All About ENFP Cognitive Functions

ENFP cognitive functions relate to those specific psychological workings that make them who they are. These exclusive functions define their social interaction, choices, and decision making habits as well.

Extroversion (E)

ENFPs derive their energy from social networking. They love to interact with diverse groups of people and learn things in innovative ways.

Intuitive (N)

ENFPs think about the bigger picture in life. They use present and past knowledge and draw conclusions about possibilities that may happen in future.

Feeling (F)

ENFPs have introverted feeling as an auxiliary cognitive function. Thus they are warm, sensitive, and humble. They put a lot of emphasis on understanding the feelings of others.

Perceiving (P)

ENFPs are spontaneous and volatile. Their personality type tends to change as per the requirements of the situation. Thus, they are flexible and remain open to new ideas and imaginations.

Dominant function: Extraverted intuition (Ne)

Description of cognitive functions

This function is the most powerful one in the ENFP functional stack. Because of this function, ENFPs can navigate in different ideas and imaginations

Auxiliary function: Introverted feeling (Fi)

ENFPs use this as a secondary function. The decision making is based on an internal set of values and emotions rather than on logic and rationality.

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