Want to know what are the pros and cons of having a type c personality? Did anyone tell you that there’s nothing good about your personality? Or, did you assume that?

Well, you are more likely to assume such outrageous thoughts before anyone else complains. So,this think-piece will prove that your personality has both good and bad sides. You also have many things to be proud of!

So, let’s not waste your time and get to the main course right away…

What are the pros of having a type C personality?

Others might say that you’re too introverted or lack social skills… they might say you’re too strict with everything… but that’s how society works!

People hardly notice anything other than flaws. However, never think that they know you better than anyone else. Do you find that hard to believe? That’s okay… know about the brighter side of your personality type here…

1. You can be pretty accurate

People with type c personality traits are blessed with the power of accuracy. So, if your work is full of precise information. You can create high-quality tasks with the least no errors because you can keep your mind focused on the details.

You can stay focused for long hours which helps you further to bring out accurate results from your task. You’re even accurate when you find errors and their solutions.

2. You can work independently

Type Cs prefer to work independently. Being a type C, you follow strict rules at work and expect others to follow your methods. However, everyone can’t follow your ways, so you don’t have high expectations from others. Instead, you learned to work on your tasks solo.

Similar to type A personalities, you don’t depend on others and work things out on your own. Even if the rest of the team members fail, you tackle it all alone.

3. You’re loaded with realistic creativity

Type B and type C both have immense creative energy. So, as a type C person, you can flourish in a creative or artistic career with your imagination.

Moreover, you have extra benefits over type Bs as you only dream and plan realistically. You don’t imagine anything impossible and always keep yourself in check.

4. Everyone considers you dependable

Whenever people find it difficult to complete a project or they can’t figure out the loopholes, they approach you. They know that your systematic and methodical ways will always help their situation and find their solution.

So, during these crises, people reach out to you for help. You’re often called the problem solver because of your innovative ideas and your thinking style that can detect any tricky issue.

5. Your tasks are always rich with valuable info

You’re always anxious that your tasks won’t be sufficient or that your arguments will be challenged. You fear your tasks might fail due to these ambiguities.

So, you try your best to prepare a detail-oriented task with all the information and evidence to make your statements stand out strong. You make sure that nobody can challenge you. Your tasks always have plenty of useful information to stand tall to such questions.

6. You’re a person of words

People who have a type C personality stay true to their words until the end. Once you promise something to others, you don’t easily back off. You’re ready to break your bones and keep the promise because your honor is on the line.

Whether you promise a loved one to give them time or your boss to make a situation work or work consistently, you sacrifice everything you have for it.

7. You don’t oppose plans

If you’re made to follow a particular process whether in your professional or private life to do a task, you don’t mind it.

Rather, you like it when there’s a pre-devised plan as you don’t need to spend a lot of time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You know what will give you the best results and follow the lead.

8. You’re extremely organized

Being a C-type, you have an extremely organized space. But it’s not just for your own space, you make any space you work with organized.

So, if someone wants something from your home or office desk, they can easily find it.

On the other hand, if there’s a document room and things are disheveled, you even clear out clutter there and indirectly help others.

9. You only take well-informed decisions

When you’re in a dilemma, you don’t follow your gut or make rushed choices. C-types are deep thinkers when it comes to decision-making. So, you take your time to understand the situation well.

You investigate all the choices you can possibly take and what benefit and drawback each of them bring. You also check whether you can deal with the drawbacks well and which benefits truly help you.

10. You’re kind

C-types have a soft corner for everyone. They might not show it, but they don’t want to burden others. Whenever others are in trouble, you support them with everything you have.

You notice others’ problems even before they express them and are there to help them. You can’t overlook others’ troubles and help out with everything you can.

11. You’re a pro when it’s about data

Often people get confused while handling lots of data. However, being a C-type you have a natural love for excess information. You can keep unlimited data in your mind about interesting subjects.

You can focus on these for extended hours and don’t get distracted easily. Lots of information attracts you… whereas it usually gets others confused.

12. You don’t lead others on

When you meet a negative situation, you don’t sugar-coat your words to console yourself or others. You’re always rooted in reality and you don’t like to relax your mind with false hopes.

So, unless you know that there’s a good chance of turning the tables, you keep trying hard to find a solution until you’re out of time. You also don’t let others relax with lies only to shock them with failure later.

13. You can usually read others

Being a type C person, you have the capability of understanding people’s intentions even without communicating with them. True introverts learn to understand others’ minds judging by their actions and words.

You bypass most shallow and opportunistic people just by observing them from afar. You can easily choose the lot you want to hang out with, do business with, or avoid much easier this way.

14. You help everyone get along

If others fight, you mediate the situation and help others reach a middle ground. Since you feel anxious about fights… whether it includes you directly or you’re indirectly affected by it… you try your best to help others out.

You’re sensitive to others’ emotions so you can understand what people say in the heat of the moment and what they truly mean. You can make people reconcile and make up again.

15. You always have a plan

You never believe that any plan or idea is completely perfect. You know that problems can spring up at any moment from any corner. You don’t want to be unprepared for those crises.

So, even when a plan goes smoothly, you imagine all sorts of possible problems and create one or more backups for everything. You don’t trust that one backup will help you fight the situation. So, when you face real trouble, you always have something prepared.

But are people’s opinions completely wrong? This article will stay honest to you till the end. So, let’s know the complete truth here…

What are the cons of having a type C personality?

Like every other personality type, there are definitely some cons to yours. However, remember to not trust whatever people say. Instead, you must know how much of it is true and how much is made up!

So, plunge into this deep list to find the truth…

1. You feel anxious about conflicts

You always avoid conflicts or even the smallest hint of disagreement because you’re anxious about the outcomes. You don’t want to make your relationships bitter because of minor differences in your thoughts.

You only assume the worst out of these situations and flee from them. Though everything seems fine now, you lack the skill of healthy conflict resolution which can negatively impact your life later.

2. You hide your emotions

People call you emotionless because you fear showing your true feelings. You don’t want to be vulnerable in front of others. Whether you’re angry, frustrated, sad, or disappointed, you’re always emotionally repressed.

You feel anxious that your different feelings will either hurt others or they won’t accept you. Out of this fear, you might mess up many of your relationships.

3. People pleasing makes you a pushover

You want to live a harmonious life with everyone. For the same reason, you avoid conflicts, and disagreements, and even hide your emotions. You want to pose as the perfect person in front of others that’s kind and agreeable.

However, this only makes you more prone to opportunists. People feel it’s fine to ask you for more and take advantage of you because you never set strict boundaries.

4. You might be unable to compromise with type Bs

Both types Bs and Cs have great creativity, so when any creative task is at hand, people will try to merge the two forces to make something amazing. But, you might be unable to stand B-types due to your clashing traits.

Though you like to stick to the rules, type Bs are extremely spontaneous and undisciplined. They work untidily and their creativity sometimes becomes unrealistic. You might be extremely annoyed by them and mess up the task.

5. You act too dependent on tasks

When you’re given a task, you ask others around before every step you take. Basically, you do it to prevent mistakes. You don’t want to do something wrong and redo the entire task. If you don’t double-check these things, you feel uncertain and can’t confidently do that task.

However, others believe that you’re incapable and can’t do anything on your own… or that you don’t believe your own instincts. Some even assume that you’re like a robot and have no say in your own work.

6. You might miss major opportunities due to your introversion

Due to your introverted nature, you might not be able to spend time with your own family and relatives. You also can’t hold a conversation with someone you don’t have similar views with.

You miss out on bonding with your precious ones because you’re too busy in your comfort zone. This habit might even become the reason behind losing opportunities because you can’t expand your social circle.

7. Task delegation is a major weakness

You have a certain way of working. You judge others’ capabilities based on the ways they follow or the order of tasks. You don’t notice whether the person can do the work properly or not.

When people can’t work as per your ways, you assume they’re incapable. You might delegate the tasks to the wrong people only because they’re ready to stick to your process. But if you don’t find such people, you take all the load on yourself… which makes you bad at task delegation.

8. You just can’t take decisions quickly

Since you research every detail before you make major decisions, it takes a lot of time. You don’t always have the answers or the facts ready with you.

You either check it in books or online databases. Even if you find it instantly, you still need time to conclude it.

So, you might be unable to make quick decisions and often lose opportunities.

9. You’re hard to please

You’re a perfectionist in everything. You want your tasks done in a particular way, you want your files sorted in an order, and you want your space to be spick and span with everything in its rightful space but you can’t afford to compromise with others’ way of doing things. You expect the impossible from everyone and get disappointed.

10. You’re negative-minded

You can’t live for a minute without overthinking and being pessimistic. Even when things are in an order, you’re afraid that something will go wrong.

You spend lots of time thinking about the impossible troubles and making backups for those. As a result, you lose precious time doing other important things.

11. You might be prone to serious physical and mental health concerns

Due to your personality type, you’re prone to excess stress and emotional repression.

This weakens your immune system and makes you vulnerable to many health concerns like anxiety and depression disorders. Some studies even connected stress with cancer. So, you’re also prone to that.

12. Sometimes, you’re too rigid

You don’t like to get too close to people. You’re extremely serious about everything. Unless someone is talking about serious and intellectual stuff, you just can’t have fun.

This makes you extremely unapproachable and disinterested in others. You unknowingly hurt others.

13. You’re don’t trust easily

People need to show lots of proof of their capabilities before they earn your trust.

Especially, if you hold some authority in your personal or professional life, you judge others every minute based on whether they can follow your plans and decisions. This can harm your relationships in all areas of life.

14. You come off as unsocial at times

Small talk isn’t your cup of tea… you’d rather have a nice and deep conversation about something more interesting. However, you can’t make new connections and appear unsocial for that.

Think about it, how are people that don’t know each other meant to bond? They can’t start with deep conversations unless they know you… and small talk is the only way.

15. You feel anxious when things are calm

Suppose you undertook a major project, did everything you can in your power to build something close to perfect, and things went smoothly.

In this situation, you can’t help but feel stressed because you feel the calm is the precursor of a storm. You can’t accept the fact that you don’t have a chaotic life and it messes a lot with your mind.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Hopefully, you understand that nobody is flawless or perfect. Being a Type C, you have your own benefits and drawbacks… but nothing is here to stay for a lifetime. If you don’t nourish yourself well, the pros might wither away. But if you work on your cons, you can overcome them.

You can improve yourself as you desire if you try hard. So, don’t dwell on the negatives and try to work on them. Remember that a beautiful life awaits you… and you’re no less than anybody else.

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