ESFJ Myers Briggs personality types are outgoing and sociable. They are loyal and friendly as well. People with this personality type are caring and considerate and are sometimes referred to as caregivers.

They are equally forgiving and peaceful. You will never find them getting into unnecessary conflicts with others. ESFJs are loyal and selfless. 

They prefer to support others silently and never crave recognition and appreciation for their kind act. This short post will describe this personality type as vividly as possible.

ESFJ Myers Briggs Type – How do they look like?

ESFJ personalities are caring and kind people. They cannot tolerate injustice and unkindness. These people are fiercely loyal and have excellent networking skills. They are empathetic and understand the needs of others easily.

Are you the one who feels good when others approach you for support and guidance? Do you leave your pleasures for the sake of others? Are you sensitive to others’ needs? Then, you could be an ESFJ.

Being an ESFJ, you are soft-hearted and delicate. Being a sensing-feeling type, you are aware of your surroundings. This makes you a caring person. You’ll be quite quick to understand and see through people’s problems.

ESFJs are extroverts. They love social connection and communication. Harmonious social living is their first choice. They love spending time outdoors and staying connected with others.

ESFJs are known as Consul Personality types. They are the ultimate caregivers and the most loyal of all the Myers Briggs type.

They give a lot of attention to the needs of their families and friends. Selfishness annoys them a lot and they do not relate to those who show such behavior.

ESFJs put a great deal of value on social traditions and customs. Being a judging personality type, they are very organized and hate being messy and unsystematic.

Given their ability to handle things in order, they are good in managerial roles. They prefer to take responsibility and fulfill them on time.

ESFJs are warm-hearted and generous. They cannot see others suffering. As their feeling component is strong, they are emotional by nature. At times, they may become too sensitive and overburdened by others’ problems.

ESFJs make better societies. They never break the rules and prefer to follow the status quo. As such, they are passionate community builders. People with an ESFJ personality type always seem to do the right thing. They also expect the same from others.

These individuals always contribute in meaningful ways to society. They never step back in supporting the weak and the timid. Sometimes, ESFJs fight against the injustice done to others.

ESFJs are nicknamed Consuls. They are dutiful and responsible yet have a touch of emotional sensitivity in them. These individuals become good leaders because of their excellent managerial ability. 

Most ESFJs work in positions of higher hierarchy because they are independent-minded and hate being looked after, or monitored in their work. In short, ESFJs dislike people telling them what needs to be done.

ESFJ Type Description

The ESFJ acronym stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and judging personality type. People of these types are focused on the outside world. They always try to bring positive changes in others’ lives.

ESFJs work immensely towards establishing a good social order. They hate unsystematic work and pointless rules that do not serve any good purpose.

They hate surprises and like to be a part of a planned event. If you tell them to do anything at the last moment, they will cancel the plan immediately.

Armed with structure and organization skills, they have the utmost respect for those who are kind and warm, humble and affectionate.

 ESFJs also get hurt if others reject their suggestions because they become too emotional in the face of criticism or judgment.

The type description of ESFJ shows that they are guided by four cognitive functions. These functions rule their overall behavior pattern. The four functions are as follows:

  • Extroversion – ESFJs draw their mental energy from social interaction and networking
  • Sensing – Being a sensing feeling type, ESFJs stay fully focused on their present moment. ESFJs prefer hands-on learning experiences. They need proof for everything and will hardly trust anything based on instincts and intuition.
  • Feeling – ESFJs are emotional and sensitive. They cannot see others in pain. This functional trait makes them altruistic, compassionate, and generous as well. Most often ESFJs make decisions based on feelings.
  • Judging – ESFJs prefer rules and regulations. They follow traditions and customs that are in place for ages. Sometimes, they stick to their plans and schedules in such a way that others find them too rigid and inflexible to deal with. ESFJs hate sudden changes and feel good if the road ahead is clear and distinct. These individuals keep many backup plans while pursuing a goal so that they don’t fail if any particular plan goes wrong.

Thus, from the above typology description, it becomes clear that ESFPs are extroverts with a clear knowledge of what they are doing in their life. They are ruled by their hearts and always go out of their way to support others. 

Their judging function makes them follow rules and stay alert about problems coming into their daily lives.

The personality profile of an ESFJ

If you are an ESFJ personality type, you will be naturally inclined toward helping others. Maybe your motto in life will be to support those who are in distress.

You will be polite and caring, and never prefer a conflict on the way. Simply, you’re a peace-loving and warm-hearted person. 

Being an ESFJ also means you are harmonious and loving. People seek your suggestions because you are practical and always provide valuable suggestions that can help others immediately.

You are armed with boldness and will make an effort to change the unlawful things going on in society. ESFJs become good policymakers because they always abide by the rules that are beneficial for society.

You will always give utmost priority to what others think about you. Sometimes, you try to become a people pleaser with an urge to make all happy and satisfied.

ESFJs prefer prior planning and dislike surprises. It’s no wonder that you will not make a last-minute rush. You prefer organization and clarity. If things are unclear, you’ll simply lose interest in doing it.

Being an ESFJ also means you are practical and dislike building castles in the air. You will follow your heart and eventually choose something that is purposeful and adds meaning to your life.

You are the one who will always spread joy and happiness around. Maybe you will light up those broken lives that were ignored and never looked after in our society.

The chief personality traits that make up your personality type are as follows:

ESFJs have specific personality traits that make them unique among all other 16 personality types:

  • Practical
  • Thoughtful
  • Altruistic
  • Loving and caring
  • Faithful
  • Dutiful
  • Delegates responsible actions
  • Sensitive and over-emotional at times
  • Compassionate
  • Organized
  • Dependable
  • Non-complaining
  • Follow social order diligently
  • Resolved conflicts tactfully
  • Can offer help to just anyone
  • Cannot tolerate injustice done to ‘self’ or others
  • Expressive about their ideas and suggestions

How common are ESFJs?

ESFJ Myers Briggs is a common personality type. In the United States, they are the second most common personality type. They are to be found in 12% of the general population.

ESFJs are more women and less mean. Thus, women comprise 17% and men comprise only 8% of the population. 

What ESFJs delight?

ESFJs are friendly and sociable with a nurturing mindset. Rules and order attract them because they have a systematic and well-organized nature. They hate messy stuff and feel out of their way if sudden changes knock on the door at any time.

ESFJs are less flexible when it comes to sudden change and last-hour rush. There are certain things that they delight in their lives. These things make them absolutely comfortable in their skin.

  • They like people who are friendly, humble, and compassionate.
  • ESFJs love a disciplined lifestyle.
  • They always prefer to lend support to people who are in great need.
  • They have strong moral codes and refrain from doing any wrong. Prefers to keep their conscience always clean.
  • They love time-tested social customs and follow them blindly.
  • They always feel responsible for the well-being of others.
  • ESFJs love subjective feelings that ensure emotional security.
  • They delight in harmonious and stress-free living
  • Never prefers conflict and squabbling with others because it irritates their inner peace
  • They love routines and make plans so as to avoid messy stuff
  • ESFJs love to remain punctual with their work. Delay in goal accomplishment can frustrate them in no time.
  • People with ESFJ personality types are quick to adapt and adjust to daily life.
  • ESFJs delight in a vibrant social life. They love deep discussions as well as small talks and gossip if needed.
  • They always prefer to remain light-hearted and humorous.

What ESFJs hate?

We all consciously avoid doing things that we do not like. Similarly, ESFJs also hate doing certain things in life. Some of them are discussed here – 

  • ESFJs hate selfish behavior. They keep a distance from those who are self-centered and cannot think about others.
  • These individuals cannot see others in pain or suffering
  • They hate injustice and try to fight against societal conventions that are purposeless
  • ESFJs hate a lonely life. They are typical extroverts with excellent people skills.
  • People with ESFJ personality type hate social discrimination and inequality laws prevalent in society
  • They dislike people who take sides.
  • ESFJs dislike surprises and last-minute rush.
  • They also hate sudden alteration of decisions by someone at home or in the workplace.
  • They prefer personal freedom and hate people telling them what needs to be done
  • ESFJs hate unkind behavior and show-offs
  • They dislike those who criticize others publicly without knowing the truth of the matter.
  • ESFJs are emotional people. They dislike being talked about negatively by others.
  • They hate people who shy away from their responsibilities.
  • They hate impractical people
  • ESFJs hate being under a scanner for the values that they believe in.
  • ESFJs hate lack of organization.
  • They hate people who waste time for no reason.

ESFJ learning style

ESFJs learn best through mutual collaboration and networking with others. They prefer hands-on learning experiences because they have Extroverted sensing as a dominant cognitive function. They prefer learning by doing. 

ESFJs learn by practical examples and not by rote learning. Their intuition power is not great, thus they live in the moment and learn slowly rather than jumping off to make hasty conclusions and decisions making.

Their typical learning style involves the following things:

  • They prefer the real-life applications of what they learn.
  • Exploring and experimenting with things help them learn better.
  • They are not good at memorization.
  • ESFJs learn well in structured settings where they know what to do next in line. They do not like ambiguity and unclear plans and agendas.
  • They can learn facts easily and like to get their work done in a systematic manner.
  • ESFJs are the facilitators and note-takers in the classroom. 
  • They are good at practical subjects rather than needing rote memorization.
  • ESFJs love to experience clarity of the content being taught in a classroom setup.
  • They are team players and so excel in team projects and group activities because they have excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • ESFJs become great leaders because of their ability to influence others’ thoughts with their opinions.

To Sum Up

Being the most harmonious and selfless personality type, ESFJs are great in understanding the needs of others. They are kind, and generous, and can bring positive changes in the lives of many.

ESFJs are society builders. They are passionate about formulating new policies that can benefit all. Their life approach is practical and is in tune with harmony and growth. 

ESFJs love straight talk and avoid back-biting sprees at all costs. These individuals never say things that have a double meaning because ambiguity is their last choice after all.