and believe they are equally capable without others’ help.

Though this maintains healthy relationships, some people might take advantage of this attitude. They might even put others in trouble if they try to do it all alone and delay.

4. Type H (healing) people can change for something better

When they notice a problem in life and their actions led to it, they are ready to change the flaws without a complaint. So, if you ever feel frustrated or disappointed in a type H (healing) person, tell them about the issue. You’ll notice that they’re eager to improve the situation if they are truly at fault.

However, it’s unknown if they’ll do it mindlessly and get rid of their good parts under bad influence.

5. Type H (healing) people forgive easily

They are also quite forgiving as they believe holding grudges only creates more negativity in their mind. They get the weight off themselves by forgiving others.

This is also because they believe people can change only when someone shows them how it feels to be forgiven… otherwise, they’ll also carry bitterness around and never think about changing for the better. They’re the best mentor anyone can get in life.

However, if they forgive their ill-wishers mindlessly, they’ll only increase the scope of being hurt.

6. Type H (healing) individuals are compassionate

They show kindness to others despite they know the other person or not. Irrespective of the other person’s race, gender, or any other demographics, they just share happiness. It can be in the form of a tip, a smile, a compliment, encouragement, good behavior, gratitude, and so on.

They know that this world lacks empathy and they just want to do their role. This makes their interpersonal relationships bloom… but you know there are some people ready to grab opportunities!

7. Everyone loved Type H (honesty-humility) folks for their good morals

Mention any good moral: kindness, loyalty, non-materialism, trustworthiness, honesty, humility… they are popular for all of those. They don’t want to hurt anyone and always try to help others feel comfortable.

You tell them a secret, they’ll take it to their grave. If you ask them to support you, they’ll do what they can. All that good morals definitely help them keep good relationships… and they aren’t even proud of that and feel it’s the bare minimum they can do.

8. But Type H (honesty-humility) individuals can be mean and judgmental

Since they believe having good morals is the bare minimum, folks with higher levels of H-factor judge people with lower levels of H in the personality.

Low levels of the H factor imply having low morals and criminals always have low H levels. So, high type H people look down on low type H people because “they can’t do the bare minimum”.

But this allegation is completely false. Unless someone commits a crime, a personality test can’t prove them to be one… and people can always change. This attitude harms their relationships a lot.

Now that you know both type H’s relationships pretty well, let’s get down to the first comparison!

Comparison with Type E Personality Relationships

Type Es are known for being extremely fickle-minded, so their relationships often end on a bitter note. People often struggle to show the right path and get annoyed. But that might not be all about their relationships. So, let’s compare theirs here…

1. Similar to type H (healing), E-types don’t care about others’ opinions

Type H (healing) people have strict boundaries and don’t let others change their minds about anything. Similarly, E-types don’t let others’ opinions change theirs. They are quite stubborn when it comes to their plans and ideas. People might say a lot of mean things to stop them, but they don’t buy it.

They’ll never let others change their mind about their passions. Because in their mind, they already have some good reasons to follow the ideas… but the lack of compromise troubles their relationships.

2. Unlike type H (healing), E-types might overwhelm others

Type H (healing) people don’t want to overwhelm others at all. They are subtle when they state their strict boundaries, disagree, or even when they face difficulties.

On the other hand, E-types overwhelm others with their desire to be fast-paced. They get angry if people can’t match their pace… which overwhelms others even more. They also make others anxious with their crazy whims of picking and ditching projects and risk-taking nature. This brings some negative emotions in relationships.

3. Compare to type H (healing), E-types are prone to be abandoned

Type H (healing) people are rather soothing people that everyone wants. They’re understanding, compassionate, and forgiving, and never demand special treatment.

But as mentioned in the last pointer, E-types come with lots of red flags. They make others anxious with their habits… forcing others to be fast, having crazy whims, picking and dropping projects disregarding wasted resources and time, forcing their ideas, and so on. So, people feel uncomfortable and often leave them for it.

4. Compared to type H (healing), E-types react aggressively to others’ opinions

Neither Type H (healing) people nor E-types bend to others’ opinions. But when it comes to their reactions to any form of opposition, it’s a bit of a mess!

Type H (healing) people deal with these situations calmly. But type E people are ready to fight with others to support their plans and keep them going. They keep pressing others until they convince them to accept it… this invites some difficulties in relationships.

5. Contrary to type H (honesty-humility), people don’t trust E-types much

People with type H (honesty-humility) personality traits have good morals. So, everyone trusts them and can stay worry-free. But E-types are infamous for their crazy decisions and love for risks. So, people can’t depend on them too much.

They feel worried about their next step and never let them work solo in any area of their life. They always have someone mentoring them to save them from poor decisions… which is tiresome for people around them.

Impatiently waiting for the next comparison? Here it is!

Comparison with Type F Personality Relationships

Type F people are all about feeling emotions. So, everyone’s first assumption about them is that they have the best relationships. But is that really the case? Find the truth through this comparison…

1. Similar to type H (healing), they’re compassionate and forgiving

Pretty similar to type H (healing) people, F-types are compassionate to others without judgment. They believe in giving another chance to people and not calling them bad just because they made poor decisions.

People love them for believing in them and not giving up hope. However, that can also make them more prone to opportunistic people and increase their chances of getting hurt.

2. Like type H (healing), they don’t have expectations from others

Much similar to type H (healing) people, F-types also don’t expect anything from others. However, for type H (healing) individuals, it’s more about being independent… but for F-types, it’s about not seeking anything in exchange for their help.

Moreover, they feel extremely touched by the smallest gestures and don’t demand anything more. People feel extremely cherished around them due to their lack of ulterior motives.

3. Similar to type H (healing), they are easy to deceive

Both type H (healing) folks and E-types are ready to help others without expecting anything in return. They don’t judge whether someone can or cannot change and allow them a second chance. They don’t care whether someone is pretending to be poor or is truly poor and share what they can.

Though they can make many people happy, they might also get hurt because of their habits. People might deceive them to get more benefits from them.

4. Unlike type H (healing), they are people pleasers

Type H people don’t care about others’ opinions and stick to their own opinions and decisions. They don’t care if someone speaks ill of them for that. However, F-types can’t handle this situation.

If they hear someone talking bad about them, they blame themselves for hurting them. So, instead of confronting them head-on, they try to please others’ tastes. They often hurt themselves to fulfill others’ desires.

5. Like Type H (honesty-humility), they never hurt others

Type H (honesty-humility) people don’t knowingly hurt others… and it’s the same for F-types. Even in their worst dreams, they never hurt others.

They can’t bear to see anyone in pain because of themselves. They’d never cheat or betray others for whatever reasons. These people are known for being compassionate and loving.

6. In contrast to Type H (honesty-humility), they feel hurt when they’re undervalued

Type H (honesty-humility) people feel that it’s their responsibility to be kind, compassionate, honest, and have all the other good morals. They don’t believe they do anything special for it and don’t desire to be valued for that.

On the other hand, type F people never expect anything from others. However, they often get taken for granted because they feel happy with the least bit of kindness. Others feel it’s okay to do the least for them… so, F-types feel neglected for not being cherished as much.

Now that you know enough about the feelers, let’s get down with the brainy ones here…

Comparison with Type G Personality Relationships

Type G people are known as the gifted genius and geeks… they are the big-brain people around you. So, you might assume they know everything they need for a healthy and harmonious relationship.

But whether that is true or not, let’s find everything down here…

1. Like Type H (healing), they’re unfazed by unwanted opinions

Both Type H (healing) people and G-types don’t let others’ opinions change their minds. In fact, type G folks are extremely confident about their intuitions and precise understanding of their surroundings. They mostly win in all areas of their life due to their strong intuitions.

So, they don’t even think that others have might have a different opinion… because they are right more often than not. This might make others feel disrespected.

2. Similar to Type H (healing), they’re protective of their emotional stability

Type H (healing) people don’t let others hurt their emotions with their strong boundaries. On the other hand, G-types are very particular about their inner mind, i.e., emotional and mental stability because they depend on it for their intuitive thoughts.

They need a peaceful inner mind to absorb the right facts and judge the facts properly. They avoid any complicated situation because that only clogs their mind and prevents them from better intuitive thoughts. So, they come off as selfish to others.

3. Unlike Type H (healing), they’re introverted

Type H (healing) people are not extroverted, but they always care for others and help others in need. Whereas, G-types are so introverted that they hardly notice if anyone is in trouble.

Of course, if they interact with someone or walk into a person in a room, they can sense their emotions. They help the other person out as needed. But other than that, they can hardly sense others’ feelings. So, they might often overlook others and their emotions unless they interact with others.

4. Like type H (honesty-humility), they are loved

Type H (honesty-humility) people are loved for their high morals. On the other hand, Type G folks are loved for their awareness. Since their intuition helps them understand others’ situations, feelings, and needs, they don’t waste time asking and understanding the moment.

Instead, they can start working in a necessary way immediately. For this, everyone feels grateful for their thoughtful and quick action. People also love them for making a good decision based on everyone’s best interests.

5. Similar to type H (honesty-humility), they can get a bit offensive to others

People with higher levels of Type H (honesty-humility) are known for being judgmental towards people with lower H levels.

On the other hand, type G people don’t offend others directly. Instead, they hurt others unknowingly with their introversion. They often turn down chances of socializing which hurt others’ emotions.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Remember that the above comparisons about the above relationships are only for fun… there’s no reason to look down on anyone because they’re worse than you in relationships.

But if you’re genuinely worried, try to guide them to improve their and their loved ones’ lives. If you notice any shortcomings on your side, try to make it up ASAP!

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