So, you’re on your quest to know about type H vs type E personality… but you have both kinds of type H people around you? Wondering if you’ll ever find both comparisons at all?

Well, not to worry because this think-piece will make your dream come true! Here, everything is sorted in one place… so, hopefully, you’re super excited to know about all the details it has to share..

C’mon, let’s find out all the differences here…

Type H (healing) vs Type E Personality

If the type H person around you is the healing type, you might often confuse the, with an E-type because of their supportive, compassionate, and forgiving nature. But while they have a lot of similar the differences are a lot too. So, if you want a quick comparison, this chart is good to go…

 Type H personality (healing)Type E personality
SimilaritiesThey don’t let others change their minds.They both can do better with some guidance.They both have a high tolerance for problems.They both go to great lengths to make life work out.Both support others in their own way.
DifferencesTheir compassion might bring them trouble.Their risk-taking nature brings them trouble.
They are too subtle.They are too overwhelming.
They take all the unnecessary troubles on themselves.Others are troubled because of them.
When facing differing opinions, they are calm.Others’ opinions make them rebel.
They don’t say hurtful things to others.They might hear harsh things from others.
They always research before major actions.They take lots of hasty decisions.

But it’s better if you’re not in a hurry… because as you diver deeper into the differences, you know each of their true worth. So, let’s pick apart all the minute details here…

1. Both stick to their grounds

Type H people are known for their strict boundaries. They don’t let anyone change their mind… whether the other person is too persistent, acts cute, or even demeans them. They stick to their ideas and beliefs until the end.

Similarly, type E folks are also stubborn. Once they set their heart on something, nobody can talk them out of it. Even if they become passionate about a bad habit, you can’t talk sense to them. Instead, they protest against any opposition and convince others of their beliefs.

2. Both need guidance here and there

A type H person is too subtle for their own good and often faces persistent people. They’re also kind to others without judgment, so they often fail to identify their ill-wishers. They forgive too easily and don’t even complain to vent out.

On the other hand, type E people are all about hasty decisions, unnecessary risks, lack of direction in life, and incessant jumping from one project to another… all these only delay their success story.

So, people of both personalities can do better in life if they had someone to guide them and stay within limits.

3. They don’t accept defeat to troubles

When a type H person faces setbacks and everyone says that it can’t be helped, they don’t accept it. Instead, they hope for miracles because they know if they give up, they’ll miss any possible opportunity.

An E-type person is also ready to deal with all ups and downs of life. They don’t mind facing adverse situations. This helps them push through every phase of life… even if the troubles are a result of their own actions, they don’t feel demotivated.

4. They both put lots of effort to tackle problems

When Type H individuals face setbacks, they don’t brood over their ill fate. Instead, they try to find solutions and check if anything is in their power. They are ready to even change their own habits if that will help them out.

Type E folks use their creative energy in these scenarios. They can beat even the most stubborn issues with their unique mind and their zeal to grab all opportunities.

5. Both help others selflessly

Type H people are compassionate and kind. They try to help others with everything possible. They never judge others even if that person hurt them. They don’t believe in keeping grudges and forgiving everyone.

A type E person, on the other hand, helps others by inspiring them to become independent and succeed in life. They try to do something great for the community and the world. If they don’t have much power, they share tips to progress in life.

6. H-types come off too subtle while E-types overwhelm others

Type H people never talk aggressively and believe in communicating gently. It’s because they don’t wish to agitate anyone with their reactions.

Whether the other person acts meanly, tries to negotiate boundaries, persists in them even after they refuse them, or just acts out of line, a type H person still won’t react… even if the other person is clearly at fault!

For this, people don’t take them seriously and everyone tries to change their mind. Whereas type H acts this way because they have good control over their emotions.

But when it comes to a type E, they overwhelm others with their own fast pace and their demand for others to perform similarly. They also overwhelm others with their hasty decisions to do something. They make the simplest things challenging by not following the regular choices.

They also put others on the spot with their abrupt loss of passion. Life becomes a rollercoaster ride when you have an E-type person around you.

7. H-types don’t blame others for troubles while E-types usually trouble others

Type H folks, when in a tight situation, never blame others or demand them to help or take responsibility. Even if their team member messes things up, they don’t waste their time bickering to and fro.

Instead, they start working on it by themselves. They don’t ask for others’ help even if they need it. They put all their focus and energy into making things work.

But this makes them the target of many mean people. Others might not even do their job properly, let the H-type work and share the credits later on… because the H-type never complains and nobody knows that it’s their solo effort.

However, the scenario with an E-type is pretty different about this. They accept projects when they feel extremely passionate about them. However, they hardly ever have a definite cause for this passion… they don’t even have a plan in mind. They also lose their passion pretty soon and drop the task and let others manage it.

8. While facing opposing opinions, H-types are calm but E-types rebel

Each and every one is unique and has different views, beliefs, and perceptions of life. It depends on their upbringing, environment, experiences, and so on.

Of course, everyone faces differences from the people around them because of the unique life they led. In the end, it all comes down to how each person reacts in these situations.

When a type H person faces any opposition or difference in opinion, they don’t react at all. If the other person judges them for it, they simply don’t care. If others insist they change their choice, they won’t.

Amidst all that debate, they never break a sweat because they protect their emotions by building a wall around them. They don’t let others impact their mood despite how they react. It’s pretty hard to make a type H person react violently even through their words.

But when a type E person faces the same situation, they can’t keep calm. They lose their mind instantly and protest against it. They don’t want others to talk trash about their choices. They have every reason ready to defend themselves instantly. 

9. H-types never say anything mean to others while E-types hear a lot of mean things

Even if someone says a lot of mean things to a type H person, they won’t be affected. While most people might feel enraged and spit back, they just don’t give that much power to others. They stay detached so they won’t get hurt or feel bitter.

They also save others the pain by not saying anything hurtful. Instead, they know that everyone has different experiences which led to the difference in opinions. They don’t ever let anything turn into a dirty fight even if the other person provokes them.

On the other hand, E types people are known to make hasty and risky decisions. They might begin a project but not stick to it until the end. Loved ones insult them for not thinking about their security while their coworkers call them out for putting the organization or their projects in tight situations.

They are also known for their different creativity. So, people might often mock them for their creativity is useless for them.

10. H-types make informed decisions but E-types make hasty ones

When a type H person faces troubles, they study the problem in detail. Starting from the root of the issue right to the effects… they study it all along with the ways to deal with them. They don’t miss out on any important facts so they can choose the right path to deal with it.

They’re pretty meticulous in their decisions and can stay calm in all kinds of situations. They don’t let the situation or people’s emotions get to their heads. Their steady mind and informed decisions increase their chances of succeeding in their life.

However, type E people are notorious for their hasty decisions. They work at a high pace in all areas of their life which makes them good at sports. Unless they are in a physically competitive field, this trait might backfire.

They work fast, expect others to do the same, and even get disappointed when others can’t keep up with them which causes workplace hostility. Their desire to do everything fast might override the quality of their tasks and lead to flawed results. They might spoil their reputation this way.

11. Compassion is the source of trouble for H-types while it’s the risk-taking for E-types

Type H people don’t judge others before being kind to them. They help others whether they are a good or bad person… loved one or a stranger. They don’t judge their surroundings or the other person’s motives when they show kindness. They also forgive others and often let the past go.

This might attract major trouble from opportunists. If they aren’t alert, they’ll attract greedy people and let them take advantage of them until they are spent. They’ll put their emotional and mental peace and even financial security in danger.

On the other hand, a type E individual’s miseries are mainly due to their nature of playing with fire. They take risks without calculating the risk-to-reward ratio or the chances of success. They see an opportunity and mindlessly chase those.

Their attraction to challenges pushes them towards financial and life crises. Of course, if they have family members, they also feel disappointed in them.

Now, if you want to compare them with the other H-type, it’s time to dig in!

Type H (honesty-humility) vs type E personality

The other type H is an extension of the big five personality factors, i.e., the HEXACO model (honesty-humility, emotionality extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience). If you compare the human behavior of this H-type and an E-type you’ll hardly find any similarities. So, this one is even more important in that way. So, let’s get a quick glance at it here…

 Type H personality – honesty-humilityType E personality
DifferencesSuccess and material aren’t great motivators for them.They go to great lengths for success.
 They’re trustworthy.People can’t trust them much.
 They get offended by low morals.They get offended by opinions.

 And again, to know the differences deeper, this article has more to say…

1. H-types aren’t that interested in materials and success while E-types are crazy about success

Type H people are extremely honest, so nobody can buy their loyalty. In fact, they don’t have to feel attracted to or motivated to do anything for money. They won’t hurt or fight with others for any sort of materialistic gain.

However, this mentality also hurts their work performance. They don’t try to achieve more than usual. In competitive projects, they don’t feel motivated by bonuses, promotions, or pay raise.

After they earn a stable and satisfying amount of money, they don’t try hard to reach a higher position or increase their pay. This can be equally disappointing for their loved ones and their employers.

On the flip side, type E people are extremely passionate about progress and success in life. They believe that a stable life doesn’t give security, so everyone must try to achieve more step by step. They want to gain influence and power and for that, they can give all the efforts required.

They leave no page unturned when it’s about reaching their goals. They grab every opportunity around them which increases the chance of their success. They’re also gifted with out-of-the-box creativity which helps them turn the tables on every problem.

2. H-types are trusted but E-types aren’t

People with high levels of H personality traits are trustworthy. They are popular for their great morals in their circle. Everyone knows that if they entrust a type H person with a task, they’ll get results. They don’t take their responsibilities lightly.

Even if they can’t do a task well, they refuse the task and don’t undertake it just for money or fame. They even share the truth that it’s out of their scope. People know that they won’t be disappointed in any way around a type H person. Their kindness and dependency play another big part in their personality.

On the other hand, if someone shows a type E on their personality test, you might have a tough time trusting them.

Why is that?

Well, they often become passionate about things even before knowing their pros and cons. They start working on things before having a solid plan or cause behind them. So, when they face setbacks, they easily lose motivation to work on them. They lose motivation as quickly as they begin.

They also get passionate about bad things and have difficulty moving on from them. So, it’s hard to trust them through all that.

3. Low morals offend H-types but it’s opinions for E-types

People with high levels of H factor in their personality have a strong dislike and contempt towards people with low levels of H factor or are just immoral people. For them, truthfulness, loyalty, compassion, and understanding are one of the basic important qualities in a person.

However, if someone lacks these factors, they feel hostility towards them. On the other hand, low levels of H increase the chances of someone being a criminal. They are quite judgmental about such people even if they haven’t yet done anything.

On the flip side, a similar kind of reaction is noticed in E-types but the reason is opposing opinion. When they feel passionate about an idea, they wish to work on it ASAP.

However, they’re infamous for their hasty decisions about taking risks. So, even before knowing anything, people prevent them from doing anything.

When others have differing opinions, they feel more driven to do that and prove that they are not wrong. They go as far as influencing others by expressing their passionate feelings about their choices.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

In the end, remember that human personality can change based on their environment and perception of life. So, don’t expect any of your H-type or E-type acquaintances to perfectly follow all the traits and qualities.

Instead, spend some time with them to know them better. Be assured that knowing someone closely will pay you off better… whether you wanna date them, assign them some tasks, or just wanna know them better for fun.

You’ll also bond better and keep assumptions and disappointments off the course!

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