So, you found your socio-hierarchy personality type and don’t know what to do if you’re a sigma female?

Well, people say you’re perfect yet you still feel something lacking in you. You’re probably anxious and self-conscious about even the slightest things. Deep inside you just wanna be the best… so, here is a think-piece to help you achieve your dreams.

C’mon, become the woman you’re worth being!

What To Do If You’re a Sigma Female?

Being a sigma female you probably feel you’re a queen… yet not quite one because you’re not an alpha female yet! You’re confident about some parts of yourself but still feel something is missing.

So, let’s figure everything out here…

1. Figure out the pros and cons of being a sigma female

Being a sigma female, you’re confident about some traits while insecure about others. Though you’re a lone wolf and have survived on your own until now, you might still be unaware of some facts regarding yourself.

So, first, understand what kind of pros and cons your personality traits bring you. You might have mixed feelings about this… because you were always alone in every fight, so who else can know you better than yourself?

However, since you’re eager to improve yourself and get rid of all your weaknesses, don’t assume that you know yourself inside out.  Instead, research the pros and cons of being a sigma female and find the truth.

Other than that, you can also check how you usually behave at work or in your interpersonal relationships to understand your flaws in different areas of your life as it all impacts your well-being. Identify which issues you want to work on first and begin ASAP.

2. Make sure you don’t hurt others with your straightforwardness

You’re a pretty straightforward woman and you state your mind about everything as it is. If you feel differently about something, you don’t feel the need to sugar-coat your words. Though you’re extremely sweet towards your loved ones, you have your guard up around the rest and act tough.

However, if the other person doesn’t mean you any harm yet you show signs of hostility, you’ll unnecessarily make enemies.

You might not care what they feel because they’re an absolute danger, but what’s the point of making random foes? Moreover, what if they can later become someone useful in your life?

Be straightforward and state your mind as usual… However, make sure you don’t sound rude to others. Don’t let others think you’re meek so that you don’t get pushed around… but don’t let others think that you’ll push them around either.

3. Be stubborn but only with good reasons

You are a motivated person and don’t give up easily on anything. You stick to your plans once you set your mind on it and you also don’t mind if the results are negative… because you can easily compromise in any tough situation.

However, what if your stubbornness causes major financial, resource, or time loss? If others are directly or indirectly affected by the situation, then it’s definitely a bad plan. But even if others aren’t affected, you’ll put yourself in a bad situation.

So, the trick is to know your limits. Suppose you’re working on a project and it failed once. You want to succeed in it somehow and are dedicated to your goals.

Though you have great spirits, calculate your resources and how long they can sustain your attempts without affecting you or others. Then limit your attempts based on your calculations.

4. If you’re depressed or low, talk it out

Being a sigma woman, you’ve been alone way too long and had to use your sharp senses to protect yourself. Over the period, your senses have become extremely sharp and you can feel the slightest negativity from your surroundings.

Your intuitions sharpened and you can truly protect yourself from danger this way. However, you’re aware whenever someone with a mask approaches you or your loved one. You feel disgusted with the vile people around you and feel depressed about it.

During these phases, don’t keep it bottled up. Instead, talk with your loved ones about it. Express your feelings and let them console you. They’d be so hurt if they can’t protect you during your lowest moments. So, allow them to be there for you and bond better.

5. Don’t get too reckless

Risks and adventures attract you so much because if not, how else will you stand out? You’re always eager to take chances in life to find rare opportunities.

Most of the time, you take calculated risks, so you’re pretty confident about your decisions. But even if something goes wrong, you’re ready to compromise and deal with it independently.

However, is it truly possible to not impact others at all? If you take risks in your professional life and you’re a businessman, think how your one little wrong step can cost the employees their wages or a pay cut.

Suppose you bear the losses from your own pocket and don’t let your employees suffer, your family will be in trouble.  Even if you handle the losses well, others feel mentally burdened. So, think wisely about who might be troubled by your actions and wisely decide.

6. Take your space but balance it

You are an introverted person and love to take your space. You feel great about spending time with yourself and feel recharged when you’re alone. And, you don’t feel lonely at all when you’re away from people.

However, sometimes your loved ones need you beside them. Of course, you’re a great friend and you support them whenever they need you. But your friend might not be that open about their issues. Perhaps, they’re waiting for you to meet them face-to-face to let it out.

Or, perhaps, your loved one just wants some quality time with you. They haven’t gotten much time with you for a long time and crave your presence around them.

So, don’t be too obsessed with your space. If someone wants to invade your space, think if they have a good reason behind it. Don’t assume that they don’t respect your alone time.

7. Be more clear about your romantic needs

Being a sigma woman, you probably want to have someone powerful like an alpha male. However, that’s only the general situation because everyone is unique and every sigma woman has different needs.

For instance, if you’re the feminine kind and don’t mind being dominated, an alpha or sigma partner is your best option.

But if you want someone to understand you and not push you around according to their whims, a sigma male might work out. Lastly, if you wish to dominate the relationship, a beta male is a great choice.

So, don’t just assume that you need an alpha… you’re different from the crowd and you obviously have different desires from your partner. Figure out what you want in your love life before seeking a partner. Only then can you make the right choice and not delay.  

8. Before you miss the next event, think

You don’t like to join parties at all and often turn down invitations whenever you can… even though you have great socializing skills. You feel uncomfortable around new faces and are always wary of everyone. But be careful about how often you miss socializing.

If you repeatedly refuse a loved one’s invitation, they’ll take it personally and you might destroy your relationship with them for good. On the other hand, you’ll also lose your chance from making major connections in your social or professional life. You’ll also delay meeting a lover this way.

Don’t force yourself to attend every social event, but don’t ignore all the chances just because it’s not compulsory. Figure out what benefits you can get from socializing. Understand if your absence is important to your inviter and whether they’d be heartbroken without you.

9. Don’t stop doubting the rumors

You don’t judge people based on their actions or the rumors… and in this era, that’s simply noble of you. But, what if there’s a genuine reason behind people judging someone?

You’re not ready to judge that person because you don’t have evidence. You don’t believe just in the rumors alone… moreover, you don’t know what you’d have done if you were in their place.

Though that’s a great way to give someone the benefit of the doubt, you mustn’t believe they’re innocent either. They might be guilty but have yet to be proven. So, as usual, don’t let your guard down because you never know who’s pretending.

Of course, you know that better than anyone else, but don’t let your desire to protect someone from unfair judgment hurt you.

You don’t feel the least bit interested in the latest trends… and it’s a heck lot of trouble to keep up with everything. After all, trends always change with the seasons.

But your friends might be interested in these and someday discuss them. If you’re unaware, you’ll feel left out and they’ll feel awkward continuing the discussion.

This will only make the situation weird and you’ll also feel uncomfortable around each other. So, to make them feel more comfortable around you and avoid getting awkwardly silent, check the trends whenever you get time. It might help you bond better with others.

11. Avoid getting emotionally attached by checking in with yourself

You hate to get emotionally attached too soon and you wish to change that part of yourself. You dislike that your heart opens up the moment you feel a little ounce of purity from the other person.

Though your emotions aren’t completely in your control, you can still try to do it. For instance, if you meet someone new regularly and fear that you’ll be attached too soon, check in with yourself every night.

Ask yourself how you feel about that person and how much you trust them… whether it’s enough to tell them your worst secret. Be honest while answering these questions. If you feel that you’re slipping in, remind yourself of the reality. 

12. Even if it happens, don’t fight it too hard

In case you couldn’t help but get emotionally attached to them, follow a different strategy. Don’t oppose your feelings and let it be. The more you make a huge fuss about it, the more you hate yourself… and darling, you don’t deserve to be hated at all!

So, accept yourself even if you have high expectations of others, and don’t let the fear of being hurt and letting go overpower you.

13. If they hurt you afterward, take your time to move on

However, if that person hurts you eventually, give them a piece of your mind and make them pay the damages of hurting you like you usually do. You’ll throw that person out of your life but can’t emotionally detach yourself.

During this situation, try to surround yourself with loved ones, care for yourself, indulge in activities you truly like, have healthy meals, exercise regularly, go on vacations, chase your dreams, and keep yourself busy. Everything will remind you that your life is so much more worthwhile and you hardly have time to dwell on a bad person.

14. Judge the person before befriending them

Because you always have your guard on, you can’t befriend anyone. Whether that person has good or bad intentions, you just don’t care and keep waiting for a better moment when you’re completely sure about them.

But this way, you’ll not only ward off bad people… you’ll also miss befriending truly worthy ones. So, test the people around you in whatever way possible to understand their intentions sooner. Doubting the other person might seem too mean to the other person, but you can always apologize and start from scratch. So, take all the chances to not miss good friends.

15. Feel confident about being a sigma

You always wish to be an alpha female and deep inside put yourself down for being so much like an alpha but not entirely like one. Understand that you’re great even if you’re not an alpha.

Sure, you aren’t as outgoing or loud… and you can’t even control your emotional attachment. But that doesn’t make you any less of a great woman. Go ahead and improve yourself by following these tips, but don’t feel low just because you’re not an alpha female!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

In the end, remember that life is all about balance. Too much or too little of anything will always hurt you. Try to balance your actions and decisions so you don’t offend others unnecessarily.

Though you hardly care about what others think of you… but that way you’ll only push away your loved ones. So, take your time and improve yourself!

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