ENTJ careers and job opportunities show their love for challenge and innovation in workplace setups. These individuals are highly ambitious and prefer to choose careers that are well-paid, offer them ample opportunities for personal growth.

ENTJs will choose careers that match with their core personality type. It means they prefer to work in challenging roles that allow deep thinking and creative problem solving. Moreover, they enjoy job roles that are structured and organized and allow them to think and push their ideas to reality.

They are goal-directed people, so prefer to venture out in careers that allow them to look beyond the present time. The various executive and entrepreneur positions are a good match for an ENTJ because of their strong leadership abilities and assertive communication style.

Let’s know what career options suit them the most…

ENTJ Careers

People with ENTJ preferences will always do well in leadership positions. They are career-oriented and prefer to rise up the career ladder in a short span of time. These individuals will choose career paths that are challenging, tough, and are not meant for the faint hearts.

ENTJs or the commander is ambitious and intelligent. They choose careers that are purposeful and give them the desired success that they want to achieve in life. ENTJs are great at accomplishing tough goals amidst all problems and chaos.

In the business world, they will shine like a start because of their tact and ability to handle people in the best known way. You will always find an ENTJ as the respected leader of an organization. People will follow their lead because they are charismatic and dominating. 

They have an admirable authority that can motivate others to do their best and contribute naturally to the team’s growth. ENTJs lead with style and elegance. Through examples of their own hard work, they can inspire even the weakest team member to perform at his/her best worth.

For the commander, envisioning a bright future for themselves and the organization is their motto. They believe in the worth of their team and push them to accomplish even the most difficult job efficiently.

They will build the best plans to realize their dreams and as such they will choose their careers wisely. As they are highly skilled professionals, they will choose careers that are innovative and help them build the best plans ever.

Any kind of business executives, office administrators, and corporate masterminds can be a right career move for an ENTJ. They can also choose managerial roles in teams as they would love to lead others in an office. ENTJs are logical minds. Usually, they outshine others as professional engineers, technical assistants, scientists, etc. 

In any career, ENTJs will get promotion quickly because they are dedicated employees and can grow the business of an organization to great heights. Below we will discuss the 15 best fit career options of ENTJ types.

1. Political leader

ENTJs are forceful and dynamic. Armed with good communication skills they can easily persuade and inspire others to follow their path or line of action. They can become successful politicians as they are logical, less emotional types. 

They know the art of persuasion and can force people to do things that they want. Being a political leader, they will have the ability to understand the various social issues that are bothering the citizens of a nation. 

With good intentions, they will try to eliminate those issues successfully. This career will give them their desired leadership position as they have always wished for.

2. Project manager or business consultant

ENTJs can thrive well in management and consultancy job roles because they have excellent organization ability. Given the art to plan perfectly, ENTJs can make strategies, initiate plans, and deliver the best results possible. 

Being a project manager, they can also inspire others to use their best talents into the project and make it a big success.

ENTJs can see the big picture and seek future possibilities. Moreover, they have the ability to see the details and get things done. This quality is essential in a project management role.

3. Chief Executive Officer

ENTJs prefer to take charge of the situation and take on initiatives as a manager. So, most of the ENTJs prefer to take over leadership roles. CEO roles are a good fit for ENTJs because they love to take positions of power and influence. 

These individuals can motivate teams very well. This is a perfect career choice for them because it allows them to think deeply, make strategies and plans that are relevant for accomplishing the goal.

ENJs enjoy managing others and leading others from the front. They also prefer to take up new responsibilities and kick start new projects, thereby increasing the business of the organization. 

4. Lawyer

This is a good career choice for an ENTJ personality type. They are assertive with excellent communication skills. These individuals have the ability to argue and discuss points logically. This makes them a good lawyer because the job role demands logical thinking, analyzing events in detail, and making decisions that are worthy and to the point. 

The job role also entails a lot of organization in terms of compiling the data and evidence related to the case, getting the right witnesses and helping them talk about the truth in the court etc. Being a lawyer, ENTJs are outgoing and articulate. 

They will put forth their arguments on the spot and will defeat the defending lawyer easily. They have the winning combination of head and heart and it gives an ENTJ an added benefit in the job role of a lawyer.

5. Entrepreneur

ENTJs are ambitious and they would love to start their own business and achieve great heights in their career progression. They are excellent business owners because they have quick wit, good organization skills, and ability to manage people and resources single-handedly. 

Being an entrepreneur, they will also get a chance to seek future possibilities and enhance their business far and wide. 

ENTJs are confident of their abilities. They are not the ones to be influenced by others, instead prefer to take decisions on their own after much logical considerations. 

These individuals are skilled to run their own venture. They are dedicated, hardworking, and enterprising. They believe in taking actions that will help them accomplish their vision of setting up a big business house.

6. Engineer

ENTJs are good in logical subject matters such as mathematics, pure science, electronics, data analytics, etc. So, you may find an ENTJ taking up science combinations in their high school and college because they dream of becoming a successful engineer. 

At their best, ENTJs are strategic thinkers who believe in creative problem solving. They are intuitive as well. Therefore, they will be good at looking at a project and getting into the details sooner than others. These individuals usually shine as engineers because of their exemplary management abilities.

7. Armed force officer

ENTJs are highly organized and disciplined individuals. Thus, becoming an armed force officer would not be uncommon for them. They will surely shine in this career path because they are organized freaks who can manage their work and lead others effortlessly. 

ENTJs are logical masterminds. They will be quick to identify the intentions of the enemy and can take the right initiative to defend themselves from the opponent at the right time. 

Being a natural leader, the ENTJ officer will be able to lead others in the right way. Moreover, they will command others with devotion so that discipline persists in the team.

People with ENTJ preferences are brave and courageous. They are fearless also. So, this is a perfect fit career for an ENTJ.

8. Doctor

ENTJs are naturally ethical. They hate to lose out on their valuable time. They are efficient and focused in their work. Thus, being a doctor, they will showcase excellent organization ability, logical understanding of the patient’s condition and resolve their problems at the earliest. 

ENTJs are intelligent and curious. Thus, medical science is a good fit for them. They would love to pursue a career in medicine or surgery and nurture their inborn curiosity to know the detailed functioning of the human body. 

These individuals are highly focused and will do all the necessary things to help their patients overcome their health issues successfully.

9. Sales Manager

ENTJs are sociable, interactive, and persuasive. These qualities make them a good fit for a career in sales and marketing. They will persuade others in style with great conviction and the customer will be delighted to buy the product that the ENTJ is trying to promote in their sales interaction.

These individuals thrive in social connections. So, this profession allows for meeting with diverse groups of people as well. 

ENTJs are result-oriented. They will focus on delivering the best results and increase the company’s annual sales to great heights. They are the true asset to any organization that is looking for expansion of their business far and wide.

10. Life Coach

Being a life coach, they can help people live their dream life. ENTJs are naturally persuasive. They can persuade others to do certain best things in life. They can naturally inspire others with their straightforward talks and make them believe in their natural talents. 

Being a life coach, ENTJs will provide action plans that work best for people moving with some struggles in life. They can motivate their clients to stay fit and fine, live a healthy life by making some wise choices that they won’t regret in future.

11. Event planner

ENTJs are organized and prefer to plan everything perfectly. Thus, being an event planner, they are expected to do their best job possible. These individuals will plan things according to the set budget and never keep their clients dissatisfied. 

They will take challenges that may come while organizing an event. They are not the ones to break down emotionally if things fail momentarily.

ENTJs will again rise up and do all the necessary stuff to do things neatly. From start to finish, they will plan everything in detail so that no one gets a chance to complain about the event.

12. Corporate trainer

Another wise career choice for an ENTJ type is to take up the job of a corporate trainer. Since they have excellent communication skills, they can train people with excellent soft skills such as communication, assertiveness, discipline, stress management, etc. 

ENTJs will be quick to assess the needs of their clients and plan the training session on the spot. They can ideally create need based programs that can benefit many people together. ENTJs are dynamic extroverts. 

Given the ability to impact people’s lives in positive ways, ENTJs will make work assignments for their clients that they are expected to finish. Then, necessary feedback is given to the clients on how to overcome their deficits and strengthen their skills for a progressive career growth. 

13. Public speaker

ENTJs love to talk and make their presence felt through insightful communication. They will be the right person to guide people in terms of developing a forceful and decisive communication style. They are naturally inclined to engage the audience through expressive speeches. 

Their audiences will be captivated by their straightforward and to the point style. ENTJs will do well in this career because they’re confident, charismatic, and have the ability to influence others with their insightful speeches.

ENTJs thought is clear, communication is distinct with no hidden meanings. Therefore, they will shine in this career role fully.

14. Journalist and Editor

The ENTJ personality type is great at organizing data and information and delivers it precisely to others. They also have the deep urge to share important information with others. Thus, these individuals will be a good fit in this career. 

Being a journalist, they will get a chance to decide the credibility of the news and edit the information as and when needed. ENTJs will be a right choice for this job role because they are highly focused, analytical and decisive. 

They can handle challenges well and never fall into too much stress because of the work pressure. They can sustain odd hours of work quite easily that can happen most often in being a journalist

15. Financial analyst

ENTJs are methodical, meticulous, intelligent, and organized. Thus, financial analysis is a good job opportunity for them. These individuals are highly skilled with numbers and data.

Thus, analyzing large figures related to finances of an organization is not a difficult job for them. They are neat and time-friendly. Thus, you can expect them to take decisive actions related to the finances on the spot.

ENTJ Careers to Avoid

Any personality type can get themselves adjusted to any career roles if they’re open-minded and progressive in nature. But some career opportunities will give them more satisfaction than others. 

They will thrive in careers where their skills match well with the job description, otherwise dissatisfaction at work can take place.

So far we have discussed the best match career options for ENTJs. Now let us list down the job roles where they may not be a good fit, unless tried to adjust with the demands of the job role.

  • Receptionist
  • Psychologist
  • Social worker
  • Nurse
  • Food preparation consultant
  • Clerical job
  • Teacher
  • Medical assistant
  • Artist
  • Child care provider
  • Preschool teacher
  • Bill collector
  • Technician 
  • Restaurant attendant

To Sum Up

ENTJ career choices can be diverse if they focus on overcoming their key weaknesses and learn to become more patient and open-minded in their daily life. These individuals are progressive and prefer to write big success stories in their professional lives. 

ENTJs will thrive well in careers that are structured and organized; and gives them an opportunity to use their ingenious thinking skills to craft new ideas at work every now and then. They prefer efficient work cultures where every member knows their job the best.