Wondering what are the pros & cons of having a type H personality? Thinking if it’s a good or bad thing? Worried if you have to work a lot on yourself?

Well, before you get to that point, know that there are two kinds of type H personalities. And if you’re not sure which you want to know about, don’t worry… this think piece will let you know everything.

So, c’mon, let’s know about the first type here…

What are the pros of having a type h personality – healing?

The type H (healing) personality was actually found in research conducted on patients including those with cancer. While being vulnerable, those people became aware of many values of life. So, if you’re the same, let’s find things you must be proud about…

1. You never let your anger affect your vocabulary

Owing to your type H personality traits, you never mistreat anyone. You might say “duh, all good and sane people do that!” But hey, you react the same even if you meet a dou©#3b@g in life. Most people lose their minds then and throw nasty words, a middle finger, or even a punch… you know these moments are REAL!

But you’re extremely calm and you don’t get irritated by others. You won’t even say anything crude and just stick to your opinions silently. You don’t believe in any sort of cruelty.

2. Others’ opinions don’t hurt you

If other people think or say something bad about you, you don’t care at all. You don’t let that affect your feelings or confidence. You know pretty well what you are …and you don’t have time to care about something mean.

You know everyone has different opinions and not everyone will get along. You accept that people want to pass remarks but do not give you any constructive ideas… and you also know that these people don’t matter in your life.

Even if it’s a loved one, you agree on the differences and let it be.

3. Healthy boundaries is your savior

For people with type H personality traits, the best thing is their strong boundaries. You don’t let anyone affect you with their drama and can keep your calm and not get aggressive because of this. You can state your point but at the same time not act rudely. This is all because you don’t let people play with your emotions.

You also respect others’ boundaries, but you’re aware that not everyone knows how to return the favor. So, when anyone offends you or does something you dislike, you say it out loud confidently. You won’t let others negotiate or violate your boundaries whatsoever.

4. Damsel in distress is never your drama

When you’re in a pickle, you don’t wait for help. You don’t blame others for your misfortune or wait for others to notice your misery, sympathize, and help you out. You won’t seek help while acting weak. You take responsibility for your own life, health, and mess and work on it alone.

You won’t blame others even if the mess is partially their fault because you know complaining won’t help. So, you get down to work ASAP. You know you can manage it and don’t need others’ help for it… just like everyone else.

5. You believe in miracles

Even when you’re in trouble with your life or health, all doors seem closed, and you feel you hit rock bottom, you still have faith. You believe that miracles are real so you keep trying incessantly.

You believe that if you believe that something is the end, it’ll end much sooner than it must. But that way, you’ll only miss all the possible opportunities for your troubles. So, you just never give up and hope for something better to come up and fix everything.

6. While you wait for miracles, you try hard

Most people assume that your idea of a miracle includes waiting for a fairy to grant your wish. But whenever you face a stubborn situation about your life, work, or health, you try to find everything about it… whether it’s about the root causes, the ways to deal with the cause, the effects, or the ways to deal with the effects.

You try to understand your troubles from deep within. If possible, you deal with small parts of the problem at a time. You also seek multiple solutions just for backup plans.

7. You’re ready to change for the better

In life, if you ever struggle in any area of your life, you always check if any of the struggles is because of your own actions… and if it’s changeable. You feel extremely excited when that is the situation.

People might think you lost your mind… but it’s because you still have life under control, even if it’s partly fixable. You gladly change your habits, lifestyle, routine, or choices. You don’t make a fuss about having to change… but feel great that you still have a choice.

8. You’re happy during the toughest times

People call you delusional or assume that you’re in denial when in trouble. But in reality, you accept the gravest situations of life even before anyone else. You just don’t believe in grieving and being upset over that. When you’re in trouble and can’t change anything about it, you enjoy your time with a good sense of humor.

You keep yourself calm and help everyone else relax with you during emergencies. You know that there’s no point in freaking out over something that’s way beyond help.

9. You’re forgiving to everyone

You forgive yourself for not standing up to your expectations. You forgive your bullies for making you feel insecure. You feel that regrets and grudges aren’t worth holding in the long while. You believe they only make you feel worse about yourself no matter who was responsible for it initially.

You let the past go because it only triggers bad memories. You focus on your present life with the life lessons from the past. You try to make the best of your remaining life instead of losing time presently.

10. You know you can’t let the fears take control

No matter what happens in your life or how bad the events turn, you don’t let the fear of the worst engulf you. When you know that something bad will or may happen, you don’t find any meaning in living in fear 24/7.

You don’t count the remaining time you can stall the trouble because that only worsens the situation. Even if the situation is fixable, you avoid overthinking things so that you can at least focus on them.

11. You know you must heal both from inside and outside

When it’s about healing and nurturing yourself, you know that you must take care of both your physical and mental trauma. You are even aware of your mature and childish side. You know you let your guard down and let your vulnerabilities out at the wrong spot.

You actively try to heal your inner self and make your mature side more protective. You don’t want things to repeat and get hurt, so you’re pretty serious about balancing your life and avoiding oversharing.

12. You preach kindness without judgment

You believe that you must show compassion to everyone despite their gender, race, ethnicity, financial or social status, or any other things. So long that person committed some grave crime, you know that you can make your day with a hint of kindness.

You believe in not judging others when they act rudely and being understanding and kind. You give alms, do charity, behave well with service industry workers, tip generously, and motivate everyone around you. Whether the other person is someone known or a stranger, you act the same toward everyone.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have flaws at all. So, let’s take a look here…

What are the cons of having a type H personality – healing?

While you realized many realities of life, you’re still human. Your personality being flawed is nothing to brood over. So, just be glad you know what parts of yourself you can work on and be a better person. Let’s get started here…

1. You won’t seek help even if you need it

You dislike being perceived as weak. So, you try to do everything by yourself. Even if you need help, you just don’t seek it. If you have the option to delegate tasks, you don’t use it and take all the responsibilities on yourself because you trust yourself better than others.

You often overwhelm and mentally and physically exhaust yourself with this. Even if you feel bad, you keep it all bottled up which impacts your health too.

2. You won’t blame people even when they’re wrong

Even if someone hurts you pretty badly or gets you in trouble, you choose to keep your vocab under control. Your boundaries don’t allow you to verbally attack others. And even if it is someone else’s fault completely, you feel that complaining or blaming won’t help… so you just continue to do things on your own.

This might feel like the more mature thing to do at the moment… but it just shows that you won’t care even if they repeated it. Your offender never learns their lesson this way.

3. You might show compassion to the wrong person

Kindness is the best virtue in life… However, this might be hard for you to accept… everyone doesn’t deserve your kindness. Some just take it for granted and never reciprocate that energy.

Of course, you don’t act kind to get something in return… but some people think they are special because you acted nice. They get the wrong idea and when you clarify things, they show exactly why you mustn’t be kind to everyone.

These people assume that you will always be kind and that they’re special and can demand anything from you.

4. Your refusal might be too subtle to convince others

When someone violates your boundaries or says something you disagree with, you confidently yet gently turn them down. But not everyone understands the meaning of refusal on the first go.

Some people think they can still shoot their shot if they keep insisting. They won’t stop until you act rudely and when you do, they’ll accuse you of being stuck-up.

You might often face people that persistently pester you about things for too long.

But if you wanted to know about the other H-type, here you go…

What are the pros of having a type H personality – honesty-humility?

This personality type was found by Lee and Ashton as they established the HEXACO model. The H factor stands for honesty-humility and higher H levels imply you have better morals. So, based on that, let’s understand your good parts here…

1. You are trustworthy

For your type H personality traits, people can trust you more than themselves… Yes, this isn’t an exaggeration! They know that you will always keep your word… and even if you can’t, you’ll come clean with it. You don’t boast about being able to do everything. You are truthful about both the things you can and can’t do.

They know you won’t take advantage of anyone and you won’t put anyone in trouble. Everyone can trust you with their chore, information, and even their hearts. You’re always loyal without a streak of flaws in your records.

2. You have high morals

Your impeccable ethics, morals, and values define you in front of the entire world. You value modesty and honesty above all. You believe in staying in the path of truth and even if you lead a luxurious life, your soul is grounded. You don’t differentiate between people based on their social or financial status.

Whether a person is a millionaire or a beggar, you’re kind to all. Everyone or most people make you their idol. They feel inspired by you and respect you for your high morals.

3. You have a chance even if you’re a low H type

In any case, if you have a low amount of the H factor in your personality, it doesn’t label you as an immoral person. Though criminals have a low H factor, that doesn’t make you one. You still have time to think over your life choices and understand your priorities.

Perhaps, right now you can’t notice the positive side of life and feel that being unethical is a better and easier option. But with maturity, you can become a better person.

4. You’re not greedy

A high type H factor in your personality also shows that you’re not greedy for anything. Whether it’s popularity, goodwill, money, status, or a hotter and richer partner, more materials… you don’t need any of these.

You believe in being happy with what you have. You don’t feel that having more can make you happier. In love and friendships, you focus on the other person’s heart and not their aesthetics or bank account. Since you don’t care about anything superficial, you’re happy.

Whether you have a high or low H level, you might not always be favored… so, let’s discuss that here…

What are the cons of having a type H personality – honesty-humility?

Being a moral person doesn’t imply you’ll definitely be the best in all areas of your life. And then there’s also the part where you might run low on the H factor. So, depending on those, let’s figure out the hardships…

1. You easily get offended

If you have high levels of the H factor in your personality, you might frequently judge people with low H levels. You have your priorities set when it comes to morals and ethics… but you’re intolerant towards anyone whose morals aren’t as strict. You might start lecturing them or even estrange them for good.

This way you might lose a lot of precious friends who just aren’t as serious as you and are more carefree than you. You might invite some major regrets later on.

2. You might have criminal tendencies with low H levels

If you’re a low H-type personality, there’s a pretty good chance you might give in to some immoral or unethical desires. If you still haven’t done anything bad, that’s not a claim that you are a criminal… Nobody has the right to say that. You’re obviously innocent right now, so don’t worry… nobody’s accusing you!

However, if you face crises, your brain might make you incline more toward the wrong path. You might feel emotions like “my life always sucked, so it’s okay if I hurt these happy people a bit”. Jealousy might come crashing down when you’re vulnerable, so be careful.

3. Materialism is bad for you either way

If you’re a high H-type, you’ll never feel motivated to do anything better if you’re already doing “good”. Once you have a stable life with all the basics sorted out, you might give up on dreaming big.

You won’t chase bigger projects, bigger achievements, bigger paychecks, or a better standard of living for your loved ones. Your close ones might feel disappointed or even shocked because of your sudden lack of zeal after reaching stability.

But if you’re a low H-type, you might give in to unethical choices easily in exchange for short-term benefits.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Despite which H-type you belong to, after knowing the pros and cons of your personality, don’t forget to try to be a better person. Work on your flaws and boost your perfections.

But if you don’t know which of the two personality types you are, there are ways to identify which one you are. So, don’t forget to test yourself with the quiz!

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