The various hobbies of ENFP personality types depict their fun-loving and jovial nature. They love to get involved in leisure activities that allow them to create something exclusive and new. 

People with this personality type love self-expression. Thus, their hobbies entail a lot of creative endeavors that belong just to them. 

These individuals seek pure joy in their free time, and thus you may find them doing activities such as painting or knitting, or listening to music, writing blogs, or trying to find peace through religious and philanthropic activities.

Let’s learn in detail about the various ENFP side hustles so as to know them in a better way.

Hobbies of ENFP personality type

ENFPs are the go-getter extroverts. They are vibrant, expressive, and full of life. These individuals usually have multiple hobbies. They love to do varied activities when they are free and not doing anything serious.

Their leisure time preferences include activities that are light-hearted and fun loving. They would love to do things that are creative and give them an opportunity to express their innate talents.

Since they are artistic and self-expressive, they would love to follow their passion at any age. Thus, they may choose dozens of hobbies in their lifespan, not doing any one for a long time.

ENFPs are perceiving personalities. Thus, they will not pursue one hobby for a long time. Their preferences change with change in taste and interest. Most ENFPs choose hobbies that are easygoing and give them content and bliss.

ENFPs are imaginative and full of creative ideas. Thus, at home they will spend time in paper quilling, crafting, and even origami. These activities also help them to use their free time productively. 

Amongst their favorite pastimes, writing blogs, sculpting figures, home decoration, and gardening finds a big place. They will do things that are innovative and help them to fulfill their need for artistic expression.

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15 ENFP Hobbies to choose from

Some of the most common hobbies for ENFP personality type are as follows:

1. Writing

For an ENFP, expressing oneself through words or other forms of art is always pleasurable. Thus, they prefer to write small articles, blogs, and poems in their free time. This leisure activity allows them to express their opinions and viewpoints explicitly to the wider public.

2. Listening to music

ENFPs are creative people. Their inclination to various forms of art also makes them listen to music, or write the lyrics of a song. You may find them humming their favorite tune while doing their routine job at home and elsewhere. Sometimes, they may take the spotlight upon them by playing an instrument in a social gathering or a social event.

3. Painting

This is both enjoyable and creative especially if you have an artistic inclination. ENFPs love to draw, paint, and carve figures out of stones. These individuals find pleasure in doing activities that are blissful and allow them to tap their innate talents. 

Nothing can be more enjoyable for an ENFP than nurturing their hidden talents through various forms of art. Artistic expression is their primary motive and they are really good at it.

4. Calligraphy

This is one of ENFPs favorite pastimes. Their love for art finds expression in writing in designs. They can do various sorts of designing in hand written scripts. This hobby serves two purposes in a ENFPs life. 

Firstly, it helps them improve their handwriting through an innovative art form; and secondly, it allows free expression of their abilities that were hidden for a long time. Slowly, they have learned to vent out their abilities and showcase their talents to the outside world.

5. Playing an instrument

ENFPs would love to play instruments in their leisure hours. You will see them opening a YouTube video and learning to play the instrument through self-learning tutorials. These individuals are very fond of music of all kinds. Their love for sounds allows them to create and produce new tunes on a guitar, or keyboard.

6. Photography

ENFPs are extroverts and it is obvious that they love to spend time outdoors. People with this personality type like to capture moments through still and video photography. 

In their free time, they will spend time clicking pictures of their loved ones, nature, and even wildlife photography. They will show immense interest in learning picture development, lighting, background regulation, and video editing.

7. Dancing

As ENFPs are highly expressive, they would love to take the dance floor whenever given a chance. If they are feeling bored at home, they will kick off a hip hop song and start dancing instantly. 

Moreover, these people will never miss a chance to dance and showcase their talents in a social gathering or party. They would love to have the spotlight on them and enjoy appreciation from others for their performances.

8. Role playing and acting

ENFPs like live performances. So, they would act out a scene even in front of a mirror in their leisure hours. 

These people are creative and artistic; and love to show to the world what they know the best. Role playing is their favorite pastime as it allows for free expression of their subtle emotions. 

They can even role play a character from their favorite TV show quite flawlessly. This is a wonderful hobby that can keep them engaged for a long time and bust their boredom.

9. Reading

This is another side hustle that ENFPs would love to pursue as a regular hobby. People with ENFP personalities are intuitive and thoughtful. At the same time, they are highly imaginative. So, they would prefer to read books that are thoughtful and allow them to live in their heads for a long time. 

Reading gives them inner content because they are always open to learn and know the unknown. Some of their favorite books would be murder mysteries, books on adventure, traveling, and even short stories. 

Sometimes, they also like to read comics and children’s classics to relive their childhood days.

10. Skiing

If you are an ENFP who lives in cold countries where snowfall is quite regular, you can also try out skiing or snowboarding as a pastime activity. These sports are adventurous and help you develop your motor skills.  

It will also improve your body strength and balance. Moreover, it is fun-loving and joyful. You may feel like being a child all over again.

11. Hiking

This pastime activity can allow ENFPs pure joy and happiness. They will feel refreshed and energized in novel ways. Spending time outdoors is a likable activity for an ENFP. Thus, they will enjoy doing trekking or short trek mountaineering gleefully. 

The main motive is to keep themselves busy in tasks that they love doing. Anything that stresses them mentally needs to be avoided.

12. Outdoor sports

Being an extrovert, ENFPs would love to get engaged with outdoor games such as tennis, football, roller skating, and mini golf. These sports facilitate good health and fitness as well. 

ENFPs can start playing these sports whenever they are free and see the difference in their fitness levels. Moreover, these outdoor sports are energetic and involve group participation.

ENFP personalities like mingling and social participation. Thus, they can either paly these sports for pure fun or for winning competitions with their friends and family. In this way, they can also bust boredom and keep themselves engaged and occupied in leisure hours.

13. Rock climbing

This is another outdoor activity that ENFPs can start with to bust boredom and utilize their precious time productively. This hobby can also help them improve their physical fitness and social agility. 

Rock climbing is tough and challenging, thus it makes an ENFP come out of their comfort zones and do something new and explorative. 

At the same time, spending quality time out of their home and workplace helps them relax and unwind from a hard day’s work. This activity is a great hobby choice because it matches with their preferences.

14. Interior decoration

ENFPs have beautiful homes. They would love to build their home sweet home with passion and elegance. For that, they may choose to design their homes on their own.

In their free time, they may start with an online home decor class and learn the nitty-gritty of interior designing. They can put effort into knowing how to manage budget and spend time cautiously, so that things are worked out as per the plan. 

ENFPs are creative and their artistic inclinations allow for new ideas to flow in quickly. They will love to décor their home with the budget-friendly plan and earn praise from friends and family.

15. Watching TV / Movies

Last but not the least; ENFPs can spend their free time by watching a favorite movie or binge watching a TV series. This gives them happiness and makes them rejuvenated in novel ways.  

ENFPs can spend their free time by watching many TV shows but not seeing any one for a long time. Frankly speaking, ENFPs lack patience. They like change and readily adapt themselves to new programs and shows like none other.

To Sum Up

One good thing about ENFP hobbies is they can find pleasure even in doing simple things. But they may lose interest very soon. ENFPs are perceiving characters. Thus, they are easygoing and fickle-minded in nature. 

They will find it hard to stick to a routine and pursue a hobby diligently. You may find them showing varied interests yet not following any one for a long time.

Their initial excitement to pursue a hobby may fade out too soon. But whatever it is, these hobbies depict their creative side that they should never give away. They should try to hold on to something to feel energized and refreshed after a hard day’s work.