Have you ever wondered why we humans tend to behave in a certain way in specific circumstances? Are there reasons behind certain actions and behavior? This all could be because we are born with different personalities.

Similarly, one of the most sought-after personality typologies is the Enneagram model, which describes nine interconnected personality types built around certain core motivations and values.

So, to ascertain their popularity, we evaluated the Google Search Data to see which are the commonly searched Enneagram personality types, and we found that Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9 were the most searched.

In continuance with the same findings, we took experts’ opinions as to why they could be so popular, thus leading to people searching for them more.

So, let’s see what the experts have to offer.

Why are people searching more about Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9?

Jessica Miller, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and article reviewer at psyche-mag

  • Personal Growth

Many people utilize the Enneagram as a tool for self-reflection and personal development. Learning about Enneagram types can help people understand their motives, concerns, and behavioral patterns.

Kinds 8 and 9 may be particularly interesting to people who identify with the features and inclinations associated with these kinds and wish to learn more about themselves.

  • Personality Traits

Enneagram type 8 is sometimes called “The Challenger” or “The Protector.” This personality type is often forceful, strong-willed, and driven by a need for control and independence.

Type 9 is known as “The Peacemaker” or “The Mediator” and is known for being easygoing, tolerant, and conflict-avoidant.

Individuals may be drawn to these various personality qualities in order to better understand themselves or others in their lives.

  • Increased Awareness and Acceptance

The Enneagram has become a valuable tool for personal growth and understanding. As more people embrace the concept of self-awareness and self-improvement, they may be drawn to investigate multiple Enneagram types, including types 8 and 9, to acquire insights into their own behaviors and habits.

  • Leadership Insights

The Enneagram is also used professionally in team-building activities, leadership development programs, and conflict-resolution tactics.

Individuals seeking help in improving their effectiveness as leaders or resolving workplace challenges may be interested in Types 8 and 9, distinguished by their various leadership styles and approaches to conflict.

Dr. Ketan Parmar, a Psychiatrist and mental health expert at ClinicSpots

People search for information about Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9 for a few reasons. 

First, these two types are often discussed together due to their similarities: they both have a strong need to control situations and take charge but in different ways.

Second, they tend to react differently to stress or challenging circumstances – something many people can relate to today.

Third, their differences also make them interesting study material – learning more about how one type may react compared to another can provide insight into how your personality works.

Kat Campbell, Data Scientist

The increased interest in Enneagrams 8 and 9 could be due to many factors. They represent unique personality types, and people might be trying to understand themselves or others better. Self-awareness, relationship dynamics, leadership styles, or conflict management could be some areas of interest.

Are Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9 rare personalities? If yes, then why?

Jessica Miller, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and article reviewer at psyche-mag

Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9 personalities are not necessarily uncommon in their existence. According to the Enneagram system, there are nine unique personality types, each with qualities, motives, and actions.

It is important to note that different personality types may be more widespread or prized in specific cultures or socioeconomic circumstances.

For example, in some competitive or high-stakes situations, the aggressive and direct attitude of Enneagram 8s may be more prevalent if not favored.

Furthermore, certain Enneagram types may be overrepresented in specific professions or fields of interest.

Enneagram 8s, for example, are frequently connected with leadership professions, whereas Enneagram 9s may be driven to careers involving mediation or counseling.

This may show that certain kinds are less prevalent generally, but remember that the Enneagram system is a tool for analyzing individual distinctions, not a rigid classification of personality predominance.

Dr. Ketan Parmar, a Psychiatrist and mental health expert at ClinicSpots

No, Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9 are not rare personalities – they’re actually quite common. Many psychologists consider them the two most “popular” Enneagram types, likely due to how their similarities and differences can both attract and repel people.

Kat Campbell, Data Scientist 

As per the Enneagram theory, no one type is considered more common or rare than others. The distribution may vary depending on the demographic, region, and culture.

Do Enneagram 9 and Enneagram 8 share a good relationship with each other? If yes, what are they?

Jessica Miller, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and article reviewer at psyche-mag

Enneagram 9 and Enneagram 8 relationships can have both strengths and problems. They are sometimes referred to as “the Peacemaker” (Enneagram 9) and “the Challenger” (Enneagram 8) since they are nearby types on the Enneagram circle.

Enneagram 8s love their independence, whereas Enneagram 9s treasure their space and time.

The Enneagram 8 personality type is aggressive, decisive, and action-oriented, whereas the Enneagram 9 personality type is more accommodating, harmonic, and accepting.

Enneagram 9s may enjoy the power and resolve of Enneagram 8s, while Enneagram 8s may benefit from the soothing influence and peacemaking talents of Enneagram 9s.

This may collide with the aim of Enneagram 9s to avoid confrontation and maintain harmony.

For example, the boldness of the Enneagram 8s may overwhelm or frighten the Enneagram 9s, who may retreat or become passive-aggressive in reaction.

Enneagram 8s can learn to be more mindful of the Enneagram 9s’ desire for serenity and to provide a secure space for them to express their ideas and feelings.

Dr. Ketan Parmar, a Psychiatrist and mental health expert at ClinicSpots

Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9 tend to get along well, though they may also butt heads occasionally.

In general, they share a mutual respect for each other’s strong will and determination and an appreciation for how they challenge each other in ways that push them to grow.

Though there is potential for conflict between these two types, they can help each other become better versions of themselves when handled correctly.

Kat Campbell, Data Scientist 

Like any two personality types, Enneagram 8 (The Challenger) and Enneagram 9 (The Peacemaker) can have a positive relationship if they understand and respect each other’s needs.

The assertive and protective nature of an Enneagram 8 can provide a sense of security to the peace-seeking 9. In contrast, the calm and accepting nature of an Enneagram 9 can have a soothing effect on the intensity of an 8.

Can any problems arise between Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9? If yes, what are they?

Jessica Miller, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and article reviewer at psyche-mag

Conflicts and challenges may emerge between people with Enneagram Types 8 (the Challenger) and 9 (the Peacemaker).

Because these two kinds have distinct basic motives, coping mechanisms, and views, their relationships can be fraught with misunderstandings and difficulties.

  • Different priorities

Type 8 people are motivated by a desire for control, autonomy, and power. They are frequently preoccupied with attaining their objectives and exerting their dominance. 

Type 9 people, on the other hand, cherish peace and harmony and avoid confrontation. They might value stability and minimizing interruptions.

  • Communication styles

Type 8 people are straightforward, forceful, and tend to dominate talks. They are unafraid to communicate their thoughts and wants.

For example, type 9 people may be more passive in their communication style, hesitating to establish their preferences or requirements.

  • Conflict style

When faced with dissatisfaction, Type 8 people are aggressive, forthright, and confrontational, whereas Type 9 people avoid conflict and seek harmony. When problems emerge, this basic difference in attitude can cause friction.

  • Conflict over control

Enneagram 8s like to be in charge and can be forceful in their interactions, which might elicit opposition from Enneagram 9s.

The firm will and aggressiveness of the 8s may make the 9s feel smothered or invaded, resulting in a power conflict or a sensation of being overshadowed.

Dr. Ketan Parmar, a Psychiatrist and mental health expert at ClinicSpots

Yes, there can be problems between Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9. Due to their strong personalities and need for control, they may sometimes clash over who is “right” or who should be in charge of a situation.

They may also have difficulty accepting the other’s opinion or point of view, which can lead to arguments and tension if not managed properly.

The key here is communication – when both parties are open to discussing differences of opinion without becoming overly defensive or hostile, these conflicts can often be resolved quickly and peacefully.

Kat Campbell, Data Scientist 

Challenges can arise if an Enneagram 8 becomes overly controlling or confrontational, which can disturb the peace that an Enneagram 9 values. On the other hand, if a 9 becomes too passive or unresponsive, it may lead the 8 to feel unheard or misunderstood.

How to spot Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9?

Jessica Miller, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and article reviewer at psyche-mag

  • Enneagram Type 8 (the Challenger)

Assertiveness – Type 8 people are frequently forceful, confident, and direct in communication and are unafraid to communicate their thoughts and wants.

Goal-oriented – They are motivated by a desire to attain their objectives and can be extremely focused and tenacious in pursuing what they desire.

Strength and resilience – Type 8s frequently exude power, self-assurance, and confidence. They are adept at coping with difficulties and may be perceived as forceful or frightening by others.

  • Enneagram Type 9

Desire for harmony – Type 9 people cherish peace, harmony, and the avoidance of confrontation. They aim for inner and exterior peace, stability, and balance in their relationships.

Easygoing nature – They avoid unnecessary disputes or disturbances by maintaining a calm and easygoing personality but frequently appear polite and accommodating.

Desire for unity – They greatly desire togetherness and may endeavor to identify common ground or resolve disputes.

Dr. Ketan Parmar, a Psychiatrist and mental health expert at ClinicSpots

Spotting an Enneagram 8 or an Enneagram 9 isn’t difficult – though it does require paying attention to their behavior rather than just looking at physical characteristics.

Enneagram 8s tend to be assertive and authoritative, often taking a leadership role in any situation.

They protect themselves and those they care about and will go to great lengths to ensure their safety. Meanwhile, Enneagram 9s are more laid-back and relaxed – though still highly independent and driven.

They’re good at compromising with others but may struggle with setting boundaries or speaking up for themselves when needed.

Kat Campbell, Data Scientist

Enneagram 8 individuals tend to be assertive, protective, and independent. They enjoy taking charge and can be confrontational. 

On the other hand, Enneagram 9 individuals typically seek peace and harmony. They tend to avoid conflict, can be complacent, and value comfort and stability.

Do Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9 share any similarities?

Jessica Miller, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and article reviewer at psyche-mag

  • The desire for peace and stability

While their tactics differ, Type 8s and Type 9s want serenity and stability. For example, type 8s may seek peace by opposing injustice and expressing their limits, whereas Type 9s may seek peace by avoiding confrontation and maintaining unity.

  • Strength and resilience

Inner strength and resilience can exist, though they may express differently. Type 8s are frequently perceived as powerful and forceful, but Type 9s display resilience via their capacity to adjust and retain peace in the face of adversity.

  • Loyalty to relationships

Types 8 and 9 might be extremely devoted to their partners.

Type 8s place high importance on loyalty to people they trust and respect and can be passionately protective of individuals they care about.

Type 9s value relationship harmony highly and will take considerable measures to keep peace and connection.

Dr. Ketan Parmar, a Psychiatrist and mental health expert at ClinicSpots

Yes, some similarities between Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9 that can make them easy to identify as a pair. Both types are highly independent and driven, often taking a leadership role in any situation.

They are both very protective of themselves and those they care about and don’t like to be taken advantage of. Finally, they share an appreciation for challenging each other – though in different ways – which can help them grow as people.

Kat Campbell, Data Scientist 

While they are distinct types, both 8s and 9s value autonomy and are part of the Gut or Instinctive triad in the Enneagram, which is associated with a desire for control or autonomy. However, they express these desires in different ways.

Remember, the Enneagram is a tool for understanding and growth. It’s important to approach it with an open mind and use it to promote self-understanding and empathy toward others.

A Word from the ThePleasantPersonality

The experts have given their take, and one thing is for sure the Enneagram system is insightful and helps in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an individual.

Each Enneagram type has wings that highlight that each personality has diverse shades, including Enneagram 8 and Enneagram 9. Probably, that is why they are more searched to know what lies within them.