Do you want to know what to do if you’re a delta male? Did you just take a delta male quiz, and now you’re concerned? Are you anxious about improving your personal, professional, or social life?

Well, you’ve reached the best place for this! Because this think-piece will put an end to your worries and help you become a desirable delta male.

So, c’mon, let’s get on with it!

What to Do If You’re a Delta Male?

Almost nobody was ever happy to be an average delta man. The personality has quite a few flaws and it’s bound to keep you awake at night. But this guide will try to put many of your worries at rest swiftly.

So, without further ado, head to your transformation!

1. Balance your nerdy interests with life

Due to your delta male personality traits, you love to read almost anything about science. Your heart and mind go crazy about gadgets, technology, science fiction, science fantasy, video games, and so on.

You get extremely excited about these and that shows in your eyes. However, it’s not wise to completely ignore socializing for your interests. Go ahead and have a nerdgasm… you don’t need to be a social butterfly.

However, go out with your friends, family, or lover once a week. Invest time in your current relationships and be open to forming new bonds. This way you’ll have a healthy functional mind and won’t become lonely in the long run.

2. Think through before you get revenge

You can’t stand it when anyone hurts you. Many say that a vengeful mind is never at peace… even if you successfully get your revenge.

Nobody is a saint here, so there is no question of forgiving everyone blindly. You know your pain better than anyone else… and if you seek revenge, there’s probably a good reason.

However, make sure you don’t go overboard. Don’t become someone else’s target of revenge.

Moreover, think before you work on it. Is the other person truly at fault or is it just a fault of your circumstances?

You also treat your close ones the same way if they hurt you. Think how many of your genuine loved ones might leave your side if you work on petty plans. Is that person worth losing so many people?

Take as much time as you can before it’s too late.

3. Stop comparing yourself

You often put yourself down by comparing yourself with others. This happens whenever you’re given the opportunity to lead a team or take charge in any area of your life.

You become nervous and seek someone else around you as a better replacement. You feel that an “Average Joe” like you can’t do the job right.

You see everyone else around you, notice their skills, and hurt your self-esteem. So, you give up even before you try anything.

It’s high time to beat the negative self-talk. Whenever such thoughts creep into your mind, keep yourself busy. Hum a song or talk to anyone about anything. Don’t let the thoughts even peek a little.

4. Instead, believe in your strengths

If you think nothing is good about yourself, go check the other pieces on this website on the pros and cons of being a delta male. You’ll find many great things about yourself… but you’re self-aware so you probably won’t need it?

So, while you block the negative self-talk, diligently practice positive self-talk. You can look up some optimistic phrases online or make your own. Chant them regularly before going to bed and while meditating in the morning.

Write some of them on sticky notes and stick them on your bathroom or shoe cabinet, or even your bedroom… wherever you will notice them better after returning home. Take a moment to read them and release the negativity from within.

You can also journal good and bad things that happen to you or about you regularly. This will give you a better idea about yourself.

5. Understand your lover’s needs

You’re a laid-back person in your relationship or marriage.  Delta men want their romantic interests to take all the domestic responsibilities… whether it’s bringing groceries, dropping the kids off, or planning spontaneous trips.

You unconditionally love them but that’s not enough in long-term relationships. But at some point, your romantic moves won’t have the same effect.

Responsibilities matter much more, so communicate with your partner. Do they want to take charge? Or, do they want you to be more proactive?

If your partner asks something from you, try to help them out instead of pushing it back to them. Otherwise, they might find a more responsible person in life.

6. Keep a clear mind while making life decisions

Men under the delta male archetype hurry way too much during their major life decisions like academics and professional development.

Most delta men only get the minimum degree for a basic job. They don’t try to get promotions. Even if the job doesn’t pay enough, they don’t try to further their qualification for better pay.

If that sounds familiar, it’s time to take your life more seriously.

Of course, you feel there’s no point in academic or professional progress. You probably feel the minimum will be enough or that you can’t progress and will only waste your time.

Well, think again… you might lose precious job opportunities and better wages.  If you earn better, you’ll elevate your living standards and have time to care for yourself. You’ll even be able to invest more in your nerdy interests… so, chase something better!

7. Be more open about your thoughts

You don’t share your thoughts with others because you fear having different opinions. You don’t want to face any conflict because of it.

However, this only increases the distance in your relationships. So, try to be a bit more transparent in both your personal, professional, and academic life.

If you have an opinion, share it. It might prevent others from making poor decisions. It’s okay if you want to keep your personal life a secret. But try to be open otherwise and enjoy your time with them.

Suppressed thoughts and feelings lead to many health concerns, so save yourself from that.

8. Whatever happens, control your urge to drink regularly

You’re more prone to substance abuse due to some traits of a delta male like suppressing emotions, overthinking, negativity, etc. Addictive substances help you relieve stress and feel better.

Now, nobody can tell when they might get addicted to something. However, you can always limit your substance consumption. Be honest with yourself and track your consumption. Create a fair limit for yourself on a regular basis.

If you impulsively consume substances after getting high, have them only when someone is around you. Ask them to stop you from going overboard.

9. Fight the depression about your status

You’re furious about your status in the socio-hierarchy. You hate being the average guy and wish to become an alpha like in your past. You feel depressed about how your life changed and you can’t easily return to being an alpha anymore.

Remember, you have the power to change. You can transition into any personality type in the social hierarchy. So, all you need is to believe in yourself and try hard enough.

Focus on being a better delta male with this guide and then slowly adopt the qualities of an alpha.

10. Spend a little more time outdoors

Most of your pastimes are indoors because you don’t have any energy to go out. However, the lack of Vitamin D from the sun impacts your physical health and the lack of socializing hurts your mental health.

So, even after spending time on your indoor interests, go out. You don’t always need to go with others. Sometimes, go on a walk to a nearby park or sign up for a marathon… it’s okay if you don’t make it till the end!

11. Embrace a healthy routine

You often feel tired after work or college. You don’t have any stamina to go out with loved ones. This also hurts their feelings. You can deal with this if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise regularly, have a balanced diet, and take care of the amount of sleep and sleep routine. Control your substance consumption. Spend no screen time for 30 minutes before bed. Don’t check social media early in the morning. Incorporate hygiene into your lifestyle and you’re all set to go.

A healthy lifestyle won’t only make you more energetic, but it’ll also regulate your mood swings!

12. Don’t push everyone away

Since your guard is always up, you have a hard time connecting with people. You might eventually be left alone in life. No, there is no need to put down your guard around strangers. This protects you from enemies to a certain extent.

But you struggle to make friends because of it. You’re emotionally closed off and it’s probably because you were hurt in the past. You don’t want any repetition of sorry events.

So, notice whoever approaches you well. Take more time to judge them before you push them away too fast. It won’t be easy, but open up a little when you get positive signs. You’ll eventually find great friends and even a lover.

13. Identify what you want from a relationship

Due to your delta male personality, many women don’t desire you. That hurts… but thank goodness they didn’t accept you just for a casual fling. Being a delta male you are known to take romance seriously, so you must not always believe in love at first sight.

The reason?

Well, that can eventually lead to great heartbreaks. So, first, jot down what qualities you want in your partner. Do you want an outspoken and confident woman? Do you want them to be more proactive? Do you want them to take care of your finances?

Figure out all the favorable qualities before you approach a girl. Then notice if she checks all the boxes or if you can compromise some of them.

14. Never seek a woman based on your changed personality

Your personality is flexible so you can level up and be like the alpha, beta, or sigma males. During such a phase, high-value women might get attracted to you. It might feel great to be desired by women of better status but resist it.

So, why lose this opportunity?

Well, there’s no end to a high-value woman’s needs. Her demands will only ever grow. But, there’s no guarantee that your fluid personality won’t make you a delta male all over.

If that happens, you won’t be able to satisfy her demands and she’ll leave you heartbroken. So, while seeking a girl, choose a delta, gamma, or omega female for stability. This will also bring you emotional and sexual satisfaction due to similar views.

15. Find a way out instead of complaining

In your professional life when you don’t get treated or paid well, you only complain. When a girl refuses you, you whine that they only choose the bad boys and don’t notice your value.

Well, complaining won’t help you ever. If you want things to change, take action. In your professional life, increase your qualifications and apply to new companies. In your romantic life, flaunt your qualities more if you want them to consider you.

A word from ThePleasantPersoanlity

Before you begin this journey, remember that the results will need time to show. You must also follow the steps diligently.

If you have any other issues, then seek further support for those. If you have the mentioned issues but they aren’t as serious, fine-tune the steps as required.

You’re a self-aware person, so consciously choose the right step for you. And I’m sure, you’ll thank yourself later for this decision!

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