So, what can you do if you are a type B? After taking the personality test, this was probably your first question.

Well, everything depends on your worries. If being of this personality leads to major issues in your life, you must focus on them first. Focus on what others complain about you.

Wait… don’t take their words to the heart. Instead, try to figure out the reason behind them.

But if you’re still uncertain, here are certain things a B-type must do…

What Can You Do If You Are a Type B?

Being a B-type might sound like a curse. Others say that you’re never the best… always lesser than someone else. But isn’t that how life works? Flaws will exist forever… so, don’t chase perfection.

Remember that you’re the best version of yourself… but you can always improve. So, try to make your life peaceful and beautiful with these tips in all areas of your life…

1. Make wise use of your time

Most Type B people are too relaxed for their own good. Their relaxed attitude and carefree approach to life help in managing stress levels. But never let it escalate to the point of having trouble.

While relaxing, Type Bs can lose sight of their goals. Moreover, you’ll lose precious time if you relax excessively. Before you misunderstand this tip, take all the time you need to recharge… no human being can sustain for long without relaxing. But make sure you don’t overdo it.

Time yourself. Remember that every minute of your life counts… whether you want to enjoy it or use it for work. So, next time you relax extra, remember if you have more to do.

2. Stop putting off things for later

Type B folks have a major tendency to procrastinate. If you’re one, you know how you feel ahh… I have plenty of time for that. I’ll get back to it later!

But when is this later? If a task is allotted today and you don’t hurry to complete it today… there’s a high chance you’ll forget about it tomorrow.

If your current task is a priority, then line up the other task in your planner to avoid forgetting about it. If you still tend to procrastinate, set hourly or daily alarms to keep reminding yourself.

Procrastination leads to completely forgetting your pending tasks and deadlines. In the end, when time’s up, you multitask, pull all-nighters, or miss major opportunities. So, avoid it by all means.

3. Let others realize you’re GOOD!

People often say that individuals with Type A personality traits are better than type Bs. Never take that kind of disrespect unless you truly failed in something.

If anyone throws assumptions at your face, politely ask them the reason behind their statements. If they have a good reason, ask them to guide you and help you work on it.

If they can’t give proper reasons, ask them why they spread hate… and if you have proof of good performance, throw it in their face. Whatever happens, don’t let others stereotype you like this.

4. Start creating goals

People with this personality (type B) never create schedules or routines. Even though setting a timeframe for every task can help them, they hardly care about it.

But you (being a B-type) must start making a schedule right now. Write down your pending tasks in a journal. Note the average time you must need for each task.

Write down when you’ll end the current task and when you’ll start the next one. You probably hate routines but this will help you out. Don’t just wait for life to take you out on a ride. Have some control over your life.

5. Don’t expect to be included everywhere

Individuals with this type of personality also love to be included in group activities. They try to include everyone whether it’s a fun or serious matter. They keep an eye out that nobody feels left out. They also wish for the same treatment from others.

So, are you the same?

Well, it’s time to lower your expectations from the world. Though you deserve all the happiness, some people might just not deserve you. So, if anyone ever makes you feel left out, don’t assume the worst.  They may or may not have a reason.

You may keep your distance from them, but don’t hold a grudge… that’s bad for you.

6. Accept that people may not always return your kindness

You’re kind, understanding, warm, and compassionate… and the saying goes what goes around, comes around.  But don’t hope that it’ll be paid back right when you want it and who you want it from. Your kindness will be returned… but it might happen at another place, time, and from another person.

Suppose, you’re supportive of others in your workplace or school. You don’t judge others and motivate everyone to try again. However, the same people might hurt you.

You might question why you were even nice to them. But don’t change yourself. Someone else will be there for you, so hang on!

7. Don’t let others use you

More often than not, B-types get taken advantage of a lot of time. Being kind, nurturing, and compassionate, they give others everything they have. They’re so kind that they can’t even say anything back when they get hurt.

If you always hesitate to stand for yourself, stop! A person might mistakenly hurt you once… but if it happens repeatedly, they’re using your kindness. Walk away from such people. They don’t deserve you… and you deserve the world.

Whether this person is your lover or a best friend, get away from this toxicity. Know your worth before you lose faith in humanity.

8. Don’t be too confident about your non-A health

Folks with Type A behavior patterns suffer from mental health issues, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and a lot more. However, just because you’re a B-type and your behaviors and traits don’t have direct links with these health concerns, don’t lead a carefree lifestyle.

Remember that it’s all a theory and it might not be consistent for everyone. Moreover, many studies even linked creativity with addiction issues. So, don’t get too worked up there.

You’re not immune to these diseases. You have lower incidences of having them only if you have a healthy lifestyle.

9. Take regular checkups and listen to your doctor

People with B-type behavior patterns might procrastinate so much in their life that they push their routine checkups until something big happens. Even if something hurts, they’ll pop a pill instead of dragging their lazy @$$ out to the clinic.

You must always attend your health checkups regularly. Consult your physician before getting medicines. Whenever something feels off, don’t delay it for too long.

If your doc recommends something to you, don’t leave it for later. They won’t suggest you something if it’s not urgent. It might not be a fatal situation, but if you leave it like that, it might!

10. Make your health routines fun

A routine lifestyle is super important… but it’s also SOOO not B-type style, right?

Well, you don’t have to follow the same kind of healthy routine every day.

First of all, think about what you need for a healthy lifestyle: a balanced diet, regular exercise, a healthy amount of sleep, and self-love!

All of these can be done with a hint of fun in it. You can have different kinds of healthy food every day. Talk to a gym trainer and find out a routine that isn’t the same every day.

For sleep, meditate and try to hit the bed at the same time regularly. If you can’t, listen to sleep-inducing audio. Your body will soon get the hang of it!

In romantic relationships

If you’re in a relationship or are married, you have some extra obligations towards them. Due to your personality traits, you might forget some basics of a loving and healthy relationship. So, to keep your love life evergreen, follow these…

11. Plan finer date nights

Due to the easygoing nature of B-types, they might, sometimes, forget to go all out for their partner. They might not plan romantic and cute dates anymore once the relationship gets stale.

If you’re the same, know that your partner feels extremely under-appreciated for this. They might even feel that you don’t love them like before anymore. Your efforts define your feelings, so be a bit more elaborate next time.

Go on a date to your first date venue. Take them out to where they always wanted to but you never had the chance. Prepare a surprise at-home date on a weekday to catch them off-guard.

12. Don’t avoid conflicts in love

B-types often avoid getting into conflicts because they don’t want to hurt others. But if you’re in a relationship, don’t wait for these small issues to get resolved on their own… because they never do.

While you wait for things to cool down and get better, your partner resents you for leaving the situation as it is and not making an effort.

If you don’t contact your partner after fighting and wait, they might even misinterpret that it’s a goodbye from you. Don’t let the misunderstandings grow… face it no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

13. Try to be transparent to your lover

Suppose your partner posted a daring picture on Instagram and they got many flirty comments on it. You see it but you don’t say anything because you trust them.

Well, it might not be about being trustworthy. They might plan this entire thing to feel whether you still like them as much as you did before… whether you’ll still get jealous and protective over them.

In this situation, if you try to suppress your true feelings, they may think you’re disinterested in them. Or that your love is fading. So, before you send the wrong signals, react as transparently as you can.

In the workplace

On the other hand, if you’ll soon seek a job, find troubles adjusting in your workplace, or have yet to find a suitable career for yourself, you reached this think-piece at the perfect time. Take note of these steps and flourish in your career…

14. Know your strengths and weaknesses

Before you start job-hunting or even before you choose your stream of studies in college, you must try to understand your strengths. But if you’re already working, it’s okay to find your strengths and weaknesses right now.

This will help you understand what you’re built for, whether you’re on the right track, or not. Even if you’re not working for what you must, you can fix it.

No, you don’t need to start from scratch… but if you want, you can. That’s totally your call.

But if you can’t, understand your weaknesses and work on them. Hard work won’t return you empty-handed.

15. Let your workplace know

Tell your workplace about your strengths and weaknesses ASAP. If you’ll appear in an interview, be open about what you’ll bring to the plate. They’ll place you in a suitable department that way.

Be clear about your strengths so others don’t think that you’re lacking in any way. Before they underestimate you because you’re not like the remaining bunch, list out how you can help them.

Your confidence will speak for you. But, if they still can’t place you anywhere, keep seeking!

16. Satisfy the Type As around you

A-types are extremely picky, so make sure you don’t piss off an A-type boss. They literally hold the key to your progress. No, you don’t need to lick their boots for professional growth. But, try to match your pace with them.

If your work demands a bit more seriousness and a less laid-back attitude, go for that. If you have a report or presentation due, don’t play around with the deadlines. Don’t forget that your boss is also answerable to someone. And if you put them on the spot, they can return the favor.

17. Try to imitate others

Your workplace mainly includes your direct boss and your colleagues. Unless you’re in some high position, you can only worry about these guys. Try to understand them.

What do they expect from you? Do they want their work a particular way? Do they have any preference about anything or can they do without it?

If you can’t figure that out, then try to imitate their ways. If they’re punctual, try your best to maintain deadlines. If they like orderly and organized things, do your best. If they talk in concise words, treat them similarly.

18. Notice big tasks as integrated with small tasks

You might hate dealing with large-scale tasks because they need lots of attention… due to the short attention span of B-types, this can be a huge challenge.

But you can overcome this easily. Instead of imagining it as a single huge task… break it down into pieces. Finish each part of it and get yourself a 5 minutes coffee break.

You’ll feel more motivated than ever that way… and the tasks will be over sooner than you notice. Change your perspective in any uncomfortable situation.

19. Chase a job that gives you freedom

If you have yet to find a job, find jobs that give you the freedom to express your creativity. You have a lot of suppressed energy within you. So, seek firms and job positions that allow that freedom.

Research well online and avoid jobs with strict deadlines. However, if you can deal with the pressure or if your fear of humiliation makes you work harder, you can choose those jobs.

20. Be clear about your availability

B-types cherish their family and socializing time the most. If you’re the same, give your boss a heads-up, especially on days you can’t stay back until later.

Some days, you might need to stay back to finish your tasks if you lag. But if they regularly allot you tasks near your clocking out time, be clear that you can’t continue that regularly and you’ll only entertain urgent tasks.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

While you apply these steps in your life, never think you must change yourself. Rather, believe that you’ll improve yourself. You’re already as good as you are and people must cherish that about you.

If you become better, people will know that you care about yourself, your loved ones, and your security in life. But even if they don’t know, it’s okay to change silently and be happy alone sometimes.

However, if people still try to find your flaws even after you become a better version of yourself, notice what they refer to. If you can’t find any issue with that part of yourself, ignore them. Be happy with your refined self and rock the world with your love!

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