Hobbies of ENTP Personality Type

ENTP Hobbies

As this individual carries a wandering mind, it makes things difficult for an ENTP to find any hobby that sticks. They look for activities that can challenge and satisfy their needs.

Joining a Debate Group

They always prefer having meaningful talks over casual discussions. It is because these people are carrying out an in-depth probe within themselves.

Playing an Instrument or Singing

ENTPs are genuine entertainers because of their charm and intelligence. They love to perform since it offers them enough opportunities for change and development.


In reality, these people are outstanding creators. They might excel in creating numerous designs, like designing a video game or architecture.


There are instances when writing can become an outlet for creativity for ENTPs. It gives them an endless stream of exciting thoughts and ideas.

Taking to the Stage

These people carry the innate ability to step into a character’s shoes. They do so in a seamless manner without any judgment.

Playing Video Games

ENTPs are intense players of video games. They manage to keep them up with far more challenging games. These people enjoy the fact that they can push themselves to become better.

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