ENFP relationships and compatibility are based on mutual involvement, commitment, and long lasting friendships with their partners. These individuals also show incredible enthusiasm with their loved ones, families, and friends.

ENFPs are warm, sociable, and friendly. They are soulfully connected to people who matter most in their lives. As they are honest, they expect the same level of dedication and integrity in their relationships.

These individuals are compatible with people who are emotionally expressive, kind, and responsive. They prefer partners who are lively, agile and help them come out of routine living. ENFPs always want fresh things to happen every now and then in their relationships.

In this short piece, we will discuss in detail how ENFPs perform their relationship roles in daily lives.

ENFP Relationships and Compatibility

In relationships, ENFPs are active and energetic. They will always bring a lot of enthusiasm and novelty like none other personality types. These people care about their friends and family deeply. They are warm, kind, and humble as well.

They are brimming with new ideas and love to surprise their partners every now and then. ENFPs are also considerate and not the nitpicky ones. They never get busy in finding faults in their relationships rather focus on strengthening the bonding.

For An ENFP, relationships are important aspects that need to be serious and committed. They believe in bringing a lot of joy and happiness, adjustment in their deepest connections. ENFPs believe that relationships are fragile and need to be taken care of.

ENFPs have deep longing to connect with someone with a similar mentality. Thus, they would always dream about a partner who will be energetic and can share their life with them. 

As such, ENFPs dislike when they are living a boring, single life. They will seek partners who are not into casual dating. In relationships, they prefer long lasting friendships that are trustworthy and committed.

If ENFPs are interested in someone, they will harbor a deep longing for the person. They will not hold back their feelings and will fall in love quite effortlessly. Being an extrovert, they will be in an advantageous position to express their feelings openly to their partners.

They will shower affection and care that the other person will readily feel mesmerized in the relationship. ENFPs look for partners who will be emotionally responsive, will appreciate ENFPs buoyancy and energy.

Moreover, their most compatible match has to be kind and considerate, easygoing and flexible; otherwise they will have adjustment issues in the long run. 

ENFPs look for partners who can at least reciprocate some of their innate feelings and match with few of their key personality traits, and then only the bonding will be close to a perfect match.

ENFP relationships

ENFPs approach their relationships with love, care, and concern for their loved ones. Whether they are playing the role of a spouse, parent, or friend, they will always prefer to nurture their fragile bonding carefully. 

These individuals value relationships and will not do anything that can lead to conflicts and confrontations that are hard to overcome in reality.

Let us get into the details of relationship roles that ENFPs perform in their day to day life.

ENFP as a partner/spouse

As a romantic partner, ENFPs are caring and considerate. They are loving partners who are eager to bring positive changes in the relationship through their enthusiastic and flexible nature. These individuals are idealists with a good understanding of others feelings. 

They are emotionally engaged with their partners. People with ENFP personalities create positive interpersonal relationships with partners. They are open-minded and give equal importance to the needs and wishes of their better half.

They are conflict resistant and try to nullify confrontations peacefully. ENFPs are committed and faithful. They never do things that can hurt their partner’s feelings.

Since intimacy and love making is central to them, ENFPs will be hands-on in their relationships. They will take initiative to spice up the sex life, and give pleasurable surprises to their partners. ENFPs are not good at handling bad relationships.

If they feel cheated in some way in a bad relationship, they may internalize their negative feelings. They will start blaming themselves for the things going wrong in the bonding. Being a sensitive personality type, they will suffer from immense emotional pain but will not scapegoat their partners in any ways.

Sometimes, they also find it difficult to leave the relationship and suffer from the agony of the breakup intensely. As partners, ENFPs will always support their partner’s career goals. They will help their partner pursue big dreams.

Sexually, ENFPs are loving and passionate partners. They are fun-loving, playful, and enthusiastic with regard to physical intimacy. Moreover, they would love to give space to their partner’s as to whether they prefer intimacy or not.

People with ENFP personality types are caring, affectionate, and easygoing. They never put up an issue without a reason. ENFPs prefer physical closeness and want to make the moments of love a memorable one for themselves and their partners.

Being a creative and imaginative person, ENFPs will have rich fantasy put into their love making acts. They will fall in love easily and will do everything to maintain the free flowing nature of their relationship.

As partners and spouses, ENFPs are responsible, encouraging, and accepting. They will never put pressure on their partners to walk along similar paths with them in life. They will gladly embrace their partner’s varied opinions. 

On some rare occasions, they may object to their partner’s behavior just because their values were hurt in some ways.

ENFP as a friend

As a friend, ENFPs are cheerleaders and authentic helping hands. They will extend their whole-hearted support to friends in both good and bad times. They will bring a lot of enthusiasm and optimism in the relationship. 

ENFP friends are easygoing and flexible. They will love to engage in casual conversations and serious dialogue with their friends equally well. If an ENFP friend is around, there will be no boring moments to be seen and felt around.

ENFP friends are generous and they will support their friends in small and big ways. Sometimes, they will offer so much into the realm of friendship that they may feel lonely deep inside, if they find that their friends do not reciprocate their feelings in similar ways.

ENFP friends are imaginative and creative. They hold sudden surprises in their kitty that gets revealed from time to time. At the same time, they are patient and highly energetic beings. They will turn ordinary moments into special ones. 

As friends, ENFPs would love to host parties, game nights, and adventurous trips with their friends. They can make impromptu plans for their friends that can become moments to cherish forever. ENFPs have the ability to bring people out of their shells. They can interact with introverts and help them become more energetic in the relationship.

They will help others open up with their innermost feelings slowly. ENFPs always long for meaningful relationships that are deep and warm; and friendships are no different to this rule.

ENFPs cannot relate well with people who are critical, nitpicky, and judgmental. They are open-minded and want friends who share their mentality. An ENFP friend is too generous. They will invest their time, energy, money in building meaningful friendships in life.

At times, their generous nature may cost them heavily. They may ignore their needs and desires just to accommodate their friend’s wants, and if they do not receive any appreciation from them, ENFPs will suffer loneliness and depression beyond doubt.

ENFP as a parent

An ENFP parent is a perfect role model for his/her child. They have child-like energy and can share the same level of playfulness with their little ones. As parents, ENFPs try to guide their child’s life in value-oriented ways.

They will teach good values to their children so that when they grow up, they become righteous adults. People with ENFP personalities are spontaneous and creative. Therefore, they encourage their children to express themselves freely, without any hesitation.

ENFP parents encourage their children’s curiosity. They help their child to explore and experiment with unknown things. Children are allowed to express their artistic talents as well. 

These parents play the role of a nurturer. They follow democratic discipline at home so that children can learn on their own by making mistakes, learning the lesson thereafter and never repeat it again.

An ENFP parent never scolds or rebukes but explains the child with logic, reasoning, and a lot of affection. These parents play the role of a guide and a perfect playmate for their children. They embrace change and thus allow their children to explore various tastes and do the rightful thing at the end.

The ENFP parent will not impose strict rules at home but they will make it clear what is expected from the child. They will set rules that are firm, but not rigid or harsh. Children brought up in such homes are aware of what is expected of them. 

They prefer to do things as per their parents’ wishes, so that they do not lose out on love and affection from them. 

Campaigner parents are affectionate, caring, and empathetic. They will never lose touch of their core values and will surely teach these golden values to their children.

ENFP parents are close confidants of their little ones. Children will share everything with the parent because there is no fear of being judged or chided in any way. Children are confident that they will be loved and cared for in the same way as before.

ENFP parents help their children to spread their wings and chase their dreams and goals in life. Their overwhelming support helps the child bloom into a confident adult.

Although they want their kids to become independent, they may feel lonely when their children no longer ask for their support. ENFP parents will feel stressed out and anxious. They will feel lonely and depressed also. 

ENFP parents wish to provide support to their children throughout life. They take this role too seriously and may feel overwhelmed when they are pushed out of their duties as kids are no longer kids now. They have already become young adults.

ENFP Compatibility with all 16 Personality Types

The ENFP personality type is pleasant, adjustable, and fun loving. Therefore, they can relate well with many other personality types. These individuals will always try to maintain harmony in relationships by avoiding confrontations as much as possible. 

They are soft-hearted and humble, and can readily understand what their partner expects from them in a relationship. This allows for more love to flow into the bonding. 

ENFPs will blend well with people who are emotionally expressive, non-judgmental, and open-minded. Thus, they prefer committed bonding that is mutually beneficial and harmonious. ENFPs compatible partners are INFP, ENFJ, ENTJ, ENTP, etc. 

These personality types are intuitive extroverts, so they possess similar personality traits with an ENFP and can resonate well into the bonding.

In the chart given below, we will discuss the relationship compatibility of ENFPs with all the other 16 personality types described in Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

16 personality typesCompatibility when paired with ENFP
ENFPWhen two ENFP meet, it will be a friendly relationship. Both will share similar personality traits. They will love each other’s flexibility and passion. Moreover, they will plan a better life because they are intuitive and can think over future possibilities. Both partners will prefer to brainstorm with each other’s innovative ideas and will live a happy and easygoing life.
ENTPAs a pair, ENTPs and ENFPs will have many similarities and they will adjust well to each other. Both are extroverts with an easygoing nature. ENTPs and ENFPs are intuitive personalities. So, they’re both imaginative with many creative ideas to work with. Therefore, they will think over future possibilities of the ideas and can work towards a common goal. ENFPs are emotional and can bring emotional touch in the relationship, while ENTPs can help ENFPs to make logical decisions in life.
INFPThese two types will make a good pair because INFPs will like the outgoing nature of the ENFPs. They will feel rejuvenated by stimulating conversations and socialization of an ENFP. They will understand each other’s opinions better because they will be attracted to the opposite qualities that they possess. ENFPs will learn to keep quiet and stay reserved as much as possible in their daily lives from an INFP. They will also realize the importance of silence in their chaotic world.
INFJThe extroverted ENFP will love the quiet listening ability of INFJ. Moreover, they will learn to stay organized and methodical in their lives, given the ability of an INFJ to stay planned in life. ENFPs will be deeply connected to an INFP partner because both are emotionally tuned to each other’s needs. Both these types love interesting conversations and thoughtful discourse because of their intuitive nature. Therefore, the relationship will be productive and enriching in the long run.
ENFJENFJ and ENFP share all the similar traits except for one. So, both of them will enjoy each other’s company fully. The super organized ENFJ can teach the flexible ENFPs how to organize their life in a better way. They will help ENFPs set realistic goals and accomplish them rather than putting it off for some other time. Both possess feeling functions, thus they will be caring and empathetic partners.
INTJINTJ and ENFP will make a great pair. Their cognitive skills are opposite so they will be attracted towards each other’s opposite qualities. INTJs will be fascinated by the outgoing and flexible nature of their ENFP partner. They will try to imbibe those qualities in them. On the flip side, INTJs are logical masterminds. They will help ENFPs to think logically and decide thoughtfully without rushing into a decision making process. INTJs are planned and systematic. They will also teach ENFPs to become more organized in life. Together, they will make a great pair.
ENTJBoth of them are extroverted and intuitive types. Therefore, they will enjoy each other’s sociable and outgoing nature. Both of them would love to talk and travel across places. They are energetic and exuberant in all aspects of life. ENFPs are spontaneous and ENTJs are planned and systematic. Both partners should work together to overcome each other’s weak areas. They need to adjust with opposite traits that make them exclusive beings. ENFPs can help their ENTJ partner to embrace change and accept it as a part of life.
INTPINTPs and ENFPs are intuitive and perceiving personalities. Therefore, they will lose track of time very easily. They are day dreamers and create long term ideas that never take a shape in reality. INTPs are logical minds whereas ENFPs are emotional hearts. Their opposite qualities will make happy homes because both of them will learn from each other in finer ways. Both will think in abstract ways and will avoid conflicts as much as possible. They can make a good match if both partners overcome each other’s blind spots and are ready to contribute their share into the relationship.
ISFPBoth these types are emotional, caring, and sensitive. Therefore, they will make happy homes. They will understand their partner’s needs easily and will do everything to adjust and avoid conflict. ENFPs love thoughtful conversations because of their intuitive nature. ISFJ can tell stories par excellence because they are keen observers and will narrate stories with a lot of detailing. ISFPs and ENFPs are easygoing, flexible types. Both partners are accepting of change and can adapt well with it.
ESFPBoth these types have only one different function. Other cognitive preferences are the same. So, they also make a perfect match. ESFPs are detail-oriented and present focused. They can teach ENFPs to concentrate on ‘here and now’ and not to think too much about future possibilities. Since both perceive personalities, they may struggle to accomplish a project that they have started due to procrastination and loss of focus.
ISTPENFPs will be conscious of an ISTPs need for privacy and personal space. Though they are extroverts, they will always want quiet people around them. Therefore, the flexible-minded ISTP is always a good choice for them.  ISTPs will love the outgoing and energetic nature of an ENFP. They will teach ENFPs to become more thoughtful and rational with their decision making policies.
ESTPESTPs offer detailed and thoughtful decision making into the life of a spontaneous ENFP. On the flip side, ENFPs can make the relationship more compassionate and sensitive. They will teach ESTPs to become close-knit and friendly in the relationship.
ISFJThey are both caring personalities. Both partners’ will be aware of each other’s needs in the relationship. The introvert-extrovert qualities will bring novelty in the relationship. Both partners will enjoy each other’s opposite preferences.
ESFJENFPs will bring compassion, adaptability, and innovative ideas into the relationship. ESFJs will offer good organization, detailing, and emotions into play. This match will be a good one as both partners have a lot to share with each other and make it a happy bonding.
ISTJISTJs are logical and have keen observation. So, they will notice subtle details better than ENFPs. They will help ENFPs plan systematically and accomplish tasks here and now. ENFPs will help ISTJs embrace change and become more adaptable in changing circumstances in life. Both possess opposite qualities. So, they will relate well with each other if they are ready to adapt to each other’s good traits and work collaboratively in the relationship.
ESTJENFP are creative, emotional, and flexible; however ENTJs have opposite qualities. They are detail-oriented, logical, and organized in their approach towards life. Both partners will have to adapt and adjust with one another’s opposite traits if they wish to live a harmonious bonding together.
ENFP compatibility chart

To Sum Up

So far, we have discussed a lot about the relationship pattern of an ENFP personality type. We have noticed that they are adaptable and caring people with a lot of energy to be shared with their loved ones in a relationship.

These individuals are compatible with most other Myer Briggs extrovert types and few of the introverts as well. Their compassionate and flexible nature makes them a lovable type whom others adore and wish to be a companion easily.