What Workplace Habits Do ENTJs Have?

ENTJ workplace habits are based on dedication and efficiency. They are the rulers when it comes to taking an initiative in the office. 

ENTJ as Colleagues

As colleagues, ENTJs are devoted and rules-abiding by nature. They prefer to engage in brainstorming discussions with their teammates.

ENTJ as Subordinates

As subordinates, ENTJs are independent performers who are dutiful and skilled in all respects.

ENTJ as Managers

The managerial position is best for an ENTJ. They are dominating and take pride in commanding people in workplaces.

Being a tough-minded individual, it’s no surprise that ENTJs follow an assertive communication style. They prefer straight talk. In workplaces, you cannot expect them to talk about personal details.

ENTJs are hardcore professionals who believe in competence, efficiency, and delivery of the work on time. These individuals never compromise on the quality of work.

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