ESFJ vs. ENFJ –  The Similarities and Differences

Both of them are extroverts. They are socially present and love to create good social connections.

The points of similarities between ESFJ and ENFJ

Both these types are systematic and organized. They do not like many changes in their routine life. They feel great if others appreciate their good deeds. They love to be valued for who they are.

Both feel stressed out if they need to spend time alone. They love spending time with many friends or family members around them. People of these two personality types are emotional and compassionate.

ESFJs are comfortable with scheduled work and desk jobs. While routine and monotonous work is not for an ENFJ. For an ESFJ, the real world is all that they believe in. ENFJs are deep thinkers who love to merge their creations with the real world.

ESFJ vs. ENFJ – The key differences

The ESFJ personality type loves to remember old memories. ENFJ personality types are future-oriented. ESFJs state facts and figures while ENFJs will use a lot of analogies and metaphors to describe their experiences.

ESFJs are cautious and careful while selecting a life partner for them. ENFJs are social and can mingle with their partner very well. ESFJs make few and well-chosen friends. ENFJs usually have many friends.

ESFJs and ENFJs have many similar qualities and tastes, yet they are not the same. There are finer differences that may not appear anything big from outside but influences their overall behavior to a great extent.