So, you want to know about type H personality strengths and weaknesses after identifying people’s personalities? Whoa there… which type H are you talking about because there are two H personality tests? Confused?

Though so! That’s why this article is prepared with all the strengths and weaknesses of both H-types in this think-piece. No doubt you’re crazy curious about those… and you will definitely get a detailed explanation about both of these H personalities.

C’mon, let’s get down to it!

Type H Personality Strengths – healing

Some researchers studied the personality type of serious patients like that of cancer and created this H-type. They found how raw and open these people can be after facing serious health concerns. So, let’s see how their personality helps them win in life…

1. They never say hurtful things

People with type H personality traits won’t ever hurt another person even if the other person hurt them. They don’t have the bone in them to crush another living being’s emotions like that. If they disagree, that’s what they do… DISAGREE. They can control their negative emotions and don’t let them out.

For instance, they don’t believe in a particular political party. Suppose that a political party hurt their community. They won’t be rude to the supporters of the political party.

In any area of life, about any topic, they won’t ever pass negative and hurtful remarks to others.

2. They don’t let others hurt them

Just as they don’t hurt others, they don’t let others hurt them either. Others’ opinions don’t get to them. If someone has different beliefs than theirs, they accept them. They let them be at peace with their choices while they themselves are happy with them.

So, a type H person won’t be upset if their spouse supports the opposite soccer team. When their loved ones don’t agree with their views and perspectives, they don’t feel agitated. Live and let live is their motto. But there’s another reason which is…

3. They can set good boundaries

You know that individuals with H personality types don’t say anything mean even if they are provoked and they don’t get hurt even if others act mean. There’s only one reason behind this… and that’s their healthy boundaries.

They don’t get affected in any way because they are pretty detached from others when it comes to provocations and hurtful comments. Their habit of good boundaries can also help them stay diplomatic and progress in life without getting too sentimental. They can be goal-oriented in life and succeed better because of this.

4. They don’t play helpless to troubles

If the personality tests show a person is H-type, you’ll notice that they never complain. They won’t act like a helpless person in need of aid. Whether it’s their body ailment or life troubles, they’re always self-reliant in these times. They won’t blame their shortcomings on their diseases or even their offenders.

They work hard to fix their life themselves instead of crying over spilled milk. They are confident that they have it under control and don’t wait for someone else to reach out to help them.

5. They believe in the rarest possibilities

Even if their life is in danger, type H folks never lose hope. They believe miracles happen and that something or the other might work out. The researched H-type cancer and other serious patients knew that life won’t be the same for them ever again… but that doesn’t mean there truly isn’t any other idea.

They believed that science might find something soon and they’d get better or stretch their lifespan. No, they aren’t stupid to think this… they just can’t give up on seeking happiness. They’re stubborn in a good way.

6. They try to understand the situation/condition the best

When they are in a pinch, it doesn’t matter if it’s their health or a life circumstance, they research deeply about it. They try to understand the situation, the root causes, the effects, whether they have anything under control, and so on.

They try to find that one small solution that can help them figure things out without hurting themselves. They won’t lose opportunities with aimless worries and get down to work ASAP. They apply all the different solutions even if the chances are pretty slim.

7.  They don’t mind changing for the better

If they find that their habits, lifestyle, or they as a whole are flawed and that hurt their health or life, a type H person doesn’t feel ashamed about that. Instead, they feel glad that they got to know about it. They eagerly make changes to their life after knowing that.

They don’t drown themselves in self-doubt for being wrong. They don’t even hate that they must get rid of some habits. They’re quite literally ecstatic that they still have the opportunity to fix things.

8. They have a positive, not delusional, outlook on life

Most people think H-types are delusional for being optimistic. But, it’s hard to understand the ones that call them so… what’s wrong with being hopeful?

The research on healers was on serious patients including cancer. They were aware of their situation… whether they’d pass away soon, don’t have as long as others to live, or if they had high chances of recovery… They knew everything about their condition.

But they still had a good sense of humor. They knew there was no point in brooding over it and enjoyed life to its fullest.

9. They believe in forgiving themselves and others

Type H individuals don’t believe in keeping grudges for their past actions or others. They wish to forgive everyone including themselves. They understand that holding grudges and regrets isn’t the solution to anything. It only makes a person bitterer and decreases their quality of life.

Of course, that doesn’t imply all type H people forget their offenders’ offenses. Some just forgive, learn their lessons, and don’t repeat the same mistakes. Remember that another of their strengths is their strong boundaries. So, they won’t let others hurt them repeatedly.

10. They don’t give in to fears

The actual Type H people were seriously sick patients including those with cancer… they were definitely afraid. Maybe it wasn’t about losing their lives… but about the people, they’ll leave behind. Who’ll care for my family? Must I put my dog up for adoption? How much more time do I have?

Though these spine-chilling fears are real, type H people didn’t let those get to them. Instead, they tried extremely hard to overcome those and enjoy what life still has in store for them. They are good at managing any fear in life because they must!

11. They wish to heal themselves from the inside out

Human beings sometimes show their vulnerable childish sides. And regret later because they hurt their innocence and get taken advantage of by doing that. They hate themselves for not acting even more maturely or being protective of their feelings.

But type H people allow that inner child or innocence to heal instead of regretting and losing time. They learn their lessons from their mistakes. They try to avoid losing the balance in life and don’t overshare their feelings.

12. They believe in kindness

Type H folks believe that everyone must be kind to everyone else. They are kind, compassionate, and understanding to themselves and others. They understand that sharing is caring. They do charity, give alms, and generous tips… just so some person can feel a bit better.

They don’t judge others harshly based on achievements and try to be a ray of sunlight everyone needs in their life. They give others pep talks instead of advising them to do better or insulting them for their actions. They know negative talk doesn’t help anywhere.

But are these people at all flawed? Let’s know that here…

Type H Personality Weaknesses – healing

Even though the healing H-type people are pretty aware after facing some consequences in life, they still have some shortcomings. Yes… they are also human beings with flaws. So, let’s not judge them for the major realization of not including these…

1. They are too stubborn to show weakness

Type H people believe that they need not rely on anyone. They don’t like playing the victim card. Though that sounds mighty and powerful, sometimes people just need help. Things might not always be under control and it’s okay to even complain and cry to let the negativity go.

If they don’t seek help when they need it, they’ll only hurt themselves. If they keep their emotions suppressed because complaining is futile… well, they’ll just have a lot of piled-up sorrows inside and hurt themselves.

2. They won’t blame others even if it’s their fault

Even if a type H gets hurt by others or their life gets turned upside down because of someone else’s actions, they just won’t hold another person responsible. Since they believe in forgiveness, their offenders might get away too easily.

Of course, H-type people have good boundaries and probably won’t let their offenders around them anymore… but do they seriously deserve forgiveness? Shouldn’t they pay for their crimes?

The perpetrators have it too easy and might repeat their actions towards type H or someone else later on.

3. Their compassion might get them in trouble

Kindness can get you lots of blessings and in deep trouble. It all depends on the other person.

So, go through this a quick story for better understanding: A person helped out this old man on a public commute with his luggage and he thought it was okay to rub his hard-on on her. And no, she didn’t wear or do anything provocative.

A type H person’s kindness might invite creeps and greedy people. If they do charity to the local beggars, people might pretend to be poor and take advantage of them.

4. They might be too subtle for their own good

When a type H person disagrees with someone, they’re assertive but not rude in any way. This might give the other person the leeway to think that “It’s okay… I can convince them into it”.

Whether a type H person turns down a person from giving them a ride home or just declines a business proposal… people might act pushy because they don’t seem strong. Though they’re pretty strong, they just need to deal with others’ persistence for longer.

Type H Personality Strengths – honesty-humility (HEXACO Model)

The HEXACO Model, established by Lee and Aston, defines people with a high H factor as honest and modest while people with a low H factor in their personality as just the opposite. But of course, there are a lot more strengths of these H-types, so let’s find out…

1. You can trust them

People with high levels of the H factor in their personalities are trustworthy. Entrust them with any task and they’ll get it done… if it’s beyond their knowledge, they won’t pretend to know it or get it done by someone else. They’ll honestly confess it’s out of their scope.

You know they won’t take advantage of you just because you’re not that knowledgeable or are too vulnerable. They believe that there’s no point in cheating others. Instead, they stay faithful to whom they must. Whether you wish to vent to them or need to consult them about sensitive info, they’ll keep your secrets safe.

2. The morals come with high H

Ethics and morals are precious to a person with a high type H in them. They never lie and always value honesty and humility. They don’t like boasting about their achievements and stay down to earth. They believe that all human beings are equal despite their intelligence, talents, wealth, or social status.

They are compassionate and caring towards people in need. These folks are always ready to help out, support others, and inspire others to do and be better. Even when they reach a high position, they never forget their roots.

3. Low H levels aren’t always something worrisome

Though the H factor in personality judges a person’s morals, a person with low H isn’t bound to be a criminal. They still have time to change themselves for the better. So, if your acquaintance runs low on H, that’s completely alright. Perhaps, they only need some time to clear the haze and return to track.

You can’t cast a person out of society just because of their H factor. They are innocent unless they do something heinous. Moreover, your type H loved one might be evil only to save you.

4. They are not materialistic

High Type H people aren’t greedy, so nobody can buy their loyalty from you. They won’t fight with their siblings for inheritance. They won’t sell their employer’s secrets in exchange for monetary, material, or other kinds of gains. They won’t cheat on their lover for anyone rich or attractive.

You can trust them with your entirety. They won’t leave you just because you lost your fortune. They’ll stay with you even if you don’t have anything. They never were around you for your money.

Now you think that these H-types can’t have any weakness unless they’re low H? Let’s figure out the truth here…

Type H Personality Weaknesses – honesty-humility (HEXACO Model)

Sure, low H-type individuals might be immoral and dishonest. But that’s not the only weakness of an H-type of HEXACO. Even high H-type has some flaws. So, don’t assume anything just yet, and explore this list…

1. They easily get offended

High-type H people practice good morals themselves and expect others to follow the same. They don’t believe in immoral methods, despite how slight and petty that might be.

If they are too obsessed with morals, they might even impose their morals on others. If their loved ones don’t have the same morals, they might literally fight with them or estrange them.

They judge people that have different beliefs and morals even if their morals don’t hurt anyone. If they’re too extreme, you might not be able to stay near them.

2. Low H still might be a criminal

All low-H people ARE NOT criminals, but there’s a possibility. Criminals never give warnings before they turn into one. So, even if you don’t judge someone based on their H-factor, it’s important to be alert about their abilities. Compared to a high type H, a low type H is more inclined to hurt you when they’re dissatisfied.

3. Materialistic rewards are a negative point for both high and low H

A high type H personality person, since they aren’t attracted to materials, won’t feel motivated to do better. They won’t study harder to secure a stable job. They’ll slack off in their job because they don’t have anything to achieve. Their family members might be disappointed because they don’t try to raise the standard of living.

Someone with low levels of type H will betray you for any kind of gain. They might even follow an immoral path as a livelihood.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you have an acquaintance of one type H or the other, first make sure which type they are. Don’t confuse the two. Then, observe closely whether the respective strengths and weaknesses are evident in them. Exactly… don’t assume they have the said strengths and weaknesses.

Once you find out which they have, help them boost their strengths and work on their weaknesses. You can even deal with them better with this knowledge!

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