INFP Career Opportunities

Writer Being an introvert, INFPs are deeply thoughtful. They can create imaginative stories much more easily than others.

Multimedia professional INFPs can choose to become a multimedia professional. They can take up junior 3D artist, animation designer, or graphics designing.

Social worker For an INFP, nothing is more fulfilling than helping others who are in need. Thus, social work and community welfare officers will be a best fit career for them.

Teacher As INFPs are idealists, they will be able to teach good values to their students. Their thoughtful minds can help their students learn things in innovative ways.

Musician INFPs can compose music that is touchy and allows them free expression of their talents that otherwise remains hidden from the public eye.

Architect INFPs can choose to become architects because they are naturally gifted and creative. They can plan, design, and implement their ideas in the best possible way.

To Sum Up There are some jobs that are best suited to their strengths and skills while with other job roles, INFPs need to adapt and adjust well, so that they can shine in their chosen path of professional growth.