Okay, so you’re looking for the answer to what are the pros & cons of having a type E personality right after taking a personality test?

It’s obvious that you’re one dedicated person… It’s commendable how you’re ready to know yourself better and improve yourself. Well, to cherish your great choice, this article is here with all the answers you might need to feel proud of and the things you must work on.

This think-piece collected all of your deepest secrets here. So, c’mon, reveal these secrets and be a better person…

Type E Personality Pros

E-types aren’t all that bad just because society labels you as a fickle-minded being. You’re precious in your own way. You have many talents which help everyone else. Yes, so don’t feel so bitter about being an E, and cherish yourself for these reasons…

1. You’re respectful to all kinds of task

People with type E personality traits give equal importance to all sorts of tasks. So, you’ll be dutiful to your tasks in both your personal and professional life.

Whether you deal with a business client, show the ropes to your subordinates, teach your children, or help out with housework, you’ll take care of all the responsibilities mindfully.

You’ll also never look down on anyone’s tasks whether it’s a billing assistant or a waiter. Everyone will love you for your diligence toward your tasks and your respect for others.

2. Your ideas are amazing and out of the box

When you’re in a team of people and you have to think of an idea, plan, or even a solution, only your idea is the most striking. Others’ ideas are usually advanced or a direct copy of other ideas. However, when it comes to creativity, you’ll be the rockstar.

You can bring the best ideas to the table and impress anyone and everyone in life in general. Whether it’s your boss, teacher, family, friends, or lover… everyone will be mesmerized by your talent.

3. You aren’t afraid of risks

In this era, almost everyone flees from risks. Nobody wants to do something that doesn’t have any assured gains. However, people only lose more and more eventually. They lose all the prospective opportunities in their life just because they don’t have enough courage to deal with the off chances.

However, you love to take risks and are courageous. So, if you take the right risks and calculate the risk-to-reward ratio before you jump in, you’re all set for success. You can beat others in the race of life earlier than others. 

4. You chase success and progress

Being a type E person, you’ll be extremely goal-oriented in your life. You’ll incessantly chase different ways to succeed and are ready to be dedicated and devoted to your goals.

When you have a goal in mind, nobody can stop you or talk you out of it. If you face any trouble, you just work harder until you reach your goals.

You’re aware that opportunities only come along once in a full moon and you’re not ready to give up on them. Even if you feel broken because of the resistance, you have your own way to moralize yourself.

5. You can cope with setbacks better than others

Most people give up on their dreams when they face setbacks more than once. They feel it’s the signs from the universe that they’re on the wrong path and need to change their course.

However, being an E-type, your creativity can save you and pull a UNO reverse on your troubles. Your viewpoint is somewhat different from others which helps you figure out the loopholes of the troubles. You can deal with the same troubles better than others because of your wider horizons.

6. You don’t let others’ opinions demoralize you

The world always has something or the other to say about whatever you do. Whether you pour out your creativity or just take a deep breath to feel better, someone will always say weird things.

Most people get demoralized so badly by these because they live by the motto “what will people say?” However, you know better than getting toyed with by people.

You know exactly how to live your life and live the best. You don’t let others demotivate you or make you change your tracks. You’re not ready to have regrets just because others say you can’t do something.

7. You help others succeed

You’re a compassionate person if you’re an E-type. However, you show your kindness differently. You don’t just help others when they need you. Instead, you help others chase their dreams.

Most people keep the secrets of their success to themselves. For instance, successful businesspersons have trade secrets. They don’t want others to gain more power than them. However, when you get an opportunity, you share the word and urge others to follow you.

You’re open to helping your entire community and doing something great for the world. You know that a person can be happy only when they’re self-sufficient and you help them exactly with that.

8. You can broaden others’ horizons

As mentioned before, you don’t listen to others’ opinions when they say something against your passions. This is all because you’re confident in your own thoughts and obviously have enough reasons to support your beliefs.

So, if anyone questions your beliefs, you can actually help them convince them of your views. You’ll explain your ideas and beliefs enough to broaden their horizons and enlighten them. You can help them understand your situation and even change their mind about things.

You can help them notice the bigger picture because you already know it. This can even bring about great changes in the people around you.

9. You learn something every moment of your life

You have endless creativity within you. However, where does it come from? Do you produce creative energy from the void?

Well, some of your ideas might be completely original and are second to none. But it’s impossible to have endless creativity… in fact, most artistic people take inspiration from other forms of art.

Similarly, you subconsciously always seek new ideas and inspirations from your surroundings. You study new things around you and have no end to gathering ideas.

These ideas usually stay deep within your mind and when the time comes, your mind brews something amazing using all the existing ideas.

10. You have great tolerance power

Since you’re interested in taking risks instead of staying protected in your comfortable cocoon, you are aware of the adversities of these choices. You know exactly what you might face in the coming days. This shows that you already tolerated a lot and have grown a resistance against troubles.

You don’t mind experiencing some setbacks if you must feel alive, and excited, and experience the best flavors of life. It also shows you can take a lot more pain and stick to the end in any journey. You’ll obviously get more opportunities in life and win more than others can ever imagine.

But of course, just as strengths and weaknesses go hand in hand, pros go along with cons. So, know what you must work on here…

Type E Personality Cons

No personality type is perfect and you also have some things to work on. But no worries… don’t feel bad about it. Instead, take it as a challenge to improve yourself. Enjoy the journey of building yourself after you get through these…

1. A speedy lifestyle might attract troubles

You like a high pace in all areas of your life. Whether it’s your task in the professional or personal life, you’re a speed-lover. However, don’t confuse this trait with A personality type.

People with type A personality traits suffer from time urgency. Many medically reviewed research suggests that A-types can’t manage stress, and thus suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, and mental health concerns like anxiety and depression.

However, your case is different as you do it because you want to. And your hurries might sabotage most of your tasks all because of your whims.

2. Living life on the edge might doom you

You want to take risks but it’s hard to say how much you research before taking chances. Most E-types don’t check for the pros and cons of their hasty choices and get in deep trouble.

It’s alright that you like risky things, but your attitude might only bring you agony and misery if you’re not careful. You might become homeless, lose all financial support, lose your job, get bankrupt, or even worse things can happen.

Most E-types forget their limits when they take chances which is the worst they can ever do to themselves.

3. Your passion may hurt you

If a type E is careless, they might again get in serious trouble. For instance, you might grow passionate about something without any plan.

You might want to be a soccer player but you didn’t research the necessary preparations, diets, habits, physical nourishment, or anything else.

Or, you might want to join the army but you have no idea that your nation doesn’t allow specific body modifications like tattoos or piercings in the navy.

You only begin on a whim and things don’t seem to work out because of your carelessness, you give up as soon. As a result, you waste a lot of time and resources… you also lose precious opportunities.

4. You can’t do anything without guidance

You might easily get off track when you don’t have anyone to guide you. For instance, you might passionately work for all the wrong things. You might work too hard and too fast to complete your tasks and completely overlook quality.

A mentor can help you deal with all the troubles. However, you can’t always have someone guide you throughout your life. At some point, people will get fed up with all this guidance and want you to take care of yourself. If you don’t learn to be independent of now on, you might be in big trouble.

5. You might also chase bad habits too hard

Being a type E person, you’re stubborn about your passions and goals… whether those are good or bad. So, when you become extremely passionate about bad habits or goals, it becomes hard to talk you out of it.

Your loved ones struggle to make you realize the rights and wrongs of your situation. You don’t notice that they only want the best for you. But you feel they just want to oppose your different thinking style. So, you resist the rational thoughts and head towards the wrong path and full force.

6. You make others anxious

You always work on your whims. You become passionate about projects and ideas and work on them even before you find out the pros and cons of your decisions. You take risks but don’t calculate the risk-to-reward ratio. Your actions aren’t well-planned which makes others anxious about your moves.

People around you might be tired and overwhelmed by your risk-taking attitude. They might push you away or avoid you. It might take a toll on others’ mental health and they might blame their fate for meeting you which led to this situation.

7. You come off as too pushy for some people

Since you want to do something for your community, you might help others grow economically and become self-sufficient. You might help everyone around you in your personal, social, and professional life advance in life.

However, others may not agree with your definition of growth. They might want to succeed differently in their life. They might have different goals and not want to follow in your footsteps. So, you might be too pushy for them.

Or, if someone wants to be a stay-at-home full-time parent, your desire to make them self-sufficient might not be appreciated.

Moreover, you don’t judge your risks and decisions well, so people might avoid following in your footsteps.

8. You will not get a proper outlet for your creativity

E-types are known for endless creativity and originality. However, you may not get to apply your creativity in your personal or professional life. If you don’t find an outlet to express your creative energy, you might express it in the wrong places.

In this case, you might blunder your tasks just because you didn’t follow the regular routes. You might consume more time than normal or you might fail the task because of the unknown ways of doing it. You might trouble yourself and the people around you.

9. You might push away your loved ones

E-types take a lot of risks and these can put their job, finances, or even lives in danger. If you have no family or friends, this point might not apply to you.

But for the rest of you E-types, this is a major issue. Your loved ones might feel financially insecure. If your partner is a homemaker and full-time parent, they might be forced to seek a job. If your parents are retired, they might worry about going bankrupt because of your whims.

If a loved one becomes terminally sick and you become financially unstable, you won’t be able to support them. All of this might make them distance you.

10. You will not be trusted in your workplace

Your boss might not trust you with tasks that need a straightforward approach. Since you always seek original and new ways to do things, they might fear you’ll follow an uncommon path and unnecessarily lengthen the process or stretch the needed time for too long.

Moreover, they won’t trust you in tasks that you must undertake singlehandedly. You’ll always be allotted projects where you can have someone to guide you throughout. You won’t get independent tasks at all. This might even come in the way of your progress.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you thought that you alone have so many flaws or that your peers are perfect and wish that you were like them… you’re wrong. Stop belittling yourself… if the world can’t understand you, make sure you communicate your thoughts and emotions to them.

But if someone feels disappointed in your decisions, reach out to learn about the issue better. If they tell you more about it, try to improve yourself accordingly, and don’t let your stubbornness play with your life.

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