So, you’re seeking some type H personality traits… but did you research anything about it before? Do you know there are actually 2 H personality types? Wait, are you gonna research those right now?

Don’t worry, it’s alright if you don’t know which one you need because this think-piece will tell you about both. You must be pretty excited to know about both types, so let’s get right into it…

Type H Personality Traits – healing

The first H personality type stands for healing. This is based on research on patients including those fighting cancer. The researcher found how open they were to sharing their positive and negative emotions and perceptions of life. From the lessons they learned their entire life, the researcher found these traits…

1. Thanks to healthy boundaries… though assertive, they are not aggressive

People with type H personality traits are known to be confident and headstrong. They express their feelings, emotions, and thoughts to others and are pretty transparent about themselves.

However, if they meet someone that doesn’t hold similar perceptions or values in life, or if someone tries to change their views, they don’t get agitated.

For instance, most people get angry when they hear the phrase, “No, you’re wrong”. They throw fits or hold grudges against that person for trying to prove them wrong even before others know their side of the story.

But a type H person won’t lose their mind over such petty things. They won’t force others to accept their ideologies. However, they also won’t give up on their own beliefs. Rather, they will stay determined about their own thoughts and ideas.

This is all because they have healthy boundaries which save them from being affected by others’ opinions.

2. Victim card is not their game

Whether it’s their own health concerns or other life troubles, type H people never let their situation overwhelm them. They won’t act helpless in troublesome situations. They won’t show any kind of weakness to troubles in their life. Whatever the situation might be, they won’t pose as the victim at all.

They won’t blame a situation, object, or person ever for their own diseases or sticky situations. They won’t wait for others to fix their situation. Instead, they take charge on their own.

However, this has a negative side as this can turn into pride and ego issues and backfire on them. For instance, even if they needed help, they wouldn’t seek it because they’d look weak.

Or, if someone hurt them intentionally, they won’t blame them. They won’t ask them to take responsibility and quietly deal with it by themselves.

It’s great to be self-sufficient and self-reliant, but they must know their limits.

3. They are always hopeful for medical miracles

Some stubborn medical issues stunt a person’s longevity… while others don’t hurt the lifespan but stick to the host for all eternity which leads to lifelong suffering. Even if a type H patient gets such diseases and the doctors can’t give much hope, they don’t give up.

Of course, they are not delusional about their situation. But they just can’t accept defeat when it’s about their life. No, they aren’t shocked or in denial… most people assume that they’ll slowly get over it and accept it.

But honestly, it’s nothing about denial or acceptance. They just dislike accepting defeat, so they always try hard till their last breath. It’s the same when they face a stubborn life situation.

They won’t let anything demotivate them. Instead, they feel that miracles are real… so, if they try their best, things can take a better turn.

4. They are keen to research their health concerns

Type H people are ready to find out everything about their disease. They research the effects and causes… and put the knowledge to good use.

They don’t act like geeks about their condition just out of curiosity. They have a goal in mind… which is healing. And they’d go to any extent to make that happen.

So, they research treatment options to increase their chances of recovery. They find out which of the causes are changeable and study ways to nip the problem in the bud. If something is in their power, they even find that out. They also study the concerning effects and find options to work on them differently.

This trait can also be used in other areas of their life. When they face setbacks, they don’t waste time worrying. Instead, they research all the different routes and plans they can use to overcome it.

5. They are open to fixing their lifestyle

Speaking of the root cause of disease, some of them might be basically due to an unbalanced and unhealthy life, excess stress, addictive habits, poor sleep, diet, and exercise routine.

So, when a type H patient finds out that these are the chief issues that led to their concerns… or these are part of their concerns, this gives them a ray of hope.

Thank God I can still fix that!” is the first thing that comes to their mind. They are just glad they still have the power to overcome their disease whether completely or partly.

Oh… and you won’t see them whining like “Why is my life so miserable? Why do I have to cut on…” Oh, and these type H personality people are the best patients doctors deal with. Their awareness and zeal to improve their lifestyle decrease a lot of troubles for doctors.

And if you relate this trait with a healthy person, you might say they are open to changing all their bad habits like procrastination, self-doubt, and other negative things that affect their daily life.

6. Acceptance and joy are their cheat-sheet

A Type H individual believes in living life to its fullest. They have an undeniable sense of humor and they notice the positive side of everything.

Yes, even if a type H person is a patient with a terminal disease, they are always optimistic about life. Some people might say they are delusional for being this way… but they are not. They accepted their fate and don’t find any meaning in brooding over their troubles.

Instead of wasting time on the dark reality, they cherish the small happiness of their life. After all, why must they even feel sad… it’s great that they can put their spirits high even after knowing something is off. Otherwise, they’ll put themselves in more trouble.

If it’s a type H patient, they might get depressed, worsen their health condition, or reduce their lifespan further. If it’s not a patient, they might give up too soon and make grave mistakes they’ll regret later.

7. They bravely face mental and emotional negativity

Type H folks are forgiving in most situations. If someone hurts them and then seeks forgiveness, they don’t dwell on the past for too long. They believe that giving them another chance won’t hurt them.

Since there were cancer and other serious patients, they didn’t understand the point of grudges. They were way beyond these complications of life. They wanted to make others happy with what little energy they had.

However, it’s not just for others… they also forgive themselves for not being the best in whatever area they always wished to be.

They let go of their grudge against themselves for not supporting themselves as much as they must have. They let go of all the negativity piled within them and try to lead a positive life.

8. They try to control their fears

Everyone has been ill at some point and knows that it feels the worst. The worst thoughts invade your mind when you are sick and vulnerable. If you read Ernest Hemmingway’s A Day’s Wait, you know how crazy thoughts invade the human mind.

If you haven’t read it yet, well a little boy thought he’d die because he has 102 degrees of fever. He thought it was 102°C instead of 102°F… he just waited until he would die.

You can’t blame the poor fictional guy… everyone has such thoughts during sick days. However, a type H person tries pretty hard to not let the crippling fear of death or handicapped life overwhelm them. They always find ways to manage these stressful thoughts and stay optimistic.

They know that if fear wins, they’ll also lose their happy days to these feelings. They won’t be able to enjoy their remaining time alive or with their loved ones.

9. They believe in healing their inner wounds

Everyone has an inner child despite their biological age… deep within, everyone is partly carefree souls that fly high. But often, the innocent soul gets hurt because of their carelessness.

The wounded inner child weeps all the time because the conscious part wasn’t aware and vigilant of the surroundings.

Type H people, on the verge of their crisis, understand how they neglected those wounds for so long. They start healing those hidden aspects.

Simultaneously, they also work on their conscious and mature side. They don’t leave any openings to get hurt anymore. They consciously become responsible and balance both mature and innocent sides.

10. They wish to be more compassionate to everyone

Since this research was mainly focused on patients, this feeling is normal when everything seems too bleak about life.

A person that is close to their end or has a stubborn disease can truly understand the meaning of life. They understand that envy and greed aren’t worth keeping in your life.

So, they wish to lead a life where they can be kind to themselves and everyone around them. They understand that there’s no point in being so hard on people.

They understand that human life is far more precious than the instant gratification of wins. This realization can also occur if a person meets a near-death situation.

A type H boss learns to not burden their employees. They don’t feel that their family is a disgrace just because they can’t get straight As or get a promotion. They become more kind and respectful towards the service industry workers and so on.

Type H Personality Traits – honesty-humility of HEXACO Model

In 1997, the personality psychology students Lee and Aston studied the big five personality factors which explained that human personality consists of 5 groups of traits of an all-embracing personality.

Later on, they found 6 major groups which created the HEXACO model (honesty-humility, emotionality extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience). Since the H factor of personality explores the importance of honesty and humility, let’s know about the traits in detail here…

1. They are trustworthy

A person with higher levels of H-type personality in them is faithful. If you give them a particular responsibility, they will take care of it with utmost sincerity. Whenever you trust them, they won’t let you down.

You’ll feel that you can put any responsibility on them and be at peace. Even if you don’t take updates about their progress, they’ll still be focused on their tasks.

On the other hand, if someone has a low level of H-type personality, you’ll struggle to trust them. It’ll be so bad that even if you want to give them another chance, your guts will say that they are not worthy of your trust at all.

2. They have great moral ethics if they have a high level of H

The H factor of this personality is all about honesty and humility. So, a person with high levels of H isn’t just honest or trustworthy, they are also modest and possess great morals. Faithfulness, truthfulness, humility, and compassion are only a handful of good morals.

However, low levels of the H factor in personality are equally bad. It shows that they have poor morals. They might lie to you, have a high ego, and not even care about the people around them. Picture a person that doesn’t possess good morals and that’s what happens when they run low on the H factor.

3. They are not into materialism

A person with a high H-factor in their personality isn’t obsessed with materialistic gains. So, in short, you can’t make them sacrifice their morals for baseless materialistic gains. If they are loyal to someone, they won’t betray them for superficial gains like money, fortune, property, or a better position in society or the workplace.

Similarly, a type H lover won’t ever cheat on them just to have a more attractive or rich partner. If they fall out of love, they’ll confess and break up directly instead.

On the other hand, a low H-type person is everything opposite. They might even betray their own blood for that inheritance or sell away their organization’s details to their rivals just for a good ransom or a better job opportunity. You just can’t trust them with anything sensitive or confidential.

4. All low H-types are not criminals

Though a higher amount of the H factor in the personality means stronger morality, a low amount doesn’t make anyone a criminal. Of course, a person with a low H personality might become a criminal down the lane, but there’s no evidence to support this fact.

So, even if a 20-year-old person is found to have a low H factor, you can’t sentence them to prison. They still have the scope to change. You can’t label anyone as a traitor just based on this aspect.

On the other hand, a low H-type personality person might be a criminal to the external world, but they might still be faithful to their lovers. You can’t generalize a low H factor without knowing the person well.

5. High H-type people are easy to offend

People with high H-type personalities have high morals and practice them in their life. But it doesn’t end there because they even expect others to follow the same humble and honest path. They expect their loved ones, coworkers, and fellow acquaintances to be the same.

They are judgmental of people that don’t share the same view and ethics of life. If their loved ones aren’t strict about their morals, they feel disappointed in them and ashamed of knowing them.

They won’t even stay connected with a person that doesn’t have the same amount of H factor in them.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Type H healing people are pretty straightforward when it comes to their feelings. They have learned many lessons in their life and they know how to respect themselves. However, that doesn’t make them stoic and heartless… rather, they are kind as ever to others.

But if you relate to the traits, try to seek help when you’re in trouble. And it’s okay to complain too!

On the other hand, if that person is a HEXACO type H, they have strict morals and ethics. If your beliefs don’t match with theirs, they might judge you.

However, if you are a HEXACO type H person, it’s time to be a bit more lenient towards people that don’t have similar perceptions!

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