ENFJ Cognitive Functions

ENFJ Cognitive functions decide how ENFJs perceive information, process them, and take decisive actions accordingly.

ENFJs are outgoing, socially dynamic, and have excellent networking abilities.

Extroverted (E)

ENFJs can see future opportunities by analyzing the details of the present situation.

Intuition (N)

Fe is about gut feelings rather than emotions that one could have towards someone or something.

Feeling (F)

Since Ti is the ENFJ’s final function, it has the potential to be its weak point before it has a chance to mature.

Judging (J)

ENFJs have the ability to empathize with deep understanding of personal relationships and to persuade others to learn, develop, and grow are talents.

They inspire others to work together to realize the goals they have for the person or the organization by using their excellent communication skills, zeal, and warmth.