INFP careers choice includes job opportunities in the field of fine arts, performing arts, teaching, healthcare, and social work. INFPs are very choosy as far as their career opportunities are concerned because they prefer flexible work setups that allow creativity to flow into the workplace every now and then.

People with INFP personalities are drawn towards a career that is not rigid and gives them opportunity to create and innovate as per their talents.

They prefer job roles that allow for mutual learning between the members of a team. These individuals cannot go by the rulebook, thus they will struggle in work setups that are not open-minded.

INFPs choose careers that are slow-paced and easygoing yet help them deliver their best. Let us see which career options are best suited for an INFP personality type.

INFP Careers

INFPs prefer to choose careers that are fulfilling and enable them for a purposeful living. They are not into 9 to 5 job roles that will take care of their utility bills and basic needs. But they want a career that is creative and gives them an opportunity to learn new things every now and then.

Having an intuitive mind also means that an INFP will long for future possibilities. They will not settle for anything less than professional excellence. 

Thus, rigid deadlines make them feel stressed out as they start to realize their creativity is getting destroyed and they are nowhere near to their goal.

People with INFP personalities will thrive in careers that they will love. They cannot understand office politics and social drama that takes place in workplaces. The ideal career for an INFP should not be a job only. It should be like an inner calling that makes them feel interested in the work they are doing.

Sometimes, INFPs may suffer from intense frustration if they find that there perfect job is not the one they are doing. Thus, you may find an INFP leaving jobs quite often. As they can easily adjust to new situations, they will not settle into a mundane, routine job that makes them feel stuck or caged in the workplace.

15 Careers that best suits INFP personalities

Some careers are a good fit for an INFP while others make them feel frustrated. They are very choosy and desire to get into a job that is deeply imaginative and allows them to think deeply about the various facets of the assigned task.

INFPs are inclined towards fine arts and performing arts. That’s the reason many renowned musicians and artists are INFPs. They love to work at their own pace and timing. Many INFPs will join freelance writing, or will work as music composers and playwrights.

They cannot thrive in competitive careers where constant criticism can weaken their self-worth. They hate to be judged and prefer to choose careers that are flexible, where they can make use of their autonomy fully. 

INFPs hate to be micromanaged. They do not like others telling them what needs to be done. Therefore their career choices are always purposeful and have to add some meaning to their life and living.

In this section, we will highlight the various career options that suit an INFP personality type. The career that rewards their creativity and independence is a good fit for an INFP. Moreover, the career has to be in tune with their values, and then only they will find it fulfilling and satisfying. 

1. Writer

Some of the well-known authors who have inspired our lives are INFPs. The most notable ones are Virginia Woolf, George Orwell, and Christian Anderson. 

This makes it clear that writing is a good career choice for an INFP. Being an introvert, INFPs are deeply thoughtful. They can create imaginative stories much more easily than others. These individuals would love to create interesting narratives that can inspire others to live better lives. INFPs are also known as the ‘healers’. 

They are kind and empathetic. Thus, their kind words can help others overcome life issues easily. INFPs can influence the minds of others to think in positive ways through their powerful words of optimism and purposeful living.

2. Fine arts

A career in fine arts can be inspiring for an INFP. Such a career will allow for creativity to flow out of them. Moreover, fine arts are a good way to nurture their innate skills for drawing, coloring, and designing. INFPs will find this career very fulfilling as it will add meaning to their creative world.

3. Multimedia professional

INFPs can choose to become a multimedia professional. They can take up junior 3D artist, animation designer, or graphics designing. These job roles are flexible and allow creativity and innovation. They are free to choose their time and pace of work. There will be no strict rules and rigid deadlines.

4. Social worker

For an INFP, nothing is more fulfilling than helping others who are in need. Thus, social work and community welfare officers will be a best fit career for them. These individuals are helpful and love to assist others in need. 

They would love to influence the life of others in positive ways. Being a value-oriented person, INFPs will love to bring fair judgments for all in the community. They will ideally work towards upliftment of the poor and needy. 

Overall this career option will help an INFP to stay connected to the needs of others. They will make the world a better place for everyone where equal opportunities for all will be given precedence. 

5. Counselor/psychologist

The INFP personality type is sensitive towards the needs of others. It may feel that it is their moral obligation to assist those who are in need. Being a counselor, they will be able to connect to the finer needs of others that were ignored for a long time. 

Moreover, the counselor job role will help them to find meaning in their professional life. They will find an inner joy while assisting others. INFPs are kind and considerate, thus they will render a patient ear to others who may be inclined to share their deepest agonies with an INFP

INFPs are great listeners. They will never judge others without any definite proof. They are less critical and more supportive in nature. Therefore, a counselor job role will be a good fit for an INFP type.

6. Teacher

As INFPs are idealists, they will be able to teach good values to their students. Their thoughtful minds can help their students learn things in innovative ways. Being a creative bunch, INFPs will help their students learn various concepts in an interesting manner.

INFPs are drawn towards teaching as the job role allows for an open-minded approach to learning. They will get a chance to develop the curriculum and methodology that can add meaning to their students’ lives. Moreover, the teaching profession is all about flexibility. They will be able to impart knowledge to the little minds and help them fulfill their individual potentials.

INFPs are caring, empathetic, and patient. Thus, they will have all the qualities that are needed to become an ideal teacher. They will soon find this career option as a rewarding experience for themselves and their students.

7. Musician

Although they struggle to vent out their deepest feelings, INFPs are deeply emotional. Being a musician, INFPs can express their feelings easily. They can compose music that is touchy and allows them free expression of their talents that otherwise remains hidden from the public eye.

Music and performing arts always remain their first career choices. It gives the immense pleasure to be in a professional pursuit that allows both free expression and creativity to be in one place. 

Music also allows for an easy escape from the hassles of everyday living. It gives them inner peace like none other. 

For an INFP, music is the food of the soul. It helps them find themselves in subtle ways. As musicians, they will get a chance to write the lyrics of their song, compose tunes for the same, and later on perform in front of the bigger audience. 

8. Public relation professional

This can be a good fit for an INFP personality type. This career allows for building connections and improves their socialization skills. As they are soft-spoken and humble, INFPs can deal with customers in a better way. 

These individuals are highly approachable. Others find it easy to connect with them. Thus, they may find it easy to convey their message to people in humble ways. 

INFPs would be a good fit for a public relations job role because of their ability to see both sides of the problem in a better way. They are thoughtful and as such possess the ability to tell people about the organization’s role in public service and what else they can expect from the organization in the future.

INFPs will build relations between clients and the organization in a way that trust and values will never be compromised from both ends. 

9. Non-profit manager

INFPs can do very well in various job positions in an NGO. As they are passionate about working in fields that are meant to help others, they would love to promote causes that aim for community welfare. Being a manager in an Ngo, they will find it easy to understand the agonies and problems of the less fortunate people.

Being a naturally sensitive type, INFPs will always strive to help others. Moreover, working with diverse groups of people will also help them to connect with individuals having different perspectives and opinions. INFPs are flexible and find it easy to connect with the opinions of others. 

This career will provide them a purposeful life that they will cherish throughout life.

10. Fund-raising executive

INFPs can take up a career in fundraising because they always love to promote social causes that can build up better communities. 

These individuals are also inclined towards fair treatment of all. Thus, the fundraising activities can help them gather funds that can be used for fulfilling the various needs of the poor and needy people.

INFPs can use their creativity in organizing various public events to promote the social cause and raise more funds for the development of the community they work for. 

They are attractive, sober, and naturally humble. They have the power to influence others through their kind words and fetch more money for the social cause.

11. Human resource manager

INFPs will outshine many others in this job role because of their ability to connect people and processes in the organization. Being an introvert, they are reserved but also prefer to work in teams. Thus, working in a human resource job role gives them endless opportunities to connect with many others and know about various perspectives and creative ideas. 

12. Child care providers

The job role of a child care provider also allows them to take care of others’ needs. INFPs are loving and patient people. So, it is no surprise that they can actually help little children learn various life skills under their affectionate tutelage. 

These individuals are also quick to relate with others’ needs. Moreover their friendly and highly approachable nature will help them deal with children in kind ways.

13. Occupational therapist

This is another career opportunity that INFPs can engage with quite effortlessly. As they are in tune with the fine-drawn needs of others, they can help people recover from their illnesses and injuries in easy ways. 

Being a therapist, INFPs can help disabled or differently abled people lead normal lives. The job role entails care and concern for those who need assistance to sustain a healthy and hearty living.

INFPs can help their patients improve their motor skills and develop the physical strength to do all everyday tasks effortlessly. INFPs are compassionate and gentle. Their patience can help them improve the lives of many sufferers who need assistance to carry on successfully with their day to day routine tasks of self-care.

14. Architect

INFPs can choose to become architects because they are naturally gifted and creative. They can plan, design, and implement their ideas in the best possible way. People with this personality type are articulate and can create designs that are likable and can be considered worthy as per market standards.

INFPs can make building designs as per the current trend and can make their organizations a notable one in the industry. As an architect, their primary job responsibility will be to create innovative designs, create proposals for estimated costs, and determine the environmental impact of the built-up structure. 

INFPs can do all these tasks effortlessly because of their intuitive mindset that thinks about future possibilities. They will remain open to make changes in the design of the building, if it falls short of the required standards. So, it could be a best suited career option for them.

15. Special educator

Just like any other teaching assignment, the role of a special educator will be a promising career for an INFP. They would love to care for the special children who need extra care and affection. INFPs are caring souls. They are empathetic and gentle. 

People with INFP personalities are patient and they can give an extra dose of affection and deep sense of belongingness to the special child. This job role will match with their areas of strengths and expertise.

Careers to avoid

There are some of the careers that INFPs should consciously avoid; otherwise they may struggle to do justice to the career path they have chosen for themselves.

  • Sales manager
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Attorney
  • Police officer
  • Judge
  • Finance controller
  • Auditor
  • Management consultants
  • Research analysts
  • Survey researches
  • Chemical engineer
  • Economists
  • Clerks
  • Supervisor
  • Military officer

To Sum Up

From the thorough discussion, it becomes clear that there are a number of energetic and interesting career options that INFPs can choose to make a meaningful life for themselves. 

There are some jobs that are best suited to their strengths and skills while with other job roles, INFPs need to adapt and adjust well, so that they can shine in their chosen path of professional growth.

They thrive well in challenging career paths that test their ability to perform and stay sustained amidst all odds. These challenging roles help an INFP do some form of self-analysis and realize their true worth as an individual and as employees in the organization.