ENTJ Career Opportunities

ENTJs will choose careers that match with their core personality type. It means they prefer to work in challenging roles that allow deep thinking and creative problem solving.

Political leader

ENTJs are forceful and dynamic. Armed with good communication skills they can easily persuade and inspire others to follow their path or line of action.

Chief Executive Officer

ENTJs prefer to take charge of the situation and take on initiatives as a manager. So, most of the ENTJs prefer to take over leadership roles.


ENTJs demands logical thinking, analyzing events in detail, and making decisions that are worthy and to the point.


ENTJs can showcase excellent organization ability, logical understanding of the patient’s condition and resolve their problems at the earliest.

Armed force officer

ENTJs are highly organized and disciplined individuals. Being a natural leader, the ENTJ officer will be able to lead others in the right way.

Financial analyst

ENTJs are methodical, meticulous, intelligent, and organized. These individuals are highly skilled with numbers and data.

Journalist and Editor

ENTJs will be a right choice for this job role because they are highly focused, analytical and decisive.