So, why do alpha females have better platonic and romantic relationships? Are you curious about the secrets behind their friendships and relationships? Do you want to use those secrets in your life?

Well, you’ve reached the perfect place because here you’ll get all the answers. Whether it’s about her friends’ circle or love life, you’ll know the reasons behind it lasting so well.

So, let’s head right in!

Why Do Alpha Females Have Better Platonic Relationships?

Most of an alpha female’s friendships were enmity at some point. After all, she gets misunderstood a lot and people understand her only after a while. But once people truly know about her, they can’t help but stick to her forever.

C’mon, let’s know why her friendships are better…

1. She’ll get you all the limelight

Whether she wants it or not, whenever you hang out with your alpha female friend, all eyes will be on you guys. It doesn’t matter if you guys just hang out in PJs on the lawn or walk in the club, everyone will ogle at you guys.

While that sounds weird, it’s definitely great as she lends a nice amount of exposure to you guys. For instance, your crush will notice you more because you befriended the queen.

Or, the mean girls will know better than to mess with you. After all, the best girl has your back!

2. She’ll attract the boys like moths

Everyone wants to get close to the high-achieving alpha female. All the boys want the attention of an alpha lady. So, while you hang out with her, you might even get tired of how many boys approach her in a day.

You’ll roll your eyes because a lot of the men will just bug you guys’ girl talk. But in the end, YOU get to see lots of men because they are too intimidated to approach her.

You unintentionally get a lot of exposure to new men. You understand how creepy or nice men can be and have loads to chat about them with your girls. You’ll know exactly which kind of men to avoid or accept in your future.

3. She’ll be your wing woman

Since the men are too scared to approach your alpha girlie directly, you’ll be their goddess and last ray of hope. They’ll always cater to your needs while they try to know more about your bestie.

Meanwhile, these dudes will get to know you better and get closer to you. If even one of them is compatible with you, they might eventually get a crush on you.

It might sound weird to date your friend’s suitor, but true love is stupid… it reaches you in the most bizarre ways. In this way, you’ll love to hang out with your alpha girl as it increases the chance of finding your man.

4. You’ll always get free drinks

Okay, so none of them are your type? Or, even if they like you, you just don’t want to be someone’s second choice?

Well, feeling like a last resort definitely sucks, but this is still a win-win situation for you.

While her suitor asks about what she likes, you can always get some free drinks. After all, a cheapskate can’t creep into the alpha girl’s heart. So, they’ll definitely make an effort to get on your good side.

Moreover, if you often hang out with her,  they’ll get the idea that you’re her best friend. So, they’ll take extra care of your needs. Whether it’s the limited edition chocolate or the ticket to your crush’s game, they’ll sort it out!

5. She’ll pass both beauty and strength to you

The alpha woman is the best whether it’s about physical or emotional strength. Of course, don’t confuse a woman’s strength with men. But she is strong enough when compared to other women. So, she can teach you ways to become stronger.

She’s also the master of beauty… after all, so many men fall for her at the drop of a hat!

You’ll learn to be strong yet still maintain your feminine beauty. Once you learn the tricks, you can use your feminine charm to make your suitors do anything for you. But when nobody is by your side, you won’t be vulnerable and will be enough to protect yourself.

6. She’ll help you intimidate the boys

Remember the creepy men that catcalled you when you returned late after classes? Or, the boys that call you ugly because you didn’t help set them up with the alpha girl? Or the stupid guys at the office that challenged your skills?

Of course, your mind is burning in rage thinking about them. And the alpha girl will teach you exactly how to deal with these guys and show them their place.

These men need to get a taste of feminine rage and during your friendship with her, you’ll exactly know how to intimidate them!

7. You’ll always know your worth around her

The alpha girl doesn’t ever settle for less in love. She has also seen a fair share of the world and can read human beings due to her sharp EQ.

While you spend more time with her, you’ll definitely talk a lot about the boys. She’ll tell you exactly how the red flags show up.  You’ll learn about the signs men show when they truly want you.

You’ll also know that you’re way better than accepting some trash. She’ll help you set standards for yourself. 

8. She’s ready to kill for you

Everyone needs a friend that can support them during their darkest hours. Sure, you can’t expect them to clock out of their job whenever you ask or fail a grade with you to accompany you. But you at least expect them to get back to you whenever she’s done. 

The alpha girl bestie will give you time whenever she can. If you kill your ex, she’ll let you know the best place to bury him. If you want to take revenge, she’ll help you plan the cruelest ways. She’ll be there for everything you need.

9. She’s always there for a little online hype

Perhaps, you had a not-so-cute day? Or, your crush started dating a hot girl and your self-esteem is down the drain?

Your alpha bestie will catch on to your feelings in no time. After all, her high EQ helps her notice your mood.

Even without asking you, she’ll flood your social media with your hottest clicks and some saucy comments. You’ll remember how cool it is to be her friend!

10. You can make her your job reference

Suppose the boss of your last job was a complete a$$hole. You want to apply for a new job, but you know things will go tumbling down if they contact your previous workplace.

Or, maybe you want to move into a new place and your last landlord was a lech? Since you didn’t let him have his way, he’ll obviously leave a bad review about you as a tenant!

So, if you ever struggle with any reference, you can always put your alpha girl up there. She’ll handle the situation like a pro and make sure that your new employee or landlord is eager to have you!

11. She’ll make sure you’re the best in everything

Like it or not, the alpha female is brutally honest about everything. So, if you ask her whether you look fat in a dress or your makeup seems crazy… she’ll let you know!

Even if it means that you have to shop for a new dress or lend hers or do your makeup from scratch, she won’t sugarcoat her words.

Yep, it’s hard to deal with her honesty… but at least, she’ll save you from embarrassment. She won’t try to get you out in an inappropriate way and look hotter comparatively.

This way, she’ll make you the best in everything!

12. She always has something funny to share

A lot happens in an alpha female’s life. For instance, men often look down on her capabilities and she proved every one of them wrong to leave them ashamed.

Or, someone found out about her shortcomings and made it public but she made the situation work in her favor.

She will share a lot of funny things with you… until the point, you can’t laugh anymore!

13. She’ll kill all of your insecurities

If you feel insecure about your looks, background, or something you can’t change, she will help you feel better. She will remind you that you are also a queen and no less than her.

She believes that you are as good as her and never wants to compete with you. She won’t try to make you feel less just to feel better about herself.

Her contagious confidence is all you need to remember you’re no less than the best!

Similarly, her love life is also pretty stable. So, let’s know the reasons here…

Why Do Alpha Females Have Better Romantic Relationships?

When it comes to romance, only the silly immature men don’t understand the true value of alpha women. So, of course, by any weird chance, if she gets to date such men, the relationship definitely won’t last.

But if she finds the right partner, here are some reasons why her relationships are better!

1. She knows how to choose a good partner

For better relationships, you must make sure that you have the right partner. The alpha female is pretty strict about this and won’t tolerate any kind of unwanted dynamics in her relationships.

Since the beginning, she’s pretty clear about her boundaries regarding fidelity and toxicity. She doesn’t expect her partner to understand anything by themselves unless she explains herself. If she’s with an honest person, this step alone will be enough to help her choose a compatible partner.

However, if her partner takes her for a fool and violates her boundaries, they’re in for a big surprise. Since she is not emotionally dependent on them, she can easily cast them aside and start life from scratch.

She knows how to choose a good partner and doesn’t settle for less.

2. She is not interested in casual or hookup culture

For an alpha female, sex and playfulness are definitely important parts of a relationship. However, that’s not her first priority.

She understands that relationships are more than just breaking a sweat on the bed while screaming each other’s names. She is aware of all the serious parts like taking care of each other, thriving for better for stability, and so on.

She’s aware that they both need to contribute enough to make the bond work. So, the idea of playing mind games or making her partner jealous while flirting with another person doesn’t even strike her. She knows how to care for her relationship and stay honest and loyal.

3. She doesn’t need a babysitter

The alpha woman will never impose on her partner for anything. It’s already known that she’s a financially and emotionally independent woman.

But that’s not all as she doesn’t cling to her partner even if she is sick or in major trouble.

If there’s any health issue and her partner has places to be, she pushes him to leave and makes arrangements to nurse herself back to health.

But honestly, she hardly gets sick as she’s extremely health conscious and takes care of her daily routine.

On the other hand, if she is in any crisis, she doesn’t seek help from her partner and deals with the other party directly. Nothing intimidates her at all.

4. She brings the power couple theory

Not all pairs are power couples from the very beginning. Some of them turn into one as both partners spend more time with each other… which is the scenario for an alpha female’s relationship.

Since the alpha female is highly ambitious, she works really hard to excel in her career. She is even ready to sacrifice her personal time to reach that position. Now, she also expects the same from her partner.

However, her partner may feel inferior because they aren’t as well-established as her. They might even feel jealous that she’s better than him. They might even get offended when she puts work before them.

That’s when they take the challenge to be equally great professionally. Both of them slowly yet steadily learn to overcome their troubles and become the power couple.

5. She makes her partner feel that they got the best

Alpha women always catch the spotlight whenever they walk into a room. Everyone talks about them and has their eyes on their every move.

No matter what an alpha female does, it becomes headlines for her social circle. Even if she wears baggy clothes, they turn into the latest trends.

While everyone keeps tabs on her steps, her partner is bound to notice that. They might initially feel jealous about the amount of attention she gets. But eventually, they understand how amazing she is, and yet she only has eyes for them.

They understand that they got a gem that everyone desires and try extra hard to make sure nobody else can steal her.

6. She won’t ever bore her partner

Alpha women live for thrill and adventure. They always want to learn and experience new things. They can’t sit still as they easily get bored. They also challenge their partners in fun games and debates.

Even if there’s an uncomfortable conversation, they never avoid communicating. Instead, they push through to clear everything out.

Of course, it can truly exhaust both sides with such dynamics. But it clears up all kinds of gloomy moods and discomfort. Eventually, both understand each other and the relationship becomes way more interesting.

Moreover, every time they overcome challenging situations, they feel closer than ever. This eliminates any kind of boredom in the relationship.

7. She doesn’t have ulterior motives

Even if alpha women find love in an alpha male, it’s never to get benefits from him. While dating an alpha female, you will know the true essence of unconditional love.

Of course, she is a high-value woman and has high expectations from her partner. But she won’t ever want him to become a sugar daddy for her.

She won’t want him to provide for him. For alpha women, there’s no “need” for a man in their life. However, when she is in love, it’s all because she wants to be with that person from the bottom of her heart.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Whether you’re an alpha female’s friend or lover, don’t forget to cherish her because of all the benefits she brings to your life. Let her know that you value her presence and make the smallest moments count.

But if you just want to have better relationships, embrace the perks she brings to her connections. However, it’ll be even better if you focus on your relationship issues and you’ll improve much better!

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