Here to know what are the pros & cons of having a type B personality?

Perhaps, you took a personality test, found you have B-type traits, and someone commented “Oooh… that’s not good. You’re lazy!”

That comment probably shattered your heart. You can’t help it because society loves to assume and judge others. But you know what? You’ve reached the right place. Because, here, the truth will be served on a silver platter about how fabulous… or not-so-fabulous you are.

So, if you’re ready, let’s plunge right into it…   

What Are the Pros of Having a Type B Personality?

Every person is unique and beautiful in their own way. Despite their personality type, gender, race, age, or appearance… everyone is  the best version of themselves.

And many people are jealous of that awesome character. They can’t be like you, so they try to pull you down. Well, enough of that. Know these and boost your self-confidence…

1. You won’t work yourself to death

When it comes to dealing with work, type A and type B are polar opposites. A Type A person prioritizes their work even above their life.

They’re ready to work long hours without breaks and eat fast which impacts their health. Type B people never overwork themselves. They have a healthy routine.

2. You might be blessed with good health

Individuals with type A behavior patterns often deal with high-stress levels which are connected to coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, poor mental health, and many more health concerns.

Since folks with type B behavior patterns can manage stress levels better, they have a lower incidence of these health issues.

3. Your creativity is jaw-dropping

B-types are blessed with creativity… not just in an artistic way. They’re creative in every area of life. So, you can focus on the bigger picture of life instead of worrying about things that won’t matter.

Your creativity shoots from the depth of your mind. Every moment of the day, your mind is busy creating magic.

4. The team members want you

Type Bs are open-minded, encouraging, great motivators, and know no bounds when it comes to working in teams. They are great team players. They don’t try to outdo others and try to make progress together with everyone else.

In every team, people want a type B for the positivity they share. They’re in demand because of their peace-keeping skills.

5. You can have clear goals

When something creative catches your interest, you know exactly how important that is to you. You’re ready to devote your all to it. You won’t mind even dedicating months to achieve it.

You might not be a workaholic like type As all the time, but you know exactly which one is the most important of the lot. You can go all out for that.

6. You’re a friend… indeed

B-types are known for their amazing friendships. So, you can support others, help them speak out, express their opinions, and make others feel involved.

Your immense patience makes others feel grateful to have you by their side. Even when nobody stands beside people in trouble, you’re always there. Everyone wants a friend like you in their life.

7. Your presence comforts others

When a team is pressured with tight schedules and never-ending tasks, they act frantically and lose their mind. But you (a type B) have great stress management skills.

When you don’t get worried, the remaining team members also feel reassured. This helps them calm down and focus on their task at hand.

8. You live every moment of your life

Unlike type As, you don’t try to furiously reach the end point of every journey in life. Instead, you like to absorb the emotions and feelings of every step to reach your goals. You mindfully relish the time until you achieve something. You appreciate success, but you can’t ignore the joy before that.

9. You have impressive analysis skills

This is not so widely known but B-types can imagine the probable results in the future of their current decisions. So, you have great decision-making skills.

You can keep your calm and work things out without faltering under pressure. Even if you’re short on time and are in a dilemma, you can always make the best choice.

10. You don’t feel ashamed of your shortcomings

Like every other human being and personality type, you’re flawed. However, you’re comfortable in your own skin. You don’t feel ashamed to the point of trying to change yourself.

You never pretend to be someone you aren’t. You focus on your strengths and weaknesses and make them work in your favor instead of overthinking those.

11. You don’t let your success have the better of you

Most people let success get to their minds. When they achieve something once, they think they must and will succeed next time too… otherwise it’ll be shameful and they can’t show their face to society.

You being a type B never looked at success like that. You don’t get addicted to success and understand it’s alright to fail.

12. You’re always striving to be better

Either because you know that you also have weaknesses… or because people always shove reality to your face and compare you with A-types, you understand your shortcomings.

You always try to be a better version of yourself and never try to become someone else. You inspire many people with this self-improving attitude.

13. You don’t lash out easily

B-types have astonishing patience and calm. You can have an even temper and you try to understand the person opposite to you.

You don’t judge them or overreact to them. Your stable emotions help you relax and decide calmly. Even if others make mistakes you don’t overreact which helps you get things done quickly.

14. You take time to appreciate things

After achieving something, you don’t forget about it. Being a type B, you take your time to relish your achievements. You don’t instantly jump into a new battle.

Instead, you take your time admiring your creations. This helps you feel emotionally and mentally satisfied with your work. You make everyone’s successes a day worth remembering.

15. You have a life beyond work

For Type As, it’s like they’re married to their job. If they have 8 hours to work and 6 hours to spend time with loved ones, they’ll spend all 14 hours on their work. Their family members usually resent them for not giving them time.

But being a B-type, you’ll value your personal life equally. Your friends and family will cherish you for being available and giving them attention.

16. You accept others as they are

Being a type B, you won’t judge others for every decision. You live and let live. If someone else perceives life differently, you don’t mind that.

You know how the world treats you and you do your bit to make others feel accepted. This way, you create many other loving people around you.

17. You’re just enough focused on your work

Most people think you’re lazy but you know what you do. You’re attentive to your work… but neither too much nor too less. You know exactly how much attention is required to maintain a healthy balance and work efficiently. If you weren’t focused, it’d have been impossible for you to create spectacular results.

18. You know when to give up

As mentioned earlier, being a B-type brings you a farsighted vision about major decisions. You know which project or task will work and which won’t.

When you feel a task won’t bring the expected results, you give up immediately. Others may say that you didn’t even try… but in reality, you just saved your time and resources from being wasted.

19. You don’t draw conclusions fast

B-types are never in a rush in any situation. So, if you find a tough situation, you take your time to understand both situations and their probable pros and cons.

If two people are fighting, you take time to listen and understand the circumstances. You make sure that nobody gets blamed wrongly for anything.

20. You have high life satisfaction levels

The way you – a type B person – lead a life, you leave no chance for regrets. Your every step in life is calculated.

You make sure that you only choose the best. And even if things go down, you don’t feel depressed about that. You can deal with setbacks well. This results in better satisfaction levels in life.

21. You can process your emotions

Being a B-type, you can understand your mental and emotional needs. You can process every emotion and feeling. This helps you filter out negative thoughts and be kind.

Even if you commit mistakes, you’re always on the lookout to improve your and your loved ones’ life. You can maintain healthy relationships this way.

22. You can stay calm even during crises

Usually, A-types feel extremely low, dejected, and demotivated when they face failures and setbacks. However, being a B-type, you’ll tackle them like a boss.

Of course, you don’t want to fail either, but at least, you won’t ponder on the negative thoughts excessively. Instead, you’ll learn your lessons and quickly turn around to prove yourself.

23. You always focus on the brighter side of people

Type B folks are people lovers. They don’t build bonds only to give and take. They understand that life is much more than exchanging favors.

They build connections because they like knowing others and broadening their horizons. Being a B-type, you’ll always attract the right kind of people around you.

24. You can behave well everywhere

Even during stressful situations, you won’t lose your calm. You won’t misbehave with others just because you can’t contain your stress levels.

The lack of hostility even during tough times will help you avoid addiction and poor health habits.

25. You dream big

Since you never care about the incidences of failure, you can spread your wings wide apart and try out everything that interests you.

Your imaginations can be wild and ferocious. But they don’t scare you. You want to experience new things which make you achieve the impossible. Type Bs can dream courageously which helps them grow.

But are you still worried about what others said? Let’s check the reality here…

What Are the Cons of Having a Type B Personality?

As gorgeous and talented as human beings are, nobody is perfect in this world… and there’s nothing to be ashamed of! In fact, know more about yourself… try to accept your weaknesses and if possible, try to be better. So, let’s get down to work here…

1. You might get taken advantage of

People with Type B behaviors are extremely kind and never think the worst about the other person… unless others get on their bad side. They also dislike confrontation.

So, if a person manages to maintain a good impression and hurt you, you might not confront them at all. That person might take advantage of you.

2. You might lose your focus at times

Being a type B, you might at times procrastinate so badly that you lose focus on the important things. You might think that you have enough time to take care of things… only to remember it when the time is almost up. You might even multitask at the last minute.

3. Workplaces expect too much from you

Compared to type A people, type Bs aren’t always hurrying and overworking themselves to the brink of collapsing.

So, even if you take it easy, complete your tasks, and perform extraordinarily, the world won’t stop expecting more from you. They’ll compare you with people with Type A personality traits and make you feel you’re inadequate.

4. People assume you’re not committed

People with Type B Behavior Patterns might not always do things the way others expect them to. They might take it a bit easy or work smart instead of hard. They might not follow traditional working styles.

If you’re the same, you might feel quite discriminated against. People might call you unmotivated or undedicated just because of the difference.

5. You might face deadline issues

In the current world, most jobs have strict deadlines. People must work faster than ever to meet these (sometimes inhumane) expectations.

However, B-types often need more time for their creativity. All workplaces can’t allow that much time. So, you might often be at a disadvantage in your professional life if you can’t pick your pace.

6. Your thoughts might turn unrealistic at times

To reach unique and original levels of creativity, Type Bs sometimes imagine the impossible. While nothing is wrong with that, it surely wastes their time.

Especially, if their creativity is used in their professional life, they lose a lot of time imagining the impossible. So, you might frequently lose time on unnecessary thoughts.

7. You might get bored and distracted easily

Type B people are infamous for being unable to stay focused on one thing for a long time. Their creative minds always flow here and there in search of something more unique.

If you find something more interesting than your project, you might overlook your current tasks and pile up pending work. You might even distract others with your talkative nature

8. You might need someone to manage you

Since you always get distracted and distract others from work, you need someone around you to remind you to focus. You might not be able to work independently.

You might not be a good fit for leadership positions if this con predominates in you. You might start chatting with your subordinates and harm team productivity.

9. You let your personal feelings impact your profession

Individuals with this type of personality often feel dejected when they’re not included in group activities. So, in your workplace, if they create a team to work on a project but you’re not included, you easily get hurt.

You feel low and your productivity goes down. You even impact others’ moods negatively.

10. You might hurt your health

Your carefree approach to life might also get extended to your health practices. You might slack off and avoid exercising, skip cooking meals or binge on junk food, or have a messed-up sleep schedule.

You might even show a relaxed attitude even after getting serious symptoms and skip routine checkups. Your personality might be the reason behind your health issues.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Nobody in this world is perfect… Everyone has some flaws. But that’s okay so long you try to be a better person, make your loved ones happy, satisfy your obligations and responsibilities, and don’t do anything wrong knowingly.

Though the world says a lot of negative things about B-types, be the B-type to shut those baseless accusations. Prove them you’re the best and much happier than they could ever imagine!

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