ENTP personality traits are those qualities that help ascertain who they are as individuals. They are friendly, communicative, curious, and enthusiastic. This Myers-Briggs type of individual enjoys involving others in intriguing intellectual debates. These people are always ready to offer their new perspectives on different things in their life.

This Myers-Briggs type loves spending time with others. They enjoy being the center of attention. ENTPs like to discuss problems in a group. These individuals often talk about their ideas aloud to process their thoughts.

Therefore, ENTPs look into the big picture in their personal and professional lives. They love contemplating the possibilities of doing something in a particular manner. These people are in their comfort zone when they can use their imagination to work on theories.

ENTP Personality Traits

ENTPs refer to extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving people. These people like the company of others while doing their work. They try to impress people with their intelligence and humor. ENTPs possess a deep curiosity to know how and why things work the way they do.

We all know that rules and regulations govern life. Still, for these people, they are meant to be broken. ENTPs always remain on the lookout to solve problems and errors. They try figuring out how they can use them to their advantage.

It is not that Visionary people have malicious intentions, but they believe rules tend to put limitations on their free-flowing nature. They feel that there is always a far more interesting, faster, or better way to do things, which no one has thought of implementing before.

Some of their characteristics give the impression that they are perfectly suitable to become a businessman. If you are with an ENTP individual, expect them to have a business idea or invent something out of nothing and share them with you.

They do not focus on minute details but only on the big picture. ENTPs feel excited when they get the chance to explore a concept. In this Myers-Briggs personality type, individuals do not intend to convert their plans into reality.

You can undergo an online personality testing method and happen to be an ENTP. There is every chance that you will have the following personality traits –

1. ENTPs are Adventurous

People always approach an ENTP personality type person when they look for a crazy trip or want someone to tell a thrilling story. It is because these individuals are adventurous. ENTPs always look for adventure in whatever they do.

The reason behind it could be their inquisitive habit and an open mind. No matter the situation, an ENTP person always finds something to do that involves adventure. Due to this reason, they are never comfortable following any routine.

2. They are Adaptable

ENTPs know how to go with the flow in their life. They can adapt themselves to all kinds of circumstances. When things might seem extremely tough for others to survive and get through, people with this Myers-Briggs personality type will do just that without any fuss.

They will use their creative mindset to get the best out of any situation that comes their way. Another reason behind this adaptability is an ENTP’s extrovert personality. It allows them to mix with people from all backgrounds, discuss ideas and make them implement those to turn their dreams into reality.

3. ENTPs Are Elegant and Progressive

People with this personality type are elegant, dynamic, and lively. They are energetic and enthusiastic individuals who manage to make their presence felt no matter where they go.

Despite focusing on the future, ENTPs know how to use current resources. These individuals are progressive as they always look for constant growth and development.

4. Ready to Create New Things

The other name of an ENTP person is Inventor. It is because they come across as one of the most inventive and creative individuals to live in this world. They are reluctant to follow a particular process for doing any work.

These people feel there is always some other way to carry out a task, which can make things exciting and entice others to do the job. ENTPs think that one must have the desire to try out new approaches and come out of their shell. Doing so can increase productivity and positively impact an organization’s turnover.

5. They’re are Intelligent

All those individuals with ENTP personality types carry highly analytical mindsets. They love to gather as much information as possible. These people crave to learn and attain knowledge from different spectrums of life.

It makes them aware of what is happening around the world. They stay prepared to tackle all situations that might crop up in their lives. Hence, these people are always one step ahead of others in planning and execution.

6. They are Proficient Leaders

ENTPs have proficiency in leading. They adopt the democratic style of leadership. Due to their ability to remain flexible, they always remain open to fresh ideas and listen to the viewpoints of team members. As they have a quick wit, they can easily recognize discrepancies in workplaces.

Their excellent oratory skills help them put forward their instructions to teammates. They manage to lead others with a lot of enthusiasm. ENTPs keep their subordinates’ motivation levels high. These people do not resort to manipulation. They are straightforward and never criticize others out of nothing.

7. Stays away from Emotions

All those who possess ENTP personalities carry practical minds. They make decisions based on logic and hence do not allow emotions to influence them in any manner. According to these individuals, being emotional is a sign of weakness.

It does not allow a person to do what is feasible. Thus, they make sure to stay away from the same. These people believe in doing the right thing at the right time.

8. ENTPs Work on Perception

Your mind works on perception. It makes you sharp. You can grasp suggestions effortlessly and think over a length of time. Even if the circumstances are not favorable, ENTPs do not get perturbed.

These people have the confidence to come out of those situations in grand style. You can jump from one train of thought to another within a few seconds. It makes you proficient in debating.

9. Strong Sense of Curiosity

People with ENTP personality type showcase a high level of curiosity in life. They wish to know about wide ranging activities taking place across the world which might have some impact on their personal and professional lives. These individuals are not just bothered about knowing.

They become curious to know how and why those things are happening. ENTPs view learning all these details as their favorite pastime. This trait enables them to engage in intellectual debates with people. It allows ENTPs to exchange information and hence enrich their knowledge further.

10. You Have an Open-Mind

This Myers-Briggs personality type is open-minded. One can easily relate it to versatility. They tend to get easily bored because of the stereotypical nature of life. Thus, ENTPs keep nurturing new ideas and looking for possibilities to improve further.

Their thirst for novelty is insatiable. People who know these individuals can realize that there is no limit to all those things that create interest in their minds. They are ready to look into things from different perspectives. Thus, ENTPs provide new dimensions to existing set-ups.

11. ENTPs Are Idealistic

ENTPs are not the ones who love to follow schedules. Ideas attract them a lot. They are much more bothered about working on ideas that appear on a random basis than formulating concrete plans. Plans and schedules of any kind tend to disrupt their carefree attitude.

A person with this personality type is always up for introducing new concepts. It does not matter if those concepts do not bring the right results. This habit of theirs can make people call them dreamers. The significant thing from ENTPs point of view is to remain careful. Else, they might require dealing with numerous unfinished projects.

12. You Are Argumentative

If you are an ENTP, you will always have the habit of proving almost anything and everything. It is irrespective of whether something carries legitimacy or not. They love getting into a good debate with people. Hence, their argumentative nature comes to the forefront.

Plus, extroverts are naturally charismatic individuals. Hence, when one combines these two aspects of their personality, they develop the uncanny knack for convincing people of anything that comes over in life.

13. You Are Fearless

ENTPs do not fear in their life. Hence, they do not think twice before taking up even the toughest challenges. Due to their bold personality, they have complete faith in their abilities and use them in the best possible manner to carry out responsibilities.

These people can easily cross hurdles and keep up their spirit even when the going gets tough. You will not see ENTPs suffering from fear of failure. They see failure as an opportunity to try harder to succeed.

14. They Work on Impulse

This Myers-Briggs personality type people love taking risks in their life. It happens because of acting over things on impulse. Now, there are two ways of looking at it. It comes off positively and gives you the desired result.

On the other hand, when it does not pay off, this impulsive nature reaches a level those results in self-destruction. It happens to be one of their major weaknesses. The worrying factor is that ENTPs do not realize the risk element involved in this impulsive behavior, which can get them into serious trouble.

15. ENTPs Are Insensitive to a great extent

ENTPs easily mix with people due to their extroverted personality type. Unfortunately, they are not sensitive to others’ feelings and sentiments. These individuals look down upon people even without realizing it.

ENTP personality type people treat others who are lower in status as inferior. They tend to focus more on impersonal data. It comes through from their attempt to look at things in a manner they believe is the most logical.

16. You Tend to Procrastinate

One of the personality traits of ENTP individuals is their habit of procrastination. They are dreamers who tend to imagine numerous things in their minds. These people might worry about stuff that may not even exist in real life.

As a result, they find it extremely tough to focus on things that truly matter. You make plans and decide on the execution, but everything goes haywire. Due to the lack of focus, you never manage to finish any task.

17. Lacks Time Management Skills

One of the main reasons behind ENTPs’ inability to finish any task before moving on to another is their poor time management skills. They fail to determine the time it will take them to complete a particular job.

Hence, when they work on two tasks simultaneously, they cannot understand which one has a higher priority and should deal with it in the first instance. Thus, things become haphazard and untidy.

18. You Are Intolerant

People of this extroverted personality type compliment themselves and love hanging out with those who can match their potential. If they do not find such friendly companions, ENTPs will quickly pass judgment and start pushing them away from their lives.

They must learn the art of taking time to know people holding different perspectives and aspirations in their lives. ENTPs must accept people as they are and not expect them to have similar likes and dislikes as theirs.

19. They Talk a Lot

You can pinpoint an ENTP person from a group of people due to their talkative nature. They are always brimming with new ideas and thus love expressing them to others.

These individuals remain on the lookout for debating with others over various topics from time to time. It gives them immense pleasure to exchange views and enrich their knowledge.

20. ENTPs Are Future-Oriented

ENTPs are individuals who tend to focus on the future. The present situation does not excite them in any manner. Extraverted Intuitive is their dominant function. They love the act of brainstorming and playing with their ideas.

Their ideas always intend to make the future better. They look at each challenge as an opportunity to learn, which can allow them to grow in the future. These people are more interested in knowing what could happen than ‘what is?

To Sum Up

The ENTP personality traits we have discussed in this article portray their curious, practical, and fearless manner of dealing with life’s stern challenges. They are one of the few Myers-Briggs personality types who can adapt under all circumstances.

Their intelligence and open-minded approach allow a constant flow of information, which pave the way toward personality development. If they can pay attention to understanding people’s emotions, it might help strengthen their relationships with others.