Do you know that there are different types of alpha males? Or, did you believe that all alpha males are similar?

Well, the difference is mainly because human beings are unique. So, even if two people have the same personality types, each of them might express their traits differently. Or the intensity of each trait might vary.

So, let’s get into detail here…

Types of Alpha Males

The most prominent traits in alpha males are aggression, confidence, love for competition, and infinite dedication to achieve their goals.

However, not all alpha men express these in the same way. This is where alpha males became different

1. The Commanders

This type of alpha male is pretty powerful. His leadership qualities grab everyone’s focus, so when he talks to his team, everyone listens to him. All eyes are on him and nobody misses a single thing he says. His magnetic personality helps everyone focus on him and work accordingly.

He is motivated, energetic, and passionate which inspires everyone else. Like a commander, he will state his thoughts only once and his words get pinned into others’ hearts.

So, whenever he tells others “don’t lose sight of your goals” or something similar, people remember the goals instantly and focus. He doesn’t need to explain everything right from scratch.

2. The Visionaries

As the name suggests, this alpha male type is all about having a good vision of the future. The reason behind his great foresight is his unbound curiosity. He never stops learning new things.

He is always interested in new skills for work, life, or simple fun. He believes in chasing opportunities instead of waiting for when they’ll come to him.

These traits help him develop excellent intuition which in turn supports his future-oriented decisions. With his sharp intuition, he can also notice great possibilities and chances that usually go unnoticed by the mass.

He can see right through most risks and chases them fearlessly. People often think visionary alphas are reckless when they get to work. But once they prove they were on the right path, people accept them and feel inspired.

3. The Strategists

This type of alpha male usually prefers following a systematic order instead of breaking rules like some alphas. He is a deep thinker and depends a lot on research and proof to progress in life.

When he undertakes a task, he instantly plans how he’ll handle all the responsibilities in his mind. He makes sure that there’s a plan and enough data before he dives right into the task.

He studies the data for noticeable patterns to solve any problem or work on things. Instead of haphazard judgment, he follows methodical ways to reduce any chance of mistakes.

4. The Executors

The executors mainly refer to the goal-oriented and driven alpha males. They never get tired of chasing their dreams. They follow a disciplined life and expect others to follow suit.

They have a sharp eye for important details which helps them achieve perfectionism despite any setback. When these men assign tasks to others, they expect complete commitment from them. If anyone can’t commit to their responsibilities, the executors can’t keep them in their team.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Though alpha males are of four different types, remember that not everyone conforms to a single type exclusively.

Some alpha males might have most traits of executors but also a few of the commanders. Or, some alpha men might have traits from all four types.

So, don’t try to categorize all the alpha men and go with the flow. You will eventually understand what type they are once you understand them better.

On the other hand, if you want to become an alpha male, you may follow a certain type. But it’s still alright if you wanna mix different traits from each of them!

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