Are you interested in the types of alpha females? Do you believe that there might be more than one kind of alpha female?

Oh boy, your guess is absolutely right! Based on the different needs and inclinations of alpha females, they can be pretty different from one another.

So, let’s take a look over here…

Types of Alpha Females

Some alpha females might be tomboyish, while others might be man-haters… Some of them like to take charge of life, while others like to take charge of an alpha male.

Depending on these subtle differences, alpha females can be of vast types. So, let’s get to know them better here…

1. Sexual Alpha Female

A woman with this type of alpha female personality is extremely comfortable with her sexuality. She doesn’t mind leading any conversation with a hint of sensuality or even more.

For instance, she might act innocent and even like a fool that any man would love to protect and desire. She drives men crazy and lusts for her.

Her sensual expressions show that her man would never feel bored, even for a minute, around her. Men and women equally squirm in anticipation of leading to something more, which leaves them with racy breaths.

People often confuse her with histrionic women that act sexually just for attention. But she’s far from that because histrionic women usually get no results from their acts. On the other hand, the sexual alpha female doesn’t just act sexually but also gets exactly what she desires.

Some also get confused between the original and fake sexual alpha females. The fake ones always make sexual innuendos throughout all conversations and jokes. They hide their true motives behind their sexual topics. They are also childish and insecure about their actions.

But the true sexual alpha female is confident about what she does and never directly refers to anything about sex or related activities.

Madonna is the best character that fits in this alpha female category.

2. The Butch Alpha Female

This kind of alpha female prefers to highlight her lack of femininity. She hates how society expects her to act feminine and weak to fit in with their expectations.

These women are usually hard-core feminist or activists that cater to women’s rights. They might even be militants as revolutionary groups.

Men usually don’t like this kind of alpha female unless they are effortlessly seductive, even if they wear baggy clothes and no makeup.

Her masculine traits are a big turn-off for alpha males. But homosexual men question their sexuality when they see her.

The closest example of a butch alpha female is Uma Turman of the “Beautiful Girls” movie. She’s loud about her masculine movements. She makes stupid jokes about a man with a bald head and then smacks that head with her lips. Like a male, she jumps across the bar and pours a shot.

3. The Alpha (Fe)Male

This type refers to women that actually have alpha male traits. Most assume that both alpha males and females are “alphas”, so they must all have the same traits. But that’s not the truth at all.

Rather, this alpha female has even been categorized this way because of her biological gender. However, if you compare their socio-hierarchy personality, her traits match more with alpha males.

These kinds of alpha women are hard to find, and they are usually the types that led armies or took up arms in war. You might call Indian queen Rani Laxmi Bai or Peggy Carter from MCU these alpha (fe)males in that case. Joan D’arc was also another example.

However, historians and story writers often over-romanticize these women and make them seem more feminine than usual. So, it’s hard to refer to a particular character as an example.

Sometimes, these women are inspirational figures for the warriors but don’t actually fight much themselves.

4. The Feminine Alpha

Unlike the alpha females until now, the Feminine Alpha has no interest in being dominant, getting power, or controlling others. Rather, she wants a man by her side that has that kind of power.

She seeks men that can give her power and authority… but she is not a golddigger because she is also a high quality and high-value woman. She brings forth an equal amount of power and fame to the relationship and doesn’t just sit still like a porcelain doll.

These are usually the wives of business magnates with high drives. Unless required, these women don’t steal their man’s limelight. They come forward only when they are needed to, and of course, their body language and dressing style speaks of their class.

Other than sexual alpha females, feminine alphas are most desired but, of course, from different types of people. Melania Trump can also be a reference to feminine alphas.

5. The Ultimate Alpha Female

The alpha female traits of this type of woman are mainly the assertiveness and cleverness of alpha males, along with the high sexual energy and femininity of alpha females.

The best part about these women is that they can switch from one personality to another depending on their needs. They are versatile based on their surroundings and situations.

If their partner is around them, they’ll act like a woman in need of protection. They can make a man work hard to help them out. But when they are on their own, they know how to take care of everything alone.

This type of woman was often noticed in the past. They were old-school, driven, and successful in their lives. They have a huge appetite for more power, and independence pushed them to be on par with alpha men.

However, since the patriarchal society didn’t like the idea of being dominated by women, these women couldn’t let go of their feminine sides.

Some believe that Sophia Loren fits this description pretty well, as her eyes seem to be overflowing with feminine energy, sexuality, and assertion. Others believe that Pam Grier from Jackie Brown is another example, as she can go from sensual to dominant within minutes.

6. The Charming Alpha Female

These alpha women have extremely social personality types. Whether she’s a teenager or in her 50s, the charming alpha female always rocks any social event. This is because her looks, including her skin and outfits, are always age-defying. She’s a diva and an entertainer in huge groups.

Of course, her power is most evident when you have a direct conversation or connect with her in small groups. That’s when you understand that she makes you feel special effortlessly. 

She beams with a warm smile and makes everyone feel welcome. You believe that she truly expected you in the event. Or, when she asks about your welfare, she’ll touch your arm or hands to highlight a close bond.

She might also ask about something serious in your life to make you feel that you matter to her. Probably, nobody else remembers it even though it’s important to you.

Everyone loves her because she remembers everything about the people around her. She is a great woman for any high-quality male, as she is the epitome of soft and understanding femininity. She won’t want to be in leadership roles and feels content when she holds her partner’s arms in social settings.

7. The Behind-the-Curtain Mistress of Puppets

These alpha females seem like they are submissive in their personal life. But this alpha female, in relationships, holds the real power and controls her partner.

You might say that most women are in charge of their relationships. But this kind of alpha female can act feminine and submissive, which helps them to even control alpha males.

These alpha women seem so soft, nurturing, and helpless, but in reality, they are cunning enough to make any powerful man bend to their whims. They know that they can stay powerful only so long they hide their strength behind the curtains. The moment people know of it, they’ll not be given that much priority.

8. The Driven Alpha Female

This category is all about ambitious alpha females with big dreams, passions, and goals. They are even ready to ignore their personal life or delay getting a partner or marriage to chase those dreams.

However, some of them do get married and have kids but don’t allow these responsibilities to stop them. They work harder to reach those dreams even more so that they don’t get to listen to the “oh, she’ll depend on her partner from now on” or “… and that’s the end of her career”.

A few fine examples of this type are Mother Teresa and Oprah. However, the former is kind and feminine, but the latter is aggressive. This means that a driven alpha female isn’t always dominating or overbearing.

9. The “Pussy Power” Alpha Female

These alpha women hold feminist ideals and are strong believers in women being powerful without any context. In this patriarchal world, they see themselves as the bearer of female power… but they show themselves in a negative light.

These are the women that say, “we don’t need men in this world,” but everything in this world was mostly made by hardworking and honest men.

They resent the world for being slaves to men, which is understandable. But they have an unnatural hatred towards men and even say that men are only useful for their semen to produce babies.

When an honest man gets hurt, instead of standing for them, they’d say, “it’s your time to suffer just as innocent women did in the past”.

They aren’t manly like the butch alpha females… but they are far less feminine than the ultimate alpha females.

They don’t understand that they can lead a better life if they give up on their hatred for the male race. Instead, they’d show men their skin but only in an aggressive manner.

Instead of showing their sexy side to their partner or on platforms to sell explicit content, they’d show it for malice. They might put up captions like “you want this, but I won’t give you any of it. I’d rather take a woman because men are useless”.

Of course, not all pussy power alpha females are the same. But some of them just meet a few stupid men and stereotype the entire male race in the same way. That’s truly some uncalled-for bitterness!

10. The Abrasive (Fake) Alpha

These women are aggressive and have poor social skills. So, they often need to put in the excess effort to stay at the top. They pretend to be confident and determined, but in reality, they are burning in the fire of jealousy to be on the top.

They act like they are strong, but since that’s not the reality, they make their and others’ lives equally miserable. Women in the industry of selling sexual content, like hookers, strippers, and others, seem like alpha women, but they never become as high-quality as genuine ones.

The aggression in them seems abusive, and emotionally stable people look down on them. In fact, real alpha females never act that way.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you know an alpha female around you, try to figure out which one she is. It’ll be much easier to deal with her once you know about her type, as it explains her thinking style a lot.

But if you’re an alpha female yourself, understand which type you are. Then figure out if anything is wrong with it and improve yourself. Be honest with yourself, and you’ll choose the best for yourself!

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