So, the question “what are the pros & cons of having a type G personality” popped into your mind right after taking a personality test? Wondering if you’re just gifted or if there are some hidden troubles?

You guessed it right buddy… pros and cons always stay together like twins. And you’ve reached the perfect place to know all about yourself based on personality.

C’mon, let’s not delay anymore and find everything…

What are the pros of having a type G personality?

If you’ve heard anything at all about type G personality, it’s most probably something good. Gifted, genius, intellectual… That’s what most people talk about. BUT there’s a lot more to know about this personality… and you probably don’t even know about it.

So, know your true worth here…

1. Your mindfulness always helps you

Being a G-type person, you’re extremely aware of your surroundings like the people in the same room, and whether the vibe among them is tense or easy. You can also foresee far into situations and know exactly how to react to them. You catch on to crises sooner and don’t need anyone to fill you in about the overall matter.

You save yourself from many awkward moments all because of your strong and intuitive mind.

If the situation is extremely tense and people need your help, you suggest things accordingly… but if they want privacy, you leave them even before they utter a word.

2. You can always find the easier route

G-types are not keen on complications of any type. So, you run from anything complicated like it’s the plague. You don’t want to put yourself through all that trouble at all… more because you have a lot of things to think about already.

After all, you always subconsciously study your surroundings to avoid any kind of misunderstanding and trouble whether it’s your work or personal life.

So whenever you face a troublesome situation, you do your best to find an easy solution… because you don’t want to deal with the complex trouble by any means.

In fact, you’re often the first to find the easy way out because you’re desperate to give your mind a break.

3. You beat others intellectually

In a nutshell, you’re a geek… you love knowing about interesting things. You like to learn new things. You have an intense curiosity for things. You dig up more information about things you’re interested in.

You relate those with your practical life which helps you truly absorb and retain the information better than others. You also eagerly apply them in your life. Of course, this helps you become better than everyone intellectually. And you get lots of praise for being more intelligent than your peers.

4. Opinions never made you waver

Another great trait of being a type G person is your indifference to people’s opinions. Others’ negativity never rubs off on you. You know better than to let others’ mean comments affect you. You ignore them and lead a healthy life.

You’re aware of your responsibilities to yourself, your work, and your loved ones. So, instead of worrying about others, you focus on your life and surroundings.

You’re aware that if you pay attention to the wrong things, you’ll only waste your precious time and exhaust yourself unnecessarily.

5. People love your mindful nature

You often get a lot of love from others because you’re mindful of situations and can make suitable predictions for others. Since you can read the room well, you can also show kindness to others… whether they need more space or some positive affirmations. For your thoughtful gestures, everyone loves you even more.

You win many hearts around the world because you’re sensitive and intuitive. Even though you’re not that outspoken, your actions touch others’ hearts better.

6. You’re artistic and creative

Due to your personality style, you’re also far more creative and artistic than anyone else. You notice things from a different point of view which helps you find solutions to problems and hidden troubles faster than others. Of course, this also adds up to your intuitive knowledge.

Moreover, if something is done in a complicated process, you always seek a simpler way for it with your creativity. You don’t agree to follow the crowd without a reason… particularly when you’ll be troubled by it.

So, you put your creativity to special use in these situations. You’re also quite suitable for artsy job profiles.

7. You can keep up with new things easily

Whenever new things are taught… whether it’s a professional skill or a new mathematics chapter… you are more focused and interested in it and for a longer period. This ensures that you can learn the necessary things.

Your mentors will also enjoy teaching you because you have a curious mind and you never stop asking… which makes them feel teaching worthwhile.

If you’re already into something and you don’t get tired of learning, you’re already halfway towards success.

8. Your minimalism saves your money too

You like to follow a lifestyle without much waste. Probably, you chose the minimalist lifestyle because it reduces any sort of distraction from your surroundings and allows you to think calmly.

However, minimalism has a lot more surprises for you. More savings always tops the list, but there is more to know.

For instance, you save yourself from buying more storage. Without storage, things will be all over the place and it’ll often divert your mind. You won’t have too many options… so, you won’t waste time wondering what to wear or anything of the like.

9. You’re a born perfectionist

Your intuition isn’t the only thing that helps you perform your absolute best in every field of life. Rather, you also have zeal within you to stand out and be the best you can ever be. Whether it’s something small or humongous, you always put your 100% into it.

You try to be precise with information, facts, and calculations and decide on anything critical only when you’re completely sure about it. You don’t leave chances that save you from the anxiety of the little possibilities of mistakes. When you keep all that in mind, nothing can come between you and success.

10. You cherish your mental stability

As a type G person, you can sense every little detail in your surroundings only because of one thing. You keep your mind and emotions calm and under control.

You also do your best to ensure that no person or situation negatively impacts your mental health. You also preach to others to get rid of any chaos from your inner mind and they can be as successful as you.

With this, you can focus on doing the impossible and making drastic and favorable changes in your personal and professional life.

But, it was also mentioned that there are some issues about being a type G person. Keep reading to find out more about that…

What are the cons of having a type G personality?

Everyone usually talks about the good things in type Gs… they make it so that everyone desires to be type G even more than the most-boasted type A personality types.

But it’s time to get the rose-tinted glasses off because like every other personality type this one also has some cons. So, dive in to know more here…

1. Expressing feelings is troublesome for you

If you have type G personality traits, you’ll struggle to express your true emotions and thoughts to others in both your personal and professional life.

You won’t be able to tell your loved ones if anything bothers you or if you love them. You can’t share your ideas with your coworkers just because you don’t want to bother them.

People might also take advantage of your situation and often violate your boundaries because you won’t say anything. You feel drained during conversations, so confrontations are out of the question. You often get the shorter side of the stick this way.

2. You need to deal with offended people of your introversion

Since you’re introverted, you often turn down social situations. If people invite you to parties, you ditch them because you don’t feel you fit in the loud atmosphere… rather, you feel uncomfortable about it.

When someone strikes up a conversation, you feel confused about how to contribute to it and keep mum most of the time. So, due to introversion, you often hurt others’ feelings. Others feel that you dislike their company or find them boring.

When you do the same in your professional life, your coworkers assume that you look down on them or something similar.

3. You often isolate yourself

Again, your introversion adds up to your miseries. Especially, when you must figure out something with a lot of creativity or want to find an alternative to something complicated, you take space to find your answers.

But to find the most appropriate solution to stubborn issues, you need to calm yourself one step further and cut off all external distractions. For that, you isolate yourself and take time to work on things.

People often misunderstand your intentions for your self-isolation. Some might even assume that you fled from the troubles.

4. Crucial discussions aren’t your thing

You hate any kind of complex situation and you’re ready to go to great lengths to avoid those. If your romantic relationship turns complicated, you become busy every time your partner needs to communicate about it. You somehow become extremely busy every time.

If there’s a meeting in your office about the complications of a project, you always miss the meetings. This is all because you’re already drowning in things your mind registers subconsciously about your immediate surroundings. You can’t bear to pack your mind with even more complications.

5. Your creativity isn’t always accepted

You have immense creativity… and it always stands out. Your approach is different from anyone else. However, people don’t always appreciate your efforts. For instance, you and anything complicated just can’t exist in the same room. You always seek easier alternatives to complex methods.

But, people with orthodox or conventional mindsets aren’t ready to accept your ideas. For them, it’s either about following traditions or abiding by the rules because they are tried and tested.

They just can’t accept something that’s unique, new, and not even tested. You mostly face rejections because people aren’t open to anything new.

6. Excess faith in intuition can wreck you

Some type G personality traits can bring either good or bad results to you. Being a G-type you have impeccable intuition. However, intuition can be wrong sometimes… especially if you ignore rational thoughts.

So, if you become overconfident in your abilities and blindly trust your intuition excessively, you might make wrong choices. Of course, this isn’t a definite prediction, but only a possibility. So, try to not become excessively or blindly dependent on your intuition.

7. You must control your curiosity

You’re always curious about something or the other. You love to learn and try new things… but who hasn’t heard that curiosity killed the cat?

If your curiosity goes overboard, you might impact yourself and your health in multiple ways. If you’re too deeply immersed in a subject, you might ignore your daily routine and follow an unhealthy lifestyle.

You might skip showers and healthy meals. Instead, you’ll get ready-to-eat meals or fast food. You might also skip exercise and stay up till late.

You might also unnecessarily study something new only to know that there was nothing useful or interesting in the end and regret wasting your time. Moreover, you might become extremely curious about something but there’s nothing available about it. You might feel frustrated about it.

Out of curiosity, if you try something practically without any expert backup, you might put your and others’ life and security in trouble.

8. You’re lonely

Due to your introversion, you often push away others. They misunderstand your intentions and assume you look down on them, dislike them, or just don’t feel comfortable around them.

Others don’t even try to reach out to you… but through social media, you learn how everyone else had a gala time!

You feel hurt and lonely even though you’re the reason behind your isolation. All because you can’t be transparent or outspoken about your feelings. You often expect others to reach out but people hardly do that.

9. Wastefulness and untidiness triggers you

Being a type G person, you love minimalistic and balanced life because it reduces clutter, confusion, and distraction. More possessions always require more storage space. You must waste time storing all the things… if not, you have a cluttered space which is distracting. On the other hand, more choices also confuse people.

So, you struggle to adjust to any space which isn’t tidy or which has too many unnecessary objects. In your workplace, you might be tired of asking your deskmate to tidy up because you can’t focus.

Meanwhile, your roommate’s untidiness won’t let you get a good night’s sleep.

10. You might get some autoimmune diseases

Type G individuals are geniuses not just because they are more brainy than their peers. Your intelligence is unique, to say the least. You are intellectually superior to others only because you are sensitive to information with your entire body… not just your brain.

Your strong intuition is a result of your extremely sensitive body and senses. It’s no more the brain for your case. This oversensitivity to information or anything around you also makes your body sensitive to diseases like autism, affective disorders, allergies, autoimmune diseases, ADHD, and sensory processing sensitivity.

Though no research found a direct link between G-type personality and the said diseases, one research found a connection between the mentioned diseases and hypersensitivity in intelligent people. It’s all a complex theory of brain networks. Moreover, some even get anxiety and depression due to higher intelligence.

So, it’s suggested to seek medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment if you’re a type G person.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Probably the cons got you a bit concerned… but there is no point in worrying over it. Instead, try to find a balance to deal with them. About the cons that are out of your control, don’t try to work on them at once. Instead, take small steps to improve your situation.

Remember, don’t hurry to deal with a con… don’t forget it stayed with you for years, so it’ll take time to get rid of. And don’t feel low about anything… don’t forget you’re also loaded with plenty of pros, so use them wisely!

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