ESTP personality traits show that they are spontaneous and highly energized beings. At the same time, they are flexible and open-minded. They believe in creativity and innovative thinking.

ESTPs are committed to make things happen no matter what challenges come in their way of growth. This is the reason why they are known as the daredevils and go-getters.

People with this personality type are dynamic, have a spontaneous social presence, and neither regrets nor repents failure. They take life easily and sail through adversities of life with courage and determination.

25 ESTP Personality Traits

ESTPs are armed with flexibility and spontaneity. They are a bundle of energy and always maintain a positive attitude towards life. Neither they prefer to sit back nor do they tend to put responsibility on others.

They prefer doing things on their own. Being a go-getter, they are creative and always find the next problem solving strategy. They will move to their goal steadily and slowly. Rather they prefer putting a good thought in all their actions and behavior.

ESTPs are hard nose people. Sometimes they are also known as promoters because of their focused mindset in achieving their goals. They never mind putting extra hard work into their work.

They are versatile, creative, and innovative by nature. ESTPs are resourceful and believe in action rather than getting bothered with social niceties. 

Although they are extroverts and feel great when they work in groups, they lead the other team members in such a way that the work gets done on time. They are adaptable and remain open to others opinions and judgments.

If you are an ESTP, you’ll probably have these personality traits

1. ESTPs are reality-oriented

Armed with a practical nudge, they live life as it happens. ESTPs are sensors. They prefer to live in the moments that they believe are precious and need to be loved to the fullest.

They are pragmatic thinkers who know the art of getting things done. They have clarity of thought and understanding and are objective and rational as well. ESTPs believe in facts and real life events and not on abstract ideas and hypothetical concepts.

2. Suffers From FOMO

ESTPs are extroverts and love to socialize and mingle with other members of the community. They always like to stay updated on anything taking rounds in the social setup. They feel anxious if they find that they are left out or are not informed of something that others know.

These individuals suffer from fear of missing out or FOMO. They fear missing out on some information, or any exciting news that others are aware of, etc. 

They mind wasting time on desk jobs; paperwork is not for them at all. ESTPs will suffer from serious FOMO if they find that their friends are having an extra dose of fun that they are missing out on in reality.

3. Well aware of hidden motives and tricks of others

Being a sensor personality type, ESTPs are quick to notice the changes in their immediate surroundings. They are keen observers and will easily notice people’s facial expressions, or change in voice tone, or behavior.

Through these subtle alterations in people’s behavior, they are quick to understand and analyze the hidden motives of others. They can read the minds of others and know their intentions quite easily. ESTPs can sense the gestures and non-verbal cues in an easy and flawless way.

4. Lives in the moments of life

ESTPs live in the present time. Neither do they think about past happenings nor do they think a lot about future events. They like working on the present goals only. 

They never wait for the big opportunity that may or may not come in future. Moreover, they never ponder over past failures. They learn lessons from the past and use it in reaching their future goals successfully. These individuals are grounded in reality and never like to build castles in the air.

5. They possess excellent gifting ideas

ESTPs love to shower affection on others by giving gifts to them. This is done to show their praise for the other person. They care for their loved ones and appreciate the contributions of those people who matter the most in their lives.

ESTPs can take their family to a long-awaited vacation, a cruise, ride, or for an adventure sport, etc. These individuals are creative and love to allure their friends and family members with surprise gifts and token of love and praise.

6. ESTPs believe in real life actions

ESTPs will believe in things that they see and know well in reality. They never take things for granted. They prefer to see and analyze the proof supporting the facts. Anything that is not verified is not for an ESTP.

As they are realistic and action-oriented types, ESTPs hate emotional manipulation and false cries of others. These tactics do not melt their hearts because their feeling potential is less. 

They are not sensitive like the sensing-feeling personality types such as the ESFPs. 

7. They believe in actions

For an ESTP, actions speak louder than words. They just do not create ideas but work on these ideas diligently. Being a hard working person, ESTPs love to take action and do whatever is needed to accomplish their goals.

8. ESTPs have good visual memory

ESTPs possess extraordinary visual memories. They can remember scenes of events that have happened long ago, sometimes in the exact order and sequence. 

Since these individuals love detailing and have good observation power, they can remember details much better than others. They can scan through subtle things and map an overall idea in their minds. 

As they have great observation power, they see through events and analyze each and everything vividly. This means they have the ability to grasp ideas and remember those ideas in the exact sequence.

9. ESTPs are fair and hates injustice

Being an honest person themselves, ESTPs hate injustice and prefer to remain fair in all their dealings and associations with others. For them, things are just white and black. 

It means they judge things either as right or wrong and there is nothing in between. ESTPs dislike unfair practices such as showing partiality to someone even if they do not deserve it.

They believe in ethical practices and like to give a fair chance to everyone. They hate people who use their name and fame to earn social recognition.

10. Independent

ESTPs are free souls. They are independent thinkers who love to soar high up in the sky and live life with their own terms in place. ESTPs dislike too much interference in their personal space. They prefer to remain open-minded and dislike if someone tries to confine them in one place.

As they are energetic, they dislike being boxed in one place. They are always eager to take up new challenges and sail through life courageously.

11. Self-controlled

You’ll always see an ESTP relaxed and easygoing from outside but they are disciplined from within. They are restricted and no-nonsense types. These individuals will always go through details of things before arriving at a decision. 

They possess a logical and thoughtful mind and they never decide things hurriedly and are guided by strong ethics and moral judgments.

12. They’re tenacious

ESTPs are focused and tenacious. If they decide on doing something, they will try their best to achieve them. They will just put effort until things fall in place in the correct manner.

ESTPs prefer to complete their tasks on time. They never procrastinate and wait for the next opportunity. 

13. Risk-taker

ESTPs love to take challenges and overcome them successfully. These individuals can take risk no matter how difficult it may seem to be for them. They believe that in order to achieve anything big in life, one has to take calculated risks; otherwise success can never be achieved in reality.

In this way, ESTPs conquer their fears and vulnerabilities. Taking over new projects and facing new challenges makes them a confident person. For them, if there is no risk in life, there will probably be no gain also.

14. Stress makes them cynical

In the face of stress, ESTPs become restless and emotionally overwhelmed. They show symptoms of anxiety and lose clarity of thought and understanding. In such a situation, they behave like a worrywart and interpret the situation incorrectly. 

This leads to faulty decision making. Sometimes, their practical-minded attitude can make them act too rationally. Their decisions based on logic may not be as worthy as they may think.

They might not give themselves a chance to make mistakes. This increases the emotional overload that gets difficult to control.

15. ESTPs prefer variety

ESTPs will soon get upset with sameness and routine lifestyle. They like to multitask and juggle between various things. This attitude keeps them mentally active as well. ESTPs can also move from one task to another pretty fast.

They hate doing the same stuff and prefer a lot of variety and innovation in their daily life. If someone tells you to do a desk job for months, you will feel stuck. You may think it’s just a waste of your valuable energy.

16. Sense of humor is great

They have a great sense of humor as they are easy-going and light-hearted personality types. ESTPs never feel overwhelmed in exciting situations rather feel great about their incredible energy. They love to crack jokes and can light up tense moments.

ESTPs can make others feel better because they are flexible and never humiliate others intentionally. They will be the last person to criticize others. People love their company because they’re friendly and witty.

17. ESTPs are tactful

ESTPs are clever and tactful. They are intelligent enough to deal with people and situations around them tactfully. Sometimes, they can mold others’ behavior as per the need of the hour.

Being an extrovert, they get ample opportunities to connect with diverse groups of people. Thus, they may inspire and motivate others to act in desirable ways. These individuals are polite and humble. They never create issues that can disturb peace around them.

Others also follow ESTPs lead because of their charismatic and confident style.

18. High on confidence

They are always high on confidence and never appear weak and submissive to others. People with this personality style know how to overcome adversities by keeping a cool attitude towards life. They are fearless and brave. 

Self-trust is quite developed and nothing in this world can undermine their spirit to live life to the fullest. They never give up hope and try till the last point to achieve things the way they have desired.

19. They are too judgmental at times

Being a sensing personality type, ESTPs can scan their surroundings pretty well. Sometimes, they know only one side of the event or circumstance. In this way, their attitude becomes critical and they visualize the event just as right or wrong.

Although they are flexible, they may not remain open-minded under stressful situations. They try to overanalyze things and it makes them judgmental.

Sometimes they give opinions only on the basis of half-hearted information. Others may not like this attitude of an ESTP and conflicts may result without a workable solution at hand.

20. ESTPs dislike dull life

They prefer to live an energetic life. Boring moments and dull lifestyles are not for these enthusiastic personality types. They would love to experience exciting moments and savor the novelty that comes with it.

ESTPs are explorers. They love to create, experiment, and innovate upon new things in life. If dull moments take over them, they may feel tense and fearful. 

Even in relationships, they prefer to keep the spice alive forever. Dull moments make them feel stuck and confined which they will not allow for a long time.

21. ESTPs are people of words

ESTPs are men and women of words. It means they will always keep their promises in life. You will never see them breaking promises or not keeping their words as made to others.

Being an extrovert, ESTPs are versatile and socially vibrant. They have many social connections and thus they nail their words just like that. People with ESTP personality type will always say and do things they believe in.

22. Honest

ESTPs never like anything that goes against their principles and values. They are honest and upfront. Thus, they never like people who crave compliments and can go to any lengths to gather praise from others. 

They hate people who take advantage of their social position. ESTPs cannot relate well with those who crave compliments or will do a social drama to fulfill their objectives. 

Emotional manipulation makes them feel annoyed and irritated. They never like those who try to grab social attention just because they hold more social power and privileges.

23. Fears commitment

ESTPs are relaxed personalities. Thus, they find it hard to handle commitment overload, if any in their personal life. These individuals love to keep promises but if they feel stuck in their relationships, they may not be able to handle it well. They prefer a wait and watch style of living and cannot manage if things are hurriedly put onto them.

24. You’re a devil’s advocate

ESTPs have the ability to analyze things from different perspectives. They are highly thoughtful and logical personality types and avoid making silly mistakes in life.

They never generalize, rather get into the details of a matter before arriving at a decision. ESTPs can also find mistakes in their own work. They have a devil’s eye that is sharp and cruel at times. They are quick to find out flaws in systems, or fallacies in arguments, etc.

25. Past events can haunt you in stressful times

ESTPs are easygoing personalities and never like to see through their past events. But in the face of stress, they may feel burdened with past mistakes. 

They may slow down and start thinking about past relationships that did not work, or ruminate over the past job that they had left but now feels was better than the present one. 

During adverse times, ESTPs may get bothered by past events that were painful and never got a chance to heal completely.

To Sum Up

ESTPs are one of the 16 personality types . They are one of the most versatile and vibrant Myers Briggs type. ESTPs prefer balance and innovation. They are socialites with a devil’s eye and can never be easily fooled out by others.

ESTPs do what they believe in. They rely on solidarity, resourcefulness, and tenacity to realize big dreams in life.