ESTP Personality Traits That You Need To Know

ESTPs are armed with flexibility and spontaneity. They are a bundle of energy and always maintain a positive attitude towards life. Neither they prefer to sit back nor do they tend to put responsibility on others.

ESTPs are reality-oriented

Armed with a practical nudge, they live life as it happens. ESTPs are sensors. They prefer to live in the moments that they believe are precious and need to be loved to the fullest.

Suffers From FOMO

ESTPs are extroverts and love to socialize and mingle with other members of the community. They always like to stay updated on anything taking rounds in the social setup.

Well aware of hidden motives and tricks of others

Being a sensor personality type, ESTPs are quick to notice the changes in their immediate surroundings. They are keen observers and will easily notice people’s facial expressions, or change in voice tone, or behavior.

Lives in the moments of life

ESTPs live in the present time. Neither do they think about past happenings nor do they think a lot about future events. They like working on the present goals only.

They possess excellent gifting ideas

ESTPs love to shower affection on others by giving gifts to them. This is done to show their praise for the other person.

ESTPs believe in real life actions

ESTPs will believe in things that they see and know well in reality. They never take things for granted. They prefer to see and analyze the proof supporting the facts.

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