Okay… so you just found out you’re a type D and the first thing to pop into your mind is “what are the pros & cons of having a type D personality?”

Cool… it’s obvious that you’re serious about knowing yourself. That’s why this think-piece will tell you about everything you must know to understand yourself.

Knowing what your personality brings to you can help you improve yourself in various ways. No, it’s not just about numbing your weaknesses and enhancing your strengths… you can even try to use your weakness to your advantage.

It all depends on how you perceive things!

So, let’s begin…

What are the pros of having a type D personality?

Contrary to what most people believe… the type D personality isn’t completely about negatives. Though D stands for distress and the traits cause many health concerns, everyone has some good points.

So, people owing to all personality types have some pros… and it’s the same for type Ds.

C’mon, find out the lesser-known truths about yourself….

1. You can hold your tongue

A slip of tongue can often hurt a person or the ones around them… depending on what info they give away. A person with type D personality traits often stays quiet.

So, you can know a lot about the person opposite to you and still feign ignorance. You can also hide your secrets like a pro. You’ll be a great fit for working in environments where you must stay low-key or mask your emotions.

2. You have a kind heart

Being a type D, everyone will love you for your kind and nurturing soul. You can’t look away from poor people or animals’ suffering. Your heart aches at these situations.

So, you often reach out with a helping hand wherever you see people need your help. You see everything bad about the world and want to improve it with just another act of kindness.

3. You can think a lot

For type Ds, thinking is like their second nature. So, whatever you do, you think a lot before and even after it. Due to your anxiety about messing up something in your life, you can’t take a breath of relief.

This helps you think really deeply into a situation and create all the backups you might need to succeed in your tasks. You always have plans to make things work even before they happen.

4. You’re good at conflict resolution

D-types are also known to avoid conflicts like a plague whether it’s in their life or others. So, when your loved ones or people around you get into dirty fights, your anxiety kicks in.

You do everything in your capabilities to help them resolve the issue. You don’t want people to have hostile and negative emotions for each other.

5. You have a steady mind

Type D people are negative thinkers… they consistently have the same mood and thoughts. You don’t jump between positive and negative emotions. So, people around you aren’t confused about your next move.

They know pretty well that you’re pessimistic and nobody feels on edge about your mood. They can get used to you and let you do your thing.

6. You don’t stick around where you see injustice

When you hang out with a group of people and you see them talking trash behind someone else’s back, you can’t take it. You’re always soaked deep into your life troubles… so, you can’t stand it when people knowingly create problems for others.

You don’t stay connected with mean people as you believe that everyone’s life is stuff and nobody needs more drama.

7. You have great patience

You’re a person with immense patience for people around you. You know, nothing in life isn’t perfect… so, you never expect perfection from human beings. Just as you, you know others have some weaknesses too.

So, if someone can’t cope well with a situation, you encourage them by not losing your mind or judging them. You let them take their time and learn slowly.

8. You never put others at a disadvantage

Being a D-type person, you can’t ever bear to burden others… especially not for yourself. You know that life throws all sorts of troubles at you… you don’t want to be someone’s reason for misery.

You don’t want others to have the same sorry life as you, so you try your best to avoid pressuring others into doing anything.

9. The boring routine life is bliss for you

Life is usually a routine. Wake up, morning routine, rush to work, work routine, rush back, evening/night routine. You don’t feel bored by this. Instead, you feel calm and embrace the routine.

Since you can stick to these rules and routines, elders and seniors are pretty impressed by you… because they hardly come across a disciplined person like you. 

10. You can consistently put the effort in every area of your life

You always feel anxious about doing something wrong in your life. Like everyone else, you want to succeed in life. Your anxiety makes you work hard. You don’t want anyone to complain about your work quality.

In your personal life, you don’t want to get into conflicts with friends, family, or lovers. So, you make sure you treat everyone better… this helps you keep your act consistent.

11. Repetitive tasks don’t frustrate you

Most people get annoyed by repetitive tasks. They can’t focus and want to do something new all the time. But you can focus well as this calms your anxiety. This also helps you master your skills better than others.

People of higher authority like you because you stay dedicated to your tasks till the end and don’t get distracted easily.

12. Others can rely on you

When your team members are in a pinch, you can’t ignore them. You jump in to help them in any situation. As said, you see the world under a negative filter and you want to make life easier for yourself and others.

So, people know who to count on when they need genuine support. When you undertake a responsibility, you ensure that you’d do everything perfectly and not create more trouble for others.

13. You can build a steady life

Instability is a D-type’s enemy. It makes them anxious and nervous. So, out of fear, you do everything possible to keep a stable life. You try your best in every area of your life.

With enough effort, you stabilize your finances, job, designation, reputation, bonds with other people, hobbies, and everything else that’s relevant to you to feel stable and secure.

14. Your observation skills help you live

You have a good eye for details. When you create a plan or idea, with enough effort you notice the troubles you might face. You can also observe and understand others’ troubles which makes you a good mediator and advisor.

You can get deep down into a situation and identify any root of the trouble. This further helps you succeed or protect you from troubles in various areas of life.

15. People can feel your warmth

From the bottom of your heart, you care about others. You want to make this mean world a better place… and all these kind thoughts show in your attitude.

This makes you more approachable to others. People can easily open up to you and express their troubles. Whether you’re a boss or teacher, they can be transparent as they know you don’t judge.

But people often say they aren’t lies… so, know the full truth here…

What are the cons of having a type D personality?

Everyone knows that people with type D personalities are distressed and anxious. However, negative emotions aren’t the only issues. You might suffer much more than the general population knows. So, know about your struggles here…

1. You’re an opportunist’s favorite target

You jump in to save everyone’s day… without thinking whether the other person deserves it or not. Though you’re a deep thinker, you don’t waste your time thinking before helping others.

For this, most opportunists flock around you. They pretend to be your friend and wait for their turn to take advantage of you. You only identify them once they have their way with you… and you hate opportunists for the same reason. You hate being fooled by them.

2. You can’t stand your grounds

When people try to hurt or disrespect you, you can’t stand up for yourself. You struggle to express your feelings which makes you shell-shocked in these situations. You freeze instead of fighting back.

Others walk all over you due to this trait… whereas you keep blaming your luck for facing such situations and yourself for being shell-shocked instead of giving a fight.

3. You can’t stand regular change

You love a steady and routine life. You dislike any abrupt and frequent change in your life. Even if you embrace a change in your life, it’s mostly a forced one. Your go-to reaction to every change in your life is resistance.

You try your best to stop any kind of change in your life. Whether it’s a change in your school or workplace or a change in your morning routine.

4. You get pushed around

Suppose your friends made a plan and you don’t agree with it. You ask them to carry on and leave you out of the plan. However, they constantly try to change your mind and you easily get convinced into the plans you dislike.

No, this isn’t just because of friendship… rather, it’s because you’re not ready to hurt them by saying no. You’re bad at dealing with persistent people and you might also be a people pleaser.

5. You have self-esteem issues

In every field of your life, you have immense confidence issues. You never feel that you’re capable enough for anything.

When you’re given an important responsibility, you always wonder why the more capable one didn’t get it. You worry about spoiling the plan. You’re ready to work hard but you want to stay as a background character and not get the limelight.

6. You flee from conflicts

Whenever you face conflicts in your life, you want to avoid them because you feel anxious about the outcome of the situation. You might try to change the topic or even give in to the other person’s demands to avoid getting into fights.

This increases your chances of staying back in toxic relationships. You don’t try to break up due to your fear of conflicts and put up with abuse for days.

7. You have poor convincing skills

Being a D-type, you can’t convey your feelings and even if you do, you can’t make others trust you.

The reason?

Low self-confidence impacts the way you think, believe, and the way you express your views. People are less impressed by how you represent your opinions and don’t find it believable. Lack of confidence changes the way you phrase your thoughts… people feel it’s because you don’t believe in what you say.

8. You regularly get hurt… without a reason

Your friend can’t pick up your call because they’re busy with work. Your date can’t give you time because they’re sick. Your sibling can’t reply to your texts because they’re busy with school or work.

Any of that happens and you feel hurt by your loved ones. You feel nobody wants you or that luck is never on your side.

9. You can’t stand clutter

Being a type D, you might hyperventilate even in a messy or untidy space. You worry about being unable to find important things when you need them. You won’t calm down unless you clean up your surroundings.

This might even delay important tasks at hand. Moreover, if your deskmate is messy, you might also feel anxious about that. So, focusing on your academics or work becomes challenging due to this.

10. You lose opportunities for being shy

D-types are also known to be shy. So, you can’t express your emotions or interact with new people. This is a serious setback for your life because you might lose opportunities to know influential people.

Even if you want to connect with others, you can’t and lose chances to grow. So, compared to your peers you might be less aware of the chances of growth.

11. You suffer from social inhibition

You have an intense fear of rejection and judgment due to your personality type. Since you believe everyone else is better than you, you always fear nobody will accept you and rather look down on you.

This makes you avoid social interaction in gatherings. You try to merge in with the crowd, so nobody can find you. You avoid introducing yourself to anyone or talking to anyone new.

12. You’re extremely discontent with life

You never feel satisfied with your life even if good things happen. Due to your pessimistic attitude, you don’t feel hopeful at all.

Instead, you ignore the joy of success and worry about the next bad thing that might happen. You miss out on the little happiness in your life and are solely obsessed with the negative possibilities.

13. You just wish to resign

Due to your personality type, you’re also prone to get exhausted quicker at your workplace. You feel stressed and burnt out earlier than others. You can’t cope well with a chaotic workplace or too much pressure, so you might want to give up.

You skip work on some days and use up all of your sick leaves. If it is possible, you might even want to quit for some mental peace.

14. You can’t snap out of your inner thoughts

You often get distracted by your inner thoughts. You feel more comfortable talking to yourself in your mind instead of holding conversations with others. To keep yourself entertained and company, you don’t seek the outside world. You talk with your inner self.

Though you save yourself from boredom, this habit worsens your social anxiety. If this habit goes out of hand, you might even get distracted during meetings and important conversations.

15. You’re prone to serious health concerns

Similar to type A personality traits, you struggle to manage stress. This has a negative effect on both your mental health and physical health. You might face health problems like coronary heart disease, heart attacks, anxiety, and depression.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

You may not have all the pros and cons in your personality or some of them might not be as noticeable as others… because at the end of the day you’re a unique individual.

So, don’t assume you’ll face all the mentioned pros and cons. Try to identify which ones are yours and only then work on them as required.

And it’s always suggested to seek a mental health therapist for type Ds due to their extremely stressful life. So, don’t ignore that anymore!

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