So, after you took a personality test you are worried sick thinking “what to do if you’re a type G”?

Ah, good gracious, honey, you must be so afraid to find out about the negatives of your personality types… but calm yourself for a moment, alright?

Remember that all personality types have some pros and cons, and you are no different. It’s understandable that you want to be perfect and get rid of any possible flaw, but that’s not humanly possible.

Don’t obsess over perfection and rather try to improve yourself and this think-piece will teach you that exactly.So, take a deep breath, have faith, and let’s begin this journey…

What To Do If You’re a Type G?

Most people believe that being a type G is a blessing and that it’s the end of your worries. But they are far from right. In fact, you will have some insecurities and flaws… and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you can always try to be better… so, let’s get started!

1. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses

Before you become confident about your intuitions or feel insecure about your introversion, take a deep breath and calm yourself. Like all other personality types, there are pros and cons of being a type G… but, all of them might not apply to you.

The reason?

Human beings are unique… so, nobody will have all the said pros and cons or strengths and weaknesses… and even if you do, you might not have all of them to the same degree.

For instance, a strength might be more pronounced but a weakness faintly noticeable, or vice versa.

So, try to understand yourself better before you begin the journey of enhancing yourself. Note down all the strengths you wish to grow and the weaknesses you want to work on.

Create a goal right now to avoid any complications later on. This will also help you understand if you missed working on anything after following the list.

2. Sometimes, accept socializing invitations

Since you are introverted, you don’t feel like communicating with others at all unless necessary…you are especially not into small talk and avoid anyone that tries to. However, you can’t form a deep connection with anyone right from the beginning.

Consider your current close friends… Did you start off talking about deep things from the beginning? Exactly, it always begins with small talk… you give them the chance to express themselves and figure out whether you have anything in common at all.

So, give everyone that approaches you one chance. If your classmates invite you to have lunch together or a coworker asks you to join the office, accept it once even if you feel like you don’t fit in.

Of course, don’t pressure yourself to talk to everyone around you… but at least don’t run whenever anyone approaches you. Your discomfort is understood but bear with it. Keep trying and you’ll have more friends and shove loneliness out of the window.

3. Don’t become overconfident about your intuition

Type G people are blessed with intuition and intelligence. So, you can read the mood or situation pretty well and decide accordingly based on everyone’s betterment. You usually don’t need people to explain to you all the details because your intuition can tell.

Until now, you mostly won in life whenever you trusted your intuition. This strengthens your faith in your intuition… but it might eventually turn into overconfidence. It’s not a given that all G-type people turn boastful of their intuition but it’s a major possibility.

But if it happens, you will get in trouble… because due to overconfidence, you might dull your sharp senses.

For instance, you might not even give your intuition the time to process things and believe in the very first thought that strikes your mind. This increases the chances of wrong deductions and thus trouble!

4. Don’t always run after perfectionism

Type G people are also known for their perfectionism. So, when you undertake an important task, you always think about ways to execute it perfectly. When you face an overwhelming situation, your mind always seeks the best possible way to act or speak in that situation.

Moreover, people compliment you because of your perfectionism and intuitive knowledge… and you feel good about it. Human beings love and get addicted to anything that feels good.

Similarly, you feel addicted to the good feelings when others appreciate you… and you chase compliments with everything possible.

You push yourself harder and force yourself to gather more relevant information and meet others’ expectations.

This feels great but eventually, it can harm your life if it spreads to other areas of your life. Excess perfectionism might put your health and your relationships in danger, so balance your life.

5. Try to take criticism positively

G-type individuals usually don’t pay attention to people’s opinions. So, when someone says something against your choices, you ignore them and follow your heart. Well, that’s cool if that person is up to no good or wants to hurt you.

However, think again… does that person’s criticism mean you harm only?

Whoa there… nobody wants to make you feel insecure about anything. If you feel confident about your choices, that’s great… if you feel there’s no need to second-guess yourself, that’s cool too.

But it doesn’t hurt to give them a chance. When someone says anything about your choices, think about it. If you follow their idea, picture the result.

If you can’t understand them, ask a trusted person’s take on it. You might feel biased towards your own idea, so a third person’s views can help you get over the dilemma.

After everything, if you feel the opinion is valid, approach that person and discuss the matter.

6. Practice expressing yourself and setting boundaries

Being a type G person, you’re possibly an introvert. You struggle to express yourself. If you’re happy and want to show your gratitude, you can’t be transparent at all… and you feel disappointed because you didn’t express even a fraction of your feelings.

On the other hand, if someone mistreats you, you can’t stand up for yourself… at most, you avoid that person if that’s possible.

If something bad happens in your life, you suppress the pain and feel overwhelmed… Even though you desire a calm inner mind to keep your intuition sharp, it gets affected.

So, what will you do? Should you take crash courses on being an extrovert?

Of course, not! Introversion isn’t a flaw… but you can definitely work on the flaws it brings in your life. Every day, challenge yourself to all or any of these things:

Say “No” to something you don’t approve of even if you feel uncomfortable.

Show gratitude with a smile when you have a reason.

Make eye contact and contribute a little more in group discussions.

You won’t have a reason to do that every day, but do it whenever you get the opportunity and treat yourself to something delicious for that.

7. Try to cope with complicated situations

Being a G-type, you probably also flee from complicated situations like the plague. If this is not true, proceed to the next pointer. But if it is, wait a moment.

You feel it’s unfair to take even more burden of complications in life because you have a hyperactive brain. Your mind is always busy registering and analyzing your surroundings and is clogged with too much knowledge.

So, you avoid any extra complications… be it a situation or a friend venting about their complicated life. However, perceive it from a different angle. Every complication is an opportunity to learn more.

For instance, all coworkers will brainstorm about a complicated situation of a project during the meeting… they will only follow a predefined route. Even though this seems tiresome, join in. Express your ideas… and it’s okay if they don’t like yours. On the other hand, you’ll learn exactly what they like.

On the other hand, if a friend seeks you to pour out their heart, go ahead. Listen to them, you might learn a life lesson or two… and it’ll also make them feel better.

8. Understand the extent of creativity desired

You are blessed with immense creativity… but it’s not the usual kind. So, your ideas were probably rejected once in a while. Your creative energy and artistic skills are out of the box, so it’s not suitable for all areas. So, if you plan to use your creativity anywhere, discuss the other party’s demands.

You will get better knowledge and save your time and energy by avoiding over-the-top ideas. You will also have a higher chance of getting your ideas approved.

Don’t get offended even if they don’t accept it… that just shows that you have more to learn. Never feel low about that… your creativity just doesn’t fit their idea. It doesn’t nullify your capabilities so cheer up!

Instead, let your geeky curious side unroll and learn all about their desired form of creativity.

9. Keep your curiosity under control

Speaking of curiosity, there’s another thing to keep in mind. You often get passionate about things and start researching and learning more about them crazily. Your undying thirst to learn more is totally relatable, but try to be a bit aware of this.

When you study something in-depth, know whether it will be of any use to it. If it’s a subject related to your academics, find out if the further topics you’ll research are relevant or not. Don’t waste your time on something you can’t use in your field.

While studying something, don’t get so focused on it that you forget about the basics of your life. Lead a healthy and hygienic life and go out once in a while.

Lastly, don’t try anything dangerous out of curiosity. Otherwise, you’ll attract immense problems and even put your life in danger.

10. Don’t impose your minimalism on others

You LOVE minimalistic life because it helps you focus. More items mean more clutter and more pain to sort out things. You don’t see the point in having more things and insist others do the same… whether it’s your live-in lover, a roommate, or a deskmate at school or the office.

However, you might not need as many things… but they do! Be considerate of others’ needs. If you have an issue with the clutter, tell them to keep their things sorted in one area. But don’t force them to change their lifestyle. Respecting your desires and beliefs doesn’t mean you must disrespect others.

Try to find a middle ground between your needs. Communicate with them instead of getting angry or ordering them to be a certain way. Be honest about your issues and they will understand you and adjust willingly.

11. Don’t seek simple alternatives unless asked

Since you want to avoid complications in life, you also seek simple ways instead. If you work on a solo project in your academic or professional life and your professor or supervisor doesn’t mind, have it your way. Go ahead and unleash your creativity.

However, if anyone forbids you from it, keep your urges down. Even if you forcibly plan an easier way out, that won’t be accepted, so save yourself from wasting your time and brain cells.

On the other hand, people will seek your creative energy eventually when they don’t find any other option. So, wait for that moment instead of getting insulted. Choose wisely so that people can appreciate your strengths.

But, if they ask you to follow complicated plans, try to compromise and follow the rules. After all, you don’t have any other option, so why throw a fit?

12. Remember that failure is NOT the end

You always try hard to be perfect, learn more to be intelligent and expand your vision, and forcibly shut down anything that wavers your emotions to perceive the external world perfectly.

You also get complimented for these qualities and that only motivates you to try harder and be everyone’s favorite.

All of these are because, somewhere deep inside, you fear losing. You’re afraid that you won’t be the best and people won’t appreciate you if you lose. They might compare you with your past self or peers. You don’t want the praises to stop… but why are you so terrified?

Try only until you don’t burden yourself. Though you cherish mental and emotional peace, you might not be as aware of your physical health. So, don’t overdo anything, and keep certain things within limits.

And even if you fail, learn your lessons and step ahead with your head high… never be ashamed of something as simple as a failure.

13. Practice self-love regularly

You take a lot of pressure on yourself subconsciously while you pose as the perfect person in every area of your life. Your mind endlessly makes deductions based on your surroundings. You chase after precise details and your intelligence makes wonders tirelessly.

After all that effort, thank your body and mind by pampering it. Schedule a mani-pedi session and if you can splurge more, go for a spa or massage.

Regularly have delicious and healthy food. Maintain a good sleep routine and exercise daily. Invest time in a hobby or outdoor activities to step out of your room.

Before and after bed, follow a healthy and short skin routine and meditate. Learn to dress well within your minimalistic products. All of these will also boost your confidence and help with your introversion.

14. Help others in what you excel

You know a lot of stuff because you become a total geek about certain subjects. You show extra interest in them and research more than your homework. So, you often hear compliments like Wow… I wonder how he/she knows so much or I wish I could perceive things like him/her.

In such situations, you probably accept the praises with a swift thank you and keep quiet because of your introversion.

But next time, ask others if they are interested to learn more. Especially if they ask you how you know so much, respond that way. Teach them some basic skills and you’ll slowly get over your discomfort with socializing.

You’ll also make friends, they’ll benefit from your knowledge, and you can also brush up on yours. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

15. Don’t skip your routine checkup

Being a type G doesn’t imply you’ll fall sick so don’t jump to conclusions. However, research shows that higher intelligence and a hyperactive brain relate to a hyperactive body.

So, you are prone to ADHD, autism, affective disorders, allergies, sensory processing sensitivity, autoimmune diseases, and a lot more.

To avoid the aggravating and existent but dormant issue, go for daily checkups. Don’t ignore your physical or mental health no matter how much you care for yourself. See an expert regularly to maintain your health.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Despite your personality type, try to be accepting of yourself. Remember, the world will try to understand you and respect you, only if you are kind to yourself. So, support yourself through everything.

Prioritize your happiness, be upfront about your needs and give others a chance to win your trust. Have faith and you’ll improve a lot eventually!

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