ESFP Workplace Habits and Communication

People with ESFP are naturally good performers and entertainers. They prefer to be in situations where they may fully experience the present.

ESFP as a Colleague

ESFPs make excellent teammates and team players. They naturally make excellent performers and entertainers.

ESFP as a Subordinate

As a subordinate, ESFPs are pragmatic and open to trying out novel concepts. They dislike regimented and long-term monotonous tasks.

ESFP as a Manager or Boss

Effective leaders are ESFP managers. Their upbeat and adaptable personality creates psychologically safe work environments where team members have the opportunity to generate new ideas and implement them effectively.

ESFP Workplace Communication

ESFPs love to share their personal stories with others. They like communicating in detail about people’s problems. An ESFP colleague would love to move out with you for a cup of coffee or a movie visit.

ESFP Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

ESFPs are soft and sensitive. They are aesthetically inclined people who are not that great at resolving interpersonal conflict. If they are judged in work settings, they may try to pull back and shrink. 

At the work settings. ESFPs are adjustable and love collaboration and mutual help. They prefer to stay present in their work; make short-term goals, fulfill them, and then move on to the next project.