So, you’re curious about the alpha female vs beta female feud? Probably someone told you that these women are arch enemies and you wanna find who’s the better one?

Well, honestly, these women are usually best friends. No, I’m not kidding at all about this. They are both great and this hierarchy system has really gotten to your minds.

But no worries, because I’ve prepared everything to answer you. C’mon, let’s get on with it!

Alpha Female vs Beta Female

The alpha female is at the top and the beta female is right below her in the hierarchy. So, most people assume that they have some fight over the best position. But they have a lot in common (spoiler alert!)

You’ll be amazed once you know the truth. So, let’s unveil it right here…

 Alpha FemaleBeta Female
SimilaritiesThey’re comfortable in their own company.They persistently work hard.Both women are dependable.These women are loyal.They are supportive of others’ growth.They never settle for less in relationships.They’re empathic.They desire loyal and committed partners.
DifferencesThey always get attention.They are ignored.
 Alpha women like to lead from within.Beta women like to follow.
 They’re extroverted.They’re introverted.
 They are focused on health and fitness.They are more concerned about their outfits and accessories.
 They’re always confident.Their confidence varies.
 They like the attention.They avoid attention.

But the chart doesn’t do them enough justice. So, know them even better in detail here…

1. They are both comfortable on their own

Since the alpha woman is extroverted, people assume that she prefers to stay in the limelight. Some say that she might be depressed if she doesn’t go out or have company.

However, that’s a completely false notion because she is equally comfortable on her own. It doesn’t matter if she has many friends, a partner, or not. She’s confident even without that. A happening relationship or endless friendships never promises her happiness. So, she learned to value her own company the most.

Similarly, a beta woman also feels good being on her own. She doesn’t demand a lot of friends in life.

She also doesn’t hurry to have a relationship. She’ll never chase a person first and doesn’t care whether she has a partner or not. She’s also comfortable and confident being on her own for as long as required.

These women like to spend time with themselves and know their value.

2. Both are committed to their work

Women with alpha personality types are pretty serious about their job. They are persistent as hell with their responsibilities, tasks, and projects. Despite what monstrous setbacks they face, they won’t stop working.

They have a goal and they are pretty determined about reaching it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how much effort it takes. They are ready to dedicate their all to that.

They don’t give up even when they face massive opposition or criticism. Their willpower is pretty cool and inspires everyone else at work.

On the other hand, beta women are also pretty motivated at work. They always work hard and do everything they must for their organization. They are thorough with their tasks, are focused, and always stay updated with their job.

They do everything that improves their productivity. You’ll never catch them doing anything that might affect the firm.

Both alpha and beta women are focused on building their careers.

3. They are both reliable

Alpha women are extremely dependable for people that matter to them. They are always open to helping their friends, family members, lovers, coworkers, and anyone else around them.

They know that their loved ones are part of their support system and will never disappoint them. They are forever indebted to them and can never ignore their needs.

On the other hand, they are also pretty responsive to their coworkers’ needs. This is because they know that for good teamwork, they must be a good leader first. Otherwise, the entire team will collapse.

Similarly, the beta female also helps others without any judgment. She even helps strangers without hesitation. She tries her best to support them in whatever way she can. If it’s within her reach, she’ll never ignore a person in trouble.

However, if it’s a loved one, she helps them anyhow. It doesn’t matter whether it’s possible or not, she goes out of her way to help them out. Anyone can depend on the beta woman when they are in a pinch.

4. Both are loyal to loved ones

The alpha female will never break your trust. You might not always agree with her and have different beliefs and perceptions. You’ll also fight from time to time. But amidst it all, she’ll never do anything that might hurt you.

She’ll be honest with you till the end even if it sounds bitter. But she’ll always support you when the entire world opposes you. She’ll have your back any moment you need someone.

Despite being different individuals with unique mindsets, she’ll never leave your hand.

Similarly, the beta female is also serious about her friendships and relationship. If you ever share a secret with her, she won’t let a soul know about it. If you share your vulnerabilities, she’ll never use them against you.

Instead, she’ll try to protect you during your worst phase. When she notices you’re in a pinch, she’ll support you even before you seek her.

In relationships, she’ll always be truthful and loyal to her partner despite fights.

5. They always support others’ growth

Contrary to popular opinion, alpha females aren’t so obsessed with success that they’ll hurt others. Yes, she wants to reach the top. But that’s only through ethical means.

She’d never even think of hurting others to make her dreams come true. Rather, it’s quite the opposite. She supports others to succeed in their life.

She’ll always share job prospects with her fellow job seekers. She’ll help her family update their lifestyle. Everything that makes you uncomfortable, she’ll help you out with those. They only want the best for the people around them!

Similarly, a beta female also cares about others’ progress and success. If a coworker, classmate, or loved one seeks help from them, she does their best. She never thinks that others will get ahead of her.

Rather, she’s also interested in the development of her community. She has a giver’s soul and wants to do anything to support others.

6. Neither settles for less in relationships

Both alpha and beta women know their worth and have good standards for their relationships. They never agree to date someone unless they do the bare minimum for them,

In an alpha woman’s case, she can’t stand toxic relationships. She doesn’t mind modern dating culture, but she won’t silently take any form of abuse. She knows that she’s the best and deserves a good partner.

If her partner exploits her in any way, she won’t have them. She’ll rather stay single and happy for as long as she can without such partners.

The attitude of a beta woman is somewhat similar but her needs from a relationship are different. For her, commitment, exclusivity, and loyalty are important.

If her partner can’t promise to date her exclusively and focus on her alone, she doesn’t want them. She’ll rather stay single and wait for someone with a similar mindset. She won’t compromise her needs just because everyone else around her is dating.

7. They are both empathic

The alpha female is popular for being ambitious and extroverted. So, people assume that she talks more than she listens. However, it’s exactly the opposite.

Rather she doesn’t feel the need to talk much when others want to share their thoughts. She’s pretty confident about herself. She knows that people know about her even if she doesn’t express herself to impress others.

Instead, she’s an empathic listener. This way, she learns from people’s meaningful experiences. She also easily understands others’ emotions. She can support others because she notices troubles and feels their emotions like her own.

Similarly, a beta female is also empathic in her own way. She can read a person’s emotions even before they express many of their concerns. She can read a room pretty well. So, she can help others appropriately.

She is emotionally intelligent and knows exactly how to communicate so they understand her. She tries her best to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.

8. They want loyal partners

Both alpha and beta females want their partners to be loyal to them. They aren’t interested in playing mind games. They know the chase is fun but they don’t want them to use jealousy as part of the game.

These women know that loyalty is an important part of relationships. The alpha female might be open to casual connections, but eventually, she’s also interested in something serious. The beta female wants nothing but complete loyalty.

They also want their partners to be dependable during tough times. Of course, they are self-sufficient and have a career to support their financial needs.

But they’re realistic and know that someday they’ll need a partner they can depend on. If they have a baby, they can’t work forever. If they ever lose their job for any reason, they need someone to depend on.

They also want their partners to have their back even if the world turns against them.

9. People pay attention to Alpha women even when they don’t seek it. Beta females are always ignored

Even if the alpha female doesn’t want it, everyone pays attention to her. Whether she is busy working or spends quality time with her loved ones. People just can’t leave her alone.

Like the paparazzi, people always have their eyes on her. Whether she makes the smallest mistake or cracks a huge deal, it always becomes buzzing news to the people around her.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t get a moment of privacy. Especially, if she is confident, people can’t help but notice her.

On the other hand, beta females always get ignored. Even if they shine as hard as alpha women, they are never enough. People always believe they are inferior to the alphas.

They are hardly anyone’s priority whether at work or as a romantic partner. They definitely choose to avoid any kind of attention. But people never value them enough because they don’t share their success stories. Of course, that hurts them!

10. Alpha female has great leadership qualities unlike beta women

The alpha female is a great leader and she likes to guide others. However, she never thinks that she is beyond others. Rather, she believes that she is one of her team members.

She doesn’t just use her authority like an indifferent queen. She makes sure that everyone under her care gets the utmost attention. She encourages and teaches them to unleash their real potential. She works along with her team to bring the most efficient results.

She delegates tasks but doesn’t stop at that. Instead, she always pays close attention to people’s troubles and promotes good teamwork.

However, a beta female prefers to follow than lead, She feels good when she follows others’ lead. Everyone doesn’t have leadership qualities and she’s okay with that.

The world might judge her for not stepping up. But she doesn’t take that to heart. She accepts her limitations and doesn’t mind so long she can be comfortable and enjoy her responsibilities.

11. Alpha women are extroverted while beta women are introverted

Alpha women love to enjoy themselves and meet new people. They are infamous for being social. In any event, she’ll always be present talking with everyone like she’s close to them.

She is the host that makes everyone feel good and at home. If she’s the guest, she’ll talk to everyone and make them merry. As the guest, she might even steal your thunder.

But on a serious note, if the host has to say something, she lets them. They are sensible and like to keep everyone entertained. However, that doesn’t mean she needs attention. She can stay still and quiet if necessary.

On the flip side, beta women are introverted. Much like alphas, they can also take charge if the situation demands. But they like to have their space and stay quiet.

They don’t feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with new people. They’d rather enjoy a cozy and intimate gathering than one with strangers.

12. Alpha women focus more on fitness while beta females are more focused on fashion

Alpha women are dead serious about their health and fitness. Part of their confidence stems from their great physical and mental health. They don’t entertain anything that threatens that.

So, they follow a healthy routine with 8 hours of sleep, hygienic and healthy food, and exercise. For good mental health, they practice relaxation techniques and steer clear of toxic people.

This makes them feel like they can conquer the world at any moment. Along with this and their talents help them rule the world.

A beta woman also has a few tricks to boost her confidence. She believes in herself and feels good naturally when she looks beautiful.

Whenever she feels low, she goes on a crazy shopping spree. She gets everything cute, glittery, and things that pull her spirits up. Sometimes, she might exhaust her account and have no space in her wardrobe!

13. Alpha women are always confident but it varies for betas

The best part of an alpha female is her consistent confidence. There’s no if or but about this. Right from her body language and facial expressions… to her dressing sense, everything reeks of confidence.

She hardly ever feels insecure about herself. Even if she fails in her life, she reassures herself and becomes steady soon. She holds her head high even during the worst situations and believes she can turn the tables at any moment.

However, confidence is a complicated story for beta women. Most beta females are confident, but not all. Some feel hurt because they aren’t anyone’s first choice.

Moreover, even the confident ones become insecure from criticism. They’re too sensitive to handle negative feedback and rejection.

14. Alpha females like attention unlike beta women

People always notice an alpha female’s actions and behaviors. She doesn’t have a single moment to be on her own. But she doesn’t care about that. Rather, she mostly enjoys the attention because she knows she’s priceless.

She enjoys it whether people feel motivated or jealous of her. She gracefully lives every point of her life and appreciates that she makes the headlines.

On the other hand, a beta female tries to avoid any kind of attention. She’ll work hard to reach the pinnacle but she doesn’t want public appreciation. She feels confident even without it.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you ask me who won in this feud, I’ll say they are both winners. The socio-hierarchy might say otherwise, but both of these women are classy in their own way. Their differences don’t make them an ounce less than each other. So, respect them both and they’ll treat you well!

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