So, what can you do if you are a type c personality? Wondering how to cover for your weaknesses? Want to make yourself a better person?

Well, it seems you reached the perfect place for that. This think-piece contains all the things you can do to enhance your personality all over. 

You can make your amazing personality even better with only some minute changes… it sounds amazing, but it needs lots of effort. 

So, if you’re ready, head right in…

What can you do if you are a type c personality? – 15 ways

Before you start, figure out the reason behind it. If you’re here because someone asked you to fix your personality but you’re actually great the way you are… don’t do it because you won’t be happy with the change. 

Instead, think for yourself. What parts of you do you want to change… and what kind of change will make you feel prouder. 

If you found your answers, c’mon, let’s begin…

1. Reduce the negative self-talk

Type C individuals are known for their pessimism. If you’re one, you probably think the worst of every situation. Even when everything is going according to plan, you can’t help but imagine the worst.

You just can’t believe that everything is going smoothly… and feel that something bad will happen at any moment. This might be due to your life experiences so far.

However, you must try to change this part of yourself. Otherwise, your negative emotions drag down your capabilities.

Wondering how?

Well, while you must think about the next step of your work or anything else, you obsessively look around for backup plans for every stage of the previous plan. Having backups is great… but you must stay within the limit.

However, if you find it difficult to stop this habit… which is absolutely normal… take slow steps. If you make multiple plans for the same roadblock, try to stop yourself after making one. Take a 5-minute break to refresh your mind and get back to work.

2. Try to express yourself slowly

Being a person with type C personality traits, you’re probably emotionally repressed. Whether it’s your anger, frustration, love, or sorrow, you can’t express yourself fearing you’ll hurt others.

Sometimes you keep your emotions in check because you don’t want to rile up others… and spend days on a fight.

Well, if you’re not aware, emotional repression may lead to cancer… which is why there’s this huge connection between getting cancer and type C personalities, although still not proven.

So, remember that you’re precious to your loved ones… and save them from the tragedy of losing you. But if you’re still anxious, here is a plan for you!

Write down everything you feel in a journal. Find out what seems inappropriate and hurtful to the other person. Don’t strike it off! Instead, figure out a better way to express your emotions. Using “I” statements can help in this situation.

3. Lower your expectations

If you’re a type C individual, you’re crazy for perfectionism.  That’s fine and all… but the problems arise the moment your perfectionist tendencies harm the regular flow of your life. You expect yourself, your tasks, and the people around you to be perfect in everything.

For instance, if you want to pull an all-nighter to ensure you produce the best results, go ahead. But if you work till late almost every day to finish 15 days’ tasks in 5 days, stop that.

After creating a perfect task based on your standards, if you can’t reach your goals, you become extremely pessimistic and brood over the loss instead of preparing for the next battle.

You want others to do everything perfectly and you show them how to do it. You hope they do their best… but when they don’t you get disappointed or lose faith in them. This attitude demotivates them further.

Control your perfectionism before it consumes you!

4. Be open to new ways

Most type Cs follow the “my way or highway” rule. If you’re the same, you always ask others to follow your methods.

It’s probably because you prefer to work with conventional plans which always gave results. You’re afraid that the newer methods might not be efficient and have serious drawbacks.

Especially when others have alternative plans that you don’t usually support, you get irritated. However, life is all about change… especially in this day and age.

With changing technology and a new perception of everything, you can’t deny the newer methods. In fact, you might lose out on major opportunities if you continue this.

Next time anybody suggests an alternative and newer plan, don’t dismiss it because it’s not your style. Instead, take time to understand the pros and cons of using it and be more cooperative.

5. Take a break from the detail-oriented side

You love facts, statistics, details, information, evidence, research, and so on. You want your projects, tasks, assignments, and arguments to stand tall and falter nowhere. You want to be prepared with answers even before others’ questions.

Though this trait of yours is cool, it makes you restless… doesn’t it?

On the offside, you get irritated when you can’t find references to prove your statements. Your self-confidence takes a major blow when you don’t have enough details to support your argument.

Even if your deductions are right, your voice and mind waver just because of this. You won’t always find these proofs or have enough time to find them. So, believe in yourself, your experience, and your guts at times.

Learn to deliver your words confidently even if you don’t have anything to support your work. Sometimes, people might ask you things that you can’t prove… that’s when you show your wits and prove your worth. Otherwise, people might think you’re just a living search engine!

6. Take time to know people

C-type individuals are also popular for their introversion. So, being a type C, you probably dislike spending time with people that talk about superficial things. You have a pretty small inner circle and you won’t spend time with anyone other than them.

For this, you spend a lot of time alone… after all, your inner circle isn’t present in every area of your life. If you only have BFFs from college and meet them on the weekends… during your entire week at your workplace, you lose out on joy. This can eventually harm your mental health!

So, try to spend time with people in different areas of your life. Unless people are creepy or your ethics and morals clash, give them a chance to prove their worth. Allow yourself to let loose and enjoy.

7. Be selfish when needed

Most C-types are people pleasers… so are you the same?

If yes, you may face major issues in life!

So, you’re extremely sweet to take care of others’ needs… and everyone is blessed to have you. However, you don’t need to earn others’ validation all the time.

Of course, it feels great to be called the best son/daughter, sibling, friend, employee, or whatever. It gets addicting at some point. But you forget to live for yourself.

While you prioritize others, you keep your needs on the back burner. If things continue this way, you will feel resentful because of your unmet needs. You’ll regret it too much and many of your relationships (romantic or not) will turn bitter.

So, take the next opportunity to say what you need and stick to that if it’s important. You don’t always have to be on the losing side.

8. Don’t ask every little thing

Since type Cs want everything to be done perfectly, they always ask others’ opinions.

For a date night, they ask their partner about their favorite activity, favorite restaurant, etc. In their workplace, when given a task, they ask their coworkers and seniors about the way they must present the work, whether anything will get priority, etc.

At home, when they’re given a chore, they ask whether they must keep anything particular in mind while doing it, if they must do any chore first or last, etc.

You are more likely to do it to ensure you produce high-quality tasks and it’s probably an extension of your perfectionism.

But, this gives out the wrong signals. Others might think you can’t work independently. They might resent you for questioning them so much and not taking the initiative by yourself. So, sometimes, go with your intuition.

9. Be regular with health checkups

Due to high levels of perfectionism and repressed emotions, type C folks are extremely prone to physical health concerns. Starting from a high incidence of cancer (due to the stress from repressed emotions) and heart disease (similar to type A) down to depression and anxiety disorders… it can be anything.

Moreover, type C people don’t like to concern others, so they don’t talk about physical discomfort unless it goes out of hand.

You mustn’t ignore your needs like that. Especially if help is available around you and money isn’t a factor, you must get monthly checkups. This way, you can find out issues early on, deal with them quickly, and avoid major health concerns.

So, don’t miss the appointments!

10. Seek a therapist

There’s a high possibility that you already have some mental health concerns but just aren’t aware of them. Especially, if you frequently feel stressed, low, irritable, as if the world is ending or that nobody understands you.

Don’t be shy or afraid of consulting with a therapist. Mental health disorders are normal… they don’t mean that you’re a fool, a retard, or even a psycho! Even if someone tries to shame you for that, don’t believe them.

It might seem you’re alone on this path, but look around a bit more and you’ll know you aren’t! Many people suffer from mental illnesses and get ignored. It only worsens their quality of life. So, take your first step to get better even if you must do it alone.

11. Don’t be afraid of disagreements

Type C people are also known to be conflict avoidant. They’re extremely agreeable because they believe that even the smallest disagreements can lead to conflicts and resentment.

They’re afraid of letting down others with their differing choices. Mainly, they do it because they feel anxious about conflicts. Well, you put yourself in a disadvantageous position this way.

Understand that merely disagreeing won’t lead to fights. You can even work it out by patiently communicating and listening to each other. You’ll also understand each other better and find a middle ground. By avoiding disagreements, you don’t let your personal relationships grow.

On the other hand, this trait doesn’t allow you to grow in your professional life. You act like a lifeless puppet that only ever agrees and doesn’t put forth their thoughts.

12. Value your choices 

If you have type C personality traits, you love facts, evidence, proof, data, logic, rationality, statistics, etc. Well, that’s actually pretty cool so long you truly like it.

So, think again, do you truly chase these facts because you love knowing more and go gaga over these even during the smallest conversations? If yes, that’s okay… do your thing and be happy!

However, if it’s only to ensure that nothing goes wrong later, to ease your pessimist side, or to be perfect in front of others, that’s a big issue.

This isn’t truly your choice… and you do it out of obligations. Soon, you might grow tired of being so methodical.

On the other hand, you ask around for excess info before you start working, do you truly need that? If you don’t know how things work, that’s okay. But if you do it every time you get a new task, stop right there!

Learn to value your opinions… otherwise, you’ll soon get tired of everything. Do things in a way that brings you joy… or else, you’ll regret too much later on.

13. Believe in yourself

You like to work with details and feel insecure about your tasks without them. You probably also depend on them to prove your statements a lot.

But sometimes, details are unavailable. You can’t help it. Some things are simply deduced using general knowledge and nobody yet conducted full-blown research on them. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

For instance, if Newton didn’t prove the presence of gravity, would it not exist?

Of course, that’s a silly question!

Some things are just fundamental truths… so, try to believe in yourself and your words as though they’re also fundamental truths. Stop losing your cool over the lack of information online or in paperback.

14. Try to be indifferent to clutter

You love organizing work and personal spaces. You like it when things are in order. However, watch whether you’re overdoing it. It might take the form of issues like OCD and wreck your entire life and relationships!

If you obsess over orderliness to the point of ignoring important stuff like work and fighting with others for not organizing, seek an expert right away.

On the other hand, if it’s not that serious yet, go easy on others’ clutter. Don’t judge them based on their space. Let them stay comfortable in their bubble. But if their space is unhygienic, don’t mind us and tell them off!

Furthermore, don’t forget that if you get irritated with the least bit of mess, your rivals might use it as a weakness. So, try to tone it down even if it’s hard. It’ll save you in multiple ways.

15. Forgive yourself

You’re a fan of perfectionism and consistency… and you don’t want to lose, ever!  People call you the “problem solver” because you never fail others’ expectations.

However, nobody is perfect. Sometimes, you might mess up and lose… you might not have anything under your control even after giving your best. Remember that you can’t control everything in life.

Let go of your desire to control yourself and your surroundings because that’s simply not possible. Forgive yourself for not meeting your expectations… forgive yourself for setting such high expectations and hurting yourself when things don’t follow plan.

Allow yourself to get over the pain of disappointing others. You can always get back on track if you try later. So, give it your best shot to succeed in life… but be comfortable with your failures and learn from them. Understand that life works this way and you can’t change it.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Remember, change only for yourself and your happiness. If you believe that your personality traits hamper your relationships and life, that’s a valid reason to enhance the quality of your life. 

However, never change to the point that you can’t recognize yourself and regret losing your old self. For instance, being a type C, you dislike untidiness. 

Being tidy isn’t wrong in itself, but if it impacts your mood, that’s an issue. So, the goal here isn’t to lead an unhygienic life… rather, to make it so that tidiness doesn’t impact your relationships.

Moreover, the above-mentioned steps can’t change you overnight. Be prepared to give enough effort to make it happen and stay dedicated… you’ll definitely feel proud of the new you!

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