Do you want to know what to do if you’re an alpha male? Do you want to get a shortcut to improve your inadequacies? Perhaps you want to be the best of all?

Well, you have reached the perfect place to make that happen. This think-piece will show you every way you can become a better influence on the community or your pack.

So, let’s head right in!

What to Do if You’re an Alpha Male?

Being an alpha male, you know you aren’t the best. However, you always desire to improve yourself. However, being the pack leader, you might not be ready to take advice from others. Or, people do not even dare to suggest anything to you.

So, dive in to become better than ever!

1. Try to make your relationships more satisfying

Due to your alpha male traits, you are extremely ambitious. You are driven and focused on your goals and do spend long hours at work.

This is all because you want to provide a quality life to your loved ones and support them financially. You don’t want them to lose out on anything because of a lack of money.

However, do you understand that when you overwork yourself, you refuse the basic time to your loved ones?

Certainly, you want the best for them, but they also crave your physical presence in their life. Money will help pay the bills and buy comfort. But your presence will help their emotional needs.

Especially if you are in a long-term relationship, your partner desires your time the most. If you are a father, spend time with your kids. Or, visit your parents once in a while because they miss you a lot.

2. Know your limits before you burn out

Successful alpha males hate to take time off. Since they have higher levels of responsibility, they feel guilty about being away from work for even a second.

If you are the same, you probably worry a lot when you step away from your cubicle. Specifically, if you have nothing to do, you feel anxious and start checking your emails.

You don’t even seek help when you need it and push yourself way too much. This attitude may cost you a lot because you’ll eventually burn yourself out.

So, understand that you can’t handle everything single handedly. Embrace your limits and ask others to stand in for you. You are a human being with shortcomings.

Take time off for yourself and let your body and mind relax. Otherwise, you might get bedridden and be away from work for days.

3. Learn to share the stage with other alphas

Alpha men are known to be extremely cautious of alpha males and females. For instance, you often get into fights with them.

You struggle to cooperate with them whether in personal, professional, or academic life. It’s probably because you fear they will outshine you with their skills and feel threatened.

You avoid getting along with them because you feel they will know your secrets and snatch away your positions.

You have all the right to keep your guard up and protect what you hold important. However, the way you treat them is not fair or rational. Yes, this doesn’t sound so good, but that’s the reality.

If you genuinely feel that other alphas are your competitors, you must keep them close to you. This way, you can learn how they improve their skills and learn new things.

You are aware that you are not perfect and always try to improve yourself. So, this is another chance to know everything about other alphas and embrace their qualities.

4. Try to be more considerate of beta personalities

Alpha and beta males/females complete each other. Men with alpha personalities command those with beta personalities.

Especially if you meet someone with an extremely submissive beta personality, you might have the urge to treat them with inequality. This becomes even more serious if you are an extreme alpha.

You may make them feel inferior to you and only allow them opportunities once you enjoy yourself. You often force them to take the shorter side of the stick, and they silently accept it.

Even if you say, “I’m not that mean,” this can happen even without you noticing!

You might ruin your relationship with a beta friend just because you didn’t notice their needs properly.

So, from now on, try to listen to extremely submissive people a bit more. Let them complete when they speak. Don’t assume anything and ask them to communicate their needs clearly.

5. Stop multitasking before you make serious mistakes

The true alpha male is motivated to finish their tasks and move on to the next. For instance, if you’re in high school, you juggle between projects together to complete them earlier. Once you’re done, you want to focus on something else.

Similarly, if you’re a working adult, you want to complete all the projects ASAP and move on to the next one. You want to earn more money to satisfy your and your close ones’ needs.

However, multitasking isn’t always the best option. It makes you anxious, affects the quality of your work, increases the possibility of mistakes, and is just inefficient overall. There are many more downsides to multitasking, so give up on it.

Of course, you might not have dealt with major issues yet. However, you can’t risk your reputation and performance based on it.

Moreover, if you make one mistake, you might need to redo everything from scratch!

6. Don’t get too serious about competitions

Being an alpha male, you often turn toxic in competitions. Even in harmless friendly games, you take it too far.

For instance, when you win, you feel good by rubbing it on the other person’s face. It’s okay to be glad about your victory, but why can’t you be a bit more compassionate about the other person?

It won’t make you any less of a winner. Rather, you will be an even better alpha leader, and the other person will genuinely look up to you.

Similarly, when you lose, you can’t stand it. You take the failure personally and want the other person to pay it back in any other way.

Take a minute and reassess your thoughts. In a game, there will always be winners and losers. Enjoy competitions for what they are. Your opponent doesn’t mean you any harm. Even if they mock you, losing one game doesn’t make you any less worthy!

7. Listen to others’ opinions

Alpha men have always made tough decisions all by themselves. So, if you are one, you hate being told what to do and not. You know you have always been the best in everything and hardly make mistakes. Even if you mess up, you have backup plans to help yourself.

However, you may not always be as lucky. Sometimes, you might mess up and not have any ideas at all. So, when people share some advice, be grateful and listen to them.

Of course, if it’s just an opinion without knowing your situation, feel free to ignore it. You can decide what you will do in the end, so never feel forced to follow through.

However, give it a bit of thought. Analyze if their views are genuinely wrong. Sometimes, listening to others can save you from serious mistakes. So, instead of putting them back in their place, hear them out.

8. Think twice before breaking the rules

The alpha male personality makes you a rule-breaker. For instance, when a rule stops you from taking the easier route, you violate it. Since you know that you can achieve your goals faster, you don’t worry about the consequences.

However, your actions may make others suffer. You might accomplish your goals, but the other person did nothing to deserve this. Your actions may make them pay.

Being one of the alpha leaders, you certainly hate making anyone from your pack or outside suffer for you. So, try to control the impulse to break any kind of rule… whether it’s the law or a rule at home or work.

Try to respect all kinds of rules as much as you can. But if you ever have a good reason to not follow a rule at home, work, or school, talk to others. Express yourself and try to convince them or reach a middle ground.

If that doesn’t work, accept it as it is!

9. Discuss before taking risks

With your immaculate alpha leadership qualities, you often love to take calculated risks. However, people around you aren’t aware that you have thought a lot about it or that you have backups if anything goes wrong.

So, they feel anxious about the situation and judge your choices and position as an alpha. They fear that you might push them into serious trouble. Your family members worry about financial instability, and your coworkers feel that you’ll make them lose their job.

The hidden opportunities might be obvious to you but not to others. They aren’t aware that there is a good risk-to-reward ratio.

So, instead of keeping them in the dark and taking the blame from them, share your thoughts and plans with them. Let them know what you’re up to instead of sending them through a rollercoaster of emotions.

10. Stop expecting too much from yourself or others

You are a perfectionist and expect nothing but the best from everyone. You push yourself to be the best. If your effort doesn’t help you enough, you stay up late or refuse something to motivate yourself and become perfect.

Though the “thing” that you refuse yourself seems to be a motivation, you might deny yourself basic needs. Instead of motivating yourself, you might harm your physical or mental health.

So, take your time and try harder without extreme measures.

Similarly, when others don’t meet your expectations, you tell them off. You demand similar high levels of performance from them.

Understand that they may not have a personality like yours. Your demands might make them insecure and ruin their performance.

If they become self-conscious or doubt their capabilities, their skills will get worse over time. So, be more accepting of mistakes and let everyone learn at their own pace!

11. Let go of the stubbornness

You are stubborn about your choices. Once you set a goal, you don’t give up on it and try harder consistently unless you accomplish it.

You probably have some serious plans and thoughts, and you can’t bear to back off. Instead, you are ready to invest more time and resources in them.

Honestly, not everyone can have so much faith in themselves, and this is a great trait. However, you can’t understand when your efforts go in vain, and you expend your resources or affect your health.

Some dreams are just not meant to be, and you need to accept that reality. Of course, try again if you believe in it but have certain limits. Decide how many attempts you will make before you affect your time or money. Discuss it with people that understand your situation and create a healthy limit.

12. Make sure you forgive people that deserve it

Once someone hurts you, you can’t forgive them at all. You won’t take the other person back into your life. Being an alpha, it is all too normal because you don’t want a threat around you or your loved ones.

However, are you certain that they are at fault? Did you properly determine whether they intentionally hurt you or if it was a mistake?

After all, you also break rules and take risks without explaining things to others. You hurt others with your actions as well.

If you don’t forgive others, people will learn from you. They may also not forgive you, even if it’s a slight issue. Of course, you don’t want to experience that!

So, give the other person a chance to explain themselves. Once they explain themselves, if you still find them at fault, you can do as you wish. But at least, if it was a mistake, you won’t pass wrong judgment!

13. Don’t always be controlling

You are a dominant man and often force others to follow your commands. Since your decisions are usually perfect, you don’t want to take chances with their choices.

Your cautiousness is understandable, but that spikes insecurities in others. They feel your distrust in their understanding. It frustrates them because they don’t get to learn and blindly follow your lead.

People around you are tired of following you and want to break away from your life. Since it takes such intense turns, you gotta change your tactics.

So, when you can take chances and redo some tasks, let others do it on their own. Let them learn when there’s ample time to make fixes.

On the other hand, when a task is urgent, or you only have one opportunity to complete it perfectly, take the lead.

14. Learn to apologize

If you did not hurt anyone, you don’t need to apologize at all. But if you violate others’ boundaries by breaking rules or distress them with your risk-taking nature, it’s completely on you.

Nobody needs to face the consequences of your choices. So, let go of your inhibitions and pride and just apologize for how you hurt others.

Often alpha males ignore this because they have reached a goal or made miracles. However, you need to understand that your choices put others in a tough situation. They did not ask you for that, and you can’t even undo their stress. So, the least you can do is a heartfelt apology.  

You might think this is pointless, but it will only push away people from your life. If you don’t want that, change your ways while you still have time!

15. Think hard before you pass the baton

Being the alpha male, you usually have a bitter relationship with other alphas. Instead, you are closer to your beta followers. Throughout your leadership days, the betas have served you loyally; you only know the best out of all betas.

So, when it’s time to retire and recommend a worthy leader, you often choose a beta person. However, betas are more comfortable serving others. They feel anxious about leading, and quite honestly, they may not make good leaders.

You might put the entire pack in jeopardy this way. If you entrust everyone’s welfare in shaky hands, both your loyal beta follower and the remaining pack will struggle.

So, to avoid that, talk to the person you want to nominate.  Discuss how they feel about leading and figure out if they are beta personalities.

If they don’t want to lead, ask them if they have other better candidates in mind. You must also try to judge other candidates for the role without bias.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Make sure you are patient while you follow these tips. Remember, you can’t change yourself overnight but if you stay true to yourself, you will eventually become what you have always desired.

So, just make sure that you believe in the process and be patient. The magic will happen eventually!