ENTJ workplace habits are based on dedication and efficiency. They are the rulers when it comes to taking an initiative in the office. Given the quality to lead others flawlessly, these people build the best teams that are worthy to achieve anything they have wished for. 

ENTJs are pretty dominating in workplaces. They will assert their opinions; channelize the best human resources in the right way to achieve feats that are tough and cumbersome

People with ENTJ preferences have a clear communication style. They put their message across directly so that others know what they can expect from the organization. These individuals have contagious ambition that can also drive others towards achieving big goals in life.

In this post, we will highlight how these ambitious souls perform their duties as colleagues, subordinates, and managers in their daily life in office. Moreover, we will also pinpoint their communication style and conflict resolution strategies in workplaces briefly.

ENTJ Workplace

ENTJ workplace habits show their commanding demeanor and ability to dominate the space they are in. ENTJs are strong-willed with a lot of dedication and seriousness to offer to their work. These people are stubborn like bulls and will make things happen once they have put their head and heart into it.

In workplaces, ENTJs are bold and assertive. Sometimes, they can be authoritative as well. This personality type is fiercely ruled by logic and intuition, thus they find it hard to thrive in work setups that are unorganized and unsystematic in their approach to deliver projects timely. They cannot handle gossip and emotional drama and refrain from getting into such awkward situations in the workplace. 

ENTJs are an asset to any organization because of their ability to deal with challenges effortlessly. They are the doers and never settle for less in life. People with ENTJ preferences are ideal for leadership roles because they can inspire many to live their best lives.

These individuals are true professionals whose efficiency and devotion towards their work is unmatched. They are able to produce the finest work that the organization expects from them.

ENTJs are strategy builders. They can solve difficult team issues with tact and intellect. ENTJs prefer fairness and any kind of unfair practice in the workplace is not to their liking. They will take strong action against those who try to manipulate others and harm them in subtle ways.

They love to work with complex systems so that they can know where improvement can be made possible. ENTJs appreciate the business-minded nature of all their team members. 

They ensure that each and every teammate is focused, honest, and devoted to the assigned task allotted to them. ENTJs are excellent leaders. They can inspire and motivate their teammates to perform and excel in the organization. 

ENTJs thrive in work environments that enable them to face challenges and resolve workplace issues strategically. They prefer to address complex issues tactfully. The guidelines for work should be clear-cut otherwise they suffer from frustration and annoyance as well.

In this section, we will discuss how an ENTJ personality type operates and performs in various hierarchy roles in the organization. 

ENTJ as colleagues

As colleagues, ENTJs are devoted and rules-abiding by nature. They prefer to engage in brainstorming discussions with their teammates. They are equally helpful when it comes to supporting their peers personally or professionally. 

ENTJ colleagues are natural leaders and they tend to assert their opinions in team meetings. Sometimes, they may not give importance to the views of other members. In such a situation, chances are high that an ENTJ colleague will be visualized as arrogant and stubborn. 

ENTJ colleagues will love to work with equals. They prefer not to work with people who are less competent than them. As colleagues, they also prefer to guide their peers’ lives in significant ways. When they see a teammate working on a project, they will jump on to offer suggestions and advice even when it is not sought.

ENTJ colleagues are too intimidating at times. They feel that they know the best and as such their peers should always listen to them. This can lead to a lot of disagreements and hidden annoyances with the other colleagues in the workplace.

They always prefer to take the lead in a project and tend to dominate the other members of the team blatantly. ENTJs types should be cautious about how and when they provide feedback to their colleagues. Sometimes, the unsolicited suggestions are not taken at ease and ENTJs may become extremely unpopular in the workplace. 

As they believe in logical decision making only, an ENTJ colleague will never give importance to the feelings of others. They may deal with people and situations too logically even in situations that demand an emotional touch. 

As colleagues, they are helpful but assertive and dominating. In reality, an ENTJ colleague will help out their peers in workplaces but may expect some kind of tangible rewards instead. They act official with their peers and teammates. ENTJs will never allow their emotions to interfere in their day to day functioning and decision making in the workplace.

ENTJ as subordinates

As subordinates, ENTJs are independent performers who are dutiful and skilled in all respects. As they are both competent and confident, they can accomplish any given task without assistance from their managers. 

ENTJs are always open to new learning but at the same time assert a strong opinion if they think that there are better ways of doing things other than what their managers know. Most ENTJ subordinates believe in completing tasks on time. This becomes possible because of their unmatched organization skills.

People with ENTJ preferences are headstrong and efficient. Their managers respect them for the quality of work they do.  These people are also prompt decision makers. They are upfront and calculative as well. Thus, they manage their time well and never give a chance to their hierarchy managers to complain about their work.

For the high achievers’ ENTJs, this role is not a great one because they prefer to lead and not take orders from others. Most ENTJs struggle in this role because they hate to be told what needs to be done in the job. 

ENTJ subordinates set themselves to a level of perfection. They never slip down to a non-performing level where their abilities get challenged. Thus, very early, they earn their due recognition and get the opportunity for a promotion at work.

ENTJ subordinates cannot take resentful criticisms from their bosses; as such they may try to please their managers, so that such situations never arise. These individuals seek opportunities for personal growth in workplaces. Thus, they will do things that matter the most to raise them up the career ladder.

ENTJ as managers

The managerial position is best for an ENTJ. They are dominating and take pride in commanding people in workplaces. They are assertive and appear bold and powerful. 

Given the ability to communicate clearly, ENTJ managers will give clear instructions to the team members. They want everyone to work in collaboration to get the highest quality of work done in minimal time.

As they are natural leaders, they have the ability to understand the skill set of individual team members. This is important for an ENTJ manager so that they can assign the job to a member based on their individual strengths. 

In the managerial role, ENTJs will formulate strategies and plans, organize and streamline the work that needs to be done, and then allocate the right human resource in the appropriate place in the workforce to get the job done.

ENTJs want exceptional work from the team. Thus, they motivate their teammates to perform at their highest levels. In this way, the work that is done is perfect and the long term goals of the organization are also met.

ENTJ managers cannot adjust with lazy team members. Confrontations are handled with force and at times the team member is forced to comply with what is expected from him/her in the workplace.

ENTJ managers are non-compromising as far as quality of work is concerned. Sometimes, they can be too bossy and intimidating that their teammates may not tolerate. 

In the face of confrontation, one can expect bitter relationships in the workplace when an ENTJ manager will act stubborn and rigid. They are hard to impress as well. It is better to deal with these managers patiently and tactfully, or else move away from the scene for the time being till everything is fine.

ENTJ Personality Type and Workplace Communication

Being a tough-minded individual, it’s no surprise that ENTJs follow an assertive communication style. They prefer straight talk. In workplaces, you cannot expect them to talk about personal details. They love to deliver their message in a clear tone. Usually, there are no hidden agendas that surround their message.

ENTJs have a confident and commanding voice. Thus, their communication style seems to be authoritarian at times. They will always expect you to do some valuable straight talk. If you are planning to communicate with an ENTJ, make sure that your basics about what to speak about and how to deliver your message is pretty clear. 

ENTJs hate people who speak a lot of things to make sense of what they actually want to communicate. Thus, it is vital to keep your message short and crisp. Moreover, ENTJs are not into casual conversations and small talk. They hate to waste their valuable time in discussing petty matters. 

When you are talking to them, be direct and get down to the business as early as possible. A quick introduction is sufficient. Discuss matters that are relevant to the topic of discussion. ENTJs appreciate the straightforward approach of communication.

As they prioritize logical discussions, ensure that emotional talks never come into the conversation process; otherwise they feel left out in uncertainty. These individuals do not know how to respond to situations that discuss emotional issues, as such prefers to stay away from such interactions completely. Any sort of dramatic talk is not appreciated by an ENTJ. They prefer to keep themselves aloof from such discourse as much as possible.

Communication with an ENTJ has to be to the point and resourceful. They are not interested in talking about unrelated things that don’t matter much in their personal and professional life.

Business meeting with an ENTJ personality type

ENTJs are very punctual and love to be on time always. Thus, if you have set a business meeting with an ENTJ personality type, respect your and theirs time without any excuse. These individuals will never like to get past a meeting beyond the stipulated time. 

People with ENTJ preferences love to talk about conceptual topics. They love to talk directly only about the key points of the meeting agenda. Never expect an ENTJ to talk about minor things in the meeting. While talking to them, keep your emotions in control.

ENTJs will respect your knowledge and expertise. Thus, make your points of discussion crisp so that they can make sense of the vital points as soon as possible. In business meetings, ENTJs do not like to beat around the bush. 

They want their meetings to be on the spot only, discussing matters that are important and needed for realizing the long term goals. 

Another key thing that they love in business meetings is their ability to take charge of the meeting. They love to be praised and recognized for their logical thoughts and creative ideas, otherwise they may feel left out in the meeting.

ENTJ personality type and conflict resolution in the workplaces

ENTJs know that conflicts and confrontations are nothing uncommon in workplaces. Thus, they gear up to navigate the situation logically and build appropriate ways to resolve the issue. These people are hard to pin down in arguments because of their ruthless nature.

In workplaces, inefficiency and incompetence shown by co-workers can lead to workplace conflicts. They are totally off when people show lack of interest in their assigned task and do stuff that are not as per the quality checks. 

In such a situation, ENTJs get annoyed and can get into straight confrontations with co-workers and subordinates. 

ENTJs will find it tough to resolve emotional conflicts. It’s hard for them to deal with charged up situations that are overwhelming and toxic. Initially, they prefer to resolve the issue by mutual discussions.

Later on, they may listen to others’ opinions patiently to get into the basics of the issue, but if the situation is emotionally draining, ENTJs will show direct annoyance. Sometimes verbal fights can occur in situations where logical discussion is completely missing and the other co-workers seem to be handling the matter emotionally. 

ENTJs are prompt decision makers, thus conflicts can arise if they find that other co-workers are reluctant to put forth their share into the work. 

In such a case, the ENTJ manager can resolve conflicts by directly telling the team what needs to be done. Hey will communicate the expectations of the organization directly, so that no further delay happens and the issue gets nipped in the bud.

To Sum Up

In workplaces, ENTJs are hardcore professionals who believe in competence, efficiency, and delivery of the work on time. These individuals never compromise on the quality of work. They excel in any role given to them in the organizational hierarchy. 

Being highly ambitious, they are driven by the goal they work for. They love to stimulate themselves with new work challenges every now and then. At the same time, they can devise creative problem solving strategies that can resolve any issue easily.

Their workplace efficiency and focus towards the big possibilities are beyond comparison with any other personality types.